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****************************************************************** Chapter 17: I'll Never Let You Go

Yukino's head turned toward the living room window. Last night's blizzard seemed to have covered everything in knee-deep snow. Rolling mounds of gracious white decorated the sleepy neighborhood streets and sidewalks, and delicious flakes of fluffy powdered sugar-snow danced from the pure, cloudy sky. The flakes piled warningly on top of the monstrous scoops of plain vanilla ice cream that sat outside. Just turning her expressive eyes toward all the white blinded her senses.

It actually looked a bit scary out there.

Anyone could slip and fall, she mused worryingly, or perhaps become buried under the snow, trapped under it for days without anyone finding them.

Being alone in the house always allowed her to sink into that crazy little world of hers, to imagine hypothetical little situations that never ceased to entertain her.

She told her parents and her sisters that they shouldn't have gone to see the play at the park theatre, but her father seemed excited at the adventurous prospect of trekking through the snow with his wife and daughters, and his mind was made up.

Yukino, however, wasn't too pleased with the idea, and insisted that she stay home and finish the tedious load of school work that the teachers had forced upon the students during the long weekend. Despite all the textbooks and notebook paper that stayed packed on top of each other in a high tower in her room, she stayed where she was seated, on the plump couch cushions in her quiet, serene living room.

She crossed her legs on the living room couch, a magazine stretched out across her lap. She turned a page and tried to read, but it seemed as if she still couldn't concentrate on anything.

She stared out of the window and cringed. She was glad to be inside. The frost that framed the window created a perfect picture of "cold".

It looked like the illustration in a children's book—a warm, foggy pane of glass, outlined with beautiful borders of frosted carvings, framing the white outdoors.

She tilted her head as she watched the Mochida children from across the street waddle into a mound of soft snow. It seemed as if her family wasn't the only group of people who were feeling adventurous today.

She looked down at herself and chuckled softly.

Here she was, in her warm house, only wearing an oversized gray cotton t- shirt, and everyone who had dared to venture outdoors was bundled up into so many layers of warm winter wear, they looked like plump, unidentified logs of wool and fur.

It was good to be inside today.

She smiled softly, stretching her ballerina arms up above her strawberry- colored head, and collapsed gracefully onto her side, her body cuddling into the soft fabric of the couch. She nuzzled her head into the collar of her cool shirt. It smelled so lightly of clean cotton and breezy laundry detergent.

It was so quiet. It felt so nice to be alone in the house, even if it was a little lonely on such a silent, snowy morning. She could do whatever she wanted while her family was gone, and even though she told them she wanted to get a head-start on some nasty math problems, she could just stay in the living room and sleep, and no one would be the wiser.

She rolled over on her back, curving her shoulder blades over the soft shape of the cushions, the stretching motion of her smooth, clean back creating a gentle massage.

Yukino rolled onto her side again, stretching her legs out beneath her, her soft skin shrugging against the refreshingly cool fabric. She buried her face into red wisps of shimmering hair, which had formed into a messy sunburst around her sleepy head.

She snuggled more deeply into the couch cushions and closed her eyes, relishing in the cozy warmth. She smiled and a happy little noise escaped her lips. This was heaven!

She stayed silent for a few seconds, savoring in her little indulgence of repose.

Her nerves jolted when she found that her comfort was broken by the annoyingly rude chime of the doorbell.

Yukino groaned. Her family was back. She told them they shouldn't have tried to go out! Did the car break down or something?

She reluctantly rose from her comfy nook and jogged to the front door. She swiftly pulled it open, an expression of annoyance plastered on her face.

Her stomach practically fell out of her body.

Against the blinding whiteness of the snow, a gigantic array of vivid red roses popped out at her.

Her lips parted as a sharp intake of cold winter air sucked into her lungs. They were absolutely gorgeous! The sight was surreal, but what was even more delightfully amazing was who it was that held the large bouquet in front of her face.

