"Coop!" Summer whined, stomping her feet on the hard ground. She crossed her arms across her chest; glaring at the beautiful girl she called her best friend.
"Come on, Summer! Do it for me?" Marissa pouted her lips down at Summer. Summer always fell for that look.
"Don't do that," Summer whined again.
"Do what?" Marissa asked innocently, sliding back into the lawn chair beside her. Summer plopped down next to her.
"That look! The "look-at-me-I'm-poor-Marissa" look!" Summer crossed her legs to match her still crossed arms.
Marissa pouted in reply.
Summer jumped up, "That, right there!" Marissa and Summer laughed as Marissa stood up and grabbed her friend's shoulders.
"Summer, it will be an hour, tops." Her eyes lowered, pleadingly.
Summer sighed, "Promise?" She whimpered, finally raising her little white flag.
Marissa nodded and gave a little squeal Summer's way as they whipped around to face the Cohen's pool house.
Unbelievable, thought Summer. It's Friday night and she's being forced to baby-sit Seth Cohen. Or was he babysitting her?

One hour earlier, Summer was sitting on Coop's bed, flipping through Cosmo, sipping diet coke. Basically, enjoying a typical girl's night in until she heard Coop's cell phone ring. The familiar beats of "I Wanna Be Sedated" by The Ramones, put in a computerized package, chimed once, then twice. She glanced at Coop, who was glancing at her ringing phone; her eyes were clearly debating whether or not she should pick it up. Summer grabbed the phone, glanced at the screen and handed it to Marissa.
"It's not him." She retreated back to her spot on the bed. Of course by him, she meant that two timing asshole, Luke. Marissa understood that in a way only a best friend could.
"Hello?" Marissa's voice rang out.
Summer pretended as if she wasn't listening, concentrating hard on the article in front of her. Summer knew who called. She had seen "Cohen House" blinking obnoxiously at her on the tiny screen. It was probably Ryan, but that didn't help those tiny pangs she felt in her heart. She pushed all that aside, her eyes intent on the article, her ears keen on Coop's voice.
"Oh, hey. Yeah," Coop nodded along and slipped into her vanity chair. "Sure. Oh, but Summer's here."
Summer's own name startled her and she cast the Cosmo aside, leaning towards Marissa.
Marissa noticed this and smiled maliciously. Summer didn't like that smile. She knew that smile. Something was up.
"Yeah, that's perfect." Marissa placed her phone down on her vanity and grabbed the Cosmo by Summer's side.
Moments of Silence passed by as Summer stared at Marissa, who was busy reading an article about how to alleviate cramps.
"Um, hello?" Summer broke the silence, sitting up and crossing her legs beneath her.
"Hmm?" Marissa acknowledged her, barely lifting her eyes from the magazine. That smile was still plastered on her blemish-free face.
"Who was that?" Summer asked, trying to steady the overanxious tone in her voice.
"Ryan." Knew it, Summer said to herself, her heart jumping back into her body.
"Oh." She leaned back against the pillows. "And?"
Marissa dropped the Cosmo on her vanity, raising a skeptic eye at Summer. "He wants to hang out."
"Oh!" Summer smiled. "Like a date?" Finally. Way to go, Chino.
"No," Marissa hesitated. "I don't think."
"Whatev, Coop. So when is your date?"
"Ten minutes." Marissa's evil smirk returned to her lips. "And it's not a." She stopped herself. There was no point arguing with Summer, she was almost as stubborn as.Seth Cohen. Marissa laughed out loud at that thought and Summer slid her a dubious look.
"And what exactly am I supposed to do?" Summer asked, stretching out her legs.
"You're coming." Marissa climbed up onto the bed next to her.
"Oh, so it really isn't a date." Summer said dryly. Marissa tossed her comment aside and stood back up, checking her reflection in the mirror.

"You ready?" Marissa asked, adjusting her hair. Summer's face went blank as she looked down at her outfit. This was supposed to be a girl's night in, so she sloppily put on an old pair of jeans, a huge sweatshirt, and some chapstick before she trekked over to the Cooper's mansion that night. She looked back up at Coop and raised her arms to her ponytail, scratching her head. Marissa smiled at her, repeating herself, "You ready?" Summer couldn't go to the Cohen's looking like this! Her zits were visible, her curves were barely accentuated, and she slapped herself at being so insecure over nothing. Or was it something?
She scrambled to Marissa's closet and rifted through all of her tee shirts, trying to find the most revealing shirt she could. Marissa just laughed and did that evil smirk thing as Summer found a perfectly low cut baby blue tank top. She peeled the sweatshirt off and checked how the shirt looked in the mirror. It fit her like a glove. She looked down at her jeans. These would have to do, she thought, because Marissa's size 0's would never fit her, no matter how hard she tried to squeeze her cute butt into them. She grabbed her flip flops from the floor, slipping her perfectly manicured toes into them and ran to the vanity. Marissa was there, reapplying lip gloss for the millionth time. Summer bumped her out of the way, and grabbed the lip gloss, meticulously applying it. Marissa rolled her eyes, mockingly and headed for the door.
"We're going to be late, beauty queen." Marissa laughed, grabbing her purse.
"Yeah," Summer rolled her eyes, "Fashionably." She turned back to the mirror, pinching her cheeks to form a natural blush, grabbed her bag, and cautiously walked past a smirking Marissa to the hallway.