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The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials. - Chinese proverb


May 18; 6 Hundred Hours

Scarlet Solar System

Planet Vegeta; Mors City

Like any other planet, Vegeta-sei was equipped with its slums. One of the most well known is the city of Mors. A mix between country living and city life, it was once the commerce central of the planet before intergalactic trading was introduced. It was different than the ghettos that we picture, in the fact that the roads are made up of red dirt, a fresh water stream ran throughout the town with the occasional well, and trees, vines, and flowered bushes made up the town's borders. Included in this package are the strong morals of the city. Too many of the Sayians stationed in Mors simply refused to give up old traditions.

But don't get the wrong impression; it was in this small city that some of the Saiyans greatest technical advances were made. This includes the infamous radar, primitive pods used in the early days of transportation, the regeneration tank, and the portable artificial moons.

The tenements, in which the Saiyans live, are made of durable metal, dull and rusty as they are. As you may have noticed, the Saiyan race, as unsociable they appear, tend to live in groupings, thus the reason that all suitable living quarters are tenements. Along with the modern housing, large screens similar to what we would call "flat televisions" hang high in the sky for all to view the most recent news. And the inhabitants that you may encounter are a well aware of the planets latest fashions.

It was here where the first encounter with the Dark Queen occurred. It was in the early morning, when the night dew was still fresh on the ground and the sun had just begun its escalation into the sky, filling it with an array of pink and purple shades. Matrika Laurentia had just began the descent down the front steps of Tenement 56987, where she was currently residing with her sickly mother and her domineering step-father. It just so happened that he was the one to force her out of bed, shoving her out of the house and demanding that she pick up his new armor at Metal Wielders.

Due to the time very few others were presiding on the streets. Matrika did happen to run across an old beggar who lost his leg in the War of Westonland but she simply stepped over him. Growing up in this type of environment tended to make folks immune to certain emotions and pity is a prime example of one of them. The lack of people did not discourage the actions on the news screens, though, and Matrika was presented with the latest press conference from the planet capital again. Upon the screen the King's face was clearly outlined, etched with the emotions that he was striving to conceal.

Matrika shook her head, her thick black braids smacking her across the bridge of her nose. Everything was happening so quickly. One moment the planet was discussing the new plans to evacuate the mining town of Jesper to make room for new military bases, and the next moment they are planning what could very well be the largest war in the history of the Universal Empires. Like everyone she couldn't help but feel a quiver of fear when she thought of the mystery tyrant who they were about to face. However, never once did she doubt that they would win. She was part of the most powerful race to ever live. No hunks of metal could ever destroy them.

As Matrika reached her destination more Saiyans had begun to arise and begin their daily errands. From far off her radar could pick up the energy of a few soldiers beginning their warm-ups. Gradually the sounds of the city began to ring in her ears. A husband fighting with his wife, a child screaming in the background, the scuffling of footsteps, random objects being dropped. She smiled, her mind drifting off. No matter how poor or dirty the city got she would always feel kinship with it. Mors was her home and she adored it.

As she treaded into Metal Wielders, the rotten stench of melted Polatium metal hit her nose. Her hand flew up to her mouth to prevent her from gagging and she swiftly moved to the front counter. The small man in front smiled at her with crooked teeth before asking what she required. Taking a quick breath, as to prevent the intake of the foul air, she blurted out her stepfather's name. He jumped to her bidding, sliding a large box into her hand with a cheeky grin before naming the price. Matrika scowled at the high price, thrusting the money into his greedy hand with a warning growl.

The box in hand, she shuffled out of the rundown building, momentarily stunned by the silence that met her. Gradually placing the box at her feet she whirled around, confused at the shocked faces and still bodies of the people in the air and in the streets. It seemed as if time had momentarily stopped around her. That is until her dark eyes came to rest on a news screen, perched on the Golifier Tower.

Her eyes widened, her hands flying up to cup her mouth while she backed up to lay against the building behind her. Matrika could almost swear that her muscles had begun to grow numb in shock. So when the skies parted to reveal the impassive features of her prince it felt as if she had been violently slapped. Her mind ran frantically. It was impossible to guess what this unpredictable noble might do in response to the pictures flashing above them, or to the oddly formed shape pacing in a large ki infiltrated cage, snarling in high-pitched tones.