Soichiro Arima was standing shin-deep in sugary snow, his dark, raven-black hair sprinkled with light clumps of melting flakes. He was wrapped in a dark winter coat, but Yukino could still see the tall, strong frame that lay beneath it. His ears were flushed with the cold, and he licked his lips shyly, his dark brown eyes boring into hers. They were filled with loving, but pleading inquiry.

Yukino touched her lips and smiled softly. A million thoughts ran like a furious slideshow in her brain.

Was this a dream?

How did he get to her house through all of the snow?

The snow! He must be cold!

Yukino squeaked softly.

"C-Come in,"

Arima stamped his shoes on the step, and slowly moved into the house. He stood in front of Yukino.

He lowered his dark head, but looked her straight in the eyes.

Yukino couldn't help but look back. His eyes broke her heart. They looked so concerned, so caring. So lonely.

"Yukino," He said softly.

Her heart melted as he gingerly held the bouquet out to her. She blinked. With shivering hands, she took the roses and buried her nose into them. She inhaled the fresh aroma, and its natural scent reminded her of spring. She closed her eyes and sighed softly.

The smell of spring made her think of the spring before, last year, while they were still in their second year of high school. That was back when things were so much easier, back when they were so—together.

She could still feel Soichiro's eyes on her. She could also feel the intense flood of emotions that flowed so freely from them, and she felt almost compelled to gaze up at him again.

What was he thinking? It seemed as if there was so much space between them. It was uncomfortable, in a sense.

She looked at him tentatively, wondering randomly if he wanted some hot chocolate. She needed to get her mind off of the many impractical emotions that threatened to burst out of her body. She needn't make a fool of herself. He must be cold. Maybe she could put some marshmallows in for him, just like he had done for her.

Despite the practical will that tried to pull her back to reasoning, the tips of her ears felt slightly warm as she thought back to the last time she had enjoyed hot chocolate and marshmallows with him.

She toyed with her fingers and proceeded to stare at the floor, trying to count the pink embroidered flowers in the throw rug.

That evening, she recounted, she had slept in his bed, feeling the intimacy of his pillows and sheets. She remembered how his delicious scent had driven her crazy, and how she could barely fall asleep.

And now, she couldn't believe he was here!

Being under the presence of a man like him was amazing. No—not a man like him—just him. Being under his presence was amazing. It was as if there was nothing else; just the two of them.

Yukino stared up at him again, and the sincerity of his gaze caught her off guard. He seemed so confident and unsure at the same time.

They stood there for a while, both not daring to move until slowly, tentatively, he slid his hands around her soft, small waist, and bent his neck downward. She held her breath as his nose touched hers.

He was so close.

Yukino's eyelids drooped, and she lifted her lips to his, and gracefully wrapped her arms around his neck.

His kiss deepened, and Yukino could feel herself slowly becoming weaker.

Her knees felt ready to give way, and a shaky murmur escaped from her lips.

Her fingers let loose of the bouquet of roses, causing each blushing blossom and each graceful stem to fall to the floor, a shattering of red petals splashing across the cream-colored carpet, and encircling their feet.

Was this real? It was still early in the morning, maybe she was in bed, dreaming.

*In bed--*

Yukino's nose grew warm against Soichiro's.

Dreaming, she realized with a throb, wasn't the only thing they could do in bed.

Yukino's attention was placed solely on wherever he touched her. Her lips and her hips were the only parts of her simply because his lips were touching hers, and his hands increased more pressure onto the sides of her.

He could feel the soft heat from her body through the thin piece of gray clothing.

Soichiro moved his hand up and down the shirt, wrinkling it softly. The shirt seemed very familiar. He felt the fabric and laughed softly.

Yukino released his mouth, embarrassed.

"What is it?" She asked, a little surprised. Did she do something wrong?

She cursed herself silently. Of course she had done something wrong!

So much had happened between the two of them in such a short amount of time, and here she was, kissing him in front of her living room as if nothing had occurred!

