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    The group appeared in the Twisted Meadows. It was spooky to the three humans but it didn't seem to faze the three Nightmaren. The sky was darkened with black clouds and would constantly flash with lightning. It wasn't raining but the sounds would make Tara jump and huddle closer to Reala. Her bravery had simply vanished when she appeared in this new place. But she had the company of the two younger kids and the three Nightmaren that had saved her from certain death at the hands or she should say paws of Clawz. Tara looked around before Nights walked forward toward strange looking pillars that held up a small rounded roof. Tara took a deep breath as she approached it; there was a darkened silhouette within the small structure. As she got closer it looked like the person inside was moving along with her like a reflection. She stopped and looked back at the others but they didn't seem to see that the shadow was moving as well. Perhaps it was just her. She got closer till she was almost touching the invisible barrier that kept the Maren in. She raised her hand and the Maren mirrored her moves.

    The one known to the others as Eve seemed to come to life with her presence. She brushed her fingers along the barrier. It felt like ice cold water against her fingertips. New images flashed in her mind. An image of herself looking at Eve in a well furnished room she didn't remember doing this. Another was her beside a river pulling someone out of the water. That's where she first met Nights. These memories must have been suppressed while she was under the spell. She pushed her hand further into the water like barrier. A bright flash engulfed them both the others had to cover their eyes. When the light subsided before them stood only one person. She blinked a few times before she looked herself over. "Now this is weird…" Tara stated examining her new Nightmaren form. "I still don't remember anything…"

    "Maybe you just need some time." Reala responded.

    "We should get out of here, before we attract some unwanted attention." Nights interjected. Everyone nodded and Nights used his Ideya to transport them to the Rebel base. They got a few unfriendly stares when some Maren caught sight of Reala and Tara AKA Eve.

    "Is it just me or are these people giving me rather cold glances?"

    "Not all these people particularly like us being here…" Jackle stated.

    "What exactly did I do while I was here?" Everyone looked at her not wanting to tell her that she killed countless Maren in battles. Their expressions told her what she didn't want to hear and she knew it wasn't good. Elliot didn't like the atmosphere and tried to lighten it up a bit.

    "Wow Nights you really have an establishment here." Nights scratched the back of his head.

    "It wasn't all me…" Nights confessed. "There are a lot of other Maren to thank."

    "It's getting late is there a place I can crash Nights?" Jackle yawned. Nights nodded and lead them to a small building. He opened the door it was a two bedroom place with a living room and kitchen.

    "It may not be as nice as the castle but it's a place to sleep."

    "Ooo I choose first." Jackle flew past everyone to inspect both rooms before he proclaimed which was his.

    "Well I should get these two home." Elliot and Clare waved to Tara as the disappeared with Nights in a burst of red light. Reala walked into the small living quarters followed by Tara.

    "Well I guess that ones ours…"

    "Ours?" Reala looked over at her he had forgotten that she didn't remember their relationship. She searched through the cupboards before she finally found some bandages. She got a bowl and put some warm water in it.

    "Reala we have to talk…" Tara said as she had Reala sit down at the table. Reala sat and looked at her he could sense that something was wrong that she was having a hard time coming out with it. She had him remove his vest and shirt. "He got you good…" She was referring to the claw marks left by Clawz.

    "I've been hurt far worst that this…" She took a cloth and dipped it into the warm water. He jumped a bit. She looked at him with a sympathetic look in her eyes. "That stings…" she sighed.

    "I know how much Eve must have meant to you… and…" she dabbed the cloth on the wound trying to clean it.

    "What are you saying?"

    "I'm saying that I can't stay here…" Reala's face turned from calm to shock. She took another towel and dabbed it dry before she bandaged him up.

    "But why?" He asked trying to get a reason for her strange behavior.

    "I know from your point of view we've known each other for months but from mine it's only been two days… and I realized that I don't belong here. I'm a human being not a Nightmaren. I supposed to live in the waking world with my family." She had him remove his boot and roll up his pant leg so she could have a look at the bite.

    "But you and I we…"

    "We come from two totally different worlds… I can't stay here where I don't belong. I've put so much stress on my family already." It was deep and she tried her best to clean it and then bandaged it.

    "You can visit them anytime you want to…"

    "Reala I… I…" she put her hand on her forehead in frustration.

    "Stay with me…" Reala put a clawed hand out and took hers. "Stay with me Eve…" she pulled her hand away.

