4 Years Before

Rogue: What are we supposed ta do?

Spike: We ain't gon' do nut'in.

Rogue: What d'ya mean we ain't doin' nothing?

Aspen: Just what he said, we can't do anything.

Rogue: Wha..? Why not?

Spike: We didn't have anyt'ing ta do wit dis.

Aspen: He's right you know.

Rogue: But..

Spike: Hush now Rogue.. We can't be doin nothing 'bout dis.

Rogue: But…we

Aspen: C'mon Rogue.. We don't have much time.

2 hours after

Spike: Rogue, dere was nuthin we coulda done.

Rogue: Yeah.. sure whatever

Spike: Hey, Aspen where we be goin?

Aspen: We're going to my housing lodge.

Rogue: What about Aurora..?

Spike: What about her?!

Rogue: Doesn't she need ta know..

Spike: She don' need ta know nuthin!

Rogue: Why..

Spike: 'cause knowin' her she be goin to tell de cops or sumtin'.

Rogue: That's true.

Aspen: Hey, don't go talking about my sister behind her back!

Spike: What you gonna do bout it?

Aspen: You know damn well what I can do about it!
Rogue: Will ya'll just calm down! Now Aspen, why are we going to your lodge?

Aspen: To avoid capture.

Rogue: Hey, ya ain't gotta get all anti-social on me. Ah just asked ya a simple question.

Spike: That's right, back off mah sister!

Rogue: Shut up Spike.

Spike: What, Ah was stickin up for you!

Rogue: eh.. no.

Spike: eh… no mah left foot.

Rolling her eyes precariously at Spike. Rogue turns to look at Aspen.

Rogue: What are we supposed ta tell Aurora then?

Aspen: I….. don't know.

Spike: Well, Monsieur Know-It-All runs out of ideas, Ah be thinkin hell hath finally frozen over.

Aspen: (glaring evilly at Spike) We shouldn't tell her anything period.

Rogue: Just how are we supposed ta tell her nuthin at all?

Aspen: Why don't you two think of something for a change!


Spike: Now you've dunnit.

Aspen: I do not act like the supreme leader!


Aspen: Well, I never…

Rogue: *@#% right!

Spike: Well now dat is out of our systems, lets get back to de problem at hand.

Aspen: Why don't you shut up!

Spike: Don't push ya luck, London boy.

Aspen: You got a lot of nerve to be saying..

Spike: Obviously more nerve than you neh?

Aspen: You son of a..

Rogue: SHUT UP!

Spinning around to glare at both of them, Rogue picks up Aspen by his shirt collar.

Rogue: Where the heck is your lodge?

Aspen: (strangling under Rogue's grip) Down.. the street to your left.

Finally after a few more minutes of non stop arguing, the group finally reached Aspen's lodge. Standing in the doorway waiting for their arrival was Aurora.

Aurora: Good Evening, Where have all have you been wandering?

Spike: here and there.

Rogue: ya' know, the usual places.

Raising an eyebrow, Aurora turns and looks at Aspen.

Aurora: Usual places?

Aspen: (stuttering under Aurora's piercing stare) uh…yeah..

Aurora: What usual place have you been to today?

Shifting nervously Aspen began to answer. Watching out of the corner of her eye, Rogue begins to conjure up a lie. Sending a side wards glance towards Spike, she sent him a covert message.


Rogue: Aspen is not going ta be able ta pull this off.

Spike: Ah know, looks like we gotta do sumthin.

Aspen: Err.. The pub

Aurora: I thought you didn't drink alcohol.

Aspen: Err..

Jumping in suddenly, came Spike.

Spike: What is dis, some kinda interrogation or sumthin?

Rogue: Really, Ah mean ya ain't his mother or nothin.

Blushing slightly, Aurora responds.

Aurora: I am simply trying to keep track of my brother's safety. Wouldn't you do it for your sister Spike?

Spike: Oui.

Rogue: And ah would do it for him, but your becoming fused with him.

Aurora: I am not.

Rogue: Right…and Daddy wasn't crazy.

Aspen: I resent that last remark.

Spike: Oooh.. She got ya there.

Aurora: Shut up Spike.

Spike: Why is everyone pickin on me?

Rogue: Ah'm going to the guest room now.

Aurora: Who said we had a guest room?

Rogue: No one, you just verified it.

Aspen: I am confused.

Spike: I will make myself at home in your guest room.

Rogue: Not at mah expense you won't.


Rogue: Ya' on your own Aspen!

Aspen: Hey wait…no..

-In guest room-

Rogue: What are we gonna do?

Spike: What d'ya mean?

Rogue: You know there's a chance they'll come back.

Spike: When that day comes, we'll be ready.

Rogue: How?

Spike: Hey, we be the survivors of Fury's rage aren't we? We will be ready.

Rogue: Ah sure hope so.

-Present Time-

The Xavier Institute was just attacked by a mysterious assailant known as Totaler. The mansion is completely desolated. And all the members of the Xmen have been eradicated. As far as anyone knew that is. By some miracle, an Xman named Rogue survived. Some distance away from the battle, Magneto and his acolytes take sight in the attack.

Sabretooth: Looks like we won't have to worry about the Xmen anymore.

Pyro: Ay, they won't be coming back from that assault mates.

Magneto: Do not underestimate the resourcefulness of the Xmen.

Remy: Den you tink dere still be a chance of one of dem still living?

Magneto: Highly unlikely.

Sabretooth: What does the runt got a thing for one of those little Xfreaks?

Pyro: Aw, Remy's little Sheila just got slaughtered.

Remy: Shut up.

Magneto: That's quite enough. I will return to the lab to continue with our original plan to single out the Totaler. You may do as you wish until I say otherwise.

All: Yes, Lord Magneto.

Ignoring the idiotic jestings of his associates. Remy began to glide down the slope to the opening of the forest. He continued to walk until he was finally out of hearing range of the others. Knowing they probably went back to the hideout, Remy kept on walking. His thoughts turned back to the Xmen. He was never really fond of the Xmen but he did find one of them rather interesting. She was a natural beauty but she was rarely seen. The one trait he remembered about her was her emerald green eyes. They gave off a serene sense of mystery in which he hadn't seen in years. He knew there was a small chance of his ever seeing her again.

After about a few hours of walking, he finally reached the outskirts of what used to be the Xavier Institute.


" How did ah get here?"

Rogue slowly rose from the forest floor. Her head was aching horribly. Then memories began to flood her mind. She saw flashes of memories darting in front of her eyes. She remembered seeing a laser pierce through Jean Grey's telekinetic shields. She also remembered a large portly man laughing maniacally over Kurt's crumpled body. Tears threatened to stream down her face as she remembered the screams Kitty and Marrow made when they were struck from behind with a psiknife.

Spinning around to examine her surroundings, Rogue felt a twinge of pain run up her arm. Glancing downwards she saw that her suit was torn by a piece of glass lodged in her side. Gritting her teeth against the pain, she yanked the shard of glass out. Then she ripped another piece of her suit and bandaged her wound.

" Got ta go back to the mansion. There might still be a chance."

Turning around on her heel she began to jog back to the mansion. She slowed down when she reached the familiar part of the woods. Suddenly she heard a noise coming in from behind her. Acting on instinct, Rogue quickly spun around an oak tree and quickly covered herself with shrubbery. As the sound grew closer, Rogue's heart rate began to quicken. Hastily grabbing one of nearby logs, she waited until she heard the noise next to her before she swung the log with all her might. She felt the hit connect with the man's head. Suddenly she heard a zooming noise fly past her ear and then an explosion come from her left knocking her off her feet. After a moment, Rogue manage to shake loose the cobwebs and cautiously walked towards the man's body. Using the man's own staff, she prodded his body. Seeing no signs of his being conscious , bent over him. Flipping his body carefully over, she noticed that she recognized him.

" He's one of Magneto's acolytes."

She could recall the last time she saw him was when both the Xmen and the Brotherhood were working together to find Magneto. He had a strange technique of charging cards and making them explode.

" Wonder what he's doing here."

She leaned over him, and picked up his upper body. Then carefully dragged his body over to the oak tree. Propping him up on the tree, she examined his head. He developed a small jagged cut on the side of his head.

" Didn't mean ta hit him that hard." muttered Rogue.

She slowly pulled back and stared at his face. He was still breathing so that was a good sign. Suddenly his eyes popped open. She jumped back slightly startled and then regained her composure.

" err.. Are ya alright?"

He stared blankly back at her. Thinking that he might not speak English she decided to try a different language.

" Como Cava?"

Once again he just stared at her. Rogue was beginning to get a little annoyed. She was sure she had used perfect French minus the whole southern accent. But she decided to try once more.

" Do ya speak any E-N-G-L-I-S-H?"

Still no response. Throwing her hands up in anguish, she sighed and looked over at the rubble from the attack.

" I tink I should be asking you dat question."

Spinning around instantly she saw that he had slowly propped his back higher onto the tree. He had a mischievous twinkle in his eyes.

" What?"

Smiling devilishly at her, he spoke again.

" I said I tink I should be asking you dat question."

Still not comprehending what he was talking about Rogue remained dumbfounded.

" What question?"

Sighing patiently, he stared at her intensely.

" Como Cava?"

Realizing that he had understood what she was asking earlier she started to become angry.

" Why didn't you answer when ah asked ya earlier?"

Smiling at her annoyance, he answered.

" I was still trying to recover from your attack."

Shifting nervously under his stare, Rogue began to try to atone for her actions but stopped.

" Ah wasn't expectin' anyone."

Rubbing the side of his head, he answered.

" Well, I wasn't expecting anyone here period; 'specially not you."

Rolling her eyes at his answer, she didn't know whether to feel relieved or insulted.

" Aren't ya the regular beacon of hope."

Slightly confused by her comment. Remy couldn't think of anything to return it with. Unfortunately he could only think of what he would have to do in order to escape her. But before he could think of anything else, she had already gotten up and turned her back to him. She had begun to walk away from him and towards the rubble. As far as he could tell, she was slowly rummaging through it. Heaving himself onto his feet, he began to follow her.

" What you be doin' chere?"

Not looking up she answered.

" Lookin for sumthin ta find the other Xmen with."

"But chere…de Xmen are no more, I saw it wit my own eyes."

She stopped searching through the rubble and stared at him. Her emerald eyes glistened with unshed tears. Behind the tears, he saw a great sense of pride and determination that pales to the most powerful of living beings. He could feel his heart lurch out in sympathy for her, and in regret of what had happened.

" Please chere, don' cry.."

But before he could finish his apology, a sweep of nausea hit him hard in the stomach. He felt himself retch and then felt himself slip away into darkness.

" What the heck?"

Once again, Rogue picked the man up and dragged him back to the oak tree. Propping him up once more, she searched for something to wipe his face off with. Finding an old tore up rag, she walked over to the nearby lake and dampened it. Then she returned to him and tried to nurse his head injury. After a few moments she saw the man recovering from his little episode. It wasn't long before he snapped his eyes open again .

" Ain't dis romantic."

Looking up into his eyes, Rogue's facial expression changed from mild annoyance to concern.

" Ah think ya should have your head checked."

Rubbing his jaw carefully, he shifted his bodyweight.

" I lived t'rough worse."

Remy then stood himself up, and began to stretch his legs out. Rogue watched him with her eyebrows furrowed in deep concentration.

" Ah think ah might have given ya a concussion."

Glancing at her from the side of his right eye, he smiled devilishly.

" Well dat was one heck of a hit."

" I know."

" You not very modest."

" No need ta be."

Laughing at her confidence, Remy turned to look at her.

" Como jepelle tu?"

Rogue stared at him suspiciously but didn't answer. So he answered instead.

" My name be Gambit, but you can call me Remy LeBeau."

Shrugging at him and then looking into the rubble, she answered.

" Mah name is Rogue, but ya can call me Rogue."

Walking to the left side of Rogue, Remy stared down at her.

" Rogue be a strange name, but it suits you."

" Is that supposed ta be a compliment?"

" Expect nu'tin less."

Rolling her eyes at Remy, Rogue looked back at the rubble. Remy stared at her wistfully as she walked down to the small crater-sized hole.

" Chere, just what exactly do you 'xpect to find down dere?"

" Dunno, maybe a weapon?"

Frown at her indignation, Remy remain seated but watched as she shifted through some metal pieces strewn across the ground.

" Are you always dis pleasant?"

" Only with you."

Slightly annoyed, Remy hoisted himself up and leaned on the tree for support. Careful to maintain a casual stance, as not to give off a threatening poise. There was no need to give Rogue anymore feelings to distrust him.

" Found it!"

Turning his head to face her, Remy saw her bend down to pull some kind of lever.

" What be dat chere?"

Staring at him suspiciously, she smiled devilishly and tilted her head cockily to the side.

" Wouldn't ya like ta know?"

Still confused at what she was trying to infer, he simply stared blankly at her.

" Oui chere, I would like t' know."

" How do ah know that ya won't try ta kill me off or sumthin?"

" If I was gonna do it, I would have dun it already."

Taking into account what he said; she simply shrugged and turned around. Leaning over, she pulled on the lever and rotated it 15 degrees counterclockwise. Suddenly, a loud popping noise shot out behind them. Remy quickly glanced at Rogue, noticing that she was bending down as if she was going to jump onto something. Following her example, Remy did the same.

" Jump on 3."

Remy stared at Rogue as if she had finally gone mad. Ignoring his reaction Rogue turned back to the ground.

" 1...2...3!!"

Rogue leaped through the section of the ground down a cavernous hole. She was followed by Remy who was clearly not expecting this. When they finally landed, Rogue faced Remy and stared at him intently.

" The ground that you jumped through was a hologram."

Snapping back into reality, Remy nodded.

" Err…. I knew dat."

" Yeah, right."

Rogue slowly started to walk down the corridor in which they were located. Remy followed cautiously behind her, making sure that he kept her in clear view.


" Please tsss….. State..nnn.Namessss."

" Rogue Star and Remy LeBeau."

" Rogue Star is verified. Cannot confirm Remy LeBeau."

" Allow entrance for Remy LeBeau."

" Confirmed and Passed."

" Thank ya kindly CEREBRO."

" You are welcome Rogue Star."

"Please confirm damages."

" Sector 3 suffers 10% damage, Sectors 4-9 has suffered 98% damage."

" Is the medlab still accessible?"

" Yes."

" Thank ya."

" You are welcome Rogue Star."

Turning on her heel, Rogue began to walk down the corridor once more. Remy, who was still in shock from the talking hallway, managed to follow her .

" What was dat?"

" I, Mr. LeBeau, am CEREBRO, an automated mechanism that allows.."