Soichiro pointed down at her, slightly amused.

"Is that my shirt?"

Yukino looked down at herself and pulled the hem out so she could get a better view. She giggled bashfully, relieved that he wasn't acknowledging the horribly tumultuous past few days.

"Yeah," she said quietly, "I guess I forgot to give it back to you, after that day."

Soichiro blushed and gave a tiny nod.

He knew what 'day' she was referring to. He remembered that day. It was after their playful snowball fight. Things had gotten a little—hotter—that day. He remembered how he had almost lost control. Thinking back, he didn't know how he could have stopped himself. He ran a strong hand through his hair.

She turned her back to him, blushing. His fingers in his hair had averted her attention to it, and she realized it looked damp from the snow outside. It looked, well—it looked—she allowed her thoughts to trail off feebly.

The sight of him was mesmerizing. She couldn't wait until he would allow her to run her own slender fingers through the soft, wet tendrils.

"Do you want it?" she asked, still facing away from him.

Soichiro's eyes widened slightly.

The boil of his blood pounded slowly to a low bubble as he realized she was talking about his gray shirt.

But before he could calm down enough to tell her it was okay to keep the shirt, she turned around and ripped it up over her head. Her smooth strands of tinted red swung down from the collar, brushing against her dainty, rounded shoulders.

His lips parted in awe as he stared at her bare back.

There were no straps indicating that she was wearing any sort of undergarment on the top of her.

He watched as her shoulder blades glided apart as she crossed her arms to cover herself.

Soichiro tightened his slender fingers into a fist as he silently fought the urge to rush over and run his hands up and down her promising skin. He swallowed the lump in his throat and willed himself not to lose control.

Yukino stood in her underwear bottoms, her face pink. She ran her fingers through her hair, her back still facing him. She looked at the floor, and crossed her arms across her chest. Why didn't he say anything?

She was surprised to find herself falling violently to the floor and onto her stomach, the wind completely knocked out of her. She gasped for air, and looked over her shoulder at her boyfriend.

H-He had tackled her!

"S-Soichiro—"she breathed, startled. What was he doing?!

Soichiro smiled from ear to ear. He dug his fingers into her sides, and began to tickle her mercilessly.

"O-Oh, my gosh!"

Yukino wriggled, peals of laughter bubbling up from her throat. This was fun!

She fought softly and writhed on the carpet, the fibers sweeping against her crossed arms.

"Oh, my gosh!" She repeated, giggling loudly. This was insane!

"What are you doing? S-Stop!" she begged between good-natured guffaws.

She chuckled and tittered, giggled and puffed, until Soichiro surprised her again by athletically slinging her over his shoulder and moving patiently down the hallway. She laughed cutely.

When they reached her bedroom, all was quiet again. All of a sudden, they both understood.

Soichiro gently laid her on her back, his strong arms gingerly supporting her until she was stretched comfortably on the bed.

Her sheets felt so cool and silky against her naked back, and she gave a small, contented sigh.

She was so aware of everything about her body.

She was aware of the amount of skin she was exposing. She was aware of every organ, every sensation.

Her senses heightened twenty-fold.

She was aware of the pounding of her heart, of her quickening pulse.

But most of all, she was aware of Soichiro's overwhelming presence.

He kneeled over her, his knees on either side of her hips, straddling her.

Yukino looked up at him wordlessly. His face was so serious.

Her breath caught in her throat as she continued to melt under his countenance.

Soichiro slowly took off his coat, one lightly tanned arm at a time, his eyes still fixed on hers. Yukino took a deep breath, her gaze unable to be torn away from his. The expression on his face was hard to read, but intense.

He flung the coat to the floor and leaned over her.

Her lips parted, and he brought his face to hers, softly pressing his lips against her mouth. He took advantage of their parted state and gingerly placed his tongue between them, breathing life into her.

Yukino whimpered softly. It was almost as if she had forgotten how soft his lips really were. She drank in his kiss, slightly aware that her arms were still crossed over her chest. He nibbled and pulled lightly on her bottom lip.

Soichiro continued to kiss her, their lips tingling with sensitivity, his frame still bent over hers. Their torsos still hadn't touched. He ran his fingers affectionately through her hair, and massaged her lips with his, creating variety by slipping his doting tongue into her mouth every now and then.

Yukino could feel herself unraveling strand by strand, her arms relaxing against her chest.

It had been so long.

Soichiro took his lips away, and soon also became aware that she was covering herself. He slowly took her wrists and gently lifted her arms off of her. Yukino closed her eyes and bashfully turned her head to the side, nervously biting her lip.

Soichiro remained still. Yukino opened one eye, then the other, and turned her face toward his.

She was surprised to see that his face had softened considerably. A surge of heat violently pushed itself through the core of her body as she realized that he was in an awed trance—at the mere sight of her.

The tint of red in her cheeks became more obvious as he lifted his eyes from her body and stopped them on hers.

She was so beautiful.

"Yukino," he breathed, and he kissed her hotly.

Never before had he kissed her this passionately. His lips sunk into hers and his hands grasped around her shoulders, holding her tightly. Yukino's head swam as Arima worked his soft lips professionally, if kissing were a profession, leaving her breathless.

He brought himself up again and grabbed hold onto the back of his shirt, pulling the collar up over his head.

Yukino watched, mesmerized, and his shirt slipped and rippled up over his washboard stomach. He removed the shirt completely, and the fabric dishelveled his raven-black hair so cutely.

She blushed shyly as she looked him up and down, internally noting what the past couple of years of kendo practice had done to his chest and arms.

She blinked, amazed. It was like he was chisled into a lean model of Michelangelo's "David". There was so much skin to be seen. He was so handsome, so amazing.

She loved him, and only him.

He was her everything.

Soichiro lay on top of her, his chest pressing onto hers.

Feeling her soft, delectable skin on his was the most amazing thing he could ever experience. He could feel everything against his body. She was so supple and warm. She was his.

Yukino had never felt so wanted, so beautiful. Arima kissed the corners or her mouth, and then her rosy cheeks.

He reached under him and unbuttoned his dark jeans.

Yukino's head was spinning. Soichiro ran fervent kisses along her soft, fragile neck and slid his fingers over her collarbone, tickling her senses. He kissed all over her chest, avoiding the points of her breasts, cruelly teasing her. Yukino whimpered as he kissed the base of her neck. Her body trembled when his warm breath reached out and caressed between her mounds, turning the white skin between it a baby pink. He was taking things far too slowly!

His mouth pressed against hers, and she dizzily kissed him back. His lips were so soft. Her heart was beating so fast.

Yukino reddened as his fingers then traced the smooth line of her jaw. She could feel his presence so strongly around her. He was every where, his lips and his hands. The passion and the want churned violently inside of her. His name resounded throughout her mind, his touch throughout her veins.

Yukino's stomach tightened as Soichiro's hand strayed from her collarbone and slid downward to her chest. He quickly found her firm tenderness and squeezed ever so softly, feeling the nipple press into the palm of his hand.

Yukino's eyebrows lifted and knitted together as she trembled under his touch. Her cheeks reddened and she moaned softly.

His other hand reached even lower and stoked the smooth skin under her navel.

He brought his mouth to her right shoulder and kissed it sweetly, following his lips with a warm sweep of the tongue.

Yukino's hips tensed.

Was he aware of the insanity he was driving her to?

His hands continued to massage her, and her mind tried to will the fingers that were on her stomach to travel a little lower.

*So warm.*

Her hands were very responsive to his, and she ran her them between their heated bodies, running her gentle fingers up and down his firm chest, and across his toned arms.

Yukino was surprised when her ears caught the low growl that reverberated from his lips. Answering her touch, he grasped both of her breasts, his fingers bringing her slowly to madness, their gentle torture mercilessly hardening her center.

