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Flowers From A Dragon


The witch Zeniba Yubabba blocked the attack of the powerful spirit Rumi.

"Granny!" Her apprentice Asbee called fearfully. Everyone called the kind put powerful witch Granny.

"I'm all right dear, don't worry." She replied.

Rumi laughed "You really think you can defeat me, don't you? You stupid old wench."

"How dare you call Granny that!" Asbee shouted.

"Shut up." Rumi said, shooting an energy blast at her, destroying her instantly.

"Asbee!" Granny shouted, then growled at Rumi. She summoned a large sphere of light to her hands.

"So the old hag wants to play?" Rumi chuckled, summoning a sphere of purple light. They fired at the same time. Granny's attack hit Rumi and sent him through a portal he had opened earlier. "NO!" He shouted as he was banished to the human world.

Rumi's attack also hit Granny. She fell two ways, body slitting into two identical forms.

~*~ Time jump ~*~

Rumi growled. He had been trapped in the human world for 38 years. He sat in a tree near a river called the Kohaku. It had been raining the last two days, so the water was lapping the edges of the bank. A young girl sat on a bridge, feet in the water. Her hand bummed one of her pink shoes.

"Oh no!" She cried, running to the other side of the bridge. Lying on her stomach she tried to reach it. She scooted out a little more, a little more. "AH!" She yelled, falling in. The rushing, flooded river pulled her under with a yelp.

Rumi sighed, bored. What did he care if the kid drowned? Jade eyes caught on a glimmer under the water. The girl was riding on the back of a dragon! Rumi smirked. Perhaps this girl would be his key to getting back into the spirit world.

He hopped from the tree as the girl washed up on shore. The spirit took the form of a four-yr. old boy and ran to the girl. "Are you ok?"

She nodded, staring at the river.

"I'm Rumi, who are you?"

"Huh?" She looked up. "Oh, I'm Chihiro."


A/N: Well, there it is. Rumi is supposed to be the person she got the flowers from in the beginning of the moive incase I spelled the name wrong. Hope you liked it. The next chapter will come out depending on how many reviews I get and if I find the time to type it up. Thanks for reading!