Hello all my little readers!

This is just a polite little notice to all my faithfull wonderfull reviewers to let you know that I AM STILL OUT HERE!.

I plan to update every story on Saturday 6th December 2003, and that is a Queen Misfit promise!.

Ok I know you all are asking, why hasn't she updated?.

Well I had this major computer virus, then I thought I'd just re-vamp all my stories. Check for errors, etc. And also this week and next week, I have thirteen mock exams in thirteen different subjects so its been a cramming revising session every single night which I can tell you has been driving me totally insane. And I've got a French speaking exam on Thursday, a speech for four minutes from memory aaagrh. I guess I 'd better start learnin' lol!

So anyway I just thought I'd tell y'all so you don't get angry with moi, If I have time I will try and update.

Anyway until Saturday à bientôt mon lecteurs!.

Luv and Cookies