From the prince's point of view, floating softly towards the Golifier Tower, a small red bow could be seen perched atop the cage. Confused, he returned his attention to the main news screen, carefully reviewing the scenes that repetitively flashed in the faces of the civilians, searing their eyes. Wistfully Vegeta reached out a gloved hand, running it along the smooth surface of the screen. In a state of numbness, scenes from his past began flooding into his mind. Out of the blue, in an attempt to block the tirade of polluted water, his dominate hand curled into a fist, and growling, he hurled himself at the screen, shattering the strong glass panel. Below him the civilians stood mesmerized as a shower of glass began to rain on them, sparkling magically as the rays of sunlight hit them, combined with the showers of electrical sparks that erupted.

Panting, the Prince slowly withdrew his hand from the abyss of wires, blood streaming from the trenches that the violent act had produced. In a daze, the bloody hand was brought to his face, and unclenching the fingers he floated, mesmerized by the red rivulets running against the white material of his ripped gloves. A large piece of glass stood, imbedded between his middle finger and pointer, and without care to the pain he ripped it out, throwing the meddlesome material to join the others below him.

Swiftly, without warning, his penetrating eyes turning towards the trapped snarling figure. His sharp eyes honed on upon a slip of paper placed beneath the red bow and without care of the cage's inhabitant he snatched it up. Oddly enough it was addressed to him, and a sparkle of interest erupted beneath the cold exterior of his dark orbs.

As his pupils moved back and forth, processing the letter, Vegeta's eyebrows were observed to begin a descent until a pure facade of rage covered his features. Snarling, his bright white canines glistened in the electrical sparks from the demolished screen. The paper was crushed in his strong grasp until nothing but dust remained, and when the bloodied hand opened it floated away in the breeze.

Powering up, the bright array of colors twisted up around his frame, and before the other Saiyans knew what hit them everyone within a mile radius was hurled back, with those closest to the Prince, with the exception of the now cowering organism in the enclosure, burning in the inferno of heat. Without care the Prince left the city, one that should have been destroyed years ago in his opinion, with only his dark thoughts to accompany him. How dare she, his mind raged, how dare she mock him in that way.

It wasn't until later that the full realization of his actions came to Vegeta. For in his rage, he had unintentionally left the caged figure within the premises of the city. Now there was no possible way to prevent the full discovery of the morning's happenings from reaching the ears of his father and the counsel. Without a doubt the malicious monster would soon be shipped to the palace, and he would have to live within the same premises as it. King Cold would no doubt be ecstatic but Vegeta had a sinking feeling in his gut that he should have simply gotten rid of the purple menace and the witnesses when he had the chance.

May 18; 9 Hundred Hours

Scarlet Solar System

Planet Vegeta; The Saiyan Capital

The Palace; Lobby Room

The Saiyan council watched, apathetically, as King Cold paced restlessly. It had hardly been an hour since the news of the strange event at Mors had reached their ears and King Cold was in a fit. "When will they get here?" He raged. "When, you damn monkeys?"

Nappa growled at the ice-jin's choice of words. Laying a calming hand on the burly Saiyan, Bardock replied "Soon King Cold. Don't fret." He didn't have the time to deal with Cold's temper when much more pressing matters were at hand. Such as the issue that the Dark Queen had appeared much sooner than anticipated and had managed to get past their security systems without anyone even suspecting something amiss.

Rising up in a frenzy, King Cold's squinty eyes flared. "Don't fret? Don't fret?" He pointed a bony finger in Bardock's direction. "I have not seen my son in months. I had given up hope of him being alive. Now I find out he has been found, locked inside a mangy cage." His body began to shake in fury. "A bleeding cage! My son, the heir to the strongest empire in the universe."

A scoff could be heard from the back of the room. King Cold whirled around to face the perpetrator and was meet with the infuriating smirk of his rival's only son. Speechless he gawked, emotions overriding him. Vegeta held no such qualms, opening his mouth to infuriate the man more. "The strongest empire in the universe?" Quirking an eyebrow, he chuckled lightly. "Is that why you came to us? Whimpering at our doorsteps like a lost puppy? Because you have the strongest empire in the universe?"