" That's okay CEREBRO, he doesn't need the speech."

" Confirmed."

" Err.. Where we be going?"

" Medlab."

" What 's in de medlab?"

" Equipment."

After a moment of walking they reached the medlab. Instantly, Rogue began rummaging through a drawer next to one of the medical beds.

" Its not in here."

Turning from the table with the scalpels; Remy stared at Rogue.

" What's not in here?"

" Prof. must have taken it just in case."

" Took what?"

" Hmm… gotta find another way."

Rogue began to stride for the door when Remy grabbed her wrist.

" Huh, what?"

" Rogue please.."

The earnest sound of his voice made Rogue glance upwards at him. His intense stare was making her uncomfortable. She felt her heart leap. She began to feel weak yet strong all the same.

" What?"

In a matter of seconds, the earnesty on his face changed from desperate to arrogant.

" Since we be in de medlab, lets play doctor."

" You little perv…"

Throwing his hands up protectively, Remy continued to speak.

" Well you did say I needed t' have my head checked."

" That's right ah did say that, didn't ah?" said Rogue sensually.

Glancing at him skeptically, Rogue ambled up to Remy slowly. Then grabbed his hand and led him to a medical bed.

" Lay down."

Smiling arrogantly at her, Remy obediently laid down.

" Close ya eyes."

Following her directions, Remy closed his eyes.

" I want ya to be completely motionless."

" Be gentle wit' me chere."

He could feel her gloved hands caress the sides of his arms. The attraction he had towards her became stronger. He could still sense her fingers moving up and down his arm, but they seemed to stop at his wrists. Suddenly a cold sensation surged up his arm; it felt like she had just stuck metal on him.

" Chere, what you be doin'?"

There was clicks of some kind of machine coming from behind his head. Then he heard her laugh as he struggled against the metal braces on his wrists.

" Calm down, I'm just scannin' ya head for damages."

" What.."

" CEREBRO activate SHIAR SCANNER now!"

" Now activating Shiar Scanner."

A tingling feeling began to shimmer throughout his body especially around his head. A small humming noise began to echo through the room. After a few minutes the humming and the tingling ceased. The shackles that were holding his wrists down snapped back and he could move freely once more. Blinking his eyes, which were highly unfocused, he saw Rogue standing next to a table looking at something.

"CEREBRO, give status report."

" Patient suffers from mild concussion do you wish to begin therapy?"

Rogue spun around and glanced over at Remy.

" Not as yet, but thank you."

" You are welcome Rogue Star."

Remy walked shakily over to Rogue. Then stared at her with a glazed over look.

" What kind of scanner was that?"

Looking up from the table, Rogue answered.

" It was made by the SHIAR."

" De SHIAR?"

" Ya know how the Xmen have a tendency ta be heroic?"

" Oui."

" Well, we kinda saved their entire civilization."

" How did.."

" Very long story.."

Rogue strolled away from Remy and sat down on a metal chair. Then she began to unravel the bandage on her right arm.

" What you doin'?"

" Going to have my arm healed."

After she said this, Rogue stuck her arm into a dome-shaped mechanism. Remy stared at her dumbfounded like.

" Ah'm gonna have mah arm healed."

" How?"

" SHIAR technology can heal injuries."

" Can it heal all injuries?"

" Well it has its limits."

" What limits?"

" Well, it can't fully heal the mortally injured."

" How do you know?"

" Lets just say, the Xmen have had their shares of losses."

" Je regrette, chere."


" How serious is the intrusion?"


" Must it be removed?"

" Yes."

" Thank ya CEREBRO."

" You are welcome, Rogue Star."

Rogue turns to look at Remy.

" Remy, could ya pass me that blade that's on that counter?"

Remy looked down at the table and grabbed the long bladed knife. Then hands it to Rogue.

" Here you go."

" Thank ya kindly."

After carefully examining her cut, Rogue quickly thrusted the blade into her wound. Wincing from the pain, she carefully fished around to find the shard of glass.

" Ah've been meanin' ta ask ya a question."

" And what would dat be?"

" Now please don't think ah'm tryin' ta be rude or nuthin.."

" I promise I won' be insulted."

" Why are ya here?"

" What do you mean?"

" Ah mean, why are ya here?"

" I don' really know t' tell you the truth."

" Why do you oww.. (wince) work for Magneto?"

Looking seriously at Rogue, he answered.

" Why do you work for Charles Xavier?"

" Hmm… Ah owe him."

" What do you mean you owe him?"

" He helped me when no one else would or could."

" He helped you wit your powers?"

" Yeah that, and he gave me sumthin my mother couldn't."

" Your mother?"

" Mystique."

Wincing a little bit more, Rogue managed to pull out the shard of glass and she laid it on the counter. Then she turned around to the SHIAR machine and stuck her arm into it.

" Activate HEALING unit."

" Commencing MENDING process."

" Thank ya sugah."

" You are welcome Rogue Star."

" YOUR mother is Mystique!"

" Well not legally anyways."

" But she was your mother?"

" Yes."

" What happened to your real mother?"

" Ah prefer not ta say."

" Oh, okay."

" Anyways, ya didn't answer mah question yet."

" You mean, why I work for Magneto?"

" Yes."

" I guess, he be the only way I could repay my debt."

" Your debt?"

" Oui."

" What's your debt?"

"Non chere, we all got our secrets."

Smiling at him, Rogue turned back to the Shiar Healing Unit. A moment of silence passed as she watched the machine heal her cut. She could feel it sewing together the torn muscles in her upper arm.

" Chere what do you plan t' do now?

Looking away from the machine, Rogue answered.

" Ah don't know."

Another moment of silence passed before Remy spoke.

"Do you have anywhere t' stay?"

Smiling at his offer, Rogue answered.

" Yes, but ah kinda have ta go ta Paris."

" Why all de way t' Paris?"

" Because mah brother lives down there."

" So y' brother's French?"

" Err.. no he's Cajun."

" He's from Louisiana?"

" We both are."

" Huh, y' don't have an accent."

" Well, we were both born in Caldecott, Mississippi."

" And y' brother's Cajun?"

" Mah brother and ah lived in both Louisiana and Mississippi."

" How?"

" An incident happened when we were kids and we became separated."

" Separated?"

" For a short time, but because of our mutant powers we could stay in touch."

" Your brother's a mutant too?"

" Yes."

" Do you have more brothers?"

" One half brother, another foster brother, and a half sister."

" Now, dere's a family."

" Ya could say that."

Remy sat down in the chair across from Rogue.

" How are y' supposed t' get to Paris?"

" All ah have ta do is call him."

" Is dere a working phone in here?"

" Ah don' know, lets ask."

" Ask who?"

" CEREBRO, do the phones work?"

" All phone units are malfunctioning."

" I'm guessing dat be a no."

" Hmm.. Got to use the big phone."

Removing her arm from the machine, Rogue began to prod the healed over skin. They both stood up at the same time and started to walk out the door.

" D' you know where a payphone is at?"

" Yup."

Rogue led Remy down a series of tunnels and hallways until they finally stopped at a huge steel door.

" CEREBRO, open Sector 3 door."

The door opened with a dramatic swoosh. Rogue waltzed into the room and instantly sat down in front of a humongous monitor. Remy walked in, stood beside her, and watched her flick numerous switches. Then she reached up and turned on the monitor.

" CEREBRO, please contact Spike Spiegel."

A small buzzing noise erupted through the room. The monitor flickered a couple of times before it finalized on a solid picture. The picture showed of a man, that looked considerably similar to Rogue.

" Thank ya CEREBRO."

" You are welcome Rogue Star."

" Bonjour CEREBRO."

" Hello Spike Spiegel."

Remy turned around and looked at the voice that had just came from the monitor screen. The man looked about the same age as Rogue. He shared the same eyes and the same white streak in his hair. His hair was carelessly draped over the left side of his face, giving him an older look. He didn't seem to notice Remy's presence yet.

" Hey, Rogue what can ah do for ya?"

" Hi Spike, ya'll never guess what happened."

" What?"

" We were attacked by someone named Totaler."

Remy slowly watched Spike's face turn from amusement to concern.

" Are ya hurt?"

" No, ah'm fine."

" What happened to de rest of de Xmen?"

" I don't know."

" Hmm.. Ya goin' ta have ta come down here."

" Yup."

" Well then, ah'm just gon' have ta book ya a flight."

Suddenly, Remy moved out of the corner into the brighter lit section of the room.

" Oh yeah, this is Remy LeBeau."

The man curiously examined Remy from an angle.

" Bonjour Monsieur LeBeau."

" Avec Plasir."

" Enchante."

Rogue glanced from Spike to Remy nervously, then rolled her eyes. Turning to Remy, Rogue decided to ask him an important question.

" Don't ya have ta report ta Magneto or sumthin?"

Taking his gaze away from, Remy answered.

" Non, why?"

" Well, ya are his secondhand man."

" Who tol' you dat?"

" Didn't he send ya here?"

" No."

" Oh."

" Monsieur LeBeau?"

Both Remy and Rogue turned around to look at Spike.

" Are ya comin' wit Rogue ta Paris?"

" Huh… what… why?"

" Ah have ta figure out how many seats t' book on de flight."

" Oh.. Uh.. Yeah."

" Tres Bien, we be all ready den."

" Ready?"

" Oh.. Rogue, ah want ya both ta go ta meet my.. friend in Virginia."

" Why?"

" He'll take ya both t' de jet."

" What's the catch?"

" What do y' mean catch?"

" There's always a catch."

" Just a small delivery."

Then came a long moment of stern glaring from Rogue and the constant instant gazing from Spike. Eventually Spike caved in.

" Oh, alright, just meet him there and you'll be flown to the lodge."

" O.k."

" Be careful not t' run into him."

" Of course."

After he said that, the picture disappeared. Then the monitored flickered off.

" Transmission Ended… preparing to reboot."

" Yes, thank ya CEREBRO."

" You are welcome Rogue Star."

" Rogue."

" Hmm.."

" Who is him?"

" Err.. Someone that has a psychotically demented obsession with me."

" What?"

" Just some guy whose pride got hurt when ah beat him at his own game."

" Does he want t' kill you?"

" No, just wants me to undergo painful torment for all eternity."

" Uh.."

" Yeah, that's what ah think too."

Suddenly Remy stood up straighter, and looked down at Rogue intensely. Grabbed her by her upper shoulders and then he pulled her into an embrace.

" Wha…"

" I will keep y' safe from dat maniac."

" Remy.."

" What."

" Ah kinda need ta breath."

" Oh, sorry."

Remy pulled reluctantly away from Rogue. She was standing in front of him with her head lowered. He could tell that she was in a sort of daze.

" Ya know that was a very dangerous thing ya just did."


" Ah could've put ya into a coma."


" Ah could've killed ya."

Rogue's face had changed from shock to terror in a matter of seconds. A huge flood of different emotions swept through Remy the instant he saw her face. She looked down right panic-stricken. His hand reached out to touch her shoulder but she protectively slapped it away.

" Please don't touch me."

" What be de problem?"

" Mah powers."

" What 'bout y' powers?"

" Ah have the power ta absorb a person's life energy."

" Just by touchin' you?"

" Yes but in the case of mutants, ah can absorb their powers."

" So y' could've absorbed my powers?

" Your thoughts, your memories, your powers, your energy…"

" Is dat why y' always be wearing gloves?"

" Yes."

Remy could see the pain in her face as she spoke this. Sadness filled his heart as he watched her. He could sense her suffering.

" What if y' got y' self a power inhibitor?"

" What's a power inhibitor?"

" It blocks a mutant's powers as long as de person wears it."

" Ya mean the things they restrain mutants with on Genosha?"

" Yes, but not as uncomfortable."

A small moment of silence before she spoke again.

" We better get goin'."

Remy followed Rogue through the tunnels until they eventually reached another huge metal door.

" CEREBRO, open this door please."

The huge door opened with a gigantic swoosh. The night air filled the area around them. Cool breezes smacked across their faces.

" De night air is refreshing non?"

" Ya could say that."

" How do we get t' Virginia?"

" Ah'm pretty sure mah car is totaled."

" I have a motorcycle."

" That's good, 'cause mine is in the shop."

" You have a motorcycle?"

" Yes, ah've been ridin' since ah was nine."

" Why's y' bike in de shop?"

" Lets say that ah had a bit of an accident."

" I don' want t' know."

" I agree, yah don't want t' know."

They both walked slowly over to the oak tree. Rogue leaned up against it.

" Just where is ya motorcycle?"

" At Magneto's lair."

" Well, that's just great."

" Don' worry, I can get it; we just need t' stop dere first."

" Won't Magneto be a little bit suspicious about ya leaving?"

" No, I do it all the time."

" How far is ya lair?"

" About 10 miles or so."

" 10 miles."

" Oui."

" 10 miles."

" Its not as far away as it seems."

" Uh.. sure."

Remy glanced up towards the sky and began to think to himself. After a few moments he spoke.

" I t'ink we should stay here and make de journey in de morning."

" Huh, sure okay."

" Should we go back t' de medlab?"

" We would be safer out here."

" Why?"

" CEREBRO is malfunctioning."

" Because of de explosion?"

" Yup."

The once pleasant breezes started to become colder and colder. Remy glanced over at Rogue. He saw her staring pensively up at the moon. He could tell that she was thinking hard about something.

" What y' be tink'n, chere?"

" Nuthin' really."

An excessively cold wind blew through her hair. The breeze sent a icy chill down her spine. Shivering slightly Rogue looked over at Remy who was staring at her.

" What?"

" Nut'in."

Rogue shrugged and sat down and pressed her back against the tree. She watched Remy pace left to right for a small while. Then he turned and looked at her.

" Y' hungry?"

" Huh?"

Remy suddenly reached into his trench coat pocket and pulled out two Twinkies. Tossing one of them to her, he took a huge bite out of his.

" It's a Twinkie."

Glancing at her from the corner of his eye. He saw her staring wide-eyed at the Twinkie. Suddenly she burst out into laughter.

" It's a Twinkie…"

Her laughter made Remy smile. Then uncontrollable laughter began to build up inside of him. He began to laugh as well. The both of them laughed until they got teary.

" I haven' laughed like dat in years."

" Ha."

Smiling at each other, they both looked up at the stars.

" Stars are really out now, huh."


Rogue unwrapped her Twinkie and took a small bite. Remy grinned at her.

" You should get some rest, chere."

" So should you."

Still smiling at her, Remy looked back up at the sky.

" Y' miss dem don' you?'

" Mmmhh?"

" De Xmen."

Shifting her weight, Rogue answered.

" Ah do miss them."

" Remy can always tell."

Rogue smiled at him, then she propped her head against the tree.

" How ya gonna keep the others from figurin' out what ya doin'?"

"Dey don' care 'bout what I do."

" Why don't they care?"

Remy turned to look at Rogue, who was staring at him attentively. The moonlight illuminated the half of her face. The streaks of light made her eyes glisten, giving her an even more radiant look. Taken in by her beauty, he simply stared at her. She stared back at him with her eyebrows furrowed in deep concern.

" Hello.. Is any body there?"

" Huh, what?"

" Doesn't Magneto care about ya?"

" Like a son."

" Really?"

" No."

" Oh."

Both of them smiled at each other and then turned back to the sky. A long moment passed before Remy looked back down. Remy turned to look over at Rogue. And what he saw brought a small smile to his face.

" A natural beauty."

Rogue was resting silently on the tree. A lock of her hair had draped over the left side of her face. The wind caused for the lock of hair to blow gracefully back and forth. He stroked the side of her face, careful not to touch the exposed portion of her face. His fingers traced down her cheek and rested on her lips. The urge to kiss her was nearly overwhelming. Sighing to himself, he removed his hand from her face. Another cold breeze blew through causing for Rogue to shiver involuntarily.

Remy stood up and took off his trench coat. He delicately placed his coat around Rogue's body. He watched her shift around under his coat and moan quietly, before she settled again. Once more, Remy smiled to himself.

" My Belle Dame."

Remy turned away from Rogue and began to contemplate how far the nearest store was. He knew he needed to get Rogue some decent attire, so she wouldn't stick out during their journey. Her uniform was literally almost torn to shreds. He was sure he could probably get Rene to get him something for her. Rene always had connections with people. He knew he couldn't take Rogue on the usual route, so they would have to take the long way around to get to the lair.

Remy began to run stealthily down the pathway towards the city. When he finally reached the gateway (the used to be metal gate), Remy leapt speedily. Careful to avoid suspicion by people, Remy slipped into the crowds of New York. He walked down north street and turned on Harlem Avenue. Eventually he turned down into an alley. He turned to face a door hidden at the end of the alley. After knocking three times of on the door, a really short woman eventually opened it.

"We'll I'll be, if it ain't Remy LeBeau."

" Bonjour, Rene."

" What can I be doin' for you?"

" I need some clothes."

" It looks like y' plenty well dressed right now."

" Not for me, for m' friend."

" What kind of clothes does he wear?"

" Not he… she."

" Got y' self 'nother girl eh, Remy LeBeau?"

" Non, she be special."

" Do my ears deceive me or has a woman actually tamed the Ladies Man?"

Both Remy and Rene turned to look where the voice came from. There stood a tall husky man with brown hair and a goatee.

" Bonjour Peter."

" Remy LeBeau."

" So, Rene can I borrow some clothes."

" Now, y' know I can never say no to you."

With this statement, Rene led Remy to a back room filled with clothes. Remy rummaged through each section before he finally settled on an outfit. He had gotten Rogue a pair of blue jeans, an army printed tee shirt with a fish net cover-up, and some high-heeled black boots. He also managed to get her some matching black suede gloves. He would bring her back here so that she could get her some unmentionables.

" This should hold her until we reach the Lair."

Remy left the back room. He walked over to Rene and gave her a peck on the cheek.

" Thanks chere, I owe y' one."

" I t'ink y' owe me more dan one."

" Put it on m' tab."

" When y' do pay dat tab, I'll be rich."

" Till den."

Remy waved goodbye to both Peter and Rene. He headed back to Rogue as quickly as he could. When he returned, he saw that Rogue was still sound asleep. He could tell that she was a little restless by the sound of her breathing. He gently stepped over to her and laid the clothes down next to her.

" She'll know what t' do when she wakes up."

Remy walked as quietly as he could to the tree next to her and sat down. Leaning his head on the tree, he began to doze. Remy took one last look at Rogue before he slipped into slumber.

" Sleep well, chere."


She didn't know what time it was when she awoke. She knew it had to be pretty early because the sky was still streaked with orange from the latest sunrise. A shuffling noise interrupted her thoughts. Glancing to her side she saw Remy sleeping comfortably on his side. She was about to stand when she notice a small pile of clothes located on her right, as well as Remy's coat on her lap.

Rogue stood up and gently placed Remy's coat back on him. She observed him for a moment before she picked up the clothes and walked into the woods. She already had a feeling that he was partially awake already. She strolled to the lake in the middle of the woods and began to wash up. Mindful of anyone peeking, she changed into the outfit that Remy had probably gotten for her. Surprisingly enough, the clothes fit her perfectly. And the gloves were a nice touch despite the obvious.

She walked back to the oak tree to see that Remy was sitting there waiting for her.

" Bonjour, chere."

" Morn' Remy."

She noticed that Remy was looking her over. Ignoring his glances, Rogue stared over at the horizon.

" Thanks for the clothes."

" No problem."

" We should get goin' "

" Oui, I agree."

" So… where do we start?"

" How fast can y' run?'

" Pretty fast… why?"

Smiling at her, Remy walked over to her side.

" We want t' make it dere in good time, non?"

" Yes."

" Den we gon' have t' run de first half."

" Okay."

" Just follow my lead."

Remy started off with a light jog because he didn't know how well Rogue could keep up. But he immediately changed his tune when he noticed that she was keeping up with him without much effort at all.

" Y' ready?"

" Ready as ah'll ever be."

After about what seemed like an hour, Remy stopped them.

" Tired, chere?"

" What makes ya think that?"

" Nut'in."

" Yeah… sure."

Remy once more reached into his trench coat and pulled out some Twinkies. They both ate them rather quickly while enjoying the morning scenery. Then Remy began to rummage through his coat pockets, he stopped after finding a small vial.

" Close y' eyes."

" Why.. What is that?"

" Just close y' eyes?"

" What is it?"

" I'm not gon' tell you till y' close y' eyes."

Sighing exasperatingly, Rogue closed her eyes.

" Open y' mouth."

" This is payback for what ah did ta ya in the medlab ain't it?"

" Just open y' mouth."

" How do ah know ya not gon' throw dirt in mah mouth or sumthin?"

" I won't."

" Promise?"

" Oui."

" Sure.."

" Remy keeps his word."

" Hmmm."

" Y' gon' open y' mouth or what?"

" Fine."

Reluctantly, Rogue opened her mouth. She felt him gently tilt her chin upwards. A thick syrupy taste filled her mouth. It was sweet but it also had a hint of spice. She opened her eyes and stared up at him.

" What is that stuff?"

His red on eyes stared down at her intensely.

" Its mainly used on Cajun desserts."

" Hmm.."

" Rogue?"

" What?'

" Can I kiss you?"

" What?"

" I have t' kiss you."

" But.."

Before she could finish her sentence, Remy was already leaning in onto her face. Rogue could feel her cheeks turning red. Her head began to get fuzzy and her emotions got even more confused.

" Remy.. no.. ah.. Ah.. Can't.."

Remy could see the fear in her eyes as he leaned forward to kiss her. But he knew the only way he could help her get over her fear of touching other people was to touch her. He could feel her shivering under his hold. He knew he had to be careful of her natural reflexes.

" I'm doin' this for y' own good."

Suddenly, he felt himself lifting off the ground at a rapid speed. He also noticed that Rogue was holding him up by his collar. She lifted him so far off the ground that the trees were starting to look like ants. He looked into Rogue's eyes, only to be confronted by a furious rage.

" If ya ever try sumthin like that again, I swear… I'll drop ya."

" Oui chere, just put me down!"

" Fine."

Remy could feel her grip on his collar loosen. Then he felt himself falling at a rapid speed. Seconds before he hit the ground, he felt something tug him upwards. Looking up he saw Rogue holding him by his coat. She slowly drifted them both to the ground. As soon as his feet touched ground, his legs gave out from underneath him.

" What y' do that for?"

Rogue looked at him seriously and then spoke.

" To enforce what ah had said."

" Well it was enforced."

Laughing slightly at his comment, she offered her hand to help him up. He took it shakily. Once he was standing he began to brush himself off.

" Since when could y' fly?"

" Ever since ah was fourteen."

" How come y' didn't say nut'in earlier?"

" Ya didn't ask."

" Dat be twisted logic, chere."

" May be."

" How fast can y' fly?"

" Ah can break the sound barrier."

" No way."

" Oh yeah, and Ah'm a little bit faster than Magneto."

" Y' can beat Magneto?"

" Ah didn't say that."

" So y' can't."

" Ah didn't say that either."

" So y' can beat him."

" If ah really wanted ta."

" Now dat be fast."

" Come ta think of it, ah did beat Magneto once."

" Y' beat Magneto?!"

" Yup."

" What other powers do y' have?"

" Super strength."

" No y' don't."

" Yes ah do."

" No, y' can't."

" Why can't ah?"

" Because y' were struggling t' hold me when we was flying."

" Ah wasn't struggling."

" What do y' call it den?"

Rolling her eyes annoyingly, Rogue walked over to a tree and placed her hand on the trunk. First she traced her finger down the side of the tree. Then she pulled her fist back and slammed against the trunk of the tree. The tree's trunk exploded into bits and pieces of broken wood. Remy watched in awe as it fell to the ground opposite of them. Rogue then turned to face Remy.

" Do ya believe me now?"

Remy's head shook up in down with a yes manner. He remained speechless for a short moment.

" Rogue?"

" Yes."

" Why don't y' fly us down to Virginia?"

Rogue lifted her hand to the air.

" Well for one, It would attract attention."

" How?… I mean y' said y' can break the sound barrier so no one should be able to notice."

" Ah'm invulnerable."

" Yeah, so?"

" Who knows what that speed could do ta ya?'

" I'm sure I'll be fine."

" Second, In what direction is Virginia?"

" We could get a map."

" What if ah dropped ya?"

" Y' won't."

" What makes ya think ah won't?"

" Remy knows, chere, Remy knows."

Throwing her hands up in anguish, Rogue gave in. Picking him up by his underarms Rogue elevated them up far enough as to not be noticed by civilians.

" So.. Gambit, where do we go from here?"

" Hmm.. Lets stop at a gas station first."

" Yes, Cajun Lover."

" Aww.. Y' made a pet name for me."

" Hmmph."

It took mere minutes for Rogue to find a Citgo gas station. Rogue touched down behind quietly and waited for Remy to come out. After a few minutes, he emerged holding a map, a bag of Fritos, and a bottle of Gatorade.

" Aren't ya the healthy eater."

Remy grinned at Rogue mischievously and quickly finished off the Gatorade. Handing her the bag of Fritos, he continued to smile at her.

" Welcome to my world, chere."

" Hmm.."

Laughing at her, Remy glanced down the street.

" Gambit.."

" Oui, chere?"

" There will only be two bathroom breaks during our little journey."

" What about at night?"

" Depends."

" Ha… ha.. Remy be getting y' hint; Remy be back."

Another moment passed before Remy returned. Rogue stood there waiting impatiently.

" All ready, chere."

" Alright."

Once more, they took flight.

" Remy?"

" Oui, chere?"

" Ah'm about to go real fast now."

" Remy always ready, chere."

" Ya sure?"

" Oui."

Sighing to herself, Rogue spurted a huge burst of energy that made the world seem like the world was spinning around them. Suddenly she stopped and glanced downwards.

" In which direction are we supposed ta go?"

Remy pointed to her right, so Rogue continued to fly at top speed. They were like that for a while, at least till they reached Pennsylvania. Rogue touched down in Philadelphia, so that they could both have a rest. They both decided to go to McDonalds for a quick lunch. They ordered and took a seat at the tables in the back, next to the windows. Rogue looked profusely at Remy.

" So… How do ya like the flight so far?"

Looking up from his Big Mac, Remy answered between bites."

" Interesting, chere.."

" How so?"

" Well, we were just in New York at least 20 minutes ago."

" True."

Rogue took a bite into her double cheeseburger.

" Rogue?"

" Hmm?…"

" What do we do when we get t' Virginia?"

" We meet up with mah brother's associate."

" Where?"

" Don't worry, ah know where we go when we get there."

" How many times have y' done this chere?"

" About 3 times, ah guess."

" Y' did this three times already?"

" Yup, but most of the time ah fly straight to Paris."

" Why not do it now?"

" It makes me really exhausted."

" Because y' flying past the sound barrier?"

" No, 'cause ah usually fly nonstop."

A moment of silence passed before they spoke again. They were merely enjoying each others presence for a small while. The silence was broken after Remy spoke.

" You and y' brother look like twins."

" We are twins."

" Aww.."


" Y' have a twin brother."

Rolling her eyes playfully Rogue stood up. Dismissing herself to the restroom before they took off again, allowed for Remy to catch up on his thoughts. Remy knew this attraction that he was feeling towards Rogue was fatal but it was like some powerful force was pulling him towards her. He knew he couldn't have her even if she wasn't pushing him away. The aching in his soul would probably drive him into insanity if he didn't kiss her soon. Every time he looked at her, emotions would always rush in to his heart making it jump spontaneously. The fact that he hardly knew the girl didn't bother him as much as the fact that he couldn't touch her the way he wanted too. All he would have to do was close his eyes, and there she would be. Last night he had dreamt that he was making love to her over and over again. Every time he had touched her body, she would react with vibrant exuberance. The thought of the dream was making him tight that very instant.

" Remy, ya ready ta go?"

Looking away from the window, he saw Rogue standing there waiting patiently. Shaking off his thoughts, Remy nodded and they both headed out the doors. They waited until they were out of view before Rogue picked him up again. Both of them were completely oblivious to the other customers who were in the restaurant, that kept on nodding to each other about how cute the couple were.

They had flown for less than 10 minutes before it started to storm. They had only made it as far as Pittsburgh. Rogue landed gently on the ground, letting Remy go in the process.

" We should get out of the rain before we get anymore wet than we already are."

Remy looked over at Rogue, who was soaked from head to toe in rainwater. Her bangs were stuck to her face due to the storm and the wind.

" Oui, Remy agrees we should get out of de rain."

They both ran to the nearest hotel, they could spot. Remy registered them into a one bedroom suite by hypnotizing the hostess with his charm. The hostess began to lead them both down the hallway, when Rogue moved her head to whisper into Remy's ear.

" How did ya do that?"

" I like t' say it's a hidden talent o' mine."

" And all this time ah thought ya were just flirtin' with her."

" Oui, chere.. Whatever y' want t' call it.. Either way it gets results non?"

" Hmm.."

They finally reached there suite after a few minutes. The hostess handed Remy the keys, only after she batted her eyelashes at him for the hundredth time. Remy opened the door to the suite, and diligently escorted Rogue in. The room was pretty roomy, despite the huge bed in the center of the room. The room also contained a huge bathroom with a shower installation.