    "That's just it Reala, I'm not Eve I never was. She was a part of me that Wizeman made up. But I'm Tara… That's why I have to go…"

    "And you don't even want to try?"

    "Reala don't get me wrong I like you and all I just don't love you…" Reala growled as Tara stood up from the spot on the floor.

    "So you think you can come here and toy with me!"

    "Coming here was never a choice that I made!"

    "So just because you can't remember a few little details your going to turn tail and run!?"

    "Little details my ass! Six months is a long time to not remember what happened to me. God you're such a selfish JERK! Can't you drop this obsession of yours and think about me for a minute here. Think about what I must be going through?"

    "Yeah and what about me!? All I wanted was Eve back and I get you!"

    "I never asked for you to rescue me in the first place. Maybe I was better off with those damn muggers!"

    "FINE!! THEN GO HOME AND LEAVE SEE IF I CARE! You stinking human!"

    "FINE!! I NEVER WANT TO SEE YOU AGAIN! Your such a jackass Nightmaren!" He just looked at her. He was silently broken inside. Tara ran out the door and slammed it as she left causing Jackle to open his door.

    "What's going on out here?" Reala was undoubtedly upset about something. He showed it by throwing a vase at Jackle. He quickly shut door so the vase hit the door instead of him. Jackle peered back out about to yell that he wasn't Reala's punching bag whenever he was mad and witnessed something he never thought he'd see Reala do. He was bent down next to the couch on one knee with a hand over his face his teeth bared and a thin clear stream of liquid running down his chin. Reala was crying…


    Tara stomped past Nights and he was about to say something but he caught the tears that were falling from her eyes.

    "Tara?" She stopped and stood there with her back facing him for a moment before she turned to face him.

    "Nights…" Her eyes were red as tears streamed down her cheeks. "Take me home now…"

    "But what about Reala?" she seemed to cringe at the mention of his name.

    "I don't care! Just take me home now!" Nights hesitantly agreed. She had the right to go home to her family he had no right to keep her in the dream world against her will. He was not like Wizeman. He walked closer to her activating the gem on his chest. They were both gone in that so well known flash of red light. They appeared outside the gate that surrounded her home, she was human again. "Thanks… and I'm sorry… but my family has to come first. I've put them through so much."

    "I understand… Guess I'll see you around. In your dreams that is…" The flash signified his exit. Tara walked up to the gate and pushed the button on the intercom.

    "Miss Tara?"

    "Hey there Jacob… I forgot my key could you let me in?"

    "Of course!" The gate opened and Tara walked in. A limo pulled up and Jacob stumbled out of the driver's side to open the door for her.

    "No I can get it." Tara opened up the door and sat down in the back of the limo leaving Jacob to stand there dumbfounded. Usually she would just keep walking. Jacob went back to the front and climbed into the driver's seat and turned around back to the house. He opened the visor and witnessed that she was just starring out the window.

    "Just to forewarn you, your mother has been on a rampage looking for you."

    "….I'm sure she was pretty worried about me…." They got up to the house and Jacob tried to open the door for her but she got to it before he did and just walked up to the house. She found that her older sister was there waiting for her. "What are you doing here Holly?"

    "Mom called me when you disappeared again…" She leaned against the stone pillar on the front porch. "So where were you today?"

    "Running for my life all over downtown…" Tara admitted.

    "You look terrible…" Holly pointed out.

    "Yeah I figured that…"

    "Why don't we get inside and have a little chat. Who's been after you? I know it has to have something to do with those creatures that tore apart downtown."

    "You wouldn't believe me if I told you…"

    "Try me…" Holly said challengingly.

    "Okay fine…" They went inside and she told her sister everything that she remembered and that had happened in the last day. "And this is the part where you tell me I need help and you guys enroll me into a mental ward."

    "It is questionable… But you're not the type to make up stories like that… But please the dream world?"

    "See… I told you… you think I'm lying."

    "Well you're not really lying if you think it's true." Holly stated.

    "Great I'm not lying I'm just crazy… I'm going to bed…" Tara walked away from her sister and went upstairs to her room locking the door behind her. She took off her tattered cloths. She looked in the mirror at herself. She noticed the scar on her side. She walked closer to the mirror and turned her body so she could get a better look at it. She traced her finger on it as an image flashed in her mind. A man in black, no he was a Maren. He reached for something and with her feeble attempt to block his attack he stabbed her. Her flash back was broken when someone knocked on the door. She quickly threw on some pajamas and went to the door. She slowly opened it and looked out. Her mother stood outside the door and looked at her sympathetically.

