Blood Ties
by Kijikun
Originally written as Hayden
Originally written Feb. 13, 1998
Re-edited Oct. 10 2003

Author's note: I don't not own Biker mice from Mars. Please keep in mind I
wrote this many years ago.
This part contains chapter 1-3

Chapter 1

Limburger looked out over the Chicago skyline from his office high atop the newly re-built Limburger tower. A fact that if one was smart, they wouldn't bring up with the big cheese, having the tower knocked down 8 times in one week would be enough to drive anyone to distraction.

The door behind Limburger slid open. The big smell turned slightly, and upon seeing who had entered a evil grin spread across his face.

"Ah--Doctor--what brings you to my office this disgustingly beautiful day?" He asked, grabbing a handful of worms to throw in his mouth.

The 'Doctor's' lips curled into what might be called a smile. "The --oh how should I put it--prototype is finished." The doctor sneered. "A complete success if I may say so. My most brilliant creation yet."

"Excellent Doctor. Let us go see this little creation of yours, and see if it's worth the fuss you've been making over it. And it had better be for the time and money you've spent on it." Limburger warned.

"I assure you will exceed your exceptions. Once full developed it will be a prefect weapon." Carbuncle assured Limburger.

"It had better be Doctor, or I'll be putting an ad out for a new mad scientist." Limburger warned.

Shortly after the two 'men' arrived in the hidden lab far under the tower. Which makes sense, because how else could Carbuncle's lab survive all times the tower comes crashing down. They approached a small room with a keypad lock. The doctor punched in the code, then opened the door.

"Right this way, sir. You will be please." Carbuncle assured him again.

The room they entered resembled a nursery, but only slightly. What could be demeaned as `scientific' interments and equipment were placed around a small crib.. Or at least something resembling a crib, that is if you considered a crib a metal box with bars and a lid. And a lock.

A young lab technician held a small bundle wrapped in a white blanket. She was feed what was evidently a new born infant from a bottle. She looked up when they entered and placed the bundle in the `crib'.

"Ms. Dean, have the test results come in yet?" the doctor demanded of the young human woman.

"Yes, doctor. They're on your desk." The young woman answered, wrinkling her nose at the smell coming off Limburger.

"Thank you my dear, that will be all for now." the doctor hissed at her.

The young woman quickly left the room. Still partly in shock by the results of the Doctor's DNA experiments and partly because if she'd stayed in the room with Limburger a few more seconds she would have lost her lunch. The baby, was what bothered her more than Limburger's scent.

Limburger and the doctor walked to the cribe and looked at the bundle lying in it. Carbuncle held it up by it's ankle so Limburger could get a closer look.

"Amazing--perfectly amazing. You have out done yourself this time." he said admiring the doctor's work.

"Other than the fact she closely resembles those we took the DNA from, she will be perfect for the experiments." the doctor replied, quite full of himself.

The infant opened her deep green eyes and stared at the person holding her. On her hand against a background of white fur was: pt-01. Short for prototype 1. She let out a long squalling cry, thrashing her tinny arms and legs. The day old child letting her displeasure at her treatment being none.

"Yes she dose seem to bare an unfortunately resemblance to her `parents'. Her father especially." Limburger began to laugh. "I might never be able to get my hands on them, but now I posses something infinitely more----- profitable!" Outside the lab the young woman named Karen was stopped by two other women. Karen Dean had been the only one to see the experiment full completed and some of her fellow employees were dying to hear what it looked like. "So?" one asked quietly as she got close.

"Come on, Karen! Tell us what it looks like!!" the second hissed.

Karen sighed, and wondered if she should tell. "This doesn't go beyond us, okay?"

The women nodded.

Karen took a breath. "It's a baby girl, brownish red eyes. She is adorable."

"That's it!! That's all your going to tell!!" Amy interrupted.

"Hush!" the first woman hissed.

"The thing is," Karen lowered her voice to a whisper. "that baby girl looks almost like a large white mouse!!" ____________________________________________________________________________ ____________________