A/N: this story starts off right after Johnny killed the Bob and Ponyboy woke up. (Mid-way through chapter 4)

Part 1:

Ponyboy's POV

Johnny looked around nervously.

"We gotta get outta here Pony. Runaway somewhere were no one can find us" he said.

I tried to take in that thought. It meant I'd never see Soda and Darry again- my family. I suddenly felt sick.

"We need money and a gun or something. And a plan too" he said but this time he sounded confident. I started shaking even more thinking of the gun. Why would we need a gun? I didn't want to see any more dead people. Who will help us anyway?

"Dally'll help us" Johnny said as though he read my mind, "he'll get us outta here"

"Where is he?" I said through chattering teeth

"At Buck Merril's. He's having a party, Dally told me"

We headed off to Buck's place, running as fast as we could. My body was numb from the cold but I kept telling myself I had to keep going.

We knocked on the door, we could hear Hank Williams in the background along with people talking and girls laughing.

How could they be doing all that?

For that split second I saw life differently. I almost died and Johnny killed Bob. Everything felt different now.

Buck finally opened the door but when he saw us, he glared in irritation

"whatta ya want?" he said

"Dally" Johnny shouted over the music, "we gotta see him"

"He aint here" Buck said and shut the door in our faces.

We hadn't expected that.

"Where could he be?" I said. I was beginning to feel my body again and I thought I was going to drop from shaking so much.

"I don't know, I don't know" Johnny said covering his face with his hands.

We both knew there was no one else we could turn to.

"We'll rob a store. Swipe a gun and some cash and get outta town" Johnny said in desperation.

I almost laughed at the idea of us robbing a store. "It won't work" I mumbled. Johnny took off his jacket and put it over me then grabbed my hand and we started walking up the main road to get out of town. We didn't know any other way to get out of town. We walked for a long time in silence. Maybe both of us were replaying what had happened in our heads, I know I was.

Then Johnny stopped walking. "Did you hear that?" he said shaking.

But before I could answer, a car came down the road with the siren on full blast.

"Run Pony!" Johnny screamed pulling my arm. We ran off the road and into the trees. We could hear the police car behind us screech to a halt and the opening and closing of doors.

 I kept running as fast as I could but when I looked back, Johnny was way behind. He wasn't as good of a runner as I was.

"Keep going Pony!" Johnny yelled when he saw me slow down for him.

It was no use; I had to slow down anyway. We came face to face with a tall metal fence.

"Climb it come on Pony" Johnny said out of breath. We both began to climb and I was almost at the top when we heard someone say,

"Stop right there!"

It was a cop and he was pointing a gun at us. I had half a mind to keep going but then I saw 5 more cops come up after him, each with a gun.

Johnny looked at me and we both climbed down.

"Put your hands in the air!" the first cop screamed, waving his gun around wildly in the air.

We did what we were told. Two cops hand-cuffed us and took us back to the car. It was a long drive to the police station.

When we got to the station, Randy and the other Socs were there waiting outside surrounded by reporters and cops. As soon as they saw us, Randy broke out in tears shouting "that's them! They killed bob!"

That son-of-a-bitch!

I wanted to retaliate, to tell everyone how he and the rest of them tried to drown me and beat up Johnny but I was too shocked to say anything. I felt the eyes on me as the officer led us inside.

Johnny and me were questioned. We gave the cops our details then we were taken down to the cells and put in different cells across from each other. There was no one else in the room except the guard but as soon as he left, Johnny broke out in a loud sob.

"Shit, Pony! This is all my fault" he said hysterically, "you gotta tell'em, tell'em it wasn't you. You aint got nothing to do with it!"

"I aint saying a word"

He was right, I didn't really have anything to do with it but I wasn't going to turn him in. we sat there staring at each other for a while. It felt like hours. Then the guard came back followed by Darry and Soda.

"Ponyboy!" Soda said running to my cell. I held his hand through the bars. Darry came up next to him and stuck his hand through the bars to touch my face.

"I'm sorry baby" he said softly. It was strange. I wasn't angry at him anymore. I didn't even remember what it felt like to hate him. It was as though, in those couple of hours I grew up.

Soda turn around to johnny's cell, walked over and held his hand too.

"Am I going to jail?" Johnny asked through tears.

They didn't say anything for a while.

Then the guard opened our cells and hand-cuffed us again. He led us to a small room with just a table and three chairs. There was a huge mirror in the wall. I've seen enough movies to know what that was. Johnny did too.

He looked at me and whispered "I'll do all the talking"

As he said this, the door opened and a man walked in. He was wearing a shirt without a tie and looked about 37ish.

"Hey there boys" he said smiling and sitting on the chair opposite to us, which meant his back was to the mirror. We didn't return his greeting.

"Looks like you're in a lot of trouble huh?"  He tried again. But we didn't respond.

"Ok then" he said with a sigh, "which one of you is going to tell me what happened?"

"They tried to kill him" Johnny said at length

"Start from the beginning"

Johnny took in a deep breath.

"We were in the park minding our own business and they came up to us and tried to drown Ponyboy and beat me up"

"What were you doing at the park so late?"

I didn't see that coming.

"I had a rowel with my brother and Johnny and me took a walk to cool off" I said. There was no way I was going to tell him that Darry hit me.

"So you're telling me that they just came out of no where and tried to drown you" he said pointing to me, "and beat you?" he said pointing to Johnny.

"yes-sir" we echoed


"Because we picked up their girls" Johnny said simply.

"Right" the man said. I didn't like the way he spoke to us. He was mocking us. It was as though our story was so unbelievable, a fantasy with magic and witches.

Johnny nodded.

"Well we got at least four witnesses saying that you two threatened them while they were driving by, they got out to see what was going on, you got into a verbal war then one of you pulled out a switch blade and stabbed Robert Sheldon in the back."

Johnny and me looked at each other, wide eyed.

"That's not what happened" I said but it suddenly hit me. There was no way they were going to take our word against the Socs. We were doomed.

Johnny was thinking the same thing. I could tell because he said "it's not fair" under his breath.

"Well, unless you can come up with a better story, then we'll be sending you off to jail" with that, he walked out leaving us alone in the room.