    "May I come in?" she asked.

    "I don't care… Are you going to call me crazy too?" Her mother shook her head.

    "Of course not honey…" She sat down on the edge of her daughter's bed and patted her hand on the bed. Tara sat down next to her.

    "It's just frustrating to know that everyone thinks you're crazy when I'm not. This really did happen to me mom. I'm not the only one that saw them. It's a government cover up…"

    "I'm not saying your lying honey I just don't know if I can believe that." Tara got up.

    "I knew it…" Before her mother could say something there was a tap on the window. Tara looked over at the window nothing was there. She looked back at her mother but there was another tap. She walked over to the window and opened it up and looked outside.

    "Finally got the right one…" Jackle stated as he came into her line of vision. He was in her human form.

    "What are you doing here?" she whispered harshly.

    "I came to see you… can I come in it's spooky out here." Jackle said while looking around.

    "My mom's in here!" then the thought crossed her mind "My mom's in here… yeah you can come in." Jackle glided into the window as Tara moved out of the way. Her mother looked over at her.

    "Who are you talking to dear?" Then Jackle flew into the room and she screamed seeing him flying in through the window causing Jackle to hide behind Tara.

    "Is that your mom? She's scarier than the outside."

    "Mom! Please stop that!" Her mother stopped and her sister walked in the door.

    "Who is that and what is HE doing knocking on your bedroom window!?" Holly looked over at her mother and then at her sister and the stranger.

    "It's not what you think mom… He's just a friend." Tara explained.

    "Yeah Reala would of killed me by now if there had been anything going on between us." Jackle joked.

    "Reala?" her mother asked raising a brow.

    "Yeah tall guy long black hair built like a tank." Jackle said not noticing the frown growing on the woman's face.

    "And why would he have killed you for being involved with my daughter."

    "Cuz they've been an item for a month"

    "Uh Jackle I haven't told her that yet…" Jackle looked at her.

    "Oh…" Jackle looked over at Tara's mother who seemed to want an explanation.

    "You were having a relationship with the man that kidnapped you?"

    "Same thing she told me mom." Holly said looking at the boy with the blonde hair.

    "No mom it's not like that… I don't know what happened between us and Jackle doesn't either. Do you Jackle?"

    "Um no, not really you two never really told me how it was." Tara smacked him. "OW what was that for."

    "For being no help at all… Why are you here anyway?"

    "Well you forgot your sword." Her sword just seemed to appear in his hands.

    "How did you… do that?" Tara's mother asked.

    "It was invisible. My cape is magic."

    "What cape?" Holly asked.

    "Wait before we all get to confused maybe you should show her your true form Jackle make it easier on all of us."

    "Kay…" Jackle morphed back into his Nightmaren form. Her mother looked horrified and Holly looked intrigued.

    "Mom this is a Nightmaren. He is one of three that saved my life yesterday." Her mother still looked horrified.

    "He has no face. All I see is a mouth and two eyes." Tara looked over at Jackle again.

    "Oh that's just his hat." Tara pulled it off of his head. His head appeared once it was removed.

    "Hey!" Jackle protested grabbing for his hat that was in her hand.

    "See he's got a face and a full head of hair." Tara felt kind of weird. How did she know that?

    "Okay honey I believe you now…"

    "So I was right you did think I was crazy didn't you."

    "Maybe a little." Tara groaned.

    "Everyone did…" Tara shot her older sister a glare.

    "Well this is the proof you needed."

    "Well here you go." Jackle said handing the sword over to Tara.

    "So where's Nights at?" Tara asked out of curiosity.

    "He doesn't know I'm here." Jackle stated.

    "You mean he didn't bring you here?" Jackle shook his head.

    "Nope I found a spell that would take me where ever I wanted to go just as long as I've been there before."

    "Oh how neat."

    "Wow this is really nice material what do you call it?" Her mother had snuck up behind Jackle and was now examining his cloak. Jackle jumped away from her being startled by her sudden appearance beside him.

    "It's uh Shleep Cotton."

    "Wow I've never felt such soft cotton. It must be really expensive."

    "Mom could we have some space… please?"

    "Oh sure that' fine… don't do anything I wouldn't do."