Patiently, Vegeta waited for King Cold to retaliate. When no such thing happened, he continued his assault. "Really, what empire do you hold now? Your buildings are gone, your people are gone, hell, your planet has even been stripped of all valuable resources. Face it, you're a nobody." As he studied his fingernails, Vegeta's grin widened. "In fact, perhaps you should practice bowing before your superiors." He looked up to meet the former tyrant in the eyes. "Namely me."

As Prince Vegeta laughed a strangled sound emitted from King Cold's throat. Without warning he launched himself, blindly, at Vegeta. Vegeta stepped to the side, his laughing increasing as King Cold's body slammed into the wall. Between his chuckles he sputtered out, "Why, I think this may be the best day I've ever had!"

Bardock huffed, standing up. "How can you say that? Your planet is in peril and all you can do is amuse yourself? Grow up Vegeta!"

Flabbergasted at his stupidity, Bardock sunk deep into his seat, preparing himself for an unleashing of Vegeta's renowned temper. To his surprise, though, the prince simply smiled. "Oh Bardock," Vegeta sighed. "For someone so wise, how can you be so blind?"

A look of astonishment covered Bardock's features. Before he could retort the lobby doors were flung open, two messengers fighting fruitlessly to gain entrance before the other. The council stared on, amazed that two messengers would be fighting to enter the room. Of course, ever since the whole matter had started, things had been hectic. Bardock cleared his throat loudly, catching both the servants' attention. They blushed furiously before bowing in respect to their smirking Prince and then the council.

Coughing, Bardock gestured to them, permitting them to speak. However, he didn't count on them both opening their mouth at the exact same time. Nappa growled, properly shutting them up as Bardock slid his hands over his face, sighing. His spoke, words coming out muffled. "One at a time."

Confused the messengers stared at each other, bursting with their withheld information, yet wondering which should speak first. Vegeta lifted a hand, realizing the dilemma, and pointed towards the one on the right. "You first." He sighed.

Hopping on one foot in anticipation, the messenger blurted out the information. "I am to tell you that Lord Frezia has arrived and is situated in the West Wing's docking station."

King Cold, previously moping in the back of the room, glaring at Vegeta, jumped up at the information. "My son? He is here? Where? Take me to him!"

The messenger nodded nervously, not daring to look the ice-jin in the face. "Yes, your Lordship." He glanced at the council. "Will anyone be accompanying King Cold?"

Bardock cleared his throat. "I will be along to see to the condition of Lord Frezia shortly. You may go along ahead of us."

The messenger began to walk out of the room, stopping however, when he realized that King Cold was not following him. The older man was glaring menacingly at Prince Vegeta. Vegeta raised an eyebrow, amused. "Yes, Cold?"

Words hissed forth out of King Cold's lips. "You will not come near my son, you monster. I will make sure of it. You act so high and mighty now but not so long ago I can recall a time when you cowered before me. A time when not even your own people would bow before you."

Snarling, his teeth bared, Vegeta stepped forward. Before he could attack King Cold turned his back, laughing, and exited the room. Nappa stood up instantly, blocking the doorway. "Don't," he whispered. A look of understanding passed between him and his former student, and jaw clenched, Vegeta stepped back.

Once the air cleared Bardock nodded to the remaining messenger. The frail creature gulped, his voice coming out wobbly. "I am to inform you, Councilor Bardock, that the Dark Queen has entered our computer range and Scientist Freemain is attempting to break the breach. He believes he has had a breakthrough."

"Well, why didn't you say so right away?" Bardock ranted, standing up, eyes wide. "I have to get down there right away!" Hurriedly, he gathered his papers, muttering under his breath. "I have to contact the King, and get Kakkarot suited up, and, oh, there are so many things." Rearing up, he pulled at his hair. "There simply isn't enough time! Nappa," he snapped. "Go check on our ice-jin guest and give me a report as soon as possible."

Nappa nodded before running out of the room. "Radditz, go get your brother and send him to the technical control room. Then gather everyone of importance. We've wasted enough time as it is dealing with King Cold," Bardock retorted.

"Right on it."

Shouting orders, the room was quickly emptied leaving only Bardock and Prince Vegeta. The older man sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "You behave," he sighed, looking pointedly at the future ruler of Planet Vegeta.

