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We Are The Dead


Doomed to die from the moment we are born. If we fight, we die.  If we refuse to die we will not live.

They are four.  A brown haired man with a monocle, with a serene expression on his face.  A half breed with flashing eyes and a cigarette hanging limply from his mouth. A shorter man with golden eyes which betray none of his power.  And finally the blonde monk, with the sutra draped around his shoulders, the object of all this strife

The fight is about to start.  It is the beginning of the end.


We are the dead.

We line up and await the arrival of the prince.  My heart beats wildly with apprehension and fear.  I look around for one last time.

We are the dead.

Youkai.  The accursed race.  Evil personified.  And we can do nothing about it.  Born and bred within the palace of the demon king Gyumaho.  Fed with hatred and trained to kill.  Trained to die.  And for what?  For a battle in which we wanted no part, to satisfy the lust for power of the Queen we fear.

Worthless pawns whose lives can easily be squandered, we are sent to do the deeds considered too lowly for those close to her Majesty.  Shunned and looked down upon, we face the most dangerous tasks of all.  I have lost so many members of my family and friends that I have lost count.  All for an accursed sutra for which I care nothing

The prince passes next to me offering words of encouragement to all, followed by a young youkai who persists in running around the place.  Then comes a female, a known alchemist in the palace, together with a brave warrior, both friends of the prince.

I feel a surge of hatred towards the prince, who fights so little for his own people.  They say he is good and noble, and that the queen blackmails him to obey her orders.  That may be; I don't know.  But I hate him and his servants for they will never perish; it is me and my kind who will die for their purpose.

We start to move.  There is no whispering, no laughter amongst my companions.  Sent out to face the formidable enemies who have already eliminated half our ranks, we already know the fate which awaits us.

If we fight, we die.  If we refuse to fight we shall not live.

We are the dead


 Down, down, down

My hand is outstretched, claws ready to tear his pale face and blind those violet eyes forever.

I gasp as a jolt of pain passes through my body and I'm knocked to the ground: I can feel the metallic taste of blood in my mouth.  I lift my eyes.

Gun pointed.  Finger on the trigger.  Ready. Aim. Fire.

Sudden searing pain

Strange sense of calm

My soul soars to join the dead.

                                               ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The End~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

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