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Dead End Angels



Will arrived at Jack's apartment later than he'd planned. The restaurant had thrown a small birthday party for one of its employees after closing. Will had lost track of time–partly due to the sickening feeling in his stomach caused by a certain young man sleeping on his boyfriend's couch.

Will was surprised to be greeted by a dark and silent apartment. He was certain that Jack and Ashley Would have been doing something with their unchaperoned time together. He felt a twinge of bitter jealousy laced with understanding, which only made him feel worse.

Two lifetimes in a row, Barbossa had managed to get to Jack first. He could only assume how many other lives the three had managed to cross paths before. He contemplated not remembering any other lifetimes on his way to Jack's room.

Maybe it's just a most recent incarnation thing...but wouldn't I remember remembering in the last life? Will entered Jack's room and stared at Jack's sleeping figure. Maybe we're just on our second life?

Jack slowly came to under Will's watchful gaze. He could make out the thoughtful look on Will's face from the street light outside his window. He smiled up at Will in a slightly perverted way. 'I just had a great dream about you and lacy lingerie,' he slurred.

Will scoffed and set his coat on the foot of the bed. 'Did you piss off a gypsy or something in your last life?' he asked and slumped onto the bed.

Jack sported a momentary look of confusion before one of knowing took over. 'A pair of sisters, actually. Weren't too pleased to find out I was...interested...in 'em both. Gorgeous black hair, one had blue eyes, the other had green...fair skin. They sang a lovely duet, and I can see you don't want to hear about them.' Jack shrank back against his pillow. They were a terrific and understanding pair of sisters. After they wreaked their vengeance. 'Um... Why?'

'Ever think that our lives are so fucked up because you pissed off a gypsy and she cursed you?' Will asked conversationally.

Jack stared blankly in reply. 'Think I'd remember being cursed. Happened before.'

Will sighed and sat up an toed his shoes off. 'Don't you think it's weird that we remember our last life? What about other lives? Shouldn't we remember those, too?'

Jack sat up and wrapped his arms around Will. 'Know what I think?' he said as he placed soft kisses along the back of Will's neck. 'I think you're thinking about this too much. It just makes everything more difficult when you think about it. So don't.'

'You're probably right,' Will sighed and continued at Jack's pleased nod. 'Besides, for all I know, you were an evil highwayman that seduced me into your life of crime. I'm probably blocking it from my memory for my own sanity.'

'Oh, I dunno... I think I'd remember seducing you into a life of crime.'

Will chuckled softly and turned to Jack. 'Yeah, and you'd use it against me as blackmail. I know how your twisted mind works.'

'But you still love me,' Jack cheekily replied.

'I still love you,' Will confirmed and chastely kissed Jack.

'I told him,' Jack blurted when they broke apart.

'Told who what?'

'Ash. Past life. All that jazz.'

After a moment of silence, Will asked, 'And? What did he say?'

'He thinks we're mental. You're not uh...mad at me...are you? Only, I thought it'd help jumpstart the memories or something,' Jack admitted. 'It was a spur of the moment thing.'

Will nodded. 'Probably for the best. Save a lot of trouble in the long run. Less likely to have any potential accidents.'

'Hey!' Jack smacked Will's shoulder playfully. 'I'm still alive. Just accident prone is all.'

'I'd rather see you safe than dead. And is being open with Ashley means you're less likely to get yourself killed, then, by all means, go for it.'

'God, you're so mushy right now.' Jack laid back down and dragged Will on top of him and kissed him thoroughly.

'Mm. Sentiment is one of my strong point. Being the romantic that I am.' Will felt Jack tense and pull away. 'You okay?'

'Huh?' Jack refocused on Will and smiled reassuringly. 'Yeah. I'm fine. Still a bit sore is all. I've had worse, remember? Just don't go purposely seeking out spots to poke.'

Will looked guiltily at the scarring gash on Jack's brow. 'Maybe we should just go to sleep.'

'Now don't let my little ouchies get the better of you,' Jack cooed and cupped Will's face. 'I'm fine,' he stated, 'and I know what I can handle.'

Will sighed and allowed Jack to guide him down for another heavy kiss. He smiled amusedly when he Jack pulled back again.

'What?' Jack asked, catching Will's look.

'Just thinking.'


'Of how you're probably gonna pass out any second now.'

Jack opened his mouth to protest then stopped. A flash of panic flitted across his eyes.


'I... What if this doesn't fix it?'

'Fix what? Oh...'

'What if I really am cursed and I'm doomed to pass out at the most inopportune moment? I had a nasty habit of getting knocked unconscious last time. Maybe it's leaking into now,' Jack muttered half to himself.

'Look, no matter what happens, I'll always be there for you. And if that means guarding over your fainted ass to keep you from being molested, then so be it.'

'You can molest me anytime. Conscious or not.' Jack thought about what Will had just said, and a cross look graced his features. 'I do not faint!'

'Yes, you do.' Will kissed the tip of Jack's nose and cuddled next to him. 'Now, go to sleep.'

Jack hugged onto Will like a big teddy bear and sighed happily. Yeah, I'm just worrying about nothing.


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