Title: Pranks.

By: LilyPwriteryahoo.com

Disclaimer: Not mine. Jo's. Wish it were mine. Plot is mine. That's about all.

Chapter 1: Chamber

Harry walked on through the dimly lit Chamber, he could hear the echoing sounds as his feet hit the cold, wet floor. He had been in this place before, this place was kept a secret for a very long time. The Chamber of Secrets, in his second year, he defeated Tom Riddle here. What was he doing here again?

He noticed the statue again, the mighty Salazar Slytherin stood magnificently at the end of the passage. He remembered the Basilisk and the diary, and-- at the end of the Chamber, lay a small, black-robed figure with flaming red hair.

"Ginny!" Harry ran toward her, falling to her side. "Ginny," he said again, grabbing her shoulders. Suddenly, the cold stone floor turned slowly into the warm, warn out Weasley carpet. The short red bob grew into the soft, long curls. The tiny, innocent eleven year old body turned into the--well developed-- fifteen year old that she was now.

"Harry!" she shrieked between a yawn, "Why did you wake me up?"

Harry took his arms slowly off of Ginny's arms. "Sorry, you looked--?"

"Asleep?" Ginny said, a little angrily. "Sorry," she mumbled, "I'm not usually so grouchy, it was just a good dream."

Harry shrugged, "No, I'm sorry, I was just day dreaming about, about the Chamber..." he slowly cut off.

"Oh," Ginny didn't know how to take this, so, she did the only way she knew how. "When I was eleven?" Harry nodded. "Do I look like I'm eleven?"

Harry's eyes drifted a little on her face then fell to her chest and darted back up again, noticing the amused look in Ginny's eyes. "I thought not," she said, suppressing a grin. Ginny shifted a little, trying to get up of the floor where she had placed herself for a not-so-restful nap, before Harry thought so kindly to wake her from.

Harry moved off of Ginny and stood up, lending out his hand to help her up as well, which she took gratefully. "Well," Ginny said slowly, "as much as I would love to reminisce about my lovely time in the Chamber of Secrets," she paused, letting the sarcastic tone drip from her every syllable, "I feel I should venture up to my room and continue my pleasant nap."

Harry smiled weakly at her, "Sorry again," Harry mumbled.

Ginny simply put her hand up and gave a face, "No need, I'm a good sport." She smiled sweetly and patted his arm then turned around and headed up stairs.

Harry spent this half of the summer, the half before his birthday just fooling around with Ron in the padlock that the Weasley's owned. Most of the time it was just him and Ron, but once or twice Ginny would join them. Hermione wouldn't be caught dead with them, one because she would never ride a broomstick, two because she was still with her parents.

Harry came back from the yard with Ron, both sweaty and wishing it was Christmas right about now. The heat was unbearable, Harry didn't know how he survived the whole day in this heat. He turned to look at Ron and noticed that the sweat seemed to drench his entire shirt, Harry was unsurprised that his clothes mirrored his best friend's as well.

"If its this hot tomorrow we'll go swimming!" Ron exclaimed airing out his wet shirt with his hands. Harry nodded. "It must be a hundred degrees!"

"I feel bad for those people in Africa who have to put up with one hundred and twelve degree weather," Harry informed Ron, even though his facts might have been a little exaggerated.

"Well, then I am glad to be in Merry 'Ole England!" Ron said sarcastically, which reminded Harry of Ginny, but he didn't know why. "Well, I guess we should owl Hermione about when she is coming to stay." Ron said casually, but Harry could see his cheeks fluster, and he was sure it wasn't the heat of the day.

"Maybe she can come tomorrow and go swimming with us," Harry said causally but adding a teasing tone, "'bet you'd like that!"

"Harry!" Ron barked.

"Oh Ron, I know it would just make this the perfect summer for you if you saw a certain Gryffindor Prefect in a bikini." Harry laughed.

"Sure," Ron admitted, getting a face that said 'I'm about to say something funny,' but all that came out was, "I'll just go put on one and look in the mirror." Ron began laughing so hard that Harry had to heave him through the back door.

"What's so funny?" Ginny asked, leaning over the kitchen counter reading a newspaper and eating yogurt.

Ron changed the subject by walking over and pulling over the newspaper to see what she was reading. "Daily Prophet?" Ron rolled his eyes and stuffed it back in her arms.

"Well, you smell funny!" Ginny said, putting her hand over her noise, "Go shower and let me finish my cross word puzzle," Ginny picked up her quill and jotted down another one. "Four letter word for an annoying sibling named Ron: Prat." Ginny turned and smiled sweetly at him.

Harry began to laugh and received two very weird, different looks. Ron looked at him like, 'What do you think you're doing, you're on my side!' Then Ginny's look was a surprised thank you. Harry slowly backed away, "I guess I'll take a shower."

"You do that." Ginny said, returning to her cross word.

Harry was dreaming pleasantly when he was suddenly shaken awake and his mouthed covered so he couldn't yell. He first thing he saw was his glasses being stuffed onto his face.

