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Rating: Pg-13(some swearing and mild violence, you have been warned!).

Summary: Paige is enjoying being a white lighter-witch, and is loving her new charges but Crystal Hallows is one charge nobody wants. So the elders give her to Paige, sensing there is some outer connection between the two. But Crystal looks out for number one, and she's not going to do anything she doesn't want too. Paige suddenly realises that Crystal isn't as bad as she seems, and Crystal realises this tough-girl exterior doesn't work with everybody. Soon both girls realises that they are just a mirror image of each other.

********************** Mirror Image****************************

She watched in awe as the coffin was lowered slowly into the ground, She was quite new to the funeral thing and didn't really know why she was there. Her mother had never been the most reliable of mothers, She hadn't been somebody you could go home and tell your problems too, or have a laugh and a cry with. To Crystal Hallows, her mother was just a person who had brought her into the world, nothing special and her mother often used to remind her of this fact.

Her ivory complexion remained white and pale, She didn't cry over anything and she definitely wasn't going to cry for some one who was never there for her.

Crystal hadn't seen her mother in so long, She had began to forgot what she looked like, What her voice sounded like. Taken into care at ten, was no surprise. Her mother was a long time drug addict and her father, well who knew where he was.

She was one of three people there, the minister, and her care worker. 'Not much of a send off, Hey mom?', Crystal thought as the Minister through the dirt on top of the coffin. He signalled her to come forward, She collect some dirt and threw it hard on the coffin, her face fixed into a stern look as she did it.

And that was it, all over and done in an hour. As Crystal walked back to the car, one thought kept going on over in her mind.

' No use crying over spilt milk'.


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