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Unico's Destiny

A Unico fanfiction by Mad Dr. Matt

Chapter 1: The Keeper's Prophecy

From the personal log of Ahmed the keeper of all the world's knowledge.

Many people of this world have heard the tales of a unicorn with the power to spread joy and happiness to others. But they all think it is nothing but a myth. In actuality, the unicorn does indeed exist.

His name is Unico. Nobody knows how the little unicorn received the powers to bring happiness. But these powers were not only a gift, but a curse.

It is hard to believe, but there were some who were displeased with Unico's powers. The gods grew jealous for they believed that only they should decide who should be happy. They vowed to get rid of Unico.

Summoning the West Wind, they gave her orders to carry Unico away to the Hill of Oblivion, a place where he would be forgotten forever. The West Wind reluctantly agreed and stole Unico away from his family.

But on the way, the West Wind's good intentions overcame her and she decided that she could not take Unico to the Hill of Oblivion. Instead, she left Unico on the Island of the Devil of Solitude hoping that he would be safe.

On the island, Unico met Beezle, the Devil of Solitude. By nature, a Devil of Solitude must remain alone for all time and so the little devil shunned the unicorn's friendship. But Unico touched Beezle's heart and bestowed upon him his greatest wish: a horn of his own.

However, Beezle's happiness over the acquisition of his new horn attracted the attention of the gods. They knew that the West Wind had defied them and therefore summoned the dark Night Wind to do what the West Wind couldn't.

So the West Wind once again had to take Unico away. Although Unico resisted, the West Wind took him. Away from his new friend who wasn't pleased that Unico was leaving him.

In the new place where the West Wind had left him, Unico met Katy, an abandoned cat who sought to become a witch. Although they met an old woman whom Katy believed to be a witch, Unico knew she had no magical powers.

Hoping to make Katy happy, Unico used his magic to give her what she wanted the most: to be human. Unfortunately, Katy's new human form attracted the attention of the evil Baron DeGhost, an demon masquerading as a human noble.

When Katy fell into DeGhost's clutches, Unico's attempt to rescue her escalated into a battle with the baron in his true demonic form. He was nearly killed when the demon severed his horn with an axe. But Katy and Beezle's, who had been brought to Unico by the West Wind, love restored Unico back to life and he destroyed the demon by transforming into a mighty winged unicorn.

But their joy over Unico's victory was short lived. For the gods had once again discovered Unico and the Night Wind was approaching. Unico sadly bid farewell to his beloved friends and left with the West Wind. To make it easier for Unico, the West Wind removed all the memories of Katy and Beezle as they left.

Unico soon found a new friend in a girl named Cheri. No sooner than Unico met her that he was forced to fight evil once again, this time in the form of Lord Kuruku.

Lord Kuruku had once been a marionette who was severely mistreated. After being discarded, the magic of sunlight brought him to life. But it had also awakened a hatred for all living things within him. He would now turn all living beings into living puppets and use them to construct his horrible castle on Nightmare Island.

Even though Cheri fell victim to Kuruku's powers like the rest of her family, Unico fought Kuruku bravely. The battle ended with Kuruku being mortally wounded by the unicorn. Before Kuruku ceased to exist, Unico told him how wrong he was to believe that all humans were evil and offered the puppet magician his friendship. Kuruku saw the error of his ways. Unfortunately, it was his hatred that kept him alive and now that Unico had removed that hatred, he reverted back to a normal puppet and his victims were released from the spell.

And once again, Unico had to leave his new friends behind. For it seemed to be his fate to flee whenever he thought he had found happiness.

Since the time when Unico came into this world, I have tried to discover the reason behind Unico's special gift and the prophecy I received at the time of his birth. For I believe that nothing happens without a reason. Perhaps when the day comes that I discover that reason, I can convince the gods to call off their vendetta against the unicorn.

At this point, the keeper placed his quill pen down. Ahmed looked over what he had written on the parchment before him. Slowly, he rose from his desk and left his writing on it.

Ahmed was dressed in an hooded golden cloak over his regal white robes. He had long white hair that reached down the entire length of his back and yet his face remained like that of a young man untouched by the ages. He wore golden spectacles over his eyes. In his hand, he clutched a tall silver staff that split at the top into a horseshoe shape.

The wizard walked through his surroundings. He was in a large ovular library with shelves of books and scrolls all over the walls. All the books contained the history and knowledge of the world he had collected over the eons. To his left was the desk where he had been writing. A large hole was in the center of the ceiling.