    "Mother…!" Tara scolded. Jackle scratched the back of his head with an unsure look on his face.

    "Okay I'm going." Her mother said in defeat.

    "Holly you too…" The older sandy blonde haired woman rolled her eyes.

    "Fine I have to go back to work anyway…" She and their mother left and closed to door behind them.

    "Now I have a feeling this was just a cover…" Tara said referring to the sword.

    "Well it was kinda. I really came to get you to come back. You have to come back I can't stay in that place with Reala all by myself! He's been a total wreck ever since you left." Tara looked at the floor.

    "I can't go back, I belong here in the waking world Jackle, I told Reala that and now I'm telling you that…"


    "No buts… I've made my decision." Tara said sternly.

    "Don't you even want to give it time you know to remember anything before you make any decisions?" Jackle said trying to convince her to reconsider.

    "I've made my decision!" she repeated. "Jackle I thank you for your concern for Reala and me but he has to get over this and so do you. He'll find someone else, I know that he can."

    "Not even for a visit?"

    "That would just make things harder for everyone…" Jackle had a very disappointed look on his face.

    "I should probably go before Nights finds out I'm gone…" Tara gave him back his hat.

    "I guess this is goodbye then…" Jackle said sadly. Tara nodded slowly.

    "Yeah…" She gave him a hug and he stepped back chanting his spell and to her surprise nothing happened. She tilted her head at him.

    "What happened...?" She questioned.

    "Wrong spell..."He said his face turning a bit red as he chanted the correct spell and vanishing back to the dream world.


    The days went by slowly and Tara spent most of her time at home. From then she constantly had flashes of images in her mind. She concluded them as being Eve's memories. She sat in the bathtub thinking about the memories she had just remembered. It was the one that hit her hardest, the memory where she first kissed Reala. The emotions she felt along with that memory were tremendous. Why was she feeling what Eve had felt? They weren't the same person. They were two different people, two different species that shared the same body right? The last memory she received cleared everything up for her. It was an image of Eve explaining the whole thing in her mind. How she was Tara, Eve was just her mirror image. Everything that Tara had always wanted to be, come to life. Tara had always seen herself as an ordinary girl that wasn't attractive and couldn't defend herself. Eve on the other hand was brave and courageous, beautiful, smart, and strong, able to defend herself. She was only half Maren because her red Ideya kept the Maren portion of her from taking over her entire being. It was Ideya that kept her maren mind and her human mind from becoming one. That's why she didn't remember what she did as a maren although now she could access the memories of both minds. Had it been up to Wizeman she would have been all maren when he first tried to make her into one.

    Tara got out of the bath and drained the tub wrapping a towel around herself. She went back into her bedroom that was connected to her private bath and sat on her bed. She got dressed and went downstairs to find her mother watching her soaps. "Mom?" Tara said softly as she sat down on the couch. Her mother pushed the mute button on the remote and looked over at her daughter.

    "Yes dear? What is it?" Tara cleared her throat so she could talk clearly.

    "Have you ever said something to someone that you totally regret saying to them?" Tara slowly looked up at her mother. Her mother looked over at her. She was hesitant to say it but she did ask so she had to answer.

    "Yes… this one time… I was dating this young man and I'd heard that he was cheating on me with another girl. I became very angry with him and told him that I never wanted to see him again. He kept telling me that I was overreacting that all of the allegations weren't true. That he loved me too much to do that to me. But I was to mad to listen to him. Then I found out that it wasn't true and I went too apologized to him. And when I went over to his house it was surrounded by cops. He had committed suicide his mother told me. She blamed me for it and I did to… So yes you could say that I have said something to someone that I regret."

    "It's funny… just a few days ago I was positive that I could live my life without him there. And now… all these memories of that time are coming back and I'm finding it harder and harder to live without him with me… I love him mom… and now it's too late and I'll never see him again…" she could hold it in no longer and she began to cry. Her mother came over to her and held her in her protective arms.

    "Oh sweetie… It'll be alright…" She stroked her hair comfortingly. "Everything always works out in the end." She pulled away from her daughter and looked her in the eyes. "And you find that if you want something bad enough. You'll always find a way to get it." She realized her daughter could not be swayed from loving the creature known as a Nightmaren. Ever since her oldest daughter had told her what Tara had said she knew that feelings like that didn't just disappear into thin air. Although she didn't know how she could love something like that she wouldn't stand in her way. As long as she was safe she would be happy with her daughter's decision. She held her close to her knowing she couldn't very well say it would be alright. For one thing she couldn't get to the dream world. And two she couldn't even get a hold of them.

