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Darkness Swirling

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Outer Space; 6 Hundred Hours;

On board the Spacecraft Gladys

Small eyes darted around in fear. The emotion surrounded him, swirled around in the dank room, choking the inhabitant. The clawed hands of the soon to be victim desperately grasped the bars which held it captive, as if to pry its way out. Then it screamed as painful bolts of energy forced it way into it's body, a shrill high-pitched scream, which caused a laugh to escape the mouth of the creatures avid watcher.

She laughed, not a laugh of humorous enjoyment, but that of mockery, slowly killing the others pride. Yes, she knew all about pride, the emotion the clogged a mans heart and eventually lead to its downfall. Ruby lips curled at the thought and cerulean eyes twinkled in amusement.

She sat upon a thrown of crystal and priceless metal, her seductive body wrapped in a flowing dress of black, molding her body like dark water would swirl around the carcass of a drowned victim. Upon her head was a mane of flowing hair in the color of purest azure. An innocent color, that of angels and clouds, deceiving the very nature of the woman.

So she laughed, without pity, as her well manicured hand swirled a wine glass in it, sipping every so often. Just another way to humiliate her victim. Finally she spoke, in a soft voice of lace and mockery.

"It's no use, you pathetic creature, no one has ever escaped me and you won't either. Go ahead and try, I'll gladly sit and watch you kill yourself."

Slowly the creature raised it's head, hate shimmering from the glassy depths of its eyes. "Bitch." That was it's only word, spoken in a voice almost as high as the scream it gave off earlier.

The woman slowly rose from her spot above him, to bring herself closer to the hideous face inside the cage. "That I am. Never denied it, have it?"

It said nothing in return, glaring at a spot behind her, trying to hide it's shame. "Tsk, tsk." she clucked out, beginning to pace in front of her captive. "Look at yourself, the great Lord, reduced to nothing by a pathetic human woman. What will your father say? Hmmm, Lord Frezia?" She ended her speech by swirling the red liquid once again, in intimidation of him.

He glared at it, wanting nothing more than to snatch the glass from her hand and throw it in her face. Catching the glare she laughed again. "It's very annoying, don't you think? I don't believe you have ever had very good taste though. Why everyone knows that you drink Co Lascar," she took another dainty sip from her glass, " While I prefer the taste of blood. Has a richer quality, no?"

He slammed his small body into the bars again, losing all the calm and finesse he once possessed while dealing with enemies. She had the upper hand, and he knew it. "Who are you?" The once prideful Lord finally managed to choke, after the throbbing pain once again subsided.

She raised a dainty eyebrow in his direction. "It does not matter who I am, what I am, where I came from, or what my purpose is. You will have bigger things to worry about in awhile. However," she thought for awhile, " you may call me mistress. No more no less. Do we get that Frezia?"

She could almost see the rage boiling beneath his skin, energy crackled in the room. "I will call you no such thing, you conniving little bitch." He hissed out, tail moving to and fro behind him.

The blue haired woman stopped her pacing to look dangerously at him. " I do not appreciate these tantrums you enjoy having. I was being very nice to you, the least you could do was agree to my simple demand. I guess your puny pathetic brain can't grasp that fact. Maybe you need some help. "

With those word she turned her back to him, locating the blond haired android in the corner of the room. "18, do teach captive 78945 a lesson will you? Throw the switch."

"Yes mistress." The android replied, bowing and then scurrying off to do her bidding. Not a minute later, Lord Frezia screamed in agony as his body was racked with a sharp torturing pain that shoot from the small collar placed around his waist, engulfing his spinal cord. Whimpering, he curled his body into a little ball on the floor of the cage.

Walking back to her seat, the woman waited until the great Lord Frezia was done with his sniveling. When he finally lifted his head from his chest, piercing her with his small dilated pupils, shimmering with hate, she smiled in an almost giddy fashion. "Fun, wasn't it? Here we treat our prisoners very well. You'll grow to love it."

"Why don't you just kill me already? You've already had your fun." He rasped out, breathing in short gasp.

However, she didn't answer him. Continuing to swirl her glass as if she had never heard him. Then he glared, catching on to her game. Finally, after minutes of silence he hissed it out, "…mistress."

At those words she smiled, turning her dainty face towards him. " I have much bigger plans for you 78945. Much bigger plans." At his blank look she sighed, finishing up the last of her drink. "18." She called out, and once again the android stepped out into her presence. " Take it away. I'm tired of looking at the ugly creature."

Then she stood up, descending her thrown and began walking out of the room. "Oh, and 18?" She called over her shoulder. " Take good care of him. We wouldn't want our guest to be offended." And, on those parting words, she glided out of the main room on her way to the control room. Along her way she stopped to stare out the large window, placed in the ships main hallway at her request, at the black expanse of space, the bright of her eyes reflecting the sparkling stars. In an almost wistful voice she spoke, "19 down, one to go. "

Scarlet Solar System; 18 Hundred hours;

Planet Vegeta

On a planet where the skies and grounds were red, and dust and bones littered its floors a lone figure stood amidst a vacant field. Many had been to this field before, to train, which was exactly what he planed to do when heading out that morning. However, now he stood, face towards the sky, astonishment and confusion written upon his perfectly chiseled face, which would have covered these reactions up had he not been alone.

Now faced towards the sky he could only stare, sensing powers heading towards the planet. Not one but many, millions, billions of separate powers from all angles, all sides, all directions. The powers seemed to fight each other in a desperate race towards landing. It happened too fast for any of them to imagine, one minute the sky was bright, unclogged by clouds and the next it seemed to be raining millions of little asteroids. No, not asteroids, he thought, but ships, millions of little pods and ships.

He was racked out of his thoughts as one began to head straight towards him. Reacting quickly he speed off, darting from side to side to avoid being hit by it. Infuriated and confused he headed off towards the castle in the mist of the only city on the planet, the only habitable place. What the hell was going on?

The city he noticed was in shambles, saiyans scrambling from place to place, all watching with wide eyes the miraculous event from their perch in the sky. Noticing his flight the all moved aside as he raced to the palace. From the corner of his onyx eyes he caught the faces of many of the Elite doing the same. Speeding up he landed first, skidding on the front lawn, then zipping off into the depths of the mansion like castle.

From sheer memory he made it to the conference room where he knew all were to be stationed in times like this, including his father and mother, before the others even landed. This place, too, was in shambles. Royalty and Elites scampering around the gold plated floors, pacing in agitation. Many mumbled, some shouted, some soothed. But all wanted to know the same thing. What were they?

"Their ships," he shouted. "Billions of ships. Full of inhabitants."

Everyone in the room turned to stare at him, many dropping to their feet in respect first. Finally, his father spoke. "Ships you say? Are you sure? They could just be asteroids, like many of the people are saying."

He sneered at the idiots surrounding him. "I know a fucking ship when I see one. There just cloaked, which is most likely the reason why we didn't notice there arrival days before."

"Do you think there dangerous? A threat?" His mother spoke beside his father, plum black eyes full of questions.

"I don't think so, they seem to be all from different sections of the universe, judging on the ship structures. Desperate, that's what I would say, they all seemed to be extremely desperate to get here." He took a seat beside his weary father as he spoke.

"What the hell is going on?" The proud King of the saiyans mumbled beside him, "What the hell is going on?"

Everyone could only nod their head in agreement, the same thought running through their minds.

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