"Secret Lover"

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: The characters belong to Dick Wolf and NBC television – I just play with them when he's not looking. No money is being made on this.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This started as a drabble, but got too big. It's now a double drabble (a term I invented just now - 200 words on the nose, not counting title, disclaimer, and notes).

While watching SVU, I always had this bizarre fantasy in my head that Alex and this person were secret lovers… don't ask me why I picked this character for her, because I don't know.

Reviewers, please oh please don't put spoilers in your reviews! That's one of my biggest pet peeves! Thanks!

No one had known they were lovers; they had kept it secret by unspoken mutual consent. Accusations of impropriety, worries about prejudice… there were many reasons to keep their liaison a secret.
But secrecy meant that her lover had to mourn her in private, unable even to attend her funeral, lest an unseemly show of emotion betray their relationship to their colleagues.

The call came in the middle of the night. A mysterious voice said to show up at this time, at this place.
The dirt roads led to a vacant lot in Jersey, where several black SUVs were parked. Men in FBI jackets were standing around, standing guard. Alex's secret lover eyed them warily, then opened the car door and stepped out into the dusty vacant lot.
"What do you want?"
"We have something here we thought you'd like to see," an agent explained. He opened the back door of one of the SUVs.
A dead woman ducked out of the vehicle… an angel, a ghost.
"Alex." The word was a silent whisper on her astonished lover's lips.
"Did you miss me?" she asked, opening her arms.
"More than you will know," George Huang said, walking into her embrace.