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Chrissy Parker had finally arrived. She sighed as she set down her baggage. 'Where first?' she thought to herself, as she examined a map of Harmony.

For years Chrissy's mother, Genevieve had worked with Alistair Crane. Chrissy had never met her father; she just assumed her mother would tell her who he was when she was ready. This is what brought her here. There were so many possibilities. Genevieve had grown up in Harmony, where she lived in the Crane's neighborhood. She dated Julian for a very long time, off and on through high school and college. Her parents were not to keen on giving her everything, so forced her to get a job. Alistair thought that Genevieve was the greatest thing since sliced bread, so he hired her as his personal secretary.

While on a business trip, Genevieve had the privilege to stay with close partners of Alistair's - The Winthrop's. She instantly became best friends with Ivy, their daughter, but then lost that friendship when Ivy had discovered Genevieve in bed with her current boyfriend, Sam Bennett.

Gen explained that Sam had come looking for her and had mistaken her for Ivy. Gen felt so bad for him that she simply had to sleep with him.

Chrissy rolled her eyes at the thought. Her mother was always "feeling sorry for everyone", and would sleep with them. 'Oh, the immeasurable guilt she would have felt had she not.'

When Gen had heard that Julian and Ivy were engaged, she was not very thrilled. Julian had also cheated on her several times with a singer named Eve, and she had had enough.

While on a business trip to Australia, Gen had met a man named David Hastings. They had an affair for about three weeks. The week after that, when Gen returned to Harmony, she had learned she was pregnant.

Chrissy sighed. There were others as well, she knew. There were other possible fathers, but Gen wouldn't speak of them.

She kneeled down and grabbed her suitcase, as she spotted the limo driver with a sign calling her name. She smiled as she saw him, "Jamison, it's been so long".

She hugged her old friend, and he escorted her to the limo.

When she arrived at the mansion, Julian greeted her.