Title: Another Nameless Victim

Synopsis: The murder of a rogue Jedi after ROTS.

Disclaimer: I own nothing… Absolutely NOTHING…

Rating: Acceptable for anyone who saw ROTS.

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A/N: I have re-written this to add a little more information and make it easier and cleaner to read.

The slender figure moved through the press of traffic with ease. To the casual observer the dark robed figure was just another person walking through the Ten'hedra markets on Corellia, examining various goods brought from all over the world and even off-world by traders. But there was someone following her she knew, someone had seen through her disguise. Taking a swift turn to the left she then slipped into a booth.

Inside they were showing holovid's of the country side. Green fields and lakes and beautiful soaring mountains were shown on a screen beneath a bright holographic sign saying "Galaxia Travel; See the Galaxy in style". She smiled coolly at the Droid behind the counter and sat still and tried to appear interested as the Droid started in on its spiel. She stayed for twenty or so minutes and then with a handful of brochures she slipped out of her chair.

She walked outside; the person who had been following her was nowhere in sight or sense. The feeling on the back of her neck had not disappeared though, instead it had intensified. With a sigh she stepped around the corner.

Straight into a black armored chest. A tiny thrill of fear surged through her despite the warning trills that had been running through her as she turned the corner, she quashed it quickly, seeking the serenity she had found so easy as a child. But couldn't stop the memory of the last time she met the man. As a young Padawan she had known the serious and brooding slightly older Padawan. She looked up into the deaths-head-mask and felt a strange sense of resignation.

She sighed as the Stormtroopers with him moved in behind her and gripped her arms, viciously twisting them behind her back before removing her lightsaber and dragging her away. She went silently, without struggle.

That night as she stood in a restrainer attached to the wall of the cell, she recited the Jedi code to herself:

"There is no emotion; there is peace. There is no ignorance; there is knowledge."

Slowly a tear was falling down her cheek, burning hot against her cool almost clammy skin.

"There is no passion; there is serenity. There is no chaos; there is harmony.

Her throat seem to have constricted but she managed to whisper the last words.

"There is no death; there is the Force."

The Stormtroopers marched in followed by Vader. As they lined up, took aim and shot her, a strange thought occurred to her.

They never even asked my name…

:The End: