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Chapter 36

A Rescue to Remember

Amara got off the bus, thanking the driver and handing him the 30 dollars.

She had no idea what she was going to do to get home, but hopefully the Professor would pick her up…man he would be mad.

She concentrated on John and walked stealthily thru the snow-covered woods, zipping up her jacket as wind brushed the settled snow off the branches of the trees.

Amara felt like she had walked for hours, she warmed her hands by half way transforming into her fire form.

She just hoped John was all right. She finally saw the edge of what she knew to be Magneto's hideout…

John felt along the cell window, the melted, jagged edges came about a third of the way from the top of the sill.

He bowed his head and kicked the metal wall in frustration. That did nothing but make his foot hurt.

He slid down the wall into a sitting position. He was spent. His lighter was almost out of fluid and his energy was depleting rapidly.

He felt his eyes close momentarily, and then jerked his head up trying to keep himself awake.

Pyro grabbed the small cup of water that had been placed there about an hour ago, seemingly by Magneto.

The water was still cold.

"Magneto cares about my life enough to gimme water, but not enough for a friggin' blanket." He mused to himself, sipping the water.

John leaned his head against the wall, closed his eyes and sent a silent prayer that someone would save him.

Amara walked carefully beside the cold metal wall, until she finally saw a small window, halfway buried in the snow.

She dropped anxiously to her knees and dug the snow from around the window, her fingers numbing in the snow.

"John. John, please answer me!" She cried softly at seeing the nearly melted bars.

"Shelia?" She heard exclaimed from the inside of the cell.

"Yes John! John it's me!" Amara pushed herself as far as she could into the melted bars.

John ran over to the window and took her hands in his own warming them almost instantly.

"Shelia, you shouldn't 'ave come." He whispered and then kissed her softly on the lips.

"I couldn't just leave you." She stroked his cheek gently and then whispered, "Are you alright?"

John nodded. "Listen shelia, Magneto can come back any minute, you have to get out of here!"

"I don't want to leave you here! I just can't."

Then, suddenly a cold voice seemed to freeze the air around them both.

"You should've left when you had the chance. Now I have you both."


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