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Chapter Five- Where Do We Go From Here?

                        Sweet turned and smiled softly as Ashlin, Torn, Keira, Tess, Sig and Samos entered her hideout. She didn't even look surprised that Jak wasn't with them.

            "Hello all." She said charmingly, "I see you got my wedding invitation. Sorry, but I'm afraid Daxter and I have decided to elope."

            "Lady, you're insane." Daxter snapped. Everyone's eyes turned to him and they widened one by one. Tess was easily the widest.

            "Who is that!?" Sig demanded, "It's sounds like Daxter—"

            "It's almost as ugly as Daxter…" Torn put in and Daxter glared at him.

            "It acts like Daxter." Ashlin added, pointing to the young man in the chair.

            "It is Daxter!" Samos said mournfully, shaking his head as if he had just witnessed a murder, "This is what he looked like before Jak 'wisely' pushed him into a vat of Dark Eco. Unfortunately it seems that our demon here like 'em human."

            Daxter glared at Samos and crossed his arms, "Thanks, log-in-the-head. See if I save your ass next time you decide to go ask some plants about our future and the Krimzon guards attack you." Then he saw that Tess was still staring at him in shellshock, "Um, hi Angel Cheeks."

            "Oh my God. Daxter you are—" Tess whispered, her hands clasping together and her eyes widening even more.

            "Look, bade, it's not my fault it was—" Daxter began.

            "CUTE!" Tess screeched and would've lunged toward Daxter and hugged him had Sig not shaken is head at her, "Why didn't you tell me you were human before?! You're the cutest thing I've ever seen!"

            "And I thought I had problems." Ashlin said to Torn who nodded.

            "Ah, hello?" Sweet said, sounding annoyed for the first time, "Evil villain to heroes? I am trying to kill you all. You know that, right? Okay then, can we draw attention back to me? Good." Sweet smiled and looked around at the heroes, "So where's our grand savoir? Shouldn't he be here to save his friend?"
            "Yeah!" Daxter said from his chair, "Why isn't Jak here? Why didn't he come running when he found out I was kidnapped? I'm his best friend for crying out loud!"

            Keira stepped in front of everyone else and glared at Sweet, "He's coming Daxter. We just got separated." She lied, not wanting to tell Daxter that his best friend had ran out on them.

            Sweet laughed and shook her head, "Ah, the girlfriend, the lover. No need to lie, dear, tell us the truth. Jak isn't coming, is he?"

            Keira's eyes narrowed, creating a line in her brow. Her hands clenched into fists and she had the sudden urge to use them, "This is all your fault. If you hadn't come then none of this would've happened! You horrible creature."

            "Hey, I like being me again!" Daxter argued.

            Sweet shrugged as if it didn't matter and turned back to Daxter, "Come along then, my darling, let us take leave and journey to my world where we shall be king and queen."

            "I don't wanna go!" Daxter whined as Sweet moved towards him.

            "NO!" Tess cried, stepping forward to lunge and save Daxter, but Keira reached out and stopped her.

            "Take me instead." Samos cried.

            "Oh, Big Green!" Daxter said, momentarily forgetting he was about to became a king for an evil demon, "You really do care about me."

            Samos glared at him, "Of course I don't, Daxter! I just don't want Tess crying or Jak to turn into Dark Jak again. This has nothing to do with you!"

            Sweet shook her head, "Charming offer, old man, but you're not my type. I go for young and cute not the old and wrinkly."

            "I think you and her would be perfect together, Daxter." Samos muttered but no one heard him.

            Sig stepped forward then with his Peace-maker strapped to his back, "Then take," he raised a finger and pointed, "TORN!"

            "ME!?" Torn shouted and glared at Sig, "Why you… you… why can't she take YOU!?" Sig glared and Torn's intensified. They made a move for each other.

            "She's not taking anyone." Keira said ferociously, stepping forward. Sig and Torn stopped preparing to fight one another to look at the pretty and smart young woman.

            "Oh, no?" Sweet purred and laughed, "Honey, I think you've got yourself mixed up with your boyfriend. You don't save the world, you just make things."

            "You think you know me?" Keira asked, "You don't know what goes on inside of me. What I feel. What I am. You don't know, no matter what you believe."

            "Really? Why don't you tell us what goes on inside you, Keira Haigi? Go on and tell us." Sweet said still looking very amused. She smiled a cat-like smile.