    Tara buried her face in her mother's sleeve. How could this work out? Reala probably hated her now. She had said hurtful things to him and Jackle had told her that he was upset. How could she go back now? She didn't know but she knew she had to go back. Something was happening and Reala needed her with him. She had lost her chance to go back with Jackle… Now she regretted her stupidity. Eve probably would have made the right choice… She pulled away from her mother. "I'm going to go back upstairs now…"

    "Okay sweetheart, are you going to be okay?"

    "Yeah I'll be fine…"

    "Okay, dinners' at six." Tara nodded and headed back up to her room. She entered her room and closed the door being sure to lock it too. She also remembered another little detail her Ideya taking her back to the waking world when she wished to go there. Course she was nearly killed by the fall but she figured it was because she hadn't really thought of where to go. So she just ended up on the other side of the spire the gateway between the dream world and the waking world. Maybe if she concentrated enough on going to the dream world her Ideya would take her there. She spent an hour trying to get into a meditating state thinking only of one thing her objective to get the dream world. She sat there thinking about it wishing for it as hard as she could possibly wish. It wasn't working and she wanted so badly to go there and be with him. She sat for another hour being just on the brink of giving up.

    "Reala..." she whispered to herself. "I need to see you again." she lowered her head. "I need you..." nothing happened again she got up frustrated and walked over to her dresser where she found a romance novel that she had been reading before she remembered all this before he walked back into her life. Her eyes burned with tears as she picked up the book and threw it in a random direction. It flew toward her mirror but instead of hitting it and falling to the floor it went threw it. She looked up from the dresser and over to the mirror which was rippling like water. She grabbed her sword that was sitting on the dresser an inched closer to the mirror examining it closely. What was wrong with her mirror? When the ripples stopped she noticed something she hadn't before. When she gazed at her reflection it showed it as being her Nightmaren counterpart. What was going on with it? That's when she realized. It had been Jackle that had done this. Before he had left, the first spell he cast did nothing when in fact it had done something. She touched the surface of the mirror tracing her fingers down it slowly. It felt cold and goowy to the touch. She withdrew her fingers for a moment before building up her courage. With out deep breath she walked through.

    On the other side she found that she was in the living room of the home that Nights had given to Jackle, Reala and herself. It was empty though like no one was home. "Jackle?" She walked forward looking around. She knocked on his door and it squeaked open having been left open. She peered inside the room finding that Jackle wasn't there. She backed out and shut the door leaving it ajar. She went over to Reala's room and knocked. It too was vacant of life. She walked to the front door the sword and holster still in her hand. She opened the door and looked outside. The place was practically empty. She looked around for someone. She came across a young female with a golden suit and a white vest. Her hat was very unique it had three points instead of two like most Nightmaren. "Excuse me?" She stopped and looked up at Tara.

    "Yes?" she asked.

    "Where is everyone?" the girl looked at her funny.

    "Where have you been? They're in a battle." She noticed the sword in her hand. "You look like a warrior shouldn't you know?"

    "I just got here… actually…" Tara explained. "So where is this battle?"

    "It's somewhere near Spring Valley." Tara ran off in the direction of the gates. She had to get to Reala. For some reason she felt like something bad was going to happen. She fastened the sword securely around her waist. Soon she was out of breath this place was bigger than it looked. Then she remembered. Nightmaren can fly. She leapt into the air and to her delight she didn't fall face first into the dirt and embarrass herself. She was actually flying! The feeling was so cool she couldn't explain it. No thinking about that now she had to find Reala. As she was flying she heard something flying at her. Before she could do anything something took over her body, throwing her hand onto the hilt of her sword and drawing it. Twisting her body around she swung the sword and the arrow that would have hit her was sliced in two and flew by her harmlessly. She blinked and stared at the sword. Where did that come from? No time to ponder about it she took off in the direction of the Spring Valley.

