Looking in your eyes I wonder if you'll try to save me from him but I know you know everyone knows you won't because you're broken just the same as me broken by his words and his lips and his hands and his body on yours your innocence stripped from the skies that I so wish to fly in but can't because the clothes are too tight burning and squeezing the life out of me and I can't take them off because it hurts but you help even though your clothes are too tight too you help to take mine off and I help to take yours off and we are free free free forever free to touch free to taste free to love and explore and trace glistening trails on soft smooth expanses to guide ourselves back to the hidden darknesses of bodies free to cry out in pain and ecstasy free to burn and die and free to hold on forever and even though I can't fix you and you can't fix me I'll still hold on to you because I need you I breathe you I live you and without you I hurt I drown I die but with you I am free and we collapse once more into a tangle of limbs and skin and sweat and pleasure and we gasp for air tired but exhilarated and I press my face to your throat and whisper softly too softly for you to hear but somehow you do that I love you and you hold me so tightly but not too tightly because too tightly burns and squeezes and we fit together so perfectly like strings in a piece of cloth moving and breathing and living in constant contact and you tell me that you love me and for the first time ever I know that it's true.