            Keira opened her mouth to say a very un-Keira-like 'bite me', but instead the song fell from her lips, "Life's a show and we all play out parts. And when the music starts we open our hearts."

            Keira lowered her head and thought about Jak and how much she loved him and how little she told him, "It's all right if some things come out wrong. We'll sing a happy song and you can sing along."

            She stopped forward despite the fact she heard her father calling her back. Sweet moved towards the edge of the stage and looked at her, "Where there's life there's hope. Every day's a gift. Wishes can come true. Whistle while you work so hard all day…"

            "… to be like the other girls. To fit in this glittering world. To make him see me. Don't give me songs. Don't give me songs." She raised her head and her eyes bored into Sweet's, "Give me something to sing about! I need something to sing about!"

            "Life's a song you don't get to rehearse and ever single verse… can make it that much worse." She looked at all her friends, who were staring at her with wide eyes, and continued, "Still my friends don't know why I ignore the million or more things I should be dancing for."

            Once again her thoughts turned to Jak. Oh, where was he? Would he be here? Would he try to stop Sweet? She didn't think she could alone… but that didn't mean she wouldn't try.

            "All the joy life sends. Family and friends… all the twists and bends. Knowing that it ends… well, that depends… on if you let go. On if they know enough to know that when he bows he leaves the crowd." Keira sang, trying to make them understand Jak like she did. How could she explain to them that he felt like he died? That his innocence was ripped from him so unjustly?

            "There was no pain no fear no doubt till they pulled him out of heaven. So that's my refrain. He lives in hell and so do I because I need to be by his side. We live in hell 'cause we've been expelled from heaven. I think we were in heaven." She turned her green eyes back to Sweet and said, "So please give me something to sing about. Please give me something."

            Sweet smiled and flickered her wrist. A new emotion came over Keira. She suddenly had the urge to dance, to twirl and whirl until she was no more. She understood what Sweet wanted her to do.

            Dance to her death.

            And she couldn't stop it. Her feet began to move, rocking to an invisible beat. The tempo increased and she was spinning out of control. Lights flashed at her eyes and her vision blurred. A heat, a scorching heat, burned her legs and then her torso and then her chest. She realized she was turning to dust. She was about to go 'poof' like some of the residents of Haven City.

            Her only regret was that she didn't get to tell Jak she loved him.

            But then strong hands clasped around her shoulder and forced her to stop. Her vision still twirled but the fire spreading through her leg stopped. She raised her blurry eyes and saw herself looking into the piercing blues of Jak.

            "Jak…" She whispered softly.

            "Shhhhh…" Jak whispered, pressing a finger to her lips. He had reached Sweet's hideout right as Keira had begun singing. Instead of attacking Sweet as he should've he hadn't been able to stop listening to her voice. He had never heard her sing before. It didn't long for him to realize what was the cause of her song.

            He was.

            He realized that Keira didn't hate who he was today. She hated those who had taken away his innocence and at the same time he knew she loved him still. And looking into her eyes if he had had any doubt left they were gone then.

            "Life's not a song." He told her, "Life's not bliss. Life is just this… it's living. You'll get along. The pain that you feel you can only heal by living. You have to go on living…"

            "So that one of us is living."

            "Jak, you're living, too. I love you." Keira said, raising a hand to touch his cheek. Jak looked down at her and smiled softly.

            "I know that now. Thanks for making me see it. Without you, my light, I would've been stuck in the darkness and the cold. I love you, too." Keira smiled up at him and he brought her into his embrace. Keira folded into his warm and sighed. They broke apart to look into one another's arms. Then their eyes closed and their faces inched closer…

            "HEY!" Daxter called from his seat on the stage, "Aren't you two lovebirds gonna save me? I have a girlfriend, too!"

            Jak looked over at Daxter groaning—when would that Ottsel ever let him kiss Keira?—when he did a double take, "Daxter! You're… well… you!"

            "Hey, I see you've noticed that. Nothing gets past you." Daxter muttered.

            "Are we going to fight now?" Torn asked, "I didn't walk all the down here to watch you two make out with one another, okay?"

            "Don't tell me I brought the Peace-maker out for nothing!" Sig cried mournfully.