The cheerful Ginny Weasley was on top of him, smiling broadly. "Shh..." she whispered and slowly took off the gag. "Be quite, Ron is still asleep."

"Oh, and if you didn't notice, I was too!" Harry said in an urgent whisper, looking over at Ron's sleeping, snoring, form then back to Ginny's face which seemed to have a blue glow to it from the moon shinning through Ron's window. "Oh, I see, you're getting me back for earlier today." Harry said, rolling over, causing Ginny to rebalance herself. "I give, you got me back!"

"No," Ginny whispered, getting close to his face, "that's not it, I need your help."

Harry turned to see her sweet smile a few inches away from his. "How can I say no to this face?" He pinched her cheeks and gave a soft laugh.

Ginny pulled away and said, "Dress in black and meet me in the hall in 5 minutes." She got off of him, swinging her left leg off of his waist, which he just realized that she was sitting on.

Harry waited for her to leave the room before lifting off of his cot, in only boxers. Harry had taken a look at Ron before putting on the black that the youngest Weasley had ordered. He took a second look at his sleeping best friend and left the room.

Ginny was stuffing something in her pocket when she spotted Harry. "Oh good, we can start early."

"What?" Harry asked as she walked closer to him.

"Nobody can hear us!" She warned.

Harry suddenly got a cocky grin on his face and said, "Trying to get me alone, Weasley?"

"You wish, Potter." She mumbled stuffing three things into his pockets.

"Trying to find something?" Harry smirked, he didn't know what was making his say this.

"I'd have to search for days to find something that small." Ginny said with a fake sweet smile spread across her face.

"Aw, Gin." Harry said, with a hurt voice.

Ginny rolled her eyes. Harry watched her check her own pockets and he suddenly remembered the thirteen year old who had the crush on him, that's why he was so bold around her, she used to be obsessed with him. 'Obsessed is too strong a word,' he told himself.

"All right," Ginny snapped him out of his daze. "What?" She said pushing him so he would stop staring.

"Just sleepy." It was true, he was. She woke him up at two A.M., who wouldn't be tired? "Just what are we doing?"

Ginny's face got a mischievous grin on it. "We are going to play a prank."


"Well," Ginny's voice got bitter, "the twins put a tail toffee in my candy dish and I had a rats tail for 3 hours!" Harry began laughing and Ginny poked him hard in the chest, "What?" She asked, "I don't think you would look that good with a piece of flesh sticking out of your back side."

"I bet you didn't look to bad." Harry laughed.

Although she got a sort of flush look on her face she still had the energy to say, "It was horrible, nasty long thing, I am so mad at the twins." Ginny began to pull Harry down the hall toward the twin's room. "All right," Ginny said pulling Harry so close that she was talking into his ear. "First, I'll go in and check to make sure they are asleep," Ginny continued telling him what the plan was.

Harry smiled and nodded. "Got it," he said, smiling.

Ginny grinned and looked into Harry's eyes without the sarcastic or annoyed looks that she usually gave him this summer, it was a shy happy look. Ginny lifted one hand and placed it on his shoulder to help balance her and she tiptoed up to give him a peck on his cheek. "Thanks for helping me," she smiled and the shy look was gone, "good luck."

Ginny opened the door slowly and silently and stepped through. After a few seconds her thin, delicate hand reached out and grabbed him to pull him through. Harry walked into the twins' room.

The first thing Harry thought of to describe Fred and George's room was: an organized disaster.

That's what it was. It had messy shelves full of odds and ends, bowls of assorted candies and stacks of blueprints. It seemed like everything in the room was a total mess but it was organized, everything had its place and stuff was assorted in their correct spots. Harry glanced over at Ginny, she motioned him to hold a bag out for her.

"What's this for?" Harry whispered to her. She picked her hand up and covered his mouth, slowly she took it off and opened one of the twins drawers. Ginny began picking up handfuls of folded soaks and putting them in the bag. Harry just stared at her pale face. A look of concentration and amusement seemed to glow about her.

Ginny pointed to Harry, then the bag, then the door and Harry understood. He pulled the drawstrings and tossed the bag into the hall and looked back at Ginny who was bent over George's bed and blocking his face from view.

All Harry could see for the next minute or two was the dark outline of the twins and Ginny's pale face smiling brightly. Ginny had just straightened up and motioned for Harry to join her next to Fred's bed. Harry walked over to her and she grabbed his pants, thrusted her hand in his pocket and pulled out a small bottle.

Harry, a little shocked at this didn't notice her pore it in Fred's hair so he was astounded to find his hair grow before Harry's eyes. Ginny's hand found itself back in Harry's pocket and pulled out another small bottle and pored it in George's hair. Ginny grabbed Harry's hand and pulled him out of the twins room and into the hall, she was giggling like mad.

"Oh, Harry! I can't wait till breakfast!" Ginny tossed the bag full of soaks into the laundry chute.

Next Chapter: Same night, Hermione comes over in the middle of the night. Then, the outcome of the prank...What 'did' Ginny do to Fred and George exactly??? hmm...