Turning the Tables

Chapter One: Unexpected

AN: I don't own Yu-Gi-Oh, although I wish I did.  First chapter will be much shorter than the others… it's more of an into or prologue than anything else.

Damn the late driver.  He'd need to be fired.  And damn the long walk back to the Kaiba estate from school.

Those were the things on the famous (or infamous) Seto Kaiba's impressive mind.  Gods, but he hated to walk through the city like this.  He strode along, keeping his electric blue eyes straight ahead, his arms crossed.  He hadn't had a stellar day in the first place, and now his imbecile of a driver forgot to pick him up.  His mouth turned down into a scowl as he heard low rumblings of thunder.

The billionaire walked a bit faster as big fat raindrops started spattering down onto his head and back from behind.  He was definitely not in the mood to be caught in a rainstorm… after all, he had business meetings to attend to in the evening, and he couldn't afford to fall prey to the weather and catch a cold before then.

The chocolate-haired man increased his pace again as he heard a loud crash of thunder very nearby.  He became a bit unsettled by all the loud explosions of noise, and he wasn't normally one to become nervous at all.

/Calm down, Kaiba,/ he told himself; /it's just a pathetic little storm…/

Still, the young CEO was getting ever more jumpy, and snapped at the few pedestrians on the abandoned streets that were unfortunate enough to get in his way.  He ducked into an alley shortcut to his estate, and was suddenly frozen to the spot as a bolt of lightning exploded through his body, making his back arch.  The billionaire let out a pained yell as the electric currents coursed through him before collapsing on the pavement, unconscious.

At the Kaiba estate, Mokuba was getting increasingly worried for his brother.  Seto had promised he'd be home by four today… after all, it was his little brother's birthday.  And he had always known that Seto kept his promises.  All of them.

He knew that his beloved big brother would never forget his birthday, or any promise he made to him.  He truly felt a bit sorry for Seto.  He knew that his brother only acted the way he did so that he wouldn't have to do it himself… yep, that was Seto.  Always worried about him instead of himself.

So Mokuba was scared.  The clock's hands showed that it was half-past four.  Seto would never miss his birthday for the world… so that could only mean that something terrible had happened to him…

AN: Painfully short, but I just wanted to set the stage for y'all. ;)