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As soon as Lucette had entered the cellar, Sands had been frozen to the spot, holding his breath, waiting for the inevitable. Waiting for the panic and screaming from the girl.

But nothing happened. He heard Lucette walking and muttering, but that was it. No sign that she had noticed him or was scared. Just when Sands decided it was all a dream or one of Suicide's little tricks she spoke.

"Oh… hello. Have you seen Berney?"

It took a little while before his brains registered the question and Sands could almost hear Suicide snicker.


"Have you seen Berney?" she repeated patiently.

There was no sign at all that she was afraid or found it odd to find an unhealthy-looking man in a corner of the dirty cellar. And not the slightest indication that she was going to explain who the fuck Berney was.

"Well," Sands cleared his throat, "That's a little hard for me to tell right now." As soon as these words left his lips, the irony hits him full force. He vaguely recalled saying something similar to the Kid once. It already seems years away.

"O. Do you know what Granny said?"

Sands was completely confused. This just couldn't be possible. This girl hadn't just say what his brains had registered. That was impossible. That simply could not be happening. No one ever 'just' started a conversation with him. Always, people had wanted things from him. His mother had wanted him to become rich and successful, as long as he could take care of her. His dad had just wanted him to be invisible and, more importantly, his dad had just wanted to forget he even was there. The kids in school had always wanted silly things from him, like his homework assignments or they just wanted to beat the shit out of him because he had the annoying habit of being smarter than they were. Even within the CIA it had been like this. They only started a casual conversation with him when they wanted him to do some dirty work. Loner for life.

"Answer the girl, you fucker! ANSWER HER! I need a laugh once in a while. Especially after being around such a humourless fuck like you are."

"I've got no fucking clue," Sands answered in a voice that he didn't even know that it belonged to him.

Lucette, however, didn't seem to notice this at all, or just simply decided to ignore it. "Granny said it's my own fault that Berney is lost all the time, but do you know what I think?"

"No," still that unrecognisable voice. He could feel Lucette coming nearer to him and he tensed.

"I think the fairies took him."

Alright, this was it.

Finally he had walked into the trap of insanity after being able to avoid it for such a long time. He had a new voice besides Suicide. Lucette. She couldn't be a real person. No real person in his right mind would start a conversation with him about fairies.

He laughed humourlessly. "Fairies?"

What the fuck. If he was insane, he had better work on becoming the most insane fuck ever seen, and having conversations with voices definitely was high on the 'must do' list.

"Yes," Lucette replied happily and Sands felt how she came even closer and than sat down next to him accidentally touching his arm while doing so.

Wait! Hold on! Do you feel voices in your head sitting down?

"I think the fairies really like Berney and that's why they take him with them o nce in a while. Fairies do that you know, if they see somebody they like they might take that person with them. Hopefully they will take me with them once as well…"

Sands hesitated for a moment, but than he reached out with his right hand and soon his hand found the soft fabric of a t-shirt or something like that. He let his hand move down and he soon felt the warm skin of a body and further down he found a bracelet and a hand with two rings around the fingers.

"What are you doing?" Lucette still didn't sound scared by this invading of personal space, more just simply curious.

"I wanted to see if you were real," Even Sands didn't know why he answered this question that honestly, but it was probably out of relief; relief that he once again had escaped out of the claws of insanity and that she was real.

"But you can see me sitting next to you right?" It was still only honest curiosity and Sands was grateful for that. If he had heard anything else in the tone of her voice he had probably killed her and he didn't want to do that. Really he didn't, not because she was the only real person with a name that he knew right now and not because she was the person that helped him through the days. She and the Kid.

"I can't." He wasn't in the mood to explain that 'looking' with your eyes cut out of your damned skull was a rather impossible task.

"Maybe you should take your sunglasses off? It's too dark to wear them in here."

He was going to kill her. Fuck her. No one had the right to ask about his sunglasses. He heard how she moved her hand upwards as if she wanted to takeaway the sunglasses away and immediately he backed away like a frightened animal.

"Kill her! She's close to knowing your little secret, Sheldon. And while you're at it: kill yourself as well. She can't help you anymore if she's dead… No sane mind for you, buddy."

"No!" he moaned.

"I'm sorry." This time Lucette sounded a bit scared as well, "I didn't want to scare you… or make you mad." The last part was added in a truly sad tone, which strangely hurt Sands as well.