            Sweet laughed and everyone turned to her, ready to fight, but she surprised them all by waving, "What a lot of fun! You guys have been swell and there's not a one who can say this didn't end well. All those secrets you've been concealing… say you're happy now— once more, with feeling. Now I gotta run!"

            "See you all in hell!" Sweet waved cheerily once more and disappeared into the air as a red gas.

            Ashlin blinked, "That was very anti-climatic." she muttered.

            "DAXTER!" Tess cried, moving up the stairs to where Daxter sat, "I love you! I love you! Ottsel or not!"

            Daxter grinned and kissed Tess lightly on the lips, standing from the seat, "Love you, too, Angel Cheeks. And I like it when I'm not in Ottsel form!" Tess laughed and dived at him. They clattered to the ground.

            "So it's over?" Sig asked.

            "Yes, it's over." Samos answered.

            "YES!" Torn said, holding up his left arm in victory, "No more girly man singing! Thank you God!" He pulled Ashlin into his arms and for once didn't care that someone was watching him kissing the daylights out of her. Ashlin replied with equal force.

            "If it's over." Jak muttered, "Then why do I feel a song coming on!?"

            Torn pulled away from Ashlin and then felt it, too. He shook his head in horror and whispered, "No, no, no, no. NO!"

            Daxter raised his head from Tess's and said in his song voice, "Where do we go from here?"

            This time Jak and Keira joined in with Daxter when he sang, "Where do we go from here?"

            Samos looked around at everyone and then sang to Sig, "The battle's done and we kind of won…"

            "So do we sound a out victory cheer?" Sig asked and then he and Samos sang together:

            "Where do we go from here?"

            "Why is the path so unclear?" Ashlin questioned in song and then glared at Torn. He glared right back and kept his mouth firmly shut. She elbowed him in the ribs.

            Growling with annoyance, Torn sang, "When we know home is so near?"

            And everyone there—Ashlin, Torn, Tess, Daxter, Keira, Jak, Samos and Sig— lined up next to each other and smiled softly. Their hands sought one another's and they held on like a lifeline.

            "Understand that we'll go hand in hand, but," Then they let each others hand go and back away, "we'll walk alone in fear."

            "Tell me…" Jak said softly.

            "Where do we go from here?" Everyone sang, "Where do we go from here? When does the end appear? Why doesn't this song stop?"

            They raised their hands to the sky, as if preparing for a bow and then they backed up. Jak felt something wooden hit his back and he saw that he had hit one of the wooden beams holding up the ceiling. He shook his head and said, "Screw this." before walking out of the house.

            "When do the trumpiants cheer?" Everyone else sang and then Keira noticed Jak leaving. Without a second thought she stopped singing and went after him.

            Everyone else kept on singing, "The curtains close on kiss. God knows we can tell the end is near. Where can we go from here?'

            Keira hurried after Jak. He heard her coming and stopped, causing to her to come to an abrupt halt to keep from bumping into him. He wheeled around and looked at her calmly.

            "You should go back in there. Have your last song." Jak said and Keira shook her head.

            "You should, too." She pointed out.

            Jak shrugged and said, "I don't really sing. I had no choice the other times."

            "But Torn doesn't seem to mind having his last song." Keira peered back into the house and saw Torn's very angry, very red face, "Ah, never mind."

            Jak smiled at her and said, "I really love you, you know?"

            "I know and I love you, too. I was just so afraid for you, Jak. You were so cold but it was just because you were afraid no one understood right?" Keira said, taking his hand.

            "Right." Jak agreed and pulled her closer.

            "I touch the fire and it freezes me…" Keira began

            "I died, it seems…" Jak sang at the same time.

            "… I look into and it's black…"

            "… so many years ago…"

            "… this isn't real…"

            "… you can make me feel…"

            "… but I just wanna feel…"

            Jak and Keira leaned in and kissed. Keira thought the kiss reminded her something of the boy she once knew and something of the girl she once was, shy and innocent. Then the kiss deepened and it was the kiss of the man she knew now and the woman she was today. She liked this one even more. She pushed herself up against Jak and sighed into his mouth. After all this, after all the interruptions, they were finally kissing and no fantasy they had ever had could compare.

            Finally, they broke apart because they had the need for air. They looked at one another and smiled softly. Then the heavy sounds of feet pounding against the floor had them turning to watch Brutter and his Lurker friends rush to them.

            "Brutter bring Lurker friends!" Brutter said happily and pointed to his small army, "We go fight evil demon now, okay? Lurkers ready for fight!"

            Jak and Keira rolled their eyes, "Now you show up!" They said angrily.

            In the distance you could hear Torn, Ashlin, Tess, Daxter, Sig and Samos sing one last time, "Where do we go from here?"


                        The day after Sweet had disappeared, Haven City went about it's normal duties. The people did not speak of their singing montages. Most were too embarrassed to admit they had sung their souls out. Some were dust and thus couldn't talk much at all.

            But inside the bar the Naughty Ottsel, it was the hot topic of the day.

            Keira and Jak were propped against the bar. Keira's arm was around Jak's shoulder and Jak had his muscular arm around her slim waist. Ashlin and Torn were seated at a table besides the bar with, much to everyone's surprise, their hands entwined. It was even more of a shock that Ashlin and Torn were engaged, had been since Jak had defeated Kor. Daxter and Tess sat at the table too, side by side. Since Daxter was only an inch or so taller then Tess in elf form they looked to be about equal height. Sig and Samos were also seated at the bar, drinking their drinks and chatting about nothing.

            "I'm glad that's over." Torn said, taking a long drink from his glass, "I don't sing and if I never sing again it will be TOO soon!" he proclaimed and Ashlin chuckled.

            "I liked your singing voice, tough-guy." She said.

            "Well, one good thing came out of it!" Daxter said and motioned to himself, "I'm a hottie again! Right, Angel Cheeks?" he grinned at Tess who shook her and laugh.

            "You betcha, Daxter." She said and pressed her lips against his. Daxter grinned and hooked an arm around her waist, content with his girlfriend.

            Keira shook her head and said, "You know what? I think maybe I liked him more in Ottsel form." She smiled up at Jak who nodded in agreement.

            "He was certainly less conceded." Jak agreed and Daxter glared at him when he was done kissing Tess.

            "I don't know if you'd call him a 'hottie' either." Torn pointed out and said, "I'm going to miss being able to push you off the table. Though I still could even now. I'd have just a tad bit harder time doing it."

            Daxter growled and looked ready to jump when suddenly an idea came to him. He smiled evil and said, "Oh, Torn…" He coughed, "Where do we go from here?"

            Torn actually paled. He remembered what happened when someone near him started singing. He started singing, too, "You… you're… you're joking! Seriously! Please tell me his joking!" He looked over at Ashlin for support but only found her smiling wickedly as well.

            "God knows I'll never tell!" Ashlin sang, watching with amusement as her fiancé's eyes widened in horror. Tough-guy Torn didn't usually get so afraid.

            "NO!" Torn shouted and stood from his seat. He hopped over Ashlin and ran out of the bar crying, "NO MORE SINGING!"

            Ashlin laughed and stood as well, "I'd better go after him and make sure he doesn't blow up the whole city trying to find out if Sweet is really still here." She waved to her friends and left the bar calmly, her hips swinging.

            Jak shook his head, "Never really thought anything can scare Torn." He looked down at his girlfriend/lover, saw she was staring off into the void and blinked in concern, "What's wrong?"
            "Nothing." Keira said, looked up at him and smiled genuinely, "I was just wondering. Where are we going from here?"

            Jak shrugged, "Only time will tell, Keira. But I can tell you one thing, I like it right now and I plan to live right now… with you." He pulled her closer.

            "Me, too." Keira said, lifting her face to his, "Let's worry about tomorrow when it comes. After all, there's nothing we can't face together, and deal with now. And right now I want you to kiss me."

            "If I must I must." Jak said and leaned forward to happily comply. Daxter, to busy with Tess, didn't interrupt them and never would again.

            Samos groaned and turned towards Sig so that his back was to the embracing Jak and Keira, "I'm never going to get used to this." He told Sig, "I almost miss Daxter and his annoying comments."

            But Keira didn't hear that, and probably would've done nothing if she had, and melted in Jak's embrace. She sighed softly against his mouth and twirled her fingers in his hair. Jak's fingers tightened on her waist.

            Finally they had to broke for oxygen and Jak smiled down at Keira with love and affection, "I love you so much." he told her stroking her cheek.

            Keira beamed up at him with the love bursting from her heart and kissed the palm of his hand when it scarped her lips, "I love you, too." was her answer.

            And neither Keira nor Jak worried about where they went from there.


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