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"Don't!" Kitty squeeled. "I have something you'll want!" She pulled something out of her pocket.

"Like hell!"

Kitty unfolded the printed out picture and waved it in front of her roommate before Rogue dismembered her.

Rogue saw a picture of herself bending down, apparently giving a grinning, naked Remy a blow job. "Give me that!" she yelled, half tackling Kitty.

Kitty phased through Rogue's charge and smiled at her enraged roommate, who tried to swipe the picture out of her intangible hand.

"Ah'll kill you in ya sleep," Rogue promised, defeated.

"I'll, like, tear this up if you... um..." Kitty tried to think of something that would be fun to watch, but totally humiliate her friend. (A/N: kids can be so mean.)

"Kiss him!" Amara suggested excitedly.

Tabitha joined in. "Yeah! And not just a quick one. I want tonsil hockey!"

Rogue looked scandalized. "Ah cain't make out with him! Mah powers-"

"What about a piece of cloth or something?" Kitty piped up.

"You could get him through that," Roberto agreed.

"Hey! He speaks French, and she's gonna French him," Amara pointed out childishly.

Rogue scowled. "Ah don' care if he spoke Italian, Ah ain't kissin' him!"

"Kiss him, and I'll, like, make this picture go away forever," Kitty promised.

"How 'bout Ah don' kill ya an' ya make that picture go away f'evah?"

"That may stop her," Tabitha grabbed the picture from Kitty, "but I'll tell everyone about what you have on under your shirt," she wagged her eyebrows suggestively.

"Ah'll tell everybody about some o' the things ya did when ya were at the Brothahhood," Rogue threatened.

"I'm not ashamed!"

"Even if it'd hurt somebody?" Rogue asked, knowing that Kitty still wasn't fully over Lance, and that hearing that he'd had sex with Tabby would probably make her cry.

Tabitha stopped to consider. She really didn't want to hurt Kitty....

"What about me?" Roberto asked, taking the picture. "You've got nothing on me."

"You lent a book tah Tabby," Rogue smirked knowingly. "She lent it tah me. Don't think Ah won't out ya tah save mah own ass."

'Berto went pale.

Amara took her turn with the picture. "Hah! I'm clean. You couldn't stop me from exposing that picture and telling people about the shirt."

Damn! They'd traded off secrets last week. Rogue had nothing on her.

"Ah am not kissin' him!" she insisted. "Ah'd kill him an' Ah really don't wanna have him in mah head f' the rest o' mah life."

"How about you just grab his ass?" Roberto suggested.

"Not as good as snogging, but I'll deal with a little slap-n-tickle," Tabitha relinquished.

The others nodded.

"Ah don't wanna grab his ass," Rogue whinned.

"Grab who's ass?" came Logan's growl from down the hall. "No, wait. Let me guess. The new guy?"

"If I didn't know better, I'd swear you were the psychic around here, Badger," Tabby grinned.

Rogue gave Tabitha a dirty look. Logan sniffed around the girls.

"One of you smells like him already." He looked at Tabitha, assuming that it would be her, but then realizing that it wasn't her.

Rogue stopped dead. [OH, hell.]

Jean popped into her head with a way out. [You know what you have to do. I can make this go away. Just a bit of garbage...]


Logan's face went blank. He shook his head and turned to leave, calling over his shoulder, "The Prof. wants everybody in the war room."

The girls headed to the war room, following Logan. Everybody else was present as well. Jean elbowed Rogue. She grumbled and went over to Remy.

[Not just a pinch, either,] Jean thought to her. [I want to see whole-hand action. And not a pat: whole hand grab, got that?]

[Alright!! Gawd, like I've nevah grabbed a guy's ass before.]

Jean's eyes widened a bit. [You have?]

[Yeah. Not tellin' who or when.]

Rogue reached out, steeled her nerves...... and backed away as quickly as possible.

Remy turned around. [Wha' de fuck?!] He saw the slutty blonde, the brunette Colossus had a crush on, the red-head Jean, plus two more girls and a boy he didn't know snorting and giggling in a corner and giving high-fives. Rogue was almost running toward them, clenching her fists all the way.

Once she got to the little group, she held out her hand and Kitty put something in it. Rogue crushed it in her fist and stalked to the girls' changing room to get into her uniform. Her friends started to full out crack up and look over at him.

He wasn't completely sure what had just happened, but Remy thought he had a pretty good guess. He grinned charmingly and did his classic wave/salute to acknowledge the joke. His gaze went to the door Rogue had gone through and his grin got wider. He was gonna love being on this team. :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::