" Ooh, a mini bar."

Rogue turned around to see, Remy gawking at the little champagne bottles in the mini bar. Smiling at his amusement , Rogue walked over to Remy.

" Just how old are ya young man?"

" Old enough for a good drink."

Laughing at his comments. Rogue walked over to the bathroom.

" Ah'm goin' ta take a shower."

Remy looked over at her mischievously and walked over to the bed and sat down.

" I'll take one wit you."

" Remy LeBeau…"

" Kidding.. Remy just kidding.."

" Yeah right.."

" But Remy will be takin' one after y' done."

Rogue nodded and closed the door to the bathroom. And if Remy wasn't mistaken, he had also heard her turn the lock. Not shortly afterwards, did Remy hear the sound of running water. Trying to take his mind off Rogue, Remy grabbed the T.V. remote and switched the television on. He then took his wet coat off and hung it on the chair across from the bed. He also began to take off his shoes, so he wouldn't get the carpet all muddy.

After about 10 minutes had passed did Rogue emerge. She walked out of the bathroom in only a bare robe. Her body seemed to still be wet from the shower. Remy took in a deep breath to keep from having his jaw drop. The bathrobe showed most of Rogue's shapely curves as well as exposing the top half of her breasts. She looked like an angel, well as far as he was concerned anyways.

" Chere?"

" Hmm.."

" What did y' do with y' wet clothes?"

" Ah put 'em under that air dryer thing."

" Smart thinking."

" Ah know."

Remy stood up and grabbed Rogue by the waist and playfully threw her on the bed.

" Lets play doctor!"

" Remy…ah.."

Before Rogue could finish her sentence, Remy came down on her and began to tickle her. Hysterical laughter burst out of her as Remy continued to tickle her.

" Ahh.. Remy.. Stop it.. Ah'm ticklish.."

After a little while, Remy eventually ceased tickling her and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Rogue began to flip through the channels of the T.V., she eventually stopped on the news. The reporters were speaking to Senator Kelly on the Mutant Issue, for the fiftieth time already. Each time he found some way to insult mutants, and frankly the man got on her nerves. So Rogue, flipped the T.V. station to Jerry Springer. Rogue was watching a transvestite reveal to his lover that he was really a man, when Remy came out of the bathroom. He was wearing a similar bathrobe when he walked out of the bathroom. His casual charm was enhanced tenfold when Rogue noticed his muscular ….arms.

" Lookin' good there Remy."

" Remy always looks good chere, and y' not lookin' to shabby neither."

Smiling shyly at Remy, Rogue turned back to the T.V.. Remy sat down next to Rogue on the bed.

" What you be watchin' chere?"

" Good ol' Jerry Springer."

" The classics eh?"

" Nuthin better."

A long moment passed before they spoke.

" Rogue?"

" Hmm.."

" Do y' like me?"

Rogue turned her head to face Remy's.

" What do ya mean?"

" I mean do y' like me?"

" Sure.. Ah guess."

Remy's eyes got intense as he stared at her. A loud thunder noise cracked outside nearly making Rogue jump.

" Do y' want me?"

" Want you?"

" Oui."

" Ya mean as a friend?"

" Y' know what I mean."

Rogue sat up straighter and faced him. She knew that exactly what he was talking about. She had liked him from the first time she laid eyes on him. Plus, the way Remy was using first person gave it away. The man rarely spoke about himself in the first person.

" In all honesty?"

" Oui."

" Yes, ah do."

" Good."

" Why?"

Remy didn't answer her. He merely took her hand in his. Rogue stared at their hands in shock as she realized that they were touching.

" But.. How?"

" Tell y' later."

Then Remy leaned and kissed Rogue on the lips. Rogue was still trying to get over the initial shock that their skin was touching, so she put up no resistance as he pushed her gently on the bed. Her lips were so soft against his. Every time he touched her skin, new sensations filled his body. Her body smelled vaguely of a fragrantly rich lavender.

Rogue's shock quickly faded after she felt Remy's weight pressed up against her body. She was overcome by fear and passion at the same time. It wasn't long before she found herself kissing him readily back. Pure ecstasy swept over her as she felt him pull down her bathrobe. She could feel his lips tracing down her breastplate, eventually resting on her erected nipples. He moved from her breasts to the crook of her neck. Tingling sensations jolted up her spine causing for her to back to arch upwards.

Her body felt so good against his. Unknown desires filled his mind when he felt her hands caressing his chest. The moans that escaped her mouth gave him more motivation to find a way inside her. He could feel himself hardening that second, but he couldn't go in her yet. Not until she experienced the highest bliss.

She didn't know how much more of this she could handle. She had a throbbing so deep in her, that she was beginning to ache. Suddenly Rogue felt Remy move down to her lower area.

" Wait Remy… no.."

Remy stopped her from finishing her sentence by engulfing his mouth with hers. Then he put one finger over her mouth in a sensual way.

" Don' worry chere."

Then he continued to move down to her lower portion. His hand caressed her lower belly until it reached the very heat of her. He could feel her body shudder with pleasure underneath him. He spread her thighs tenderly and darted his tongue in and out of her clit. The reaction she had to this was enough to make him lose his self control. Her moans begged him to stop but he refused to cease until he knew she had reached her peak. He continued to dive his tongue in and out as well as fondle her clit till she nearly screamed with pleasure.

" Oh… Remy… please.. Ah think ah might die…."

Remy moved up from her lower portion and began to caress her breasts once more. With her provocative squirming underneath him, he was lucky to hold off from coming into her.

" Please chere… please be still.."

" Ah…can't…"

Her movements grew more and more sensual as he kissed her neck. The more she moved, the more he ached to be in her. The feeling became so intense that he couldn't stand it any longer. He thought he was to surely die if he didn't. But he still had enough control to take it slow with her. He knew she was still a virgin, so he couldn't go to fast without scaring her.

" Chere, wrap y' arms around me."

Obediently, she wrapped both arms around his neck. Her breathing was erratic due to her passionate sweeps.

" Chere I want y' to trust me."

" Ah trust ya, Remy."

Remy shifted his body weight directly over hers. Then he looked deeply into Rogue's eyes. They glistened with hot passion as he kissed her on her lips once more.

" Chere, do y' love me?"

Rogue's hand lifted to the side of his face. One hand softly stroked through his hair. Then she looked lovingly into his eyes.

" Ah love ya with all mah heart."

Remy kissed her numerous times on the lips. He looked at her passionately before he spoke.

" Jetaime Rogue."

At that moment a sharp pain filled Rogue in her lower area. It felt like he was tearing her apart from the inside out. Tears began to flow incessantly down her cheeks and she had to take in sharp breaths to maintain her composure.

Remy's heart practically broke when he saw the look of pain on Rogue's face. He felt like a cruel monster the way he heard her cries.

" Oh, Rogue mah cherie… I'm so sorry.."

Rogue looked up at Remy and lifted her hand to the side of his face. He could feel her hand shaking as she tried to bravely smile for him.

" Don' worry… ah'll be fine.."

" Chere.."

Before he could finish his apology, Rogue kissed him tenderly on the lips. Smiling at her in the middle of the kiss, Remy did what he could to rekindle her passion. It didn't take long before they both were swimming in ecstasy once more. This time around, Rogue didn't allow for him to be gentle. Her nails dug into his back as he thrusted into her. Their moans rang throughout the room as he pushed deeper and deeper into her. Sweat dripped from Remy's brow as he slammed into her over and over again.

Her vision was becoming more and more blurred by each moment. The world was spinning around her so viciously that she didn't know whether to become afraid or not. She didn't have much time to think, because of the vibrant passion that was sweeping over her. She felt like she was going to die from pleasure at any moment.

He knew he was about to reach his climax at any given moment. His worry was that he would before Rogue had a chance to feel the desire that he felt for her.

" Ah love you Remy.."

Rogue's outburst gave Remy new hope. He could feel Rogue's body arch against his as the both of them released at the same time. Different emotions of love mixed together as well as relief. Remy collapsed on top of Rogue's body. His breathing came in deep breaths as he laid on top of her. Rogue was still under the hypnotizing effects because she continued to stroke his arms.

" I love you with all my soul, my cherie."

Rogue continued to run her fingers through his hair lovingly. Both of their bodies were intertwined between the bed sheets and robes. The sound of rain pattering on the windows made the atmosphere seem more relaxed. Remy rolled off Rogue's body but managed to wrap his arm around her waist in the process. Rogue's body felt so warm next to his and she fit perfectly in his arms. She was his mischievous girl, now his mischievous lover. He had never felt so content in his entire life. And the fact that she just admitted that she loved him as well made his contentment even more satisfying.

Remy glanced over at his lover, and smiled to see that she was resting peacefully. He stroked her hair from her face and then leaned over to kiss her forehead. Surprisingly enough, he felt exhausted. Remy glanced over at the T.V. screen. He realized that they must have left the T.V. on the entire time. There was the off air buzzing noise escaping from the channel. Remy reached for the remote on the nightstand and switched to the News. He only turned there to find out what the time was when he saw the Senator Kelly man still getting interviewed by reporters. Irritatingly, Remy switched the T.V. off. Glancing out the window, Remy saw that it was still raining pretty hard. Pulling Rogue's body closer, Remy drifted into a satisfied sleep.

" Sleep well, my Cherie."


It was still raining hard when she awoke. Rogue didn't feel like moving anyways. She could feel Remy's breath on the back of her neck. Turning gently, as to not to disturb his slumber, Rogue managed to sit up in the bed. Her body was painfully stiff, probably from last night's activities.

" How y' be doin' chere?"

Whipping around, Rogue saw Remy sitting up looking at her.

" Ah'm fine Swamp Rat."

Smiling, Remy grabbed Rogue playfully around her waist and lifted her over on top of him. The shriek of surprise only made Remy laugh aloud. The surprise wore off rather quickly when she regained her poise. Resting her head on his chest, Rogue smiled and sighed contently to herself.

" Remy?"


" How?.."

" Your love canceled out y' powers."

" Mah love?.."

Remy took his hand and lifted Rogue's chin upwards to face him. He looked into her eyes passionately as he spoke.

" Oui, y' love for me canceled out y' powers."

Rogue smiled and leaned forward and kissed him gently on the lips. Remy wrapped his arms around her body and pulled her closer to him.

" Chere…"

Both of them held each other in that embrace for a short while. Eventually, Rogue sat up straighter and tried to make her back rigid.

" Remy.. We have to get to Virginia."

Remy sat up in the bed, still holding Rogue in his lap he whispered softly into her ear deliberately sending chills of pleasure down her spine.

" But chere, it still be rainin'."

Turning around so he could hold her in his arms. Rogue answered.

" Ah'm sure we could take a taxi or sumthin."

" In dis storm, chere?"

Taking his hand in hers, Rogue began to scoot off the bed.

" We have ta meet up with mah brother soon."

The urgency in her voice, hit Remy hard. He knew he was keeping Rogue from finding the rest of the Xmen. He followed Rogue to the restroom, he still had his arm wrapped around her waist. Then he swooped her up into the air and sat her on the counter of the bathroom sink. Her robe fell revealing her bare…. shoulders.

" Oui chere, we will find a taxi to take us to Virginia."

Rogue's eyes brightened at his words.

" We should start early."

" Oui, chere."

Rogue jumped down from the counter and walked over to her clothes. They were slightly damp but they could still be worn.

" Chere.. How about if we get y' some more clothes?"

Rogue smiled at him mischievously.

" Now why would we want ta do that?'

Remy returned her smile with one of his own.

" We won't want y' to be walking around in dem wet clothes."

" Ya clothes are just as wet."

" Oui chere, dey are."

Rogue walked over to Remy's side.

" Maybe we can get the maid ta dry them for us."

Remy put his hand on her shoulder and squeezed it.

" What will de lady be tinkin' when she see two half naked people?"

Rogue leaned up on her tiptoes and kissed him squarely on the cheek.

" She'll just be thinking that she saw two half naked people."

" Remy likes y' reasoning, chere."

"Ah figured ya would."

They both left the bathroom and sat on the bed. Rogue reached over to the bedside phone and handed it to Remy.

" You should talk to her."

" Why?"

" 'Cause ya can use that special charming technique on her."

" I don' know if it works over the phone."

" With that smooth voice, ya can work miracles."

Grinning at Rogue mischievously, Remy dialed the hotels number and asked that a maid be sent up there as well as room service.

The maid showed up five minutes after Remy had called, so she could gather up the clothes to put in the dryer. Remy laid so much charm on her, that the woman almost fainted from pure lust. Rogue had been taking a shower the whole time, so she wouldn't disturb Remy's so called vibe. She wasn't worried about Remy making a pass at the woman because she knew that Remy loved her and her alone.

By the time Rogue had finished taking her shower the room service arrived.

When Rogue emerged from the shower, Remy noticed the waiter's jaw drop. A surge of jealousy hit Remy real hard. Rogue was completely oblivious to the man's gawking when she walked out of the bathroom. The man didn't hide his amusement even when Rogue bent down to rub lotion on her legs.

" How much will dat be?"

The waiter was too busy gawking at Rogue to notice that Remy was talking to him. Suddenly Rogue got up from the bed and strode over to Remy's side.

" Excuse mah intrusion, but how much would this cost?"

The waiter managed to snap back into reality to answer her.

" Err.. That is .. Its on the house ma'am."

Rogue stared at the waiter for a moment.

" Are ya sure about that?"

The waiter nodded his head numerous times. Then he rushed out of the room to try to avoid any more glaring from Remy. Rogue turned to face Remy.

" Wasn't that nice of him?"

Remy turned to her disbelievingly.

" Chere, didn't y' notice him ogling you?"

" Of course ah did."

Rogue turned to look at the tray that the waiter had brought.

" He was lookin' at y' like a piece of meat."

" As do many.."

" Huh?"

" Mah plan worked didn't it?"

" What plan?"

" Ah worked mah own charm."

Realizing what she meant, Remy smiled.

" Non chere, dat supposed t' be my technique."

" Hmm.."

Remy spun Rogue into his arms and held her closer to him. Then he leaned over and kissed her on her lips.

" Did ah make ya jealous?"

" Oui chere, Remy not to proud to admit it."

Rogue laughed aloud at his honesty. Rogue gently pulling away from Remy to eat a bagel from the tray. Remy smiled at her and grabbed himself some omelet. Rogue plopped on top of the bed munching on the bagel while consistently changing the T.V. channels.

" De maid says dat our clothes should be finished dryin' in twenty minutes."

Rogue looked over at Remy and nodded. When they both finished breakfast, they sat and waited for the maid to return with their clothes. Remy went into the bathroom to take a shower, while Rogue cleaned off the bed sheets. When Remy came out of the shower, he saw Rogue sprawled across the bed.

" Chere?"

" Hmm..?"

" Havin' fun?"

" Ah don't know."

Remy walked over to Rogue and kissed her on the forehead. Rogue wrapped her arms around Remy's neck and pulled him closer to her.

" Y' tryin' t' go for round 2, chere? "

Rogue smiled seductively at his comment and kissed him hard on the lips. Suddenly a news flash on the T.V. caught Rogue's attention. Turning her head to the side, she saw a slightly tall teenage boy with silverish hair getting interviewed by a reporter.

" Oh mah… Remy!"

" What?"

" Ain't that Pietro?"

Remy shifted his body weight around to face the television screen.

" Oui, I t'ink it is."

" What's he doin on T.V.?"

Before they could find out, a knock came at the door.

" That must be de maid with our clothes. "

Rogue followed him to the door and waited for him to stop flirting with the maid. After a small while Remy managed to stop teasing the poor woman. He turned around and handed her, her newly dry clothes. Rogue took her robe off and began to get into her jeans. Suddenly she sensed Remy's hands wrap around her waist again, and also she felt him pull her closer to him. Then he leaned forward and kissed her collar bone. Rogue shivered from the pleasure the kiss gave her.

" Now who's tryin' for round two?"

Remy laughed at her analogy and released her so they both could get dressed. They headed out of the suite room and walked down the stairs to the main desk. Remy managed to charm the hostess to a point of only having to pay half price for the suite room plus a bonus discount. The rain seemed to be letting up a small bit when they walked out to catch a cab. After about ten minutes, they were able to get a taxi. Remy escorted her into the car diligently.

" How far do you peoples want ta go?"

" How far can y' take us to Virginia?"

" I can take you guys as far as New Jersey."

" Fine."

The car ride was long and boring. Every now and then the cab driver would strike up a conversation with Remy about some sport on T.V. or on the radio. Remy and "Chad" would talk for a small while and then would come an awkward silence. Rogue fell asleep on Remy's shoulder during the journey so she couldn't help their situation. After about three hours, they managed to reach New Jersey. Remy gently shook Rogue awake and paid the tab. The cab driver drove away with a heavy sum of money.

" Remy?"

" Oui chere?"

" Where do ya get all the money?"

" Dat be my little secret, chere."

Rolling her eyes annoyingly, Rogue looked up at the sky. It seemed the rain would stop for a small while.

" Cajun…"

" Oui, my Cherie."

" I need ya ta prepare for full speed again."

" Y' goin'' t' fly?"

" Yes, Swamp Rat."

She grabbed him by his waist and flew upwards into the air.

" Ready, Cajun?.."

" Oui, chere."

Once more Rogue flew at top speed. She went a little bit faster than usual because she figured that they needed to make up for lost time. After about twenty minutes Rogue stopped in midair and glanced down at Remy.

" Gambit.."

" Oui chere?"

" We'll be in Virginia in less than fifteen minutes."

" Dat fast chere?"

" Yes."

" Are y' okay chere, y' look real tired."

Rogue smiled wearily down at him.

" Ah'll be fine Cajun.. Just worry about me not dropping ya."

" Remy don' need t' worry 'bout dat."

" Hmm…"

Rogue sped up once more and managed to get them in Virginia in less than ten minutes. She didn't stop until she reached an old abandoned warehouse. She touched down in front of the doors of the warehouse and knocked on it in many different intricate patterns. Suddenly a tall husky looking man emerged from the Warehouse.

" You Spike's sister?"

" Who wants ta know?"

" Accomplice."

" Just get us to Paris."

" How much you got?"

" You'll get paid when ya get us ta Paris."

" Fine."

He lead them both into the warehouse and switched on a light. In there they saw a small black jet with exactly two seats in them. He seated them both and typed in the coordinates for Spike's lodge. The man looked over at Rogue and spoke.

"How will I receive the money?"

" Mah brother will have it wired into ya account."

He nodded his head at her obviously content with her answer. Then he manually opened the warehouse doors allowing for the jet's autopilot to take over. The jet speeded off into the air with small amounts of turbulence.

" Chere.."

" Hmm.."

" You are truly the master of negotiations."

" Ah know."

After about 25 minutes, they reached Paris. The jet seemed to fly about the same speed as Rogue did. Eventually they began to land on a huge estate. They both got out of the mini jet and watched it take off once more. Rogue took Remy's hand and led him down the estate. They walked in silence until they reached a enormous mansion. Squeezing Remy's hand Rogue turned and looked up at Remy.

" Remy…"

" Oui, chere."

" Ah have a certain persona that ah follow down here."

" What kind?… are y' a prostitute or sumthin?"

" Whoa…. Not anythin' like that!"

" Oh… dat would have been cute though."

" Ah'm sure it would be."

" So what persona do y' have?"

" Ah'm the famed French supermodel, Le'trange."

"Remy wondered why y' was so cute."

" Gee… and ah thought ya would be upset."

" Why would Remy be upset?……He be having a supermodel for a girlfriend."

" Ya goin' ta get jealous."

" Why?"

"Cause other men will be lookin' at me."

" Remy won' be jealous chere."

" Just like ya weren't jealous when the waiter was lookin' at me."

" Dat was different chere."

" Sure.."

Rogue lead him up to the front steps of the mansion and rang the doorbell. After a small moment, a pretty woman opened the door.

" Bonjour."

" Hello, may ah speak with mah brother please?"

" And he would be?"

" Spike Spiegel."

" Oh my… are y' Le'trange?"

" Yes."

The pretty young lady turned around immediately and spoke to another woman.

" Risa, is going to get him now.. Would y' please come in?"

Rogue followed the pretty woman into the mansion. Remy stood protectively behind her, carefully observing the surroundings. She lead them both into a huge living room and showed them to the couches. Rogue sat gracefully upon the couch. Crossing her legs elegantly Rogue looked over at Remy. Making sure the woman left the room, Rogue spoke.

" Ah have to put on airs."

" Remy notice nothing."

Smiling luminously at Remy, she turned her head to face the window. Not to soon after did the pretty woman return.

" Monsieur Spike says that he was expectin' you."

" Oui."

" Please make yourselves at home."

" Thank ya kindly miss."

" You can call me Natalia."

" And ya can call me Rogue."

Both women smiled at each other politely. Natalia left them in the room alone.

" Chere?"

" Yes Cajun?"

" Does y' brother own dis mansion?"

" Yes."

" Where'd he get de money?"

" Ya wouldn't believe me if ah told ya."

" Try me."

" Ah'd rather not."

Suddenly, a tall man walked into the room. Remy recognized him from the monitor back in that underground lair. Rogue stood up and greeted him with a smile.

" Hello brother."

The tall man glided quickly over to his sister and embraced in her in a suffocating hug.

" For the love…..Let me go Spike!"

" Mah little sister has returned to Paris."

" Ya kinda crushin' me Spike.."

" Nonsense.."

He eventually let her go after squeezing her for a little bit longer. Rogue brushed her shirt off and looked up at Spike.

" Why do ya keep callin' me ya little sister?"

" 'Cause ah'm older, that's why."

" Only by seven minutes!."

" Makin' me older dan you."

Rolling her eyes exasperatingly, Rogue lifted her hand in the air to introduce Remy.

" Ah believe ya have already met Remy LeBeau."

"Oui, we have.. Bonjour Monsieur LeBeau."

" I believe it would be more like Bonsoir."

Spike laughed and shook his head.

" Ah would have ta agree wit y' Monsieur LeBeau."

" Y' can call me Gambit or Remy."

" Merci, Remy."

Spike turned to face Rogue.

" By de way Rogue, ah have a surprise for ya."

" A surprise?"

" Oui, follow me."

Rogue followed behind Spike into the kitchen. Rogue stood there confused on what she should see.

" So… what's the surprise?"

" Hey Stripes."

Rogue whipped around to see Logan standing behind her.

" Logan, ya'll alive!"

Rogue flung herself onto Logan and hugged him. Logan stood here half surprised and half amused. When Rogue pulled herself back, Logan shook his head at her.

" You're one crazy kid."

" Yup."

Realizing that Remy was standing behind her, Rogue grabbed his hand and put it into Logan's.

" Logan this is Remy LeBeau, Remy this is Logan."

Both men shook each others hands. Rogue was completely unaware of the tension in each of their grips. She was to happy to notice much of anything. Rogue glided over to Spike and glared at him suspiciously.

" Ya knew he was alive when ah contacted ya didn't ya?"

" Well, not right away…"

Spike was giving her the same mischievous look as he did when they were younger.

" Ya do understand that ah'm goin' to have ta kill ya now."

Spike kept the same smile on her face as she neared him. Then he playfully stuck his tongue out at her. Rogue smiled back at him and hugged him lightly.

" Ah really am glad ta see ya again, Spike."

" Duhh… Everybody is happy ta see Spike Spiegel."

" Oh yeah Spike… Everybody loves Spike."

" Oui, it be de sad truth."

Both of them laughed at each other before they turned to look at Remy and Logan. Logan had moved to lean over on the side wall. Remy was observing them from afar.

" Spike?"

" Oui, Remy?"

" Y' de only one who lives in dis big ol' house?"

Rogue, Spike, and Logan looked at each other and erupted into laughter. After a few minutes, they began to die down. Rogue, who was holding her sides, turned and looked up at Remy smiling.

" Remy… this is only the first floor."

" De first floor?"

Spike walked over to Remy and put his hand on Remy's shoulder.

" Dere are many, many different compartments ta dis mansion."

Remy stared dumbfounded at Spike. Spike sighed patiently and lead them all out of the kitchen into another room.

" Elevator Open."

The wall to the room suddenly opened with a swoosh. They all walked into the elevator. Logan pressed one of the side buttons and the door swooshed close. Rogue turned to ask Spike a question.

" So Spike… how many girlfriends do ya have now?"

Spike smiled devilishly at Rogue.

" I dunno, maybe twenty or so.."

" I think you better make that forty something."

Spike laughed aloud at Logan's comment. The elevator stopped descending and the doors swooshed open once more. When they walked out of the elevator, Rogue practically watched Remy's jaw drop. They were surrounded by a variety of gorgeous women. Each one greeting both him and Spike provocatively. Logan ignored the women's pleas and continued to walk. Spike grinned at Remy and led Rogue down a different hallway while Remy made himself acquainted with the other women. Logan had already left to go training in the exercise room. Spike guided Rogue a small ways away from Remy before he spoke. Spike looked worriedly at Rogue.

" Rogue?"

" Hmm.."

" Are ya in love wit dat man?"

" Why?"

" Y' know we can't get too close ta anyone."

" Ah know Spike."

" Ah'm just warnin' ya."

" Ah know.. Ah remember what happened last time one of us got too close."

Nodding his head at her, Spike allowed for Rogue to walk back to where Remy was standing. He knew his little sister was in love with him. He knew there was nothing he could do or say to make her stop. He wanted with all his heart for his sister to be happy, but he knew that she would never be. He knew none of them would ever be truly happy since the incident. Spike watched Rogue grab Remy's arm and lead him down the hallway in which her dorm was located. Spike could easily tell that Remy LeBeau would probably do everything in his power to save the woman he loves, but his sacrifice would be in vain. Spike sadly glanced over at his harem of women. The only person he had ever gotten close to was Rogue. Yet he still longed for love.


" Where y' be takin' me chere?"

Rogue led Remy down the hallway for a small while until they reached a white door. She turned the knob and walked in. The inside of the room was huge. There was a small bed in the farthest corner with a matching nightstand. There was also a desk with a small laptop on it. He noticed the nicely handcrafted furniture. There was also a giant Entertainment Center located on the far wall across from the bed.

" This is mah room."

" Cozy chere."

Remy grabbed Rogue by the shoulders and planted a light kiss on her lips. Smiling Rogue pulled away from Remy gently and walked over to the laptop. Remy followed close behind her and observed her working the computer.

" What y' be lookin' for chere?"

" Nuthin yet."

" Yet?"

" It'll be explained later."

Rogue turned and walked out of the room.

" Ah have ta train now."

" Train?"

" Yup."

" I'll train too."

" If ya really want ta."

Rogue walks down a series f different hallways before they ran into Spike.

" Howdy Spike."

" Howdy Rogue.. What ya doin'?"

" We're about ta go ta the training room."

" Ah t'ink dat ah'll be joinin' ya."

All three of them walked slowly to the exercise room. On the way there, Spike discussed the different techniques that both him and Rogue used to use during battles. Remy listened attentively to their reminisces of old opponents and potentially new ones.

" Spike… do ya remember Charity?"

" Oh yeah… ah remember her!"

" Remember her…"

(both together..)

" Psychotically episodes of charitable dementia!"

Remy smiled at them both as they cracked up laughing.

" Why don' y' both show some of dem moves?"

Spike glanced over at Rogue mischievously and she nodded at him. Rogue opened the door to the training room and directed Remy to the safety of the control room.

" Stay here."

" Why?"

" You'll see."

With that, Rogue followed Spike into the training room. When they sealed the training room door shut, Spike looked over at Rogue.

" Y' ready?"

" Always."

Spike smiled and looked upwards.

" Activate LOGAN'S RUN."

All of the sudden, huge machines and mechanical devices darted out of the walls. As well as about five sentinels came from a hidden wall.

Rogue spun around the first sentinel and managed to take out its legs. Spike leapt up into the air gracefully and landed lightly on the sentinel's back. Spike used his fist to bust through its titanium shields to rip out the wires controlling it. Quick to dodge one of the huge machines firing lasers, he watched Rogue destroy it with a devastating high kick. In a matter of minutes both he and his sister had managed to take out all of the enemy machines and sentinels.


All of the debris disappeared immediately and they were once more in a huge dome shaped room. Rogue opened the exiting door and walked out to greet Remy.

" Wow, chere.. "

" Eh.. It was a little easy."

Spike smiled at her.

" Now, lil' sis… it was because I was in dere."

" Aren't ya the cocky one."

" Oui, ah am."

Rogue and Spike laughed at each other.

" Oh yeah, Rogue ?"

" Yes Spike."

" Ah kinda sorta have a favor t' ask you."

" What kind of favor."

" Y' kinda have ta go on a blind date."

" WHAT!"

" Now… don' get angry.."

" What…don't get angry…"

" Y' just have t' go on a date with Leader."

" Leader?! What why?"

" We have a huge operation goin' on down here which requires Leader's cooperation."

" And mah cooperation as well?"

" Yup."

Spike stared at Rogue pleadingly. He saw Remy watching out of the corner of his eye. He turned his eyes back to Rogue.