    No doubt there were snipers everywhere she had to be extremely careful. She flew as fast as she could. Soon she could see the Valley and the dark mass of Maren fighting in it. It was pouring down rain and she landed on the ground nearby. It was littered with the bodies of the dead and wounded. She would find Reala and slip into the battle or something. She was scarred. She didn't know if she could do this. Despite the rain the smell of blood nearly made her gag. She was going to plug her nose but she forgot that she didn't have one. She flouted over the bodies carefully trying not to touch any of them or be spotted. She was getting closer to the battle now she could hear them clearly now. She didn't know exactly how she was going to find Reala in that mob. She had two and she wouldn't stop till she found him and reconciled with him. She kept going looking into the bloody mob and checking all the bodies that fell and that were on the ground. To the trained eye she looked like a lost child but she also looked like a warrior from her movements. Three Nightmare Guards spotted her and identified her as the traitor Eve.

    "You there! Halt in the name of Wizeman." The grey suited on said. Tara turned around real quick to face them.

    "Oh hello…" She smile and waved at them looking from one face to the other. "What a nice day don't you think?" she laughed nervously wiping water from her face. The three exchanged glances and pointed their swords at her.

    "You will come with us or die!" the yellow suited one stated.

    "Come on guys… I'm kind of in a hurry… I don't want any trouble so why don't you turn around and go home."

    "You can't talk you're way out of this." The orange suited one said. Tara shrugged.

    "Can't say I didn't warn you…" She drew her sword and took on a fighting stance almost as if it were instinctual. The grey suited one swung at her and she sidestepped allowing the sword to swoosh by her. He stumbled and Tara kicked him in the butt knocking him over. The yellow suited one was next he drove his sword at her but she defended with her sword pushing him back. She grinned at the Maren and held up the sash that tied up his pants. He looked down to see his pants down by his knees. "And next time please wear underwear…" She grimaced throwing the wet sash back at him. The orange suited one jumped forward, pushing the blade towards Tara's middle. "Too slow!" she jumped up and over him as the blade narrowly missed her. She placed her hand on his head pushing him downward as she flipped over him. She landed on her feet behind him turning around to face him. "What the hell was I thinking… this is great!" he growled and turned to face her.

    "Stand still you bitch!"

    "Well if you're going to be rude about I won't. Not like I was going to anyway…" He ran at her again she moved to the side and stuck her foot out tripping the foolish Maren. She giggled watching them stumble to get back up again off of the slippery muddy ground. "Sorry guys I'd love to stay and humiliate you further but I have to find someone." She flew off away from them continuing her search for Reala.


    Tara kept on looking until she was near a rock wall where she found Reala fighting with another Nightmaren that looked a lot like him. Reala smashed his fist into Scyffer's face sending him into the wall. The wall crumbled and he and the rock fell to the ground. He made sure Scyffer didn't come back out then turned to face her. The battle seemed to vanish around them. Tara's eye began to tear up, she was so happy to see him. Scyffer got back up and looked up at Reala with hatred. His back was turned to him. What a fool did he really think that he had beaten him? He looked around and found his sword picking it up he stood. Reala looked down at her he had missed her so much and she came back. He knew that she would come back to him. He began to descend toward her when Scyffer exploded from the rubble and flew at him. Tara's eyes widened when she saw this. "Reala!! Look out!!" She pointed to the oncoming danger behind him. Reala turned but it was too late. Scyffer's blade was driven into his middle and exited his back. "REALA!!!" Tara screamed in horror. Both Nights and Jackle looked over toward the scream as did everyone else. Scyffer grinned at his father's twisted face.

    "Never turn you're back on the enemy." He stated as he roughly pulled the sword from his father's gut and watched him sink from the sky with a sadistic pleasure. Tara flew up and held onto him to slow his fall. When they reached the ground Reala reached up and touched her cheek.

    "You came back…" Tara's eyes began to pour tears down her delicate cheeks.

    "I had to… Reala I'm so sorry." She looked down at his wound it was gushing blood. Reala coughed and blood trinkled down his mouth. They were sitting in a pool of his blood.

    "At least I got to see you again…" his hand when limp and fell to his side and his eyes rolled back into his head.

    "Reala?" She shook him lightly "Reala!?" She held him close to her and sobbed. Nights' face turned sad as he watched them. Jackle cursed to himself all that work to get her to come back here and she's going to be miserable now. Scyffer scoffed in disgusted as he looked around.

