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Summary: SLASH. Set in a high school setting. Reincarnation fic--everyone's alive and well in the present-ish and all that fun crap. Bah.

Pairing: Jack/Will
Rating: G-R (for language...obviously not in this chapter)

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Dead End Angels

And the Hero Will Drown


Six months had passed since Jack's fall to freedom; Elizabeth had become the new Mrs. Norrington, and Jack made a brief appearance at Port Royal. The following year was littered by Jack's visits to a certain blacksmith, of which the commodore was conveniently unaware of when questioned. It was after that year that Will had requested that Jack give up his pirating tendencies and stay with him.

Jack had given it much consideration and decided that he loved Will enough to do as he asked. But first, he had to tie up a few loose ends elsewhere. Will insisted it was unnecessary, that Annamaria and Gibbs could easily cover for him, but Jack insisted that it had to be him. Perhaps Will was worrying too much, but he still felt uncomfortable letting the pirate go this time. Jack had shortened his estimated time away to just a few weeks to help ease Will's mind, though it did not help all too much.

On the docks, the said their goodbyes.

Will hugged Jack, not wanting to let go. 'I'm afraid you'll never come back.'

'No matter what,' Jack swore, 'I'll always come back to you. This I promise.' He placed a tender kiss on Will's lips. 'Until we meet again.' Those were his last words to Will that day.

The weeks passed, and there was no sign of Jack or the Black Pearl. Two months had gone by before the news had reached Will of the violent storm that claimed the Black Pearl and her crew.

By the year's end, Will had taken ill and eventually passed away.

~Almost 300 years later...~

It was the dawn of a new millennium, and the Y2K bug was a joke plastered onto the fax machines of the late 90s in the form of 'Y2K compliant' stickers. Everyone partied like it was 1999 and then some. But the craze had passed, as did the summer that followed, and a new school year was to begin.

On the East Coast, in the state of Massachusetts, was a port town called Port Whisk. It was a quaint little town with three schools: An elementary, a junior high, and a high school. The town had been slowly growing over the years, and plans were being made to expand the schools. The school with the largest student population of over a thousand students was Whisk High, loving called 'Whiskey' High by the students and half the faculty. It was here that two friends would be spending their senior year.

William Turner lived with his mother and father in a bi-level house just off the docks. Fortunately, it was only a couple of blocks from the school, so he didn't have to worry about gas or taking the bus.

His best friend, Elizabeth Swann, lived on the west side of town. They had met in kindergarten and hit it right off. Elizabeth's father was the mayor, and she had grown up accustom to some of the finer things in life. She was one of the more popular girls in school, but she tried not to let it go to her head.

It was the first day back to school, and Will was filled with an anticipation like no other. He thought it might have been because it was the first day of his last year in public school. Little did he know, it went much deeper than that. A promise made long ago was about to be fulfilled. Though, due to Fate having a difficult personality, and a twisted sense of humor, it would take a while before any of the parties involved would know what was going on.


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