Hero Chapter 3

Mac quickly tried to shut the door, but Saddiq managed to force it open. "HARM!!!!" Mac cried out, running for the bedroom, for Harm, and their weapons.

At the sound of Mac's frantic call, Harm awoke from his light slumber. He saw Mac rush into the bedroom, and search wildly for something. He jumped out of bed, and ran to Mac's side. "Mac, slow down what's wrong?"

She turned to him, finally finding the gun, but before she could tell him what was happening, they heard a cold voice behind them. "Put down your weapon, Sarah." The two slowly turned around and were faced with Saddiq's gun, pointed in their direction.

Instinctively, Harm moved slightly in front of Mac, hoping to protect her. "And who is this? Not your husband. I take it that this is the man that blew up my men and my missiles?" Mac said not a word, just glared. "Fine if you want to be that way Sarah, I will just ask your friend here. What's your name?" Saddiq asked, jabbing Harm with the barrel of his gun.

"Harmon Rabb Jr." Harm replied coldly, stepping even further in front of Mac. He felt her small hand go to his back, supporting him, or herself, he wasn't sure.

"And what is your relation to Mrs. Williams, although I doubt that is her real name?" Saddiq asked. Harm looked back at Mac, seeing what she wanted him to say. She just nodded, implying that she trusted him to say whatever he saw fitting.

"I'm a close friend." He said quietly. Saddiq nodded, seeming to believe this. Harm reached back, groping blindly for her hand. An odd calm washed over him as he felt her warm hand slip into his.

"I'd say that you are more than a friend." Saddiq said, observing their behavior. Mac just glared at him, but didn't confirm what was true.

"What do you want with us Saddiq?" Harm asked, keeping his voice even, not showing the panic he was feeling inside.

Saddiq laughed cruelly. "You blew up my men and my missiles. Did you really expect me not to retaliate? I'm just sorry that Mr. Williams is not with you, I'm sure that he had a hand in this." He cocked the gun. "Now which of you want to go first?"

A threat on Mac's life was something that Harm couldn't handle, and he lunged for the man. "You bastard!" Harm tackled the terrorist, managing to wrestle the gun away from. "Call the authorities Mac!" Harm shouted, wanting Mac as far away as possible from this man. She nodded, and ran to the other room to where the phone was.

The men struggled on the floor, until one of them got to the gun that was lying nearby. Saddiq picked it up, and aimed at Harm's head. With one pull of the trigger, Harm crumpled onto the floor.

Mac had just told the Captain that Saddiq was in their room at the Hotel Simpatico when she heard the gunshot. Her fears were made reality when she saw Saddiq run out of the room. "Goodbye Sarah." He fired one last shot, that just barely missed Mac, and fled the room.

Mac ran into the room, to find Harm, blood running down his forehead. "Oh my God Harm." She ran to the phone, and told the Captain who was still on the line, that she needed the paramedics. She quickly hung up with him, and ran back into the bedroom. There was more blood now, and Mac tried to assess his injuries. Luckily the wound on his forehead just looked like a graze, and that hitting the floor so hard was what caused the unconscious state he was currently in.

"Harm. Harm sweetie wake up please. Please Harm." But he was out; her only hope was that her initial investigation of the wound was correct, that the bullet only grazed his head.

A few hours later. . .

Mac as at Harm's bedside, waiting for him to awake. He had been patched up at the local hospital and then flown to the embassy in AsunciĆ³n. They had given him some painkillers, assuring Mac that the side affects of the bullet would be nothing more than a hell of a headache when he woke up.

Even with the doctor's reassurances, he was worrying her sick. She couldn't wait until he woke up, and she could gaze into his azure eyes. The past twenty-four hours, they had been through so much, she just wished for him to wake up, and get out of this godforsaken country, and get away from Saddiq.

Her prayers were soon answered, as Harm's eyes fluttered open, only a few hours after he had been shot. At seeing his sterile surroundings, his first worry was Mac. "Mac!" He called out. "Sarah where are you?!?!?!" He shot up in bed, panicked, but a soft hand on his cheek stopped him from tearing up the hospital to find her.

