Another joint fic by Loup Garou 42 and Panther Nesmith, typed up by PAnther, witha lot of comments by Loup. This is the second in the series, but the most recent fic to get done. The stories are likely to be in no particular order after this. I'm sorry, but we don't write that way when we work together for some reason.

We own nada. Do you know how hard it is to slpit nothing betweent wo people?


Magneto looked at his supreme fighting team. The result of years of endless searching and bribing and other things. Tey were theh future rulers of the world. They were elite. They were powerful and destructive. They were. . .falling asleep standing up.

Magneto jerked Gambit and Pyro off the floor. Colossus, whom they'd been leaning on, went slightly off balance and almost fell. Sabretooth snickered from his corner, and Pietro was ready to tell them off for slacking.

"It seems we're a bit tired today," Magneto said, still levitating the two men. They knew better than to point out they'd been crashing an FoH bus until five am the previous night.

"However," Magneto continued, "Seeing that you did such an excellent job on your mission last night, take the day off."

All five men looked up. Gambit and Pyroe were set on the floor. All of the Acolytes, as one, rushed for the door.

Once in the hall, John started stripping. He took off everything. Well, almost. He left on his rubber duckie boxers; a fact the rest of the Acolytes were quite grateful for.

Sabretooth went to his room and slept for twenty four hours straight. Pietro went to annoy the Brotherhood. Peter and Remy went to their rooms and changed into their chill clothes. They then went to join John in the living room, where he was watching tv.

"What's on?" Piotr asked.

"Cowboys playing the Packers," John said, sprawled across the love seat (LN: why there's a love seat in the secret base of an international terrorist we'll never know.). (PN: Erik Lensher, international man of mystery.)

"T'ank God f'r ESPN 2," Remy said.

During the comercial break, they decided to go get something to eat from the frige. And pantry. And anywhere else ther may be food stashed.

They found a little less than half a bag of chips, some Chips Ahoy! cookies, the crumbs on the bottom of te cronflakes bag-in-a-box, some half finished sodas, LEFTOVERS -God forbid- and ice cream.

"Ooo! Ice cream!" John exclaimed.

"Mon ami," Remy cautioned. "_Chicks_ sit around eating ice cream."

"Fine, mate, I just won't share any with _you_ then."

They all grabbed their food of choice - except John, who had to settle for ice cream nad not what he really wanted (arguing with Remy always made John realise how damn good looking the boy was). They then reconvened in Magneto's answer to the institute's rec. room.


Short chapter, I know.