" C'mon Rogue.."

" No."

" Please…"

" No.."

" Please…"

" No."

" Y' would have ta do it anyway."

" What d'ya mean?"

" It was de catch."

" Ya said there was no catch."

" I lied."

" Should've figured that."

" Yup.. So y' gon' do it?"

" No."

" C'mon…"

" No."

" Please.."

" No."

" Sil vous plait.."

" No…. No… No…. NO!"

" Ah'll go wit you ta find de Xmen."

Rogue looked at him inquisitively for a small moment.

" Ya would have done that anyways."

" Oui, but this would give me more incentive."

" Oh for the love of… "

" C'mon.."

" Spike.."

" Please.."

" Will ya stop askin' me if ah do?"

" Yes."

" O.K."

" Please…"

" Ah just said ah would.."

" Good, be ready by nine."

" But that only gives me thirty minutes."

" Yup, better get de lead out."

" Spike…. You owe me big time.."

" Yeah…. Yeah…"

Rogue watched Spike walk away. Shaking her head she turned around to face Remy. Amused by his concealed jealousy, Rogue smiled. Then she grabbed his hand and led him back down the hallway.

" Chere."

" Yes, Cajun."

" Y' didn' say nut'in 'bout dating."

Laughing softly, Rogue looked up at Remy.

" Didn't think ah had ta."

" Who is dis leader anyway?"

" His name is Leader and ah don't know much about him."

" And y' have t' date him?"

" Yes."

Remy went silent for a small moment before he spoke.

" Is he handsome?"

Rogue looked up idly at Remy.

" What?"

Remy looked down at Rogue seriously.

" Would y' be attracted t' him in anyway?"

Rogue matched his stare with one of her own.

" Remy.. If I was attracted to him, I would be with him right now."

Remy seemed moderately satisfied with her answer because he kissed her lightly on the forehead.

Rogue and Remy walked as quickly as they could back to her dorm room to find Logan waiting for her.

" Howdy Logan."

" Hey Stripes. . . Spike told me to give this dress to ya."

In his hands, Logan held a long emerald green colored dress. Rogue carefully took it from him and examined it.

" He said ya already had the matchin' shoes."

Rogue nodded and thanked him and went inside the dorm room to change. Both Logan and Remy waited patiently outside for her to finish. Logan turned to face Remy.

" So you like stripes?"

" Y' could say dat."

" Either yes or no."

" Why?"

" Because that kid's been hurt too many times."

" I don' plan on hurtin' Rogue."

Logan could hear the vehemence in his voice. As well as see his dedication to Rogue. He still didn't trust him but he would accept him for Rogue's sake. Suddenly he sensed Spike's scent coming up behind them.

" Spike."

" Hi Logan… how come y' not be dressed yet?"

" I am."

" Logan…."

" Listen Bub.. I don't even know this Leader guy and I don't plan to neither."

Spike shook his head impatiently and turned to face Remy.

" I need t' get y' a tux."

" Me?"

" Yup… you're goin' ta be a part in dis transaction as well."

" What?…"

" Mah dear sister will need assistance if t'ings get out of hand."

" Out of hand?"

" Never mind that… lets get y' suited up."

" Huh?"

Before Spike could lead Remy away to get a tuxedo that fit him, Rogue exited the room. Spike was sure that both Remy and Logan's jaws must have dropped at the same time. She stood there looking radiant in the emerald green dress. Her wavy locks of hair cascaded down the open back of the dress. The split in the side of her dress led all the way to her upper thigh revealing her long shapely legs. Her shoes had a stiletto-like heels which advanced her usual height a small bit. She wore huge silver hoop earrings with small diamonds in her second hole. Around her neck was a silver necklace with a small ankh shaped cross. Straightening her matching green gloves, she looked up at her brother and frowned.

" Spike?"

Smiling at her Spike, walked over to her.

" Yes… dear sister."

Still frowning, Rogue responded.

" Don't ya think this is kinda over doin' it?"

Spike waved his hand in the air carelessly and frowned slightly at her.

" No.. if anythin' …. it not revealing enough."

" Spike… ah'll kill ya."

" Not until de date be over y' won't."

Rolling her eyes, Rogue stared sternly at Spike.

" So why aren't ya dressed already?"

Spike waved his hand at the direction where both Logan and Remy were standing dumfounded.

" Ah got t' find a tux for Remy and Logan is just being defiant."

" Ah'll help ya then, considering we only have ten minutes left."

Rogue grabbed Logan's and Remy's hands and dragged them down the hallway. She led them into a room full of many different varieties of clothes. She showed them to the men section and allowed for them to pick out their own tuxedo. Though the only thing she could get Logan to wear was a small black bowtie. Sighing she allowed for him to wallow in the comforts of the dark corner while she helped Remy and Spike pick out their outfits. While they were changing in the dressing rooms, Rogue walked over to join Logan.

" Are ya sure ya just want ta wear a bowtie?"

" Kid, I wouldn't be wearing that if y' didn't keep buggin' me."

" Okay, Okay.."

Logan smiled slightly at her anguish.

" You've really grown up kid."

" Uh… thanks."

Glancing over at the dressing room and hearing French curses, Logan turned back to face Rogue.

" You're in love with that Cajun ain't ya?"

Rogue turned away shyly.

" Yes."

Placing a hand on her shoulder Logan squeezed it slightly.

" I'm sure he loves y' too."

" Ah know he does.."

The sadness in her voice made him flinch slightly. He always knew that Rogue spent the majority of her life furthering herself from people. He knew the pain that she felt when she saw other people in relationships knowing that she could never have one. He was glad that she found someone to share her pain but he could tell that she was regretting getting with him.

" You're afraid that y' going to hurt him aren't you?"

" Ah'm goin' ta have ta break it off with him.."

He could see her eyes well up tearfully.

" You don't have to."

Rogue smiled at his attempt to cheer her up.

" Yes ah do…"

" Why break it off if you love him?"

" Its hard ta explain."

" Is it your powers?"

" No… his powers diminish mah absorbing power enough so they don't hurt him."

" Well then… what's the problem?"

" Its getting too dangerous, ah have ta break it off before….."

" What?"

Before she could finish her sentence both Spike and Remy exited the dressing rooms looking downright handsome. Whistling at them, Rogue managed to change the subject before she had to answer Logan's question. Spike adjusted his tuxedo while Remy examined himself in the mirror. Suddenly the pretty lady named Natalia came into the room to notify them that Leader had just arrived. Not to soon after did they all walk into the elevator. Spike turned to look over at his sister. She looked stunning as usual, but of course it ran in their genes.

" Rogue."

" What?"

" Y' know what y' got ta do right?"

" Unfortunately, yes.."

" And what would dat be?"

Sighing impatiently, Rogue answered.

" Flirt like Hell."

" Exactly."

The elevators swooshed open moments after. They filed out slowly with Rogue and Spike in the front while Logan and Remy followed in the back. When they walked into the main lobby, they saw a ruggedly handsome man waiting for them. He arose from the chair in which he was sitting. Practically gliding over to where they were, he shook hands with Spike.

"A delight t' see you again Monsieur Spike."

" As always."

" Still cocky as ever I see."

The man named Leader turned to face Rogue, in which he then snapped off a brilliantly attractive smile.

" And would dis gorgeous lady be your sister?"

Spike turned to introduce Rogue.

" Dis is mah sister Rogue."

The man lifted her gloved hand and kissed it politely and stared at her deeply in the eyes. His eyes were a beautiful chestnut brown and they glittered when the light hit them. If it wasn't for her love for Remy, she might have actually swooned over this man. But there was something about him that irritated her, she just couldn't place it.

" It is a pleasure to meet such an astonishingly beautiful woman."

Rogue smiled at him flirtatiously as she withdrew her hand.

" Thank ya kindly sir."

Rogue made sure that she emphasized the richer and deeper tones of her southern accent into her introduction. Making sure that he was completely captivated by her, she silently gestured to her brother that they needed to leave to the restaurant. Spike moved up to her sister's side and politely pointed out that they had to get to Chez Pierre or their reservations would become expired. Leader lifted his arm slightly to allow for her to slide her arm through so he could escort her to the limo waiting outside. Telepathically Rogue sent Spike a message.


" Oh man Spike… you owe me big time!"

" What… don' y' like him?"

" There is something about him that annoys me."

" What?"

" Ah don't know…. And that bugs me!"

" Don' worry… its only going t' be dinner at Chez Pierre and then it'll be over."

" Yeah right… its never just over."

" Don' worry…. We'll be right behind ya."

" That's what ah'm worried about."

Spike smiled at her from behind and stayed back a little bit until he could see them get into the limousine. He knew they weren't going to leave without him or the others so he wasn't worried. Turning to face Logan and Remy, he smiled cockily.

" She doesn't like him."

Logan frowned at him.

" How do you know?"

Laughing at Logan he gestured for them to follow him to the limo. Then he turned to see if Natalia was ready. He was going to use her as a ploy so he could get closer to Leader during the dinner date. Natalia stood there waiting as they neared the limousine.

" Lets just say… ah can communicate with mah sister."

Escorting Natalia into the limousine and following after her, Spike smiled politely at Leader. Sitting down across from Rogue and Leader, Logan and Remy stared at them. Well, they mostly were staring at Leader. The limousine revved up and began to drive. Leader, who was still staring at Rogue, tried to strike up small conversation with Spike about Mutant Issues.

" So you're saying, that y' don't care either way if mutants are treated with respect or not?"

" I don't say that, Its just that it doesn't matter if they're respected or not."

" And why do y' say that?"

" Now don't take offense Spike, I know you're a mutant."

Rogue shifted and looked over at Leader.

" Ah'm a mutant."

Leader looked over at her in surprise.

" I have nothing against mutants."

Rogue stared back at him apathetically.

" Ah'm sure ya don't.. "

Turning her head to look out the window, she could feel herself smiling slightly. She knew she was giving him the impression that she had taken offense to his words. This would change her situation during the date. Instead of her trying to get on his good side, he would spend the majority of the time trying to prove to her that he wasn't some self-centered jerk.

Spike hid his smile as he watched his sister's technique in action. He knew exactly what she planned to do. Remy and Logan were completely oblivious to her ingenious plan, they actually believed that her feelings were hurt by Leader's remark. Logan looked ready to slaughter Leader and Remy wasn't looking any less hostile. They managed to reach Chez Pierre before any blood was shed. The limo driver walked around the side of the limo and opened the door. The limo driver carefully escorted Rogue and Natalia out of the limousine, while the men followed not to soon after. They all walked into the French restaurant, to meet up with the host. The waiter guided them to their table and had them order. Leader turned to face Logan and Remy.

" Spike… I do believe you haven't introduced me to the other men."

Spike looked over at Remy and Logan, smiling lightly he took a small sip of champagne.

"Oh.. dis one here is mah sister's bodyguard… Gambit."

Spike pointed to Remy as he spoke.

" Her body guard?"

Spike shook his hand impatiently and addressed Leader.

" In case y' haven't noticed, mah sister is the famed supermodel Le'trange."

" Oui."

" Well, she needs protection being a supermodel and all.."

Leader sensually glanced over at Rogue who was watching her brother.

" Ah'll watch over her."

Spike grimaced slightly but kept a smile on his face. He knew the man was really beginning to get on Rogue's nerves. Spike turned to introduce Logan to Leader.

" And dis man is mah personal advisor."

" Really…"

Leader was still staring at Rogue with a strange glint in his eye. He seemed to be looking for some kind of affection. Rogue felt Spike kick her under the table. She could tell that Spike was trying to tell her to flirt a little more. She glared at Spike viciously but didn't say anything,

Rogue shivered internally before she turned to face Leader. She was getting a really bad vibe from him and she wanted to leave. Making sure her inner emotions didn't reveal themselves, she batted her eyes engagingly at Leader. He seemed to like it because he kept on trying to hold her hand. Finally fed up with the perverted little man, Rogue began to contact her brother mentally.

* telepathically*

" Ah really don't like him Spike."

" Ah know chere…but we can't go yet."

" Why not… what are ya tryin' to get him ta do?"

" Ah'll talk t' ya about it later… just deal with him for now."

" What's mah freaking motivation here?"

" When this date is over y' can go ta sleep."

" Err… how long is this goin' ta last?"

" Just wait till after we finish eatin'."

" Its because we already ordered and ya hungry ain't it?"

" Exactly."

" Why can't y' eat at home?"

" Because…. Its Chez Pierre.."

" OH FINE… But if ah end up drooling on the table.."

" Ah'll eat fast.."

" Yeah sure….whatever…"

" Anyways do y' see how jealous your boyfriend is?"

" Yeah ah know.. .do ya see Logan's face?"

" They both look like they're goin' ta rip Leader's head off or sumthin'. "

They both quickly switched out of their telepathic conversation before anyone noticed their lack of physical conversation. When their food arrived, Rogue began to loosen up a small bit. If her brother was to keep his word, they would leave almost immediately after he finishes eating. But she still couldn't shake the feeling that something bad was going to happen. Sending her brother covert messages, she tried to warn him about the feeling by transferring her suspicion to him mentally. Understanding her intentions, he sped up his eating and silently urged for Logan and Remy to do the same. Rogue nibbled her food here and there, allowing herself to give Leader the impression that she was dainty. Excusing herself to the bathroom, Rogue made sure she glided elegantly so it would give Leader no doubt in his mind to do whatever her brother wanted. While in the bathroom, she could easily try to figure out different ways of escape. Just in case something was going to happen. And knowing her luck, something big was going to happen.

His sister's suspicions were gaining on him. But he didn't think it dealt with Leader though. It felt familiar somehow. The dread he was feeling, was something else altogether. He tried to calm himself down before anyone else noticed his distress. He knew he recognized the feelings both he and Rogue were feeling. It was the same one they had felt years ago… back during Fury's Rage. He sensed that Rogue could feel it too. He watched as his sister returned from the restroom with a frightened look in her eyes. He could tell that she was trying to conceal it from Remy and Logan so they wouldn't panic. She sat down gracefully and quickly glanced at him.

* telepathically*

" Somethin' bad is gonna happen.."

" I know, I felt it too."

" We better leave.."

" I figured dat as well… but.."

" This ain't no time to think about ya transaction Spike!"

" Its not dat…"

" Spike… ah really don't like this…"

" But Rogue…."

" Please Spike.."

Rogue's eyes stared at him pleadingly. He knew that they had to get out of there now. He just couldn't put both of their lives in jeopardy but they had to seal the transaction. Giving Rogue a reassuring grin, he turned to face Leader. Leader was currently in a conversation with Logan and Remy about the most effective firearms on the black market.