Harm's desperate screams were what woke Mac from the light sleep that she had found herself in. She heard the terror in his cries, but it took her awhile to figure out that the terror was for her. "I'm here Harm. Shhh, don't worry." She whispered comfortingly, her hand stroking his stubbled cheek. She guided him gently back down to his bed. "You need your rest Harm. I'm right here, I'm fine, you're fine, don't worry."

"Where are we Sarah?" He asked his voice hoarse. Mac handed him a glass of water, and waited until he was settled to fill him in on what happened.

"We're in AsunciĆ³n, at the embassy. After Saddiq shot you, I called the authorities. They managed to patch you up, but they didn't catch him. After that, they flew us into the embassy. You've been sleeping for the past few hours." Mac said, running her fingers through his hair.

"When can we get out of here?" Harm asked, attempting to sit up. A soft hand on his chest hindered the attempt though.

"Harm you need your rest. The doctor's said that they want to keep you at least overnight, to make sure that you're okay. After that I'll try to contact the Admiral and see if he can get us out of here, low key. Don't worry; I'm just as anxious to get out of this place as you are Harm. I can't wait to put it all behind me."

Remembering Mac and Webb's tender goodbye at the hacienda, Harm couldn't keep his mouth shut. "Put all of it behind you?" He asked quietly.

She looked away, towards the window. "Most of it, not all though." She turned back to Harm, a sad smile on her face.

Harm misread her completely, and thought her sadness was because she was worried about Webb. "I'm sure that Webb will be fine Mac, don't worry. He's a spook and he has Gunny with him, he'll be fine."

Mac turned to Harm, her head cocked to the side in question. "What brought Webb up? She asked. "I don't want to leave behind what happened between us Harm. That's the closest that I've felt to you in such a long time, I liked having my best friend back Harm." She smiled, not wanting him to see how serious she was about this. She had missed him so much, it wasn't even funny.

"I like having my best friend back too Sarah." Harm said sincerely. His eyes beckoned her to him, and she willingly obliged his unspoken request. Harm scooted over, and smiled at the added weight on the bed.

"How do you feel Harm?" She asked caringly. She ran her fingers through his hair, down his cheek, and back up again. She looked so concerned, his heart swelled with love for her.

He grasped the back of her neck, pulling her close. His lips met hers in a sweet soft kiss. It told of the love for each other, and of their deep friendship, that now had truly survived hell. When they pulled back, he had a goofy grin on his face. "Surprisingly better."

Mac returned his smile, and placed her hands on his chest. "Bet I could make you feel a lot better."

"I bet you could." He said, his smile growing bigger, if at all possible. She leaned in and their lips touched again. This time was much more passionate then the last, and promised something more in the future.

"In fact, I think I feel the best I have in years." Harm said. Mac took a deep breath and smiled so big that Harm was convinced it lit up the room. "I love you Sarah." He murmured, tucking a loose strand behind her ear.

Her eyes welled up with tears. A few spilled out, and Harm quickly wiped them away. "That wasn't quite the response I was hoping for." He said nervously, as his eyes searched for an answer to her tears.

"They're tears of joy Harm, don't worry." She whispered, bringing their lips together once more. She melted into him, his soft lips caressing hers, and his hands running up and down her back. She felt his tongue trace her lips, asking for entrance, which she granted willingly. She found herself thinking of how perfectly their lips fit together, and how right it felt.

They broke apart, and just smiled at each other. That was, they did, until they heard one of the doctors clearing his throat. Mac got off the bed, a little embarrassed. "Captain." She nodded to the young man.

"Ma'am." He returned her nod. "I need to check on the Commander for a few minutes."

"Of course." Mac leaned down and gave Harm a peck on the lips. "Be right back." Harm smiled as he watched her leave the room.

"Sir, permission to speak freely?" The Captain asked, as he started checking Harm's vitals. Harm nodded. "You're a very lucky man Commander. To have such a beautiful woman care so much about you."

"Yes I am a lucky man." Harm said smiling. The Captain nodded and smiled, and finished up with the check up.

"Everything looks good Commander, you should be able to get out of here sometime tomorrow. I hope you have a good night Sir." The Captain said amicably. Harm nodded.

"Thank you Captain. I hope you do too." Harm smiled as he watched the retreating Captain.

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