    "What are you fools looking at? Kill the rebels!" No one moved a muscle. Whether it was because the boy just killed Reala or that Eve was cradling his lifeless body in her arms. Nights landed beside her. He couldn't very well tell her everything was going to be alright. The agile young general held up his sword. Fine he'd have to kill the distraction. He jetted down toward Tara ready to cut her down. Tara's eyes opened full of rage and hate. They began to glow red as a red aura flared up around her. She drew her sword and deflected the boys attempt to take her life. The power she welded threw the young Maren backward. He landed on his back a few yards away into a puddle of muddy water. She lay Reala's body down gently and stood up to face Scyffer. He got back up and looked at her. Around her chest erupted a bright red light and the red Ideya appeared. Nights looked on in shock how could she do that?

    "I cannot forgive for what you have done!" her voice was calm and emotionless. She flew at him the Ideya adding speed to her flight. Their swords struck one another. The blows were fierce and no one interfered. Everyone just watched afraid to move. Soon Tara had him against the rock wall. She struck his sword from his hand with one swift blow from her own. She grabbed onto his neck and held him against the wall with her body weight. With her expression blank she drove her hand into his chest. But it rather looked like she had her hand submerged in water. Scyffer yelled out in pain as she moved her hand around before she grabbed onto something. She pulled her hand out holding onto something small and black. She threw it to the ground it hissed and tried to scurry away. But Tara threw her sword at it and nailed it to the ground. It made a little screeching sound before it turned to sludge. She released Scyffer as he looked wide eyed at the pile of sludge under the blade of her sword.

    "Is Wizeman really you're friend when he puts things inside of you that control your mind…?" Scyffer looked up at her looking like a frightened child. He didn't know what to say and just collapsed to his knees. She walked away from him grabbing up her sword and holstered it. She went back to Reala's side and kneeled down next to him. "I made a promise to you Reala that I didn't have a chance to fulfill… I told Wizeman I would give this Ideya to only you and I intend to keep that promise." She pushed a lock of black hair out of his face. She placed her hands around the Ideya and pulled it away from her body. Nights watched her knowing exactly what she was doing. Tara slowly placed the gem close to his body and it fused itself to his chest like Nights had done to him. Tara's fingers then began to glow as it spread over her body and she was engulfed in the bright red light. Only a few seconds later did body returned to normal. She slumped over onto Reala who slowly opened his eyes. Jackle landed nearby and pulled Tara off of Reala to make sure she was okay. She was still breathing and Jackle sighed in relief.

    Reala slowly sat up and touched his gut the wound was gone along with the pain. All that was left of it was a small scar. Nights looked over at him happily. The power of the Ideya had revived him. "I'm alive?" He asked questioningly.

    "All thanks to Tara." Nights smiled as Reala looked over at her. The mage held her unconscious form. The troops began to disband around them. Reala got up all covered in blood, mud, and water. He walked over to over to Scyffer who was sitting against the rock wall with his knees pressed against his chest and his arms wrapped around them. Tears streaming down the youths face. Nights and Jackle joined him.

    "I… I couldn't stop myself…" was all the youth could say to him. Reala's angry face faded as he held out a clawed hand to the youth.

    "I know what it's like not to be in control of yourself… and be made to hurt those closest to you…" Scyffer blinked for a moment before he slowly took his fathers hand and was helped up by him. "And if you don't want to go back to Nightmare and have Wizeman put another one of those things inside of you… I'd consider coming with us…" Scyffer looked downward. He couldn't believe they would let him live after all he had done to them.


    Days passed before Tara finally woke up. She slowly sat up in the bed she was in. It was Reala's room back at the Rebel base. She could hear some arguing coming from the living area. She got up slowly feeling the ache in her body. She glided forward to the door wearing only her suit. Her vest was folded up on a chair and her boots were sitting next to the chair. She opened the bedroom door and looked out to see Reala and Jackle arguing about Jackle leaving his spell books all over the place. Tara's giggles interrupted them. They both looked over at her. Reala immediately flew over to her. "Are you okay?" He looked down at her.

    "I should be asking you that." She joked.

    "I'm just fine but you've been sleeping for five days." She looked down at the new addition to his wardrobe. She traced her fingers over the gem.

    "I'm just fine now." She said while putting her arms around him. "Reala I'm sorry I said all those things be..." he put a clawed finger to her lips.

    "It's okay." He brushed his hand over her cheek and leaned over kissing her gently. Jackle watched them and picked his books up and went back into his room. Tara pulled away.

    "I missed you so much." He kissed him again wrapping her arms around his neck. There they stood kissing for what seemed like an eternity both so happy to be with each other again.

The End… or is it?