" Pardon mah intrusion.. But I do believe dis date must come to an end."

Leader turned and gazed at Spike. Spotting the seriousness in his face, Leader straightened his body upwards.

" Yes… I agree."

Remy peeked over at Rogue only to see her staring towards the door. He could see a small hint of worry flashing across her face. Turning to face Logan, he noticed that he was also watching Rogue's reaction as well.

Rogue looked over at Spike who was trying to complete the transaction as quickly as he could. In an effort to get her attention, Remy reached under the table and grabbed her hand. Squeezing it tightly only to reassure her but let it go when she smiled sternly up at him. It was sweet of Remy to notice that she was upset but she had to maintain a certain standard so that her brother could reach his deal with Leader. After a few moments of debating, Spike managed to agree with Leader on a decent contract provided that he was still able to woo Rogue.

Spike noticed the small grimace Rogue had made when Leader went over the requirements for his deal. Concealing a smile, Spike shook hands with him and led him outside. Following behind were the rest of them. Logan and Remy were still pretty clueless about what had just happened. They looked at Rogue for answers but she was too preoccupied with her senses to notice their curious gestures. Natalia didn't provide them with any information either. It wasn't until Leader left and they were all in the limo driving back to Spike's mansion did anyone speak.

" Rogue?"

" Yes Spike?"

" Y' really didn't like him dat much?"

Rogue shuddered and turned to face her brother on the opposite side of the Limo seat.

" That man gave me the creeps."

Logan, who was also seated across from her, shifted in his seat.

" So ya Cajun brother wasn't lying when he said y' couldn't stand him?"

Rogue inhaled deeply before she spoke and then leaned slightly on Remy's arm.

" There was somethin' about him that scared me.."

" Scared you?"

Remy had spoken up out of concern.

" Terrified her is more like it."

Remy looked over at Spike apprehensively. Spike was pleased by Remy's reaction. He could tell that Remy wanted to help Rogue in anyway possible. Keeping his voice at a low level, Spike continued speaking. But he aimed his stare on Rogue.

" Y' kept on tellin' me dat y' could feel something bad radiating from him, right?"

" Yes, Spike."

Logan and Remy exchanged glances. Neither of them remembered her saying anything like that.

" Ah don't think it had anyt'ing do wit Leader."

" What do ya mean?"

" Ah felt something bad too.. But it didn't come from Leader.."

" Then where?"

Leaning forward to stare at Rogue, Spike explained.

" Didn't it feel familiar?"

" Familiar.."

" The fear we both felt.."

" The same as four years ago…"

A moment of silence passed. Both Spike and Rogue were silently contemplating to themselves while Logan and Remy sat basking in confusion. It remained silent until Logan spoke up.

" What happened four years ago?"

The question took both of them by storm. Rogue looked over at Logan and was at a loss for words. Spike's face dramatically lost color. Rogue looked as though she would faint at any moment. Remy wrapped his arms around her so that she could lean on him. Spike closed his eyes and breathed in deeply before answering.

"It's something we don' like t' talk about."

Logan frowned and stared from Rogue to Spike to Rogue again.

" Is it really that bad.."

Rogue stared blankly at Logan and nodded.

" It brings back very unpleasant memories.."

Logan sighed exasperatedly. Remy squeezed her shoulder in an effort to comfort her.

" Y' know chere, I bet Logan and I have seen some pretty bad t'ings before.."

" Yeah.."

" Well… dis can't be all dat bad.."

" Ya have no idea."

" Well then, why don' y' give us one?"

Spike intervened before Rogue could respond.

" Ah don't know about dat quite yet Remy."

Remy looked at Spike affronted-like. Logan shared the same reaction. Spike shook his head to show them that he meant them no insult. But Remy still wasn't ready to let it go.

" I'm sure both Logan and I would be able t' handle whatever dat be upsetting you two."

Spike glanced at Remy wistfully. As if he actually wished that everything could be solved as easily as he had made it sound. Before the conversation could continue any further, they had already arrived back at the mansion. After everyone had filed out of the limo, they decided to go back into the mansion to get some sleep. The minute they walked into the main chamber, Risa bombarded them.

" Pardon moi, but y' have some visitors Monsieur Spike and Mademoiselle Rogue."

Exchanging glances both Rogue and Spike walked into the lobby. Not far behind were Logan and Remy. As Logan and Remy followed the other two, they both had noticed that Spike's and Rogue's bodies had grown rather stiff. Suddenly they froze in their tracks exactly when they entered the lobby.

" A…A…Aspen?"

A tall blond gentleman stood up from his seat and glided over to Spike and Rogue. He smiled instantly, revealing bright, shiny white teeth.

" You two should really see your faces right now.."

Both Rogue and Spike remained stunned as the blond man named Aspen continued speaking.

" I mean I would think you people would actually be expecting to see me considering …"

" Aspen?"

" Oh for the love of all that's sacred… Yes I am Aspen."

" Aspen?"

" WHAT?"

" Aspen?"

" For the last time Rogue.. I am Aspen!"

" Aspen?"

" Not you too Spike?!

" Aspen?"

Aspen turned to glare at Rogue as she stared at him in a dumbfounded nature.

" Yes Rogue?"

Suddenly, Rogue reached out and engulfed him in a huge hug. Letting him go just as quickly, she beamed at him as he stared at her bewilderedly. Spike erupted into hiccupping laughter while Remy and Logan looked on in confusion. After a small moment, all three of them were rolling around laughing hysterically. The moment passed quickly because all of them gained serious expressions. Rogue seated herself on the couch across from Spike. Aspen sat in the lounge chair on the opposite side of Rogue. Spike was the first to realize that they had left Remy and Logan in the doorway. He beckoned them into sit down. They sat down in the seats adjacent to Rogue. Spike turned to introduce them.

" Aspen.. Dis ferocious lookin' fella is Logan otherwise known as Wolverine.."

Logan grunted at Spike but he nodded his head civilly towards Aspen. Spike smiled and turned his attention to Remy.

" And dis fine-looking gentleman is Gambit but y' can call him Remy LeBeau."

Remy shook hands with Aspen politely. Aspen grinned courteously. Rogue beamed at them all. She waved her hands dramatically and pointed them towards Aspen.

" And this shabby poor excuse for an Englishman is Aspen."

Aspen playfully elbowed Rogue in her side. Spike grinned at them and turned to explain to them who Aspen really was.

" Aspen is really our half brother."

Logan raised one of his eyebrows curiously. Before either of them could ask any questions, Spike raised his hands in the air demandingly.

" All will be explained tomorrow."

Logan turned to stare at Spike.

" Why tomorrow?"

Spike faced Logan and answered in a serious tone.

" Because we have t' come to realizations wit our worst fears first."

Remy and Logan stared at the threesome. All of them looked forlorn with each of their own individually hidden plight. Rogue was the first to speak up.

" Ah'm goin' ta bed now."

Spike and Aspen nodded in agreement. Saying their farewells for the night, everyone filed into the elevator and headed down into their own quarters. It didn't take long before Rogue and Remy reached their room. Closing the door behind them, Rogue leaned her back against it and looked up at Remy. Her emerald green eyes gleamed sadly at him. Remy reached over to her and swung her into his arms. Engulfing her mouth with his lips, he erotically dashed his tongue in and out of her mouth. She kissing him readily back. The kiss left them both longing for more. Remy peered down at Rogue, his eyebrows furrowed with worry.

" Chere?"

" Yes Remy?"

" Y' know y' can tell me anyt'ing right?"

" Yes.."

Remy stared somberly at Rogue.

" Den tell me what be havin' you and y' brother upset like dis."

Rogue looked away for a slight moment and tried to move around him. Yet Remy had her firmly locked in between his body and the door.

" Please chere."

Rogue sighed and responded in a defeated tone of voice.

" It'll be explained tomorrow mornin'."

" Why tomorrow?"

" Because… we're scared."

" Scared of what?"

Rogue refused to respond to his prodding. Of course he was feeling annoyed and left out but he knew he should leave her alone. It was obvious that the topic was distressing her. But the thought of something so bad that it actually scared her and her two brothers was way too perplexing. He was sure that Spike and that Aspen gentleman could take care of themselves but he had to take care of his woman. He knew it sounded macho but that was the way he was brought up. Sighing loudly, he let Rogue go.

" Fine chere, y' don' have t' tell me."

Rogue leaned up and pecked him on the cheek.

" Thank ya kindly."

Remy sighed and hugged her.

" But if y' ever feel de need t' tell me anyt'ing.."

Rogue smiled and stroked the side of his face.

" Ah know… ah tell ya first thing!"

Remy gave her a long hard stare before he gave up. Seizing her playfully around the waist, he lightheartedly plopped her on top of the bed. Looking at her passionately, he gently pulled Rogue's body towards him.

" Ready for round two?"

Rogue grinned mischievously before she kissed him.

" Ah don't know… maybe ah need some convincing.."

Remy smiled melodiously at her. He caressed her sensual figure, he could feel the folds of the silky fabric rubbing against his skin.

" Y' lookin' pretty sexy dere, my Cherie."

Rogue smiled sensually at him.

" Ah always do.."

Remy smiled and began to stroke her body. She didn't quite respond the way he wanted her too when he caressed her shoulders and arms. But when he softly caressed her back, she let out a soft moan of pleasure, letting him know without words that she was sensitive to his touch there. Remy pulled her closer and kissed her sweet mouth. It was a long hard passionate kiss that swayed both of them into the very heat of ecstasy. He kissed the base of her neck where her heartbeat pulsed wildly. Shivers of pleasure erupted through her body as he continued to kiss her neck. Remy smiled at the way his caresses made her breath catch in the back of her throat. He leaned down and kissed her, a deep devouring kiss that left them both breathless. His tongue moved inside to taste the sweetness she had to offer. A low growl of satisfaction came from the back of his throat when she imitated the erotic love play and rubbed her tongue against his. He loved the little moans that escaped her whenever he touched her body. Her responses to his touch was overwhelming his desire to take it slow. He finally dragged his mouth away from hers and moved lower to taste the fragrant valley between her soft breasts. Arching her back up against his body, she allowed for him to explore her body with his tongue. Just as he was going to help her take off the dress, a loud crackling noise exploded into the room. Both Remy and Rogue jumped at the noise and nearly fell off the bed.

Rogue gently pushed Remy off her body so she could go to the intercom located on the opposite wall. Pushing in the intercom button, Rogue responded.

" What?"

The sound of Spike's voice filled the room.

" Sorry t' disturb ya sis' but ah need t' speak to ya."

Rogue sighed lightly and agreed to go talk with him. Rogue switched off the intercom and turned to face Remy. He stood there looking downright forlorn because of the unscheduled interruption. She glided over to him and kissed him lightly on the cheek. Her eyes were still cloudy with the haze of passion they were just so frequently sharing.

" Got ta go.."

Remy wrapped his arms around her waist and hoisted her against his body. Her body felt so good against his. So good that it took nearly all of his will power to let her go. Kissing her tenderly on the forehead, he managed to release her.

" Have fun, chere.."

Rogue smiled at him and walked out of the room. Making sure she closed the door behind her, Rogue headed down the hallway. Taking the elevator down to the lowest floor, Rogue began to contemplate what her brother needed to talk about. After the elevator doors opened she started to run in a light jog down the silver encased hallway. Opening the steel door at the end, she was greeted by both her brothers. They were sitting in a huge monitor like room with millions of different electrical gadgets. Rogue took a seat at the huge round table located in the middle of the room.

" So… what's so important that it couldn't wait till tomorrow?"

Aspen looked at Rogue sternly. Spike was busying himself with some kind of electromagnetic weapon.

" I understand that you have a boyfriend."

Rogue glared back at Aspen.

" What is it to ya?"

Spike tried to remain out of the argument. He knew both Aspen and Rogue were about to raise hell at each other, and he did not want to get caught in the crossfire.

" Rogue, you know why I brought this up.."

" No ah don't… why don't ya elaborate for me?"

" In any case, you know we can't have any unnecessary assets holding us back when we…"

" Who the hell are ya calling an unnecessary asset?"

" You know very well what I mean."

Rogue glowered at him so spitefully that he nearly fell out of his seat.

" Ah don't think its any of your business who…."

Aspen gave Rogue a hard stare.

" I don't have any intentions of prying into your private life but when…"

" If ya had no intentions of doin' it… then what would ya call this right now?!"

" I'm not prying, I'm simply assuring all of our safety."

Rogue's voice went deadly soft.

" Our safety?"

Aspen staggered back from Rogue's fierce glare. Looking at Spike for support, Aspen tried to sit down once more. Spike sighed internally and turned to face Rogue.

" Don' worry about Aspen, Rogue."

Rogue looked at Spike.

" What are ya talking about Spike?"

Spike sat down next to her.

" He's just afraid because Aura's pregnant."

Rogue's eyes went huge.

" Aura's pregnant?"

" Yup."

" Our Aura?"

" Our Aura."

" Oh mah…. When did this happen?"

" Dis is de ninth month."

" Oh mah…"

Aspen stood up abruptly and began pacing the room. His face was a mix between fear and fury.

" She should have known better."

Rogue ignored Aspen but continued to stare at Spike in awe.

" Who?.."

Holding his hand up, Spike stopped her in mid question.

" She refuses to tell anyone."

Aspen threw his hands into the air dramatically.

" She should have kept her emotions in check!"

Both Rogue and Spike ignored Aspen's sudden outbursts.

" Will we get ta see her?"

" Yes… we're goin' ta see her tomorrow."

" Tomorrow?"

Aspen continued ranting and raving.

" She was lusting I tell you, LUSTING!"

Rogue stood up and stared at the wall.

" So is this his way of telling me ta not get pregnant?"

Spike watched Aspen run across the room in a blind frenzy. Suddenly, Aspen grabbed Rogue by the shoulders and began shaking her.

" Never get involved with anyone!!"

" Will.. Ya.. Let… Me… Go!!!!!.."

" If you must satisfy your urges, do it the safe way!!!"

" What!!!"

Spike moved away from the two… laughing hysterically.

Aspen looked down at Rogue and glared suspiciously.

" Is your attraction to that man purely sexual or is the heart involved?"

Rogue stared back in a half daze and half anger.

" Why do ya want ta know?"

Aspen's face turned serious.

" Because if its sexual you can dump the guy… now if its true love…."

Rogue cut his sentence off.

" Would ah be with the man if it wasn't…."

" Ah understand y' sis."

Rogue whipped around to see Spike staring at her sympathetically. Rogue smiled at her brother. She knew her brother went through his own bit of trouble a while back. What he was doing was merely out of concern for her well being. He just didn't want for her to get hurt. She understood her twin brother as much but she didn't get Aspen. Aspen was only talking like that simply because he was mad that Aura actually got pregnant before she did. That was the main thing that was ticking her off.