A series of pleading moans escaped her throat. She could feel him hardening against her thighs. The knowledge of the profound effects she was having on his body nearly consumed her brain.

She wanted him so badly. It had been so long!

She reached downward and touched the ruby-red tip of him and watched as his almond eyes narrowed, glistening. She traced the length of him and stroked with her fingers, raising her hips closer to his. She could feel him rising, growing warmer and more erect. The wisps of black hair that draped over his eyes swayed as he threw his head to the side and exhaled sharply.

He slowly reached under him and lightly grasped her slender wrist.

"Yukino," he breathed.

He gently took her wrist and brought her arm over her head, grabbed her other hand, which was placed on his side, and stretched it over her head to join the other, her breasts gathering into perfect handfuls.

Yukino whimpered. She needed him; couldn't he see that?

With one hand, he held her wrists captive. With the other, he palmed her breast slowly.

He lowered his head to her chest and placed his mouth over it, tantalizing the hard piece of flesh.

Yukino lay still as the feeling rocked her body, moans rising from her lips.

Soichiro, still loving her with his mouth, released her wrists, and she immediately brought her hands to his body.

Suddenly, his lips were everywhere, devouring her. He refused to let go of her chest and tightened his hold, and massaged her with his skillful fingers, causing her to let out a series of whimpering breaths.

He littered her stomach with kisses and pressed his lips between her breasts before moving his mouth to the side. Yukino exclaimed more violently as he darted his tongue at her coral tips. He licked, the tip of his tongue moving in small circles, the sensation coiling around her within a tight grasp.

Her breathing became shallow, more urgent.

Her hands desperately tried to keep up with his, grasping frantically at his lower back. "Soichiro--!" she called.

He looked into her eyes, his eyelids drooping, and he kissed her more fully on the mouth, teasing her nipples with his fingertips.


Her lips vibrated as she moaned into his mouth. He groaned and moved his mouth back down to her chest.

She gasped in joyous appreciation. His tongue felt so good against her.

All she could think about was him. He was so special to her, and the way he touched her made her feel so important to him. He was so gentle with her, so careful. She could tell that he treasured her.

The thought filled her heart, and she found it bursting with joy. Her whole body throbbed.

Soichiro never stopped; he caressed her and kissed her, and licked her and held her. Her eyebrows lifted and knitted together, the pink flush increasing in her cheeks.

He played with the elastic waistband of her underwear before gently and slowly slipping them downward off of her body.

Yukino wriggled out of the little piece of covering. He was taking too long!

This was truly heaven. His name resounded in her mind, echoing off the walls of her brain. She didn't want him to stop.

Every second of his loving brought her to new heights. She didn't remember their first time ever being like this!

"When—when did—you get so—so WONDERFUL—with this?" she panted.

Soichiro smiled weakly at her, his eyes sweltering.

Yukino wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her.

*His lips--*

He kissed her neck, reached downward and lifted one of her shapely legs, opening her to him. He looked at her lovingly and smiled, tucking a shiny strand of strawberry hair behind her ear. She smiled softly, her ears turning red at his touch.

He lowered his head all the way down to her hips, gently kissing the inside of her warm thigh.

Yukino gasped sharply, and closed her eyes.

It was mind-boggling how just a few caresses of his strategically placed hands, the soft butterfly kisses of his lips, and a few warm sweeps from his tongue could bring her body to the brink of unnameable joy.

She moaned softly and tangled her pink fingers into his dark raven-black hair, her head rolling back onto her pillow. Her hair spread out into a red sunburst around her face.

*His tongue--*

Soichiro lowered his head even more, licking the crease of her inner thigh.

Yukino's lips stretched as she let out a tiny moan, her mind begging for him to move his head just little more to the side.

Soichiro went to work, kissing and nibbling on the soft pocket of flesh.


