You have perished.  Oh Stephanie, you've gone and left me, descending into the dark, fish-filled ocean of death.

                The mast, falling upon you in the midst of your grand heroism.  That girl will never truly appreciate the bright spark that has been extinguished upon your depature from this world.

                I remember when I first say you, looking cute and sexy as you marched into the office.  Months and months  passed as our love grew, and then you tore my heart out like the insides of an angry fish.

                And then you walked back into my life.  I know you never would have come, had you known I would be here.

                I am both happy and sorrowful that you did.  I would never have been reacquainted with the magic of your loving mouth.  

But you might still be alive.

Stephanie, I will never meet your like.  I've lost you.

My hope has perished with you.