" Thank ya dear brother."

She would have hugged him if Aspen wasn't still holding her shoulders.

" Let me go Aspen."

Almost instantly did he release her.

" Are Wolvie and Gambit going?"

Spike smiled lightly at her as she looked at him.

" If y' feel dey can handle it."

" Ah'm sure that Logan can handle it…. Remy will too."

Aspen stared haughtily at Rogue.

" Why do they need to go… what can they do for us besides get in the way?"

Rogue didn't have a chance to answer because Spike began to grow angry.

" Logan just happens t' be a mercenary and Remy's a Class A mutant!"

Rogue stared at Spike in silent appreciation. Spike turned to face her.

" Ya can go to bed now Rogue, ah'll deal with the idiot."

" Ya sure?"

* telepathically*

" Go back ta Remy.."

" Huh?"

" I want ya t' be happy, Rogue."

" I know Spike."

" Stay with him for as long as y' can."

" I will."

" Promise me Rogue."

" Why?"

" Ah don't want y' to end up like me… regretting what I gave up.."

" Spike…"

" Go."

" You're a really great person… Nivea would be proud."

" Thank you dear sister… now go."

Rogue turned and walked out the door. She could still hear Aspen's defiant shouting from inside. But she decided to ignore him and focus on Spike. She knew her brother was lonely despite all the women he was with. None of them measured up to Nivea. Hopefully one day, all of this will be over. And they would all live happily.

She could definitely tell that things were going to get more complicated with one of them pregnant. That would probably explain the drastic fear that she felt earlier. Something evil was approaching and it was going to wait until Aura had her baby. It always waits for the single moment in which one of them was vulnerable.

She continued walking to her room where her Cajun lover was waiting for her return. She was still recovering from the hypnotizing effects of earlier. She just couldn't understand how one person could do that to her. She was always able to avoid getting to involved with anyone. Especially emotionally. At first she thought that the attraction she felt towards him was purely sexual. But the minute they touched, it was like… they were meant to be together. As if they were soul mates. Its something that she could feel way deep down in her heart. It ached but she was filled with joy all at the same time. The thought of never being able to see him again made her feel… like dying.

She opened the door to her bedroom and quietly closed it behind her. Remy was sleeping soundly on the bed. He was only wearing some boxer shorts, so his muscular chest showed. Rogue sat on the chair next to the desk and reached down to take off her high heeled shoes. She carefully unzipped the back of her green dress, as to not disturb Remy's slumber. Reaching into her dresser drawer, she pulled out a long nightshirt. After putting on the shirt she deftly dimmed the lamp light on the nightstand. Slipping into bed gently, she pulled the covers up around her body. Not too soon after did she feel Remy's arms wrap around her waist and draw her towards him. Turning around to face him, she saw that he was wide awake and smiling mischievously at that.

" Y' weren't t'inking of going t' sleep wit' out givin me my goodnight kiss?"

Rolling on top of him, Rogue gave him a passionately hard kiss on the lips.

" How about that?"

An impish glint in Remy's eyes told her that he wasn't satisfied with just that. Right before she kissed him again a realization popped into Rogue's head. The realization made her snap out of her haze of desire.

" Cajun?"

" Oui, my Cherie?"

" Don't ya have ta report back ta Magneto at some time?"

Remy lifted his body slightly and scooped Rogue into his lap. Shifting around so she sat comfortably, he responded.

" Oui, but de man won't care."

Rogue was insistent on looking at him, so he allowed her to switch body positions. Once she was facing him, Remy noticed the look of worry and seriousness.

" Magneto will notice that his top spy is gone."

" So?.."

" So… he's gonna come lookin' for ya."

" So what if he does?"

" In case ya haven't noticed lately, but Magneto and the Xmen don't get along to well."

Remy sighed and stared back at her patiently.

" But Chere, de Xmen aren't here now."

" Logan's here."

" So?"

" Logan hates Magneto."

" I doubt if de man hates Magneto."

" He absolutely despises the man."

" Y' could be slightly exaggerating.."

" Magneto is on Logan's list of people he wishes were dead."

" Why?"

" Because Magneto has an advantage over him."

" He controls metal.. And if ya haven't noticed already but Logan is filled with the stuff."

" True.. True.."

" Who be number one on his list?"

" Sabretooth."

" Understandable."

Rogue stared at him strictly and straightened her back.

" We're straying from the question at hand."

Remy smiled arrogantly at her then prodded her chin up with his hand. His mouth came down on hers, sealing off any protest she might have wanted to make. And how did he kiss her. His mouth was hot, hungry, and his tongue thrust inside with gentle insistence. His mouth slanted over hers again and again, and heaven help him but he just couldn't get enough of her. She returned his kiss with equal passion, maybe even more. The last coherent thought she had was how this man could always rob her of her of all worries.

He finally pulled back and looked down with arrogant pleasure at the beautiful woman in his arms. Her mouth looked swollen, rosy as well, and her eyes were still misty from desire. Pulling her body closer to him, he began to gently stroke her back. Shivers of pure bliss ran down her spine. She involuntarily arched her back in an attempt to clear her thoughts of the ecstasy she was feeling. He kissed the base of her neck softly. A small whimper of pleasure escaped from her mouth as he continued to kiss her. She rubbed her face against his chest then leaned up and kissed the crook in his neck. She wanted to touch him. She let go of the hard grip she had on his waist and tentatively stroked his broad shoulders, then his back, finally resting on his thighs. She was amazed at how different in texture and tone they both were. His muscles were like knotted rope along his upper arms, and in comparison she was built like a weakling.

" Ah think ah like touching you."

She sounded surprised by her own admission. Remy wasn't. He had already known that she liked to touch him. He liked it too. One of her most appealing traits was her desire to touch, stroke, to hold him whenever possible. He had very few inhibitions when he was with her but only with her. He loved the moans of pleasure she would make whenever he caressed her or when he kissed her neck. She was so innocent and sweet. By God, he was satisfied. She was his and no one else's.

Rogue curved her neck up and kissed him lightly on the lips. It was a gentle, undemanding kiss that left them longing for more. Remy cupped his hand behind her back and heaved her mouth against his. He had to have her again. Her body was so warm against his. He damn near ripped her nightshirt off of her. Pushing her down on the bed he pressed his bodyweight on top of her. He started to shift his body to her lower area but Rogue stopped him with her hand.

" Remy, ah want ta.."

" No."

Remy's voice was gruff with passion. He couldn't help it. Just thinking about what she wanted to do to him made him ache to be inside her. He wasn't about to find his own fulfillment first, yet he surely would if she did what he thinks she wants to do.

" Yes, Cajun."

" Rogue, ma Cherie… y' don't understand…"

Rogue shifted her body on top of his then thrust her tongue into his mouth before he could take command.

" Ah understand that its mah turn.."

" But…"

She leaned up and kissed him to gain his silence. She got her way. She finally began to explore his body with her tongue. It took her a long time to reach his front side. Remy gritted his teeth in anticipation as her tongue traveled across his chest. It was well worth the agony. Her mouth had reached his lower stomach. She hesitated for a small moment, but it came to the point when she was nearly touching the very heat of him. His reaction made her bolder. He groaned low in his throat and tightened his grip on her shoulders. She began to kiss the flat of his lower stomach. There wasn't an ounce of fat on the man. It was all hard muscle. He flexed and shuddered out of pleasure when she kissed his navel. She just had to kiss him there again, just to drive him crazy. Remy let her have her way until she reached his groin. He pulled her back up and kissed her sweet mouth. It was a long hard passionate kiss. She wasn't waylaid however. She leaned back down, but Remy refused to allow it. He couldn't put up with the sweet torment any longer. He was so completely out of control, he couldn't think of anything else but pleasuring her until she was ready for him.

His fingers thrust into her tightness. A loud moan of pleasure escaped from deep in her throat. Her body jerked involuntarily as she squirmed from the ecstasy he was giving her.

" Oh….Remy….."

When Remy felt Rogue's liquid heat, his composure almost vanished. He moved between her thighs and let a growl of pure male demand. And yet before he moved to make her completely his, he hesitated.

" Chere?.."

He was asking her permission. The thought penetrated her haze of passion and tears came to her eyes. Dear God how she loved this man.

" Oh yes…"

She cried out knowing she would surely die if he didn't come into her now. He still tried to be gentle, but she wasn't in the mood for it now. He eased in slowly at first, until she lifted her hips up to meet him. She gripped his thighs to pull him closer, scoring his skin with her fingernails.

His mouth never left hers as the mating ritual took control. The bed squeaked from all the hard thrusts. His groans blended with her whimpers of pleasure. Neither could form a coherent thought, even if they tried. When Remy knew that he was about to spill his seed into her, his hands moved in between their joined bodies to help her find her fulfillment.

The fire of passion consumed him. His own release made him feel weak and invincible at the same time. He collapsed against her with a low grunt of satisfaction. God he loved her scent. He inhaled the light womanly fragrance and thought that he had surely just visited heaven. His heart still felt like it was about to burst, and he didn't think he'd mind if that happened. He was too content to be bothered by anything now.

Rogue hadn't quite recovered yet. That realization arrogantly pleased him. He liked the fact that he could make her lose her inhibitions and her control so thoroughly. He tried to find the strength to move away from her. He knew he was probably crushing her, but damn, he never wanted the bliss to end. He had never experienced this kind of happiness with any other woman. He was always able to hold back with other women. But he hadn't been able to protect himself from Rogue. The realization shook him, suddenly he felt very vulnerable.

" Ah love you Remy."

" I love you too, Chere."

Such a simple declaration, yet so freeing. She'd snatched his worry away before it had time to gain control. Remy yawned into her ear and then leaned on his elbows to kiss her. She kissed him on the forehead and snuggled closer to him.

" Rest now, ma Cherie."

" Mmm…."

Moments later, Rogue laid resting in the arms of her lover. Remy pulled the covers over the both of them and settled into sleep. Yet his thoughts turned back to earlier when Spike spoke of everyone coming to terms with their own fears. He could remember the panic that was in Rogue's eyes when they were at the restaurant. Something bad was happening but neither of them would say anything. He just couldn't stand not being able to do anything to ease Rogue's pain. He could tell that what they were suffering through was deep. And anything could trigger it. He pulled Rogue closer to him protectively. Gazing at her still form, he managed to brush small white strands of hair from her face. She had a gentle face, just like her brother. It wasn't hard to tell that neither of them really wished to fight anyone but they were never given the chance too resign. He liked Spike for some reason. Probably because Spike reminded him of his own self. But he definitely didn't like that Aspen fellow. There was something about his high and mighty attitude that got on his last nerve.

Remy sighed exasperatedly to himself, squeezed his precious little angel, and then closed his eyes. Thinking to himself how lucky a man he was, he drifted off into a somewhat peaceful slumber.


Screams came from everywhere. Rogue's heart pounded rapidly. Turning the corner as fast as she could she saw a small blond boy running towards her. He was suddenly stopped and dragged back by his hair by a huge ugly man with a wart on the side of his face. The man lifted his huge hand and smacked the boy squarely across the face. Blood squirted from the child's mouth and nose. Tears spilled down his face as he pleaded for mercy. The ugly man whipped out a butterfly knife from his left pocket and slashed the boy's throat. The man licked the blood off the knife turned his head to face her. Smiling madly at her and moved to her, waving the knife precariously.

" Hello darling…"

The man charged at her with the knife pointed at her heart. Rogue flipped around and evaded the blade. Grabbing him by the arm, she used his own knife to stab him between the eyes. The man's body fell limply to the floor and his blood smeared all over her hand. Rogue knocked the man off her shoes and began to run down the hallway. She ran as fast as physically possible to the other end of the hall. The shrieking became louder as she got closer to the door at the end. Busting open the door, she saw her brother sprawled out on the floor. Blood rushed down the left side of his face as he laid there unconscious. In the center of the room stood a moderately tall woman. An earsplitting scream erupted from her mouth as a power surged through her body. Whipping her head around, Rogue saw the woman slowly hovering towards her. Another surge sent Rogue crashing through the room. The salty taste of blood filled her mouth. Her vision blurred as the woman reached down and began to wrap her hands around her neck. The woman sent another current of power through her body causing for another scream to erupt out of her mouth. Her body jerked wildly as the woman continuously sent currents of electrical power through her body.

Rogue could feel her life energy getting sucked out of her. She felt herself getting weaker and weaker. Pain erupted throughout her limbs and the lack of air to her lungs was making the world spin around her. Suddenly a childish voice rang through the room. The woman sent Rogue sailing across the room into a glass table. Small chunks of glass became lodged in her side and her right arm was numb. Straining to focus her eyes at the blurry image standing at the door, Rogue managed to prop herself up to see a gorgeous little girl. She stood in the doorway with her arms placed behind her back, her head faced down. Yet Rogue could still see the girl trembling. Rogue's jaw dropped in shock as she saw the girl approach the hovering woman.

" Nivea don't…."

The girl gazed sadly at Rogue. Rogue could feel her heart beginning to shatter as she watched an electrical surge pierce the girl's chest. The young girl's eyes went wide and her mouth opened wide in an O' shape. She hit the ground with a sickening thud and Rogue could swear she heard the girl's neck snap.

" NOOO!!!…"

Rogue dived over to the girl and caught her as she fell. Looking into the girl's lifeless eyes, Rogue could sense the girl's life energy draining. Gripping the girl, she began to shake.

" Nivea ya can't die… not now.."

The girl lifted one bloodied hand and marked Rogue's face with her blood. Smiling shakily, the girl dropped her hand limply.

" You're really too serious for such a young child.."

The girl began to gasp for breath. Tears began to stream down Rogue's face it began to mix in with the blood.

" Please don't die.. Please…"

The girl reached into her right pocket and pulled out a small heart shaped locket. Placing it delicately in Rogue' s hand, she smiled weakly.

" Give this to Spike for me… tell him that….I….I.."

Another spasm of pain erupted through the girl's body. Rogue gripped her even more tightly, her tears dropped on the girl's face. The girl's body went completely motionless and limp in her arms.

" Nivea… Oh God… Nivea.."

Rogue gently laid the girl on the ground. Fury as she had never felt before filled her very soul. She turned around slowly and faced the hovering woman. Hatred and anger exploded through every limb and every vessel of her very life energy.

" Ah kill you, ah swear it ah'll kill you!"

The hovering woman merely frowned at her and sent her flying back with an even stronger surge of power. Rogue was so blinded by her rage and the pain that was flowing through her body that she didn't even notice the dark figