Omni-Tek's demise

Author: Supasow

Chapter One: Escape

The people around all pointed up at a hill and a few screamed. Lania grabbed Jason and Silina,

"They've come!" shouted somone. A gun blast was fired from up on the hill. men around them were

pulling out pistols. "Its the Omnis!" shouted somone, and the words seemed to echo throughout everyones

brain. Lania started to run, holding on to Jason and Salina. Men screaming, Pistols firing. it was war.

One of the most hateful and violent wars. these men where hunting the Clan people, not there warriors,

They did not seek honorable combat, or victorious battles, all they wanted was world domination.

And 9,000 miles away, a man high up in an Omni-Tek building, was laughing as he displayed the masacre

on a screen.

This is a story about war, a story about the sick, demented, evil minds behind everything.

This story may leave many unhappy, maybe even depressed. so if you dont feel like being saddened,

please find a different story to read. thank you.

Jason and Silina were still crying over there mothers body, even 3 hours after it happened. the two infants

had never seen death before, and here it was, displayed so horribly, they could not stop crying.

Now 23 years later, Silina has lost her brother Jason to the Omni-Tek. she does not sleep, she does not

eat. she will never do these things until she is free. Free of the wretching, burning hatrid within her soul.

Silina, is 28 years old. This is her story.

"all i want to do is stop and get a drink! Why do you have to search me?" argued Silina. "Orders,

Were to search everyone who come through 'ere." said the guard. "Fine." Silina droped her bags, weapons

and hat. " 'ere i'm sorry, but i'm 'onna have to demand yu take off 'da shirt, and the pan-" The guard's

Scentence was cut off. the man fell to the ground clutching his throat. " 'Oy!" shouted the other guard who

reached for his gun. Silina jab her knife into his face. the man fell. Silina continued to the Cafe.

"Can i have you're order miss?" Said the waitress. "Ill have a cup of water." Silina drank a few sips and

Four guards entered the cafe.

" 'Oy! you there!" Three of the guards pointed there guns at silina. "What's Yer buissness here Clanner?"

"I was just getting a drink." said silina in a mock innocent voice. "You're the one, been gettin them guards

aint ya?" "Yep" said silina. she pulled out her gun and shot the three guards. than gulped down the rest of her

water, blurted out a "Thanks" and dropped 5 credits on the counter.

(Coming Soon)Chapeter Two: Tiranus