Sands calmed down. Lucette didn't know, she didn't suspect a thing. And she wasn't here either to cut his liver out or even better: take away his hearing. That would be something, now is it? He had to admit to himself that for a moment the thought flashed through his mind that this girl was not an inch better than Ajedrez with her 'fuck me now' eyes and her even more fucked up dad.

"What's your name?" Lucette asked brightly. "My name is Lucette."

"I know." Sands suddenly felt very tired. Maybe there was a little bit too much emotion in this day for his own liking.

"Oh, do I know you then already?" This time she sounded insecure.

"No. I heard that old lady- your grandmother call you like that."

"Oh. What's your name?"

"Yes, Sheldon. Tell her your name. Maybe there will be some soul in this world who would care if you shoot yourself. At least she deserves a name then."

"Sands." No Sheldon Jeffrey; Suicide had taken care of that.

"What a silly name."

This time Sands laughed; a real laugh, not a faked one. "Yeah, I guess you can say that."

"Is that your real name?" What had happened only seconds ago seems to be forgotten.

"Well, part of it. I just don't like the rest of my name anymore."

"I like my name. I only don't like it when Granny calls me Lucette Maria Marquez. But she only calls me like that when she's really angry."

"Well… Lucette is a nice name," and then Sands decided to ask a question himself. If Lucette was allowed to act this spontaneous he at least could try it as well. It had been haunting him ever since he first heard her singing and especially after the fairies he wanted to know it: her age. His CIA senses told him she was around 21 years old. Before he always had been very good in g uessing ages of the people around him, but he couldn't be sure anymore. Not in the mess he was right now and certainly not when this girl talked about fairies as if she actually believed in them.

"How old are you?"

Lucette was silent for a little while as if she really had to think deeply about this question. "Granny says that I'm 21."

Good. Very good indeed. It started to look like that this whole mess hadn't influenced him as much as he first thought. It was only the way she answered him that bothered him. 'Granny says…' Isn't your age something that most people just know? Without noticing he does so, Sands shook his head. Lucette had to be one of those people that were very hard to read, but he would succeed. He always did.

"Granny also says that fairies don't exist."

"True," Sands had never been the man of diplomatic answers. Most of the time he was just honest, unless a good lie was needed to be in control, than he turned into the best liar around. Fairies and all the other fairytale stuff was something that never interested him. There was only one 'fantasy' like thing that he liked… or in fact loved: Oz. He had been a young boy, around 8 years old, and he had been sick at home. His dad was at his work and after that he would probably end up in the bed of some blond fucktoy and his mother had left the house to get seriously drunk in some bar and she probably end up in the bed of another fucktoy as well.

He had been alone. As usual. And he had turned on the television. As soon as he had seen Dorothy he had fallen in love with her. When he got older he, of course, had noted that it wasn't real, but that hadn't bothered him in the least. He had started to follow the career of 'his' Dorothy and if he remembered well, he had been reading a biography about her life not so long ago.

Sands cursed out loud. That was again something he would never finish. The very first money he had earned as a young boy he had spent on some books about Oz and he remembered well that the very first videotape he had bought had been the one from the Wizard of Oz.

"Sands? Are you mad?"

Sands sighs. "No I'm not mad. I just thought of some memories. And about Oz."


Sands shrugs. "You are not going to tell me that you've never heard of Oz?" As far as he knew every annoying little fuck of a kid had seen that movie.

"N-no," Lucette sounded really insecure now, but Sands decided to ignore that for the moment. And then he started to tell her. About Dorothy and her little dog Toto. About the yellow brick road and Dorothy's friends: the Scarecrow, the Tin Man and of course the Cowardly Lion. He told her about the Wicked Witch of the West and the Wizard of Oz himself. He talked more than he had in months; maybe even in years, and he doesn't even notice it. Lucette doesn't interrupt him once until the sound of another voice interrupted his story.

"Lucette?! Eating time!"

"I have to go," Sands could feel how she stood up, almost immediately missing the warmth of her body next to his. "Bye!"

"Bye kid… and Lucette?" He suddenly thinks of something. "Don't tell anyone about me or that you found me in here, okay?"

"It's a secret?" She sounds almost happy about that.

"Yeah. A secret."


And than she left him and Sands was silent. An hour later, the Kid arrived) with some food for him and, for once, Sands actually took part of the conversation. When the Kid left, Sands started to doze off and the last thing he heard before he finally fell asleep is Suicide.

"Oz… you really have a sick mind, Sheldon."