Yukino's breath came in gasps, and she lifted her hips to his mouth. This allowed him to slide his hands under her, moving his hands up and down the bottom of her.

Yukino groaned more urgently. She quivered and her gasps grew more intense as he reached out with one hand and placed it on her left breast.

He felt her body tense, and then relax, coming to terms with the ecstasy that threatened to capture her even more completely.

She whimpered as one of his hands continued to massage her nether cheek and the other rubbed at her chest. All the while, he continued to kiss her betwixt her thighs.

*His hands--*

She was pink all over, her lips silently forming inaudible praises as she shook her head softly from side to side.

Chaos infiltrated her very being.

She couldn't believe the sensations that rolled all over her skin. Her head swam.

Yukino arched her back, moved against his mouth, wriggling—anything to get more of the gush of sensation that crashed down upon her.

Soichiro grasped the bottom of her more tightly, forcing her to remain still; allowing her to feel every moist sweep of his tongue as it rolled deeper.

Yukino shivered and cried out, her breath coming in gasps.

Soichiro then rose his face to hers, watching her as her breathing became more and more erratic. It was time to slow down again, bringing her slowly back from the brink of extreme pleasure.

"Yukino—"he said, his voice sounding startlingly vulnerable. She slowly opened her eyes and gazed affectionately into his face.

"I love you," he choked. His eyes sparkled. She was his life.

Emotion etched into her eyes, Yukino sighed happily and wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders.

"I love you too, Soichiro."

He pulled her toward him more tightly, breathing in the aroma of her lightly tinted hair. He brought his mouth to her neck, and continued where he left off.

Yukino's mind drifted away as Soichiro nibbled softly at her ears, her face darkening. Her thoughts took her someplace else. She had to say something. This was crazy! How could they be doing this when so much was left unresolved?

Soichiro looked at her then, an endearing smile in his almond eyes.

Yukino's heart soared. He did love her, after all. And she loved him back. It was all that mattered.

She wanted him to know that he set her heart ablaze.

She rubbed her hands up and down his back, her fingers massaging every toned muscle.

"I love you. You are my one and only," she breathed and gazed hotly into his face. Soichiro smiled dizzily, and lowered his lips onto her cheeks, kissing her softly.

His body temperature was white-hot, little explosions of desire burning in his almond-shaped eyes.

"Yukino," he whispered thickly, "Are you ready?"

His voice was low and deep.

A rush of passion coursed through her veins, her lips trembling slightly.

Yukino's cheeks turned crimson as she nodded wordlessly, unable to tear her eyes away from his.

He lifted Yukino's shapely leg again, and felt between her knees.

His arm went around the small of her back. His muscles were so lean and hard. She could feel her thoughts dampening.

Heat rose from her toes to her face. This was too much.

His hand palmed her breasts again.


Her breathing intensified, and Soichiro moaned as her fingers stroked around his navel.

Her toes pointed and stretched with pleasure.

A tremor of want teasingly blew over every fiber of her, and she gasped with need.

He kissed her all over, and tasted her, slowly sinking his hips downward onto hers.

Her mind was going crazy.

He bent his face to taste her sensual flavor again. Yukino shivered at the warm contact of his mouth.

Her brain tingled as flames of desire engulfed her being.

Did he know the sensations he was exacting so precisely from her body?

Heat radiated from him and their body heat came together and rose.

Soichiro lifted his head from her breast and blinked into her eyes, his gaze blazing, obliterating her very soul.

"S-Soichiro—"she mouthed softly. It seemed that she had lost her voice. A look like that from him would do that to her every time.

"P-Please," she whispered, "Don't stop."

Her pulse quickened.

His eyes twinkled fiercely.

"Never," he agreed.

Yukino gasped as he urged himself into her.

Her breath quickened. He groaned.

All she could think of was how much he filled her, reaching every part of her, touching her spirit.

He looked into her honey-colored eyes.

"Are you ok?" he asked softly.

