Why don't we fall in love?

Warnings/notes : Yohji/Ken, first pov (shifts), heavy flirting (especially this chapter)

Disclaimer : I don't own Weiss Kreuz. The song 'Why don't we fall in love' belongs to Amerie, the lyrics have been altered in some places.

written at 28th july 2003, by Misura

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//Why don't we fall in love?

(We could fall so easily)// [Ken]

"Especially shirtless." I didn't just hear that, did I?

Yohji didn't just say ...

And when has he gotten so close to me all of a sudden?

"I ... "

"You look a bit flushed, Kenken. Perhaps you should lie down for a moment."

His body presses to mine, gently pushing me backwards, direction bed.

I guess it's a good thing he's holding me, considering the fact my legs feel rather wobbly.

"Yohji ... "

It's hard to read the expression on his face. Maybe it's because he's never acted this way around me before. This mind-blowingly, kind of good-feeling weird.

I wonder if I *did* caught some sort of fever ; I'm pretty sure I can hear my heartbeat. Plus, I'm definitely hallucinating about some things.

Either that, or I'm having a dream. I don't remember going to bed, but I haven't gotten much sleep recently so it's quite possible I dozed off. I can only hope no one's going to wake me up too soon.

//Why don't we ...

Why don't we (yeah, yeah, yeah)

Why don't we fall in love?// [Yohji]

I'm not entirely sure if I should go on like this ; Ken's eyes are rather glazed and I have the impression he'd fall if my arms weren't steadying him.

"Ken? Are you all right?"

His face clears a bit as he nods. "Sure, Yohji. This is nothing but a dream, isn't it?"

The next step backwards is his, pulling me along.

I raise one eyebrow ; Ken seems a lot more at ease now that he has concluded he's dreaming. Does that mean he often dreams about me like this? What an ... intrigueing thought.

"No, Kenken, this isn't a dream."

"*You*'d say that."

I lean down and kiss him. Actions speak louder than words, ne?

"Does *that* feel like a dream?" I demand.

//Oh fall in love

(Why wouldn't we?)// [Ken]

"Hmmm, it *does* taste better than usual." I admit, wondering why he's eyeing me so oddly, like I've said something very strange.

"Ken ... " He sounds way too serious for the present situation.

I suppose it's nothing but fair if I take a kiss of my own, like he did. It might help get things moving in my direction too.

It's a lot easier to be bold in your dreams.

"You talk too much, Yohji."

"You listen too little, Ken."

I drag him another step closer to my bed. "What's your problem, Yohji, apart from the fact that you're overdressed?" I tug at his shirt.

He sighs. "This is real, Ken. If we keep this up, we'll wake up in the same bed tomorrow. Is that really what you want?"

I laugh aloud ; it's just so funny. "What I want? It's what I hope for any time I dream about us doing this! Only you're always gone in the morning. You always leave me alone."

//Come with me

Tomorrow ain't guaranteed you know

(So why don't we fall in love?)// [Yohji]

He sounds so sad I'm almost beginning to feel guilty about something my dream-double did.

"I'm sorry, Kenken." I whisper.

"Hey, it's okay." he grins up at me and we move another step. "I mean, if you're another dream, you're just a product from my imagination, so then it's actually my fault. And if you're for real, well, then it's the first time we're doing this."

"Now who's wasting breath talking?" I smile.

"I am." he admits with a wide grin. "And you are still wearing too much."

"That's easily remedied." The nice thing about casual clothes is that they're easy to get rid of. My usual clothing would have to be peeled off me. Plus, it doesn't matter if it get crumpled. I ought to wear it more often.

"Nice ... " he murmurs.

"Glad I have your approval." Even if it's a little luke-warm.

Ah well, I guess my vanity can take a few dents. Perhaps he's simply too stunned to come up with something a bit more elaborate.

//Baby let's be together

Baby let's be together as one// [Ken]

His hair is soft like silk as it flows over my naked skin, a slightly ticklish, but on the whole highly pleasant feeling.

My head feels very light now, causing me to see everything in a haze. Everythiing except him that is. Especially his eyes.


I want to ...

I shouldn't ...

Why does this kind of thing always happen when I get to the good parts?

Is this some kind of curse, that condemns me to remain a virgin forever, even in my dreams?

//Why don't we ...

Why can't we ...

Why wouldn't we fall in love?// [Yohji]

It takes me a few moments to conclude the impossible -or at least the highly unlikely- has just happened ; Ken has fallen asleep on me.

My first instinct is to wake him up, maybe scowl at him a bit and go on where we left.

The point is though, at the beginning of all this, I wasn't even hoping for more than a kiss. I only wanted to know how he felt about possibly getting a bit closer than 'just friends'.

I think I can safely say I got a rather positive reaction to my question.

Which means there's no real urgent reason to rob him of the sleep he so obviously needs.

Besides, I'd much rather have our first time together be something special, with both of us wide-awake. Plus, he's very cute to look at when he sleeps.

That, and his earlier remarks, make me decide to stay the night here anyway.

Even if his bed isn't as soft and comfortable as mine ...


"Ken-kun! Time to wake up!" Omi yelled, banging on the door to Ken's room.

Ken opened his eyes with a sigh.

It was all just another dream.


One of these days I really should try tell Yohji how I feel about him.

Subtly, so we can pretend it never happened if he only likes girls after all.

"We're coming, chibi! No need to break down the house!"

Ken blinked and turned around, only to hurriedly cover his eyes with a yelp.

So ... not 'just another dream' after all.

"I'm decent now, Kenken. Though I do hope you'll be a little less bashful tonight." Yohji's voice teased him.


"Unless you think you need another good night's sleep." Yohji shrugged, tossing a shirt from the floor in his direction. "Now get dressed before I change my mind and make it 'this morning'."