Secret Place

Genre: Drama/Angst/Action Rating: PG-13 Summary: When our favorite Cajun runs from the Acoylites, he finds he can find a secret sancutary around the mansion. Can his secret hiding place be secret for long?-Slight Christmas Story. Sorry crappy summary.

Chapter One Hiding

He had walked for miles. He looked hopefully for a road to lead him somewhere, he didn't really know where just away from here. Magneto had pushed him too far. He would not stoop to kidnapping and ransoming. When Magneto had imprisoned him for disobeying, the Cajun knew he could take no more. So he left. They would notice soon, and they would be coming to look for him.

With a sigh of relief he noted a road just up ahead. Struggling up to the edge he needed only wait for a few minuets before a taxi driver, probably on his way home, drove past. Remy flagged him down desperatly. The car stopped and the man rolled down his window to peer at the stranger. "Listen, I'm off duty..." He began. "Please! I've been traveling a long while, I just be needin' a ride to Bayville. No further." The man sighed and shook his head. "I'm headed there any way. Get in kid." Gambit nodded his thanks and jumps in. They started driving.

"Do you have money to pay for this?" The gruff man asked, looking in his mirror at Remy. "Oui. I have 'bout five dollars. Would that be 'nough?" The man knew it was not but just nodded. It was almost Christmas and he couldn't just dump the kid on the side of the road without his consious assulting him.

After about a half of an hour the car stopped about a mile inside Bayville. "Ok kid. This is where you get off." "Merci. How much will that be monsiour?" "Two bucks." Remy raised his eyebrow but paid the man. "Merry Christmas." The man exclaimed as he drove away.

Remy smiled and headed for a fast food resturant where he could get something for 3 dollars. Munching on his hamburger he strolled down the streets of Bayville. It was around Midnight so, save for a few scattered people, the streets where quiet. Then he saw it. Xaviers Institute for Gifted Youngsters. Perhapes he could go there. "Non." He argued with himself. They would not accept him there. Not after what he did.

Remy winced as he felt the pain of old wounds reopened; both mental and physical. His ribs hurt with a fury and his arm was shooting sharp pains up his arm every he moved it. "Wit' my luck", he thought 'its broken." He had no choice; no money and no place to stay. Of course he could always do what he's best at; thieving. ***** The School's systems did not even trace him as he stuck silently up a tree. Using a cable he didn't even need to touch the ground. Hugging himself for warmth, he realized how hungry he was. School wouldn't be out for afew more hours; giving him plently of time to get in and out quickly and quietly. Xavier was gone, as was Wolverine that only left Beast who was probably reading in his study. Slipping silently through a window that was carelessly left ajar, he snuck through to the hall into the kitchen, quickly grabbing a few items. Just enough to last him, but not enough to get missed. A few minuets later he arrived safely back in his tree eating contently.

It was then he heard the gates open as a motocyclist came speeding in. Wolverine. ***** Wolverine put his helmet next to his bike and proceeded up the steps to Xavier's, until he caught a wisp of something. Sniffing again he recigized the scent. It was that card throwin' cajun that Magento "employed" Growling, with a snkt he unsheathed his deadly claws.

"Come out wherever you are..." he growled; he was eager for a fight. Out of no where, Gambit was flying through the air to meet him. "Hello mon ami. Can I help you with something?" He asked sarcastically. "Yeah, a piece a yer hide!" Gambit charged one of his 10 cards and through it at the short canadian.

It hit his arm only to be healed within moments. "I expected better cajun!"

Gambit silently cursed himself. His aim was off by several inches because of his arm. He switched tactics. Swinging his leg out toward Logan's middle he realized all too late that that was a bad move.

Wolverine swung his deadly claws as the cajun twisted mid-air to escape them, but it was cut to the bone. The cajun screamed an inhuman shriek, holding his leg as he got up. Logan smiled; strike one for the good guys.

Remy pushed himself up groaning. "That's it Logan, I tried to be nice to ya..." Remy lite his card and threw it at Logan's midsection hoping to blow the guy to bits. Unfortunetly, the pain in his leg and his arm threw his throw off and Logan simple dodged it, allowing to explode harmless a few feet away. This was not good. With that thought Remy slipped into the deep abyss of unconsiousness.

to be contuined....