Peter walks into his house after work. Brian is sitting on the couch with a martini in his hand. "Hey Peter," he says. "Hey Brian, have you seen Lois", says Peter? "She left with Quagmire about forty-five minutes ago." "Oh, OK." Peter walks over to Quagmires house. He knocks on the door but there is no answer. He tries the doorknob. It's open. He walks into the house. He is about to say hello when he hears a noise from upstairs. He silently walks up the stairs to Quagmires room. The door is open slightly. He looks in to see Quagmire in bed with Lois. He turns around and runs back to his house. "Brian, you won't believe what I just saw." "A free package of Twinkies??" "No, I just saw Lois in bed with Quagmire. I thought he was my friend to." Stewie is sitting in the doorway. "Oh, how delightful. Lois in bed with Quagmire. Now I have a reason to kill her. Hey, fatty, can I do you a favor?" "No!" says Peter. "I'm leaving!" Peter exits the house. "You know, Stupid Mutt, I've always wondered why Lois and Quagmire went 'places.' Now I know." Stewie leaves. Chris runs down the stairs with on of Meg's dolls. "Ahahaha." "Chris, give that back, hey!!!" They leave the house. Brian sits on the couch and begins to talk to himself. "I finally have the house all to myself. He goes into a box marked Adult Videos, picks one out and puts it in. Later Lois is setting the table for dinner. Stewie, in army attire with a bandana on his head and his face painted watches silently from the staircase. He aims his ray-gun at her and waits. As he's about to fire Chris runs down the stairs with Meg's doll. Chris trips over Stewie and falls down the stairs. Meg is still chasing after him. Chris gets up and runs out of the house. Just as they leave Peter walks in. He sees Lois and asks her what she did today. "Well, I went shopping with Quagmire for new curtains." "What's wrong with the curtains we have now," asks Peter. She thinks about it for a while and replies, "The curtains we have now are getting old look." She points towards the open curtains. Chris runs past the windows followed by Meg. "Did you do anything else with Quagmire today???" asks Peter. "No, why?" she asks. Peter in rage explains that he walked into Quagmires house and saw them. Lois admits to it. Once again Stewie takes aim with his ray-gun. He pulls the trigger. Lois dodges out of the way of Peter because he is chasing her. The ray-gun burns a hole in the refrigerator. "Damnit!!" he says. Peter finally corners her in their room. "Peter stay away," she cries. "Lois I don't want to hurt you. I just want to talk to you. They sit and talk about it for a while. Lois agrees to stop. They both decide to never mention it again. They walk back downstairs when Chris runs into the house and up the stairs. Lois steps over Stewie. Peter steps on his ray-gun and breaks it. Peter falls down the stairs. Lois, Peter, and Brian sit down for dinner, when Meg comes running down the stairs with one of Chris's G.I. Joe's. "Hey," he says. "Give me that back."

The End