Yukino panted and nodded, her heart fluttering in an increasingly frenzied state.

Soichiro's face softened.

"Because, Yukino---I only want to please you."

He said it so enticingly, and the throbbing in her body set to quaking.

Yukino's eyes filled with tears and she captured his mouth with hers.

Her blood was boiling.


His hands were everywhere, gliding mercilessly over her soft, snow-white skin. How could anything feel so wonderful?

She was losing it, losing everything, little by little. But she didn't care; she didn't care about anything.

Her fingers grasped the white sheets around her, pulling them into tight wrinkles, gathering their smoothness in the palm of her hands.

All she cared about was this moment.

Pulsing, throbbing, trembling, quivering desire mounted in the both of them as their hips met, parted, and met again in a fire of pulsating passion.

Suppressed emotions were released as his tan, peachy skin met with her pink smooth body.

Yukino wrapped her arms around him and pressed her body even closer to his, their flesh burning.

He felt so amazing!

"Mmm," she moaned breathlessly.

She curled her body to his, feeling every trembling muscle. She was soaring to the highest point above the clouds.

Her skin glistened as the motion of their hips paced faster.

Her mind melted, and she could barely notice the marathon of moans that ravaged her throat.

The passion built. She couldn't take much more of this! She threw her head back, her lips outstretched, as gasps and pants flew from her mouth.

She thrust her fingers behind his head, delving her fingers into the damp black locks at the nape of her neck, drawing his strands into a tight fist.

Oh, God.

Soichiro plugged on, his hips pumping harder and harder, his emotions ricocheting against every wall.

It felt so good it almost hurt.

"Soichiro--!" Yukino moaned loudly.

She listened as he groaned, his sounds adding fuel to her fire.

"Oh, I'm so close, so close," she whispered breathlessly.

His mouth traveled, trying to suppress the moans that escaped him. He licked and tasted her sweet moist skin.

Yukino buried her face into the lean pack of muscle that was his shoulder. She was so hot. She didn't know whether to ask him to stop or to let the sensations storm over her body. The ache in her was so intense.

She threw her head back again, her fire tinted hair flitting about her reddened cheeks. Her breasts swung as she ground her hips more forcefully against his.

Soichiro closed his eyes and moaned.

Oh, Christ.

Soichiro's hips increased their pace and pressure again, grinding harder and harder.

The consuming mixture of pain and elation was indescribingly overwhelming.

They felt themselves slipping away faster than ever, and Yukino smothered her labored sounds in Soichiro's strong shoulder, grasping his arms more tightly.

Immense Ecstasy flooded into them as they felt themselves go over the edge, falling helplessy into white-hot pleasure.

They mounted together and their climax came, held, sent them shivering and crying, and left them despite their silent wishes.

Soichiro collapsed into Yukino's arms, and she wrapped tightly around him whispering numerous "I love you's" into his ear.

Soichiro sighed and ran his gentle fingers through her hair and kissed her temple.

They lay together, satisfied both emotionally and physically as the effects of their passions washed over them, elatedness and a profound exhaustion smoothed upon them like a loving tide.

Yukino sighed happily. Ironically, their broken promise to each other made her feel as if a huge weight was lifted off of her shoulders. Gone was the tension of the week, along with pent-up emotions and physical want.

She felt so special, so beautiful, so worthy of him. It was everything she had ever dreamed of, and more. The love they made and shared would never be erased.

Yukino listened and waited until their breathing slowed. She struggled to get up and Soichiro groaned in protest, smothering his face into her hair.

"Soichiro—"she said, stroking his hair affectionately.

She had to get up; she had no idea when her family would be back.

"I won't let you go," he said adamantly, "Never."

Yukino sighed. She felt as if she would explode with the overwhelming joy that had settled over her heart.

Yukino smiled and kissed the top of his head.

Her heart melted as he buried his face into her chest, daring her to refuse him.

"I know."

The End

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