Summary- Yugi, and Ryou are the best of friends. They are also the loners at their school. What happens when the popular kids start to pay attention to them? What happens when the friendship becomes something more? What happens when their relationship turns abusive? Pairings- B/R, Y/YY, S/J, YM/M. Warning scenes of violence.

Shattered Mirrors

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Chapter One

Bakura and Yami were currently sitting at their usual table in the lunchroom. Their group was considered to be the 'cool' group. The one that everyone wanted to be in. You were considered privileged if one of them talked. Or even if one of them tripped you. There were four people in this group. Seto, Joey, Bakura, and Yami. Seto and Joey were going out. Currently Joey was sitting in Seto's lap while talking to Yami. Everyone knew that Bakura and Yami were somewhat bi. They would occasionally go out with girls, but they favored their own gender a little bit more then the other. There were no girls in their group; there was this one girl that everyone hated. Her name was Tea, and she was a cheerleader. She was always coming up with reasons why her and Yami would make a good couple.


Ryou and Yugi were eating at their table in the far corner by the window. Ryou was reading while trying to eat his lunch. Yugi was just staring out of the window. Yugi and Ryou were the best of friends. They told everything to each other. If one were asked out on a date, the other would be phoned right away. They told each other about their family or rather lack of it, and crushes. The day that Ryou was introduced to the class, Yugi found out they had more in common then appeared to the eye. Both their parents had either A died, or B were too busy with their work. Yugi's parents had died in a car accident when he was little, and he has lived with his Grandfather ever since. Ryou's mom and sister had died when Ryou was also younger. His Mom had died of cancer, and a car hit his sister. Ryou's Father loved his son more then anything, but was scared to loose another. Ryou had lived in England, and then his Father was transferred to Japan. He had lived here ever since. His Father was an archeologist, and was always on a dig somewhere. It was lonely at times, but at least he had Yugi's shoulder to lean on. Ryou put his book inside his book, and put the book in his bag. Yugi and him began to talk; they did not notice the stares coming from the other side of the room.


Yugi was currently in class writing a test. The class he was in was Geography. It was one of his favorite classes in school. Most people loved gym or something like that. Yugi was not athletic at all .He hated whenever he had gym, at least he had it with Ryou. Ryou hated gym as much him. They both hated that they were the teams last pick, and pretty much the last resort. They also hated the uniforms. Yugi loved geo because it doesn't involve sports, it had somewhat of drawing in it, and you got to sit down the whole team. Of course at times it was boring as hell, but the times you got back your test, and got a better mark then everyone else as all worth it. The test was about the economic of Japan. It was just basically questions asking about what resources are there in Japan, renewable/nonrenewable resources available, and impacts on environments when certain things were built. Yugi finished the last question looked over his test, and put it on the pile that was forming on the top of the teacher's desk. Then Yugi went back to his desk, took out his textbook, and began to do the questions assigned.


It was the end of the day, and it was also the start of the weekend. Ryou always walked to Yugi's house, then Ryou would continue on to his house. The time went by quickly. Before they knew it they were at the Game shop. Yugi said goodbye and promised to phone on the weekend. Once this was done he continued to walk to his house. Halfway there Ryou began to whistle. It wasn't that he did not mind being alone, but it was just the feeling of someone watching behind him. Ryou turned around quickly, nobody was there. Ryou sped up his pace.


Ryou got home in no time, before going in he got the mail out of the box along with the paper. He flipped through the mail; there was nothing interesting at all. Ryou put his key in and then opened the door. He took a deep breath then walked in. You see Ryou hated the silence (A/n: Me too) and would do anything to avoid it. The tradition was once he got home he turned on the television or the radio, so it was not silent. Most of the time he turned the radio onto soothing instrumental music. Ryou walked over to the table where the radio sat on, and flicked the switch to on. Music filled the room. With that done Ryou went to the kitchen to fix a snack.

***** Much later in the evening

Seto, Joey. Bakura and Yami were doing what they were did ever second weekend. They had a sleepover at Seto's. This time it was different Bakura's cousin Marik was here along with his boyfriend Malik. Most of the time they had truth or dare. The group was sitting in a circle. The order went Seto, Joey, Yami, then Bakura. It was Bakura's turn to be asked. Also it was Seto's turn to ask the question. Seto turned around to look at Bakura " Bakura truth or dare."

" Dare" Bakura replied sounding rather bored.

Everyone could tell that the gears in Seto's brain were going. Joey leaned over to Seto sand whispered something in his ear. Seto smirked, then patted Joey on the head. Seto then turned back to Bakura. " Bakura, I want you to phone Ryou" Seto stated.

Bakura wasn't shocked he knew this was coming. After he had realized he had liked Ryou he told friends. Now being the people they are they wanted to hook their friend up. After all that's how Joey and Seto got together. They had hated each other once, now they were lovers. If only Bakura could get over the fear of being rejected. Somehow Joey pulled out Seto's cell phone, out of his pants pocket without Seto realizing. Joey then passed the phone to Bakura. Bakura just looked at it for a minute then thought if you didn't do it now it was never. Bakura punched in Ryou's phone number and put the phone up to his ear to hear the ringing. You see all the times that Bakura had tried to phone Ryou; he had chickened out, but ended up memorizing his number.

All was silent in the room.

First Ring

Second Ring

Third Ring. Bakura was getting impatient, and then suddenly someone picked up. " Hello who is it" came Ryou's sweet sounding voice from the other end. Bakura was speechless to say the least. What was he to say? Bakura turned around to look at Seto, and Seto who could sense Bakura was nervous mouthed the sentence to Bakura. Bakura nodded, and spoke into the cell phone " its Bakura from school; will you go out with me tomorrow?"