Ahmed walked over to one of the shelves and took out a scroll. Ahmed unrolled the scroll, looked at the words and read them aloud to himself. "Two great evils, one destroyed, one dispelled will revive and unite to cover the world in darkness. All beings, mortal and immortal alike, will either serve the evil willingly or lose their will to it completely. The evil shall only be vanquished when a force of pure good stands before it with those beloved and the awakened great ones aside it. They alone can awaken the child of light and purge the prince of darkness from the Earth forever," read the keeper.

Then Ahmed's brow furrowed. "I sense I have a visitor," he said as he turned around. Standing behind him was an old bearded man dressed like an angel. Ahmed knew him. He was one of the gods who ruled over the world.

"You know why I have come," said the god. "Yes, indeed I do. For it is the same reason you and the rest of your kind have come before me. You wish for me to reveal the location of Unico," said Ahmed. "Yes," said the god. "And my answer is the same as always. I will not do it so you can send the Night Wind to find the little unicorn and abandon him on the Hill of Oblivion. You may be one of the gods. But you have no real reason to pursue Unico out of jealousy. You were in no real danger of losing the people's respect. And what good is it being the god of a world where your subjects are unhappy? The responsibility of being a god is to ensure that the people are happy, not that they themselves are happy," said the wizard.

"We have a different reason for wanting to find Unico this time, Ahmed. I know that you are one of the few beings that we cannot influence. We cannot force you to give us the information. But believe me, it is important that we find Unico," said the god. "Why?" asked Ahmed. "Because something is brewing in the world that we cannot stop. We believe it concerns your prophecy made at the time of Unico's birth," said the god.

"Tell me, what is happening?" asked the wizard. The god responded by holding out his hands. A transparent orb materialized in front of him. Within the orb was the image of something that resembled a thin black cloud that looked like a cloak. "This strange giant cloud is traveling over the world and is causing us gods concern. Now don't be fooled, Ahmed. It is not a mere storm cloud. We don't know much about it. But we can say that it is composed completely of evil and darkness. We call it the Cloak of Darkness. Every land that falls under the shadow of this Cloak becomes tainted with evil. After the land has been completely tainted, it moves on to infect more," said the god.

"What happens to the living inhabitants who fall under the Cloak?" asked Ahmed. "We are not completely sure what is happening exactly. But we can tell you this. All who fall under the Cloak, even us gods are transformed into these," said the god as a new image appeared in the orb. Ahmed gasped. It looked like a flat wooden-like slab that resembled a human. It had a square head with a blank expression on its face and rectangular arms and legs that had no hands or feet.

"I know these things," said the wizard. "We expected you to know. You are, after all, the keeper of all the world's knowledge," said the god. "These are called living puppets. They were what the evil Lord Kuruku wanted to change every living thing into when he was around," said Ahmed. "Are you saying that Lord Kuruku could be behind this Cloak of Darkness despite the fact that Unico defeated him?" asked the god.

"I cannot say for sure. But it would it seem that my prophecy is coming true. We must take action if we are to stop the Cloak of Darkness before it encompasses the Earth completely in evil. In fact, it might not even stop when all of the Earth has fallen under its curse. It might continue to spread until the entire universe is thrown into an age of everlasting darkness," said Ahmed. "So what do you suggest we do?" asked the god.

"Have you tried the Hero Vaults? The ones in which the greatest heroes sleep until they are needed. Can you not open them?" asked the wizard. "We tried to open and awaken them. But they won't respond to the power of the gods," said the god. "Hmm. I'm not surprised. The Hero Vaults only respond to pure good and the jealousy of you and your fellow gods has cost you your purity. So you need a creature that possesses powers of pure good: Unico," said Ahmed. "Yes, we need him. If his powers cannot open the Vaults, nothing can. Please, Ahmed. Unico might be our only hope," said the god.

Ahmed lowered his gaze toward the ground. Then he looked up and chuckled. "Ironic, isn't it? The one thing you gods wanted to be rid of is probably the only thing that can save what you cannot," said Ahmed with a grin. "But I have thought of it and I will do what you ask on three conditions. First of all, I will not give you the location of Unico, but rather I will go to him myself and notify him of the situation," said the wizard. "Agreed," said the god. "Secondly, I want no interference whatsoever from either any of you or the Night Wind. Unico must be left in my charge and my charge alone," said Ahmed. "You've had our oath of noninterference for ages, Ahmed. And you needn't worry about the Night Wind for she has betrayed us," said the god. "Betrayed?" asked Ahmed. "It appears that she has sided with the evil force behind the Cloak of Darkness. The reason why we do not know. But I expect Unico and you will be able to find out. What is your third condition, wizard?" asked the god.

"This condition is simply a request for Unico's sake. If he is the one who can stop the Cloak of Darkness and he succeeds, I wish for you and the other gods to give up this pursuit of him. Leave him to be with his friends and let him continue to make people happy," said Ahmed. The god suddenly looked taken back at this request. "We shall see about that, Ahmed. For I am only one god. Some of the others still disapprove of the fact that we are trusting the fate of the world to a little unicorn we have despised for so long. But I will try, Ahmed. I and some others are starting to feel that we may have been too harsh on Unico. I shall counsel with the others. But for now, your first two requests will be granted. Do not let us down, Ahmed," said the god as he faded away leaving the keeper alone.

"If Unico is to be found, I must start now before more of the world becomes shrouded in darkness," said Ahmed as he stepped to the center of his room and tapped the floor with the bottom of his staff. A circular section of the floor rose up beneath him and he floated with it toward the hole in the ceiling.

Once the section had made its ascent, Ahmed found himself in a different room of his home. This room was completely dark. In the center of the room, on a golden pedestal was a crystal ball. Ahmed approached the crystal ball and spread out his arms. "Crystal! Reveal to me the location of Unico!" yelled the wizard. The crystal ball started to glow. An image of the Earth appeared in it. The image moved closer at a fast pace. In his crystal ball, Ahmed saw the images of villages, forests, and rivers until it stopped.

Ahmed smiled. In his crystal, he could see a feminine wind spirit soaring through the skies. He knew it was the West Wind. And in her arms was the creature Ahmed had been looking for. Sleeping peacefully was a little unicorn with white fur, a red mane, a white tail and a small white horn on his forehead. "Unico, if we succeed in this quest, you'll never have to flee from the gods again," said Ahmed as the image faded from the crystal.

"Open!" he commanded. The walls of the dark room began to unfold revealing the star-filled sky. Ahmed walked to the edge and looked downwards. Directly below him was the world whose history and knowledge he had recorded for eons. For his home was an immense tower hovering over the Earth.

Ahmed raised his hands to his mouth and called out, "Star Runner!" As soon as he called out, he looked in front of him and saw a dark blue gondola- like boat with large white wings flying towards him. On the front of the boat was a figurehead in the shape of a unicorn's head. This was Star Runner, an enchanted boat which Ahmed used to travel throughout the world gathering knowledge and recording it for his library.

"What is it, Ahmed? Is there a new discovery happening and are we going to go record it?" asked the boat's figurehead. "Not this time, Star Runner. The gods have given us a mission. Here's the information," said Ahmed as he boarded the boat and pointed his staff at the head of Star Runner.

Suddenly, the face of the figurehead broke into surprise as the information was magically transferred to him. "We're going after that unicorn the gods are after? I thought you said you'd never help the gods pursue Unico," said Star Runner. "No time to explain. Just take us to the coordinates I have transferred to you. That unicorn could very well be the key to the survival of the world. Maybe even the universe," said Ahmed.

"Okay. Okay. But I think you should change your clothing. No offence, but the way you look right now would attract attention," said Star Runner. "Hmm. You're right," said the wizard as he snapped his fingers. In an instant, his white robes changed to gray and his golden cloak changed to brown. His silver staff changed to a wooden color. His golden spectacles changed to black and his long white hair receded until it was normal length. "There now. Anyone who looks at me wouldn't suspect that this traveler is actually a powerful wizard and the keeper of all the world's knowledge. Satisfied, Star Runner?" asked Ahmed.

"Any more stuff you want to tell me?" asked Star Runner. "Avoid areas of darkness. And if you see a cloud that resembles a large black cloak, move away," said Ahmed. "Then let's get moving," said Star Runner as he took off with a flash toward the Earth below them. As they sped towards the Earth, Ahmed wondered how he was going to convince the West Wind to turn Unico over to him, a servant of the gods.

High above, in the gods' palace, the gods watched as the keeper of all the world's knowledge left his home with his magical vessel. "So he has left to find Unico," said one of the gods. "I'm not too sure we can trust Ahmed with this task. How dare that wizard try to order us around. Us, who gave him immortality in exchange for becoming the recorder of the history and knowledge of our world," said a god angrily. "But we also gave him our oath that we would not interfere with any of his affairs. And whether we like it or not, a god's oath can never be broken. Besides, what he said about Unico may actually be right. Maybe there was a reason for Unico's powers that we could not see," said another. "Let's just observe what happens. We have already lost many of our kind to the Cloak of Darkness. If Unico really is the one who can save this world, then we must put our envy aside. And we will consider Ahmed's request. For now, we will just wait and see," said one of the gods. The rest nodded and took up a vigil. They were all ready to watch an epic quest unfold, one that would decide the fate of their world and of a little unicorn.