Vegeta jeered. "Don't boss me around. I'm leaving anyway." He then attempted to leave before Bardock grabbed him and pulled him back.

He glared at the older man's reproaching look. "Don't take that tone with me. I helped raise you, Vegeta. I know how you think."

Grinning, Vegeta purred out a reply. "You think so?"

Bardock looked unsure for a minute before his determined look fell back into place. "I don't care. You're not leaving my sight. With Frezia here no one can trust you. You're coming to the technical control room with me and then you can rant and rave about it all you want."

The scientist winced as Vegeta grabbed the hand holding him captive and slowly crushed it in his palm. The crunching sounds of Bardock's fingers breaking echoed in the empty room. "I could just kill you," Vegeta droned.

"No, no you can't Vegeta." Bardock removed his hand from Vegeta's grasp. "I'm too valuable an asset to this planet at the time being." He leveled a look at the younger man. "I have no doubt that one day you will kill me Vegeta. I'm not a fool. But not now." Clutching his hand, Bardock strolled out of the room. "Come along, Prince Vegeta."

Behind him Vegeta's eyes flashed in fury. He felt like a child being put in a time out. With Frezia's presence in the castle his every action would be monitored, and Vegeta did not foresee another shot at the monster that tortured his mind at night. It was then that Vegeta's wrath began to succumb. The look on his face could have very well been comical if anyone had been witness to it. For Vegeta finally realized what he had not known in the heat of the moment earlier this morning. The damn women did not attempt to mock him, but rather in a twisted way she was attempting to help him, and he had not recognized it.

May 18; 10 Hundred Hours

Scarlet Solar System

Space Ship Gladys

Throne Room

Bulma sighed, her head rolling back against the headboard of her throne. Her glazed eyes roamed lifelessly over the lavishly decorated room, missing nothing. A few type 10K stood motionless in the corners, bodies stiff as boards. Magnificent midnight black velvet cloth draped its way across the ceiling and windows, the gleaming form of Vegeta-sei sparkling in the background.

A beautiful planet, the Queen thought, reminiscing. Closing her eyes, she welcomed the memories. She could taste the rich food, feel the warmth of raunchy company, bask in the presence of the towering buildings. Her hand lifted, as if to touch the images, before plummeting back down, apprehending that they only thrived in her mind. The blue orbs returned to gaze at the planet, thinking about what a shame it would be to lose such a planet. It was no coincidence the Vegeta-sei was the last planet she had visited. If only the others had not run to them for protection, she thought. If only the Saiyans had not agreed to shelter them, protect them. If they had only turned them out then she would not have to be here.

The silence was deafening, not a rustle vibrating around her. Bulma sighed again, the sound echoing. Turning her head, she was met with the large pink rose etched onto the floor tiles, bringing tears to her eyes. Damn it, she ranted, damn it, I will not cry. Swiftly, she wiped the moisture away. "I need something to do," she whispered, as much to herself as to the androids aligning the walls.

As if to answer her prayers, 18 skirted into the room, bowing before her mistress. "I have news that might interest you, mistress."

"Really now?" Bulma leaned forward, faking a look of eagerness. "Did they enjoy my homecoming gift?"

18 straightened out. "I'm sure they did my Queen. However, it seems as if the Palace's technical control room computer is attempting to hack into our systems."

A shapely eyebrow rose. "What do they want?"

"I believe they wish to communicate with us," 18 replied.

"Hmm." Bulma closed her eyes in thought. "Let them through. This could only be to discuss war or peace policies." She laughed, lifting one lid to look at the blond woman.

A ghost of a smile appeared on 18's features. "Yes, my mistress. Will you be along to deal with them or shall I?"

"Direct the call to me. Right here. I think the scenery is astonishing, don't you?"

"I certainly do." 18 bowed once more before exiting the darkened room.

Bulma returned to gazing wistfully at the stars, waiting tolerantly for the call to be forwarded. Time and time again her thoughts drifted away, much to her anguish, to delve into the past. The emotion that had driven her for the past six years reared its ugly head to try to swallow her whole. Pounding over and over into her thoughts; revenge, revenge, revenge…


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