Three Parts Dead

TITLE: Three Parts Dead AUTHOR: parisindy RATING: PG 13 DISCLAIMER: No money was received or exchanged. We do not own Andromeda or any of its Characters. This is purely for fun. ARCHIVE: only MW or Lor can archive it anyone else has to ask first. SUMMARY: Slightly AU. Harper joins the Andromeda but in a different way.


"To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three parts dead." -Bertrand Russell

"You don't throw a life away because it's banged up a little" - Tom Smith, Seabiscuit


There was a small house on a hill. The wind rushed over the rocks from the harbor and beat against its walls. After years of abuse the building leaned to the left in a vain attempt to escape it tormentor. You could see through the walls and the salt from the seas left stains on the floor. One more stormy day and it just might slide down the hill to the water and float away. It size said inferred that it had never been a grand structure but for three children was home.

Seamus Harper sat on the front steps the cold breeze flattening his hair to his head. He pulled his thin jacket tighter across his shoulders. The torn cloth held little warmth. Winter was coming and there was nothing he could do about it. His bones ached like an old man's. Seamus shrugged the thoughts away. At the age of fourteen Seamus was already a relic. There was a loud whine and a creak as Fergus pulled the door open. Fergus was small for nine as Harper was small for fourteen. Both fit comfortably on the narrow step.

They sat in comfortable silence. The smaller boy picked at the hole in his shoe with a dirty fingernail. Seamus ignored Fergus' fidgeting and gazed out to the ocean and the roaring waves.



The boy shifted to a lower step seemingly to put some space between them. "Are they coming home today?"

It was the same questioned he asked everyday. Why did he keep asking he knew the answer!? Seamus got up abruptly; he hopped off the steps and walked down the hill and along the narrow path towards the shore. The small boy followed and shivered.

"It's getting cold. They'll have to come home before it snows. Right Seamus? They'll have to because the m'gog come then."

Seamus sighed loudly and once at the beach picked up a small rock throwing it in to the waves. "Fergus I don't know. Where's your sister?" Seamus had been taking care of his two smaller cousins for nearly two months.He needed to distract the boy from his questions. The local Nietzscheans had taken Seamus' Mother, Father and Aunt. Adults from all over what was left of Boston were taken to work in the factories. Sometimes they were gone a week, sometimes a month. Sometimes they didn't come back at all.

"Raven's in the house. She said her tummy hurts. I think she's hungry."

"Have you eaten today?"

Fergus shook his head, causing his longish red hair to flail in the wind.

Sometimes the kids found food on their own. "I'll go look in a bit okay?"

The boy didn't answer but crouched down to make a hill in the sand.

Seamus let his gaze wander back out to the sea. There were the soup kitchens the Nietzscheans had set up in the heart of the city. But it was a long trip and the place was often dangerous. Starving, desperate families often attacking each other in line. There were other sources of food but acquiring it was never pleasant or easy. People had tried growing gardens but years of pollution had poisoned the soil. There were no fish in the ocean. Even if there were all the Niets regulated all water vessels. No one was allowed in a boat with out special permission.

The easiest way to get food though was probably the most humiliating way. He hated to do it but he would probably go down to the spaceport and beg. The spacers there would sometimes give them credits as they made there way to the bars and restaurants. Her wasn't allowed in the spaceport of course. They had to stay on their own side of the barbed wire fence. But, they were allowed to call out to those passing by. Maybe he would take Raven. He always could get more when she came with. She was cute and pathetic. The spacers liked that and would throw credits over the fence for them. This act often caused a flurry, as others would try to grab the credits before you could get them. Then the spacer would laugh as if it were a joke.

He had taken Fergus once. Fergus was fascinated with spaceships and Seamus thought he would enjoy watching them. But, when they were tossed a credit by a spacer a funny look came over the small boys face. Seamus thought that maybe that was the first time Fergus realized he might be something less. Seamus never took him back after that.

Seamus slung his arm over Fergus's shoulders and steered him back towards the house.

Just then the gray clouds burst apart as if split open by a mighty ax. The explosion of light caused both boys to squint and cover their eyes.

"It's a ship shay!" yelped Fergus excitedly.

The roar of it's engines were nearly deafening. Seamus squinted up at it. "It's going too fast. What's it doing this far north? It's going to miss the spaceport landing grid."

Fergus clutched himself to Seamus's side. "It's too fast! It's too fast!"

The light disappeared as rapidly as it came. The large ship blocked out the light and cast a shadow a mile long. "Oh, Gawd. It's going to hit the house!" Seamus ran fearing the worst. His feet pounded up the gravel path. "Raven!" he shouted but his voice was lost against the screaming of the ship. "No, no, no!" he chanted. He had promised to take care of them! He gasped for air, his eyes blurring with unshed tears.

He reached the top of the hill only to see the great ship just clear the roof of the house. Fergus caught up immediately latching himself back on to Seamus' side. He couldn't react as his body shook. It had been too close. He closed his eyes with relief.

Fergus pulled on his sleeve. "Shay," the awe was evident in his voice. "It's turning."

He opened his eyes. It was still going too fast but now it spun like a pendulum as well. Then suddenly as if some one had cut the invisible string it fell to the ground. The shock wave caused the earth to buckle. Seamus felt his feet leave the ground. Fergus was ripped from his grasp. For a brief moment he couldn't tell the earth from the sky. Then the ground came rushing up bringing darkness with it.