Summary: Yugi and Ryou are the best of friends. They are also the loners at their school. What happens when the popular kids start to pay attention to them? What happens when the friendship becomes something more? What happens when their relationship turns abusive? Pairings- B/R, Y/Y, S/J, M/M. Warning scenes of violence. Also sexual suggestions.

Shattered Mirrors
Chapter Twelve

By: MissPatriciaPotter

Disclaimer- I don't own this is it belongs to the wonderful, Kazuki Takahasi

Supper was never a big affair in the Yamroh house, usually everyone wasn't home. Surprisingly both his parents were home tonight. Bakura was even called again to eat supper with his parents, and was instructed to bring Ryou with him. Bakura dressed simply in a pair of baggy blue jeans and a crimson long sleeve shirt. Ryou dressed more elaborately, in a pair of black pants that Bakura had let him borrow that he said were too small for him, a powder blue button up shirt that he tucked in, and he tied his long silvery hair up into a ponytail. They headed down to the dining room.

When they got there Mr. and Mrs. Yamroh were already at their places awaiting their son, and boyfriend's arrival. Ryou took a seat by Bakura, who sat beside his Mother.

Mrs. Yamroh turned to Bakura, "I have to talk to you after supper."


After supper came quickly, Bakura was following his Mother to her private office. Bakura took a seat on a plush wing chair. His mother took a seat behind the desk.

"Do you know why I've called you here?" His mother asked.

Bakura shook his head.

"It's about Ryou." Oh shit he had forgotten to bring Ryou back to the room! Bakura got off the chair but stopped in his tracks when his mother called out, "Ryou is playing chess with your father." Bakura breathed a sigh of relief and sat down again.

"I want you to let Ryou go back to school, he doesn't deserve to be cooped up in that room all the time."

"Fine!" Bakura spat out, enraged that his mother would suggest such a thing. Ryou to him was his property, and his mother knew that.

"It's for the best." His mother said gently.

..Yami's point of view...

I can't believe how much, I've hurt Yugi. I warp my arms around him to give him a hug, and he flinches. I never wanted him to be terrified of me. From now on I'm not hurting him anymore. He doesn't deserve it. If anyone should be punished, it should be me.


Last night Ryou had been surprised when Bakura had declared he was going back to school. He would finally be out of this four walled prison. It had been a rough two days, Bakura had forced him to sleep with him, and Bakura didn't take no for an answer. Ryou pulled on his school quickly, pulled a brush through his hair, and left the room that had his prison for what seemed a month. The special security unit that had been put in, had been taken out yesterday, after Bakura had told Ryou he was going back to school.

Bakura was waiting for him when he got to the foyer.

"Are you ready to go?"

Ryou nodded, as he walked out of the mansion he never felt so happy to leave a place, he never hoped he would come back here, ever.


"Really?!" Yugi blurted out, Yami had just told him that on the weekend they were going to a 'U-Pick' Strawberry farm.

"Do I ever tell lies?" Yami inquired.

"No you don't." Yugi said confidently, Yami was acting nice for a change Yugi didn't want to see that mood to change.

"So when are we going?" Yugi asked cheerfully, he had went to these types of places with his parents when they were still alive.



"Ryou! Your Back!!" Yugi dropped his books and ran to greet his friend.

He hugged Ryou, and then whispered, "I have something important to tell you in Math."

Everyone was glad the white haired boy was back, but not as much as Malik and Marik.

"Do you think Bakura did anything to him?" Marik asked Malik.

"Probably, if he did I'm sure Ryou will tell us eventually ."

"The key word is eventually."



Ryou stood at the sink washing is hands, Malik had told him to meet him here. He was missing his Geography class for this! On cue Malik walked in, with Yugi and Marik behind him.

"Hey," Ryou said turning off the tap, and walking over to the trio.

"I know you guys don't have a lot of time. The reason you all have been called here, is to make a time for the next defense lesson." Ryou looked quizzically at Malik.

Answering Ryou's silent question, "we are teaching Yugi and you skills you'll need in case."

"I think Ryou should come tomorrow, he'll have to catch up with what Yugi has learnt. Besides Yugi said he might not be here for the weekend."

"Okay Ryou. What time is good for you?"

Ryou thought for a moment then replied, "after school, I'll ask Bakura."

"How about we come over tonight?"



"Hello? Dad, it's so nice to talk to you." Ryou's father made it a rule to call his son, once a month, sometimes that didn't always happen. Every so often he couldn't get away to a phone. Ryou talked to his father for about ten minutes, after he went into the kitchen to start to make supper. Bakura had told that Malik and Marik were vegetarians too, so Ryou was making spaghetti topped with tomato sauce. Bakura was on the computer, playing Sims 1. The door bell rang.

"Can you get that Bakura!" Ryou hollered out stirring the sauce, mixing in oregano.

Bakura got off the chair and stalked towards the door. He opened it, and let the two Egyptian teens in. Malik headed to the kitchen, while Marik stayed in the living room with Bakura.


Supper went oddly well, Bakura got along with his cousin fine. Ryou was clearing the table, and getting the dessert ready. While Malik and Marik were trying to talk Bakura to let them have Ryou for the day. They had told Ryou their plan, they were going to tell Bakura they were taking Ryou to the Egyptian Museum.

Ryou drizzled on chocolate sauce onto the most noncreative dessert ever, vanilla ice-cream 2. It was fast and simple, and almost the only dessert like item he had around. If he had known ahead of time he would of made a cake of sorts. Ryou placed all the bowls on top of a wheeled cart, and pushed into the living room. Soon the ice-cream was given out, and everyone was enjoying it.

"You will meet you at the foyer at school tomorrow after school." Malik said dipping his spoon into his ice-cream. "This is good." He said contentedly, swallowing another spoonful.

"Yeah the chocolate sauce gives it great flavor." Marik said, "remember when we used chocolate sauce and ice-cream for something else?"

Malik turned bright red, "I'd rather not talk about that."

Everyone laughed


"Damn it!" Yami's voice rang through the game shop, Yugi cautiously peeked his head around the corner to see Yami sitting on the couch, obviously mad at something that he had just heard. Ten minutes the phone had rung, Yami had gotten it.

Yugi began to walk away back to the game shop, he had gotten a call from his grandfather to open the game shop earlier today, for this week only, there had been a shipment of the newest set of Duel Monsters cards, that his grandfather wanted to be put out, the reason to be seen to be the very first store in Domino with them. The result, a profit.

"Yugi, I know you are there, I can see you in the reflection of the t.v." Yugi stopped dead in his tracks, "there is a change of plans, we can't go strawberry picking, I have to go to my parents annual corporate gala, they told me to bring my recent boyfriend. So I'm bringing you."

"Okay." Yugi said, unsure of what to say. If they went strawberry picking there might not be an abundance of people, but at the gala there would probably be a lot of people.

"It's on Saturday, it's a black tie event." Yugi knew what those types of events were, very formal, he had heard of mostly weddings being black tie, this would be his first very fancy dinner.


Teaser for next chapter

Aidan, was one of Yami's old school friends. He had just recently moved here from England.

"Would you care to go get some punch with me." Aidan asked the amethyst eyed boy, Yugi nodded. Yami was talking to some business executives with his parents. Yugi waked over to the punch bowl, and scooped up some of the fruit punch into two glasses. He handed one over to Aidan, and kept the other for himself.

Suddenly Yami came rushing over, he grabbed Yugi roughly, and dragged him onto the dance floor.

"Tsk, tsk Yami I thought you could treat this one nice."

1- The Sims a game where you can have a character, own a house, decide what your future is going to be like and so on. I don't own this!!

2- Not the most creative thing, but is really tasty.

Author's notes- I know you guys are probably pissed off at me. I'm pissed off at myself. I got distracted easily, these are like writing another plot bunny or watching a totally different anime. I've started to watch Yami no Matsuei and Gundam Wing. I'd really like to do a crossover with YnM and Yu-Gi-Oh, if anyone could help me with that please contact me. My e-mail is in my profile.