Seth had never felt this motivated about anything before. After all these years of wishing and waiting for Summer to come around, she was coming around. It was practically unbelievable. As he skated over to Summer's house, he practically pinched himself just to make sure he wasn't dreaming about this whole thing.
Ryan and Marissa were pretty damn clever. That whole phone intervention was practically ingenious. And it was Ryan's idea, who knew the guy had it in him?

Marissa looked into her overview mirror, this humongous smile stretched across her cheeks. She was so happy that Summer and Seth were finally going to make it official, and it was all because of her and Ryan. She was practically breaking speed limits to get to Ryan's, but she didn't care. She wanted to see him. On the way there, she spotted Seth, skating alongside the road. She drove up slowly to him, calling out, "Hey Cohen!"
"Cooper." Seth leaned against her open window.
"Where are you off to?" Marissa laughed.
"To lose my virginity." Seth joked, and Marissa frowned. "Kidding!"
"Not funny." Marissa laughed, patting his curly head.
"You better hurry to Ryan before he gets too lonely." Seth took a step back from her car and she nodded, pressing down on the gas pedal as hard as she could. She could hear Seth laughing behind her and from the rearview mirror saw him skate towards Summer's.

Summer had been jumping up and down for a few minutes and had finally recollected herself. She ran to her closet, deciding upon her favorite black skirt and a white tank top. She paused for a brief second and went digging through her old sweatshirts, trying to find something Marissa had given to her in seventh grade. She knew it was the perfect thing to wear for Seth.

Seth quietly picked up his skateboard and went to her front door. His heart was pounding, but he was still in shock, so it felt like a heart attack to him. He had just enough strength to ring the doorbell. He watched the door, impatiently, as the familiar ring of the doorbell echoed throughout Summer's mansion. Footsteps. Or was it? Was he hearing things now? Ok, Cohen, calm down. He randomly laughed at his insane thoughts.
"Come in!" Summer called from inside.

Summer had heard the doorbell ring and ran to the couch in her living room. As soon as she felt confident and comfortable, she called for Seth. This was it, she couldn't wait.

Seth let himself in, carefully locking the door behind him. He laughed at the sight of the baseball bat on the floor and called out, "Where are you?"
"In the living room!" Summer shrieked, her voice growing impatient.
Seth followed her voice and smiled upon seeing her. She stood up, walked over to him. His eyes were locked on hers, which disappointed her slightly.
"Look at my chest!" She whined, impatient as ever.
"What?" His face was priceless, thought Summer.
"Just do it." Summer laughed, placing her hand in his.
His eyes lowered upon her chest, where she was wearing a way too small black sweatshirt that read "I like Dorks".
"Oh my god. Where the hell did you get that?" Seth laughed, grabbing her and sitting down on the couch with her.
"My seventh grade Christmas present from Marissa. I thought you would like it." She smiled, kissing him slowly. Their lips separated and he held her closely.
"I do." They kissed again.

"We are genius's, you know that?" Ryan laughed as Marissa came in to the pool house.
"No, you are." She laughed, kissing him gently

"So, am I your kryptonite again?" He asked, tracing patterns on her hand he was holding tightly.
"That depends." Summer stated, flirtatiously.
"Can I be yours?" She kissed him, wrapping her arms around his warm body.
"You always have been, Summer."


Thank you to everyone who liked this so much, it was my first story! My next story will be a sort of sequel. It will take place in the future! What happens with Seth, Summer, Ryan, and Marissa in five years, right after college? And will Julie Cooper and Caleb ruin everything for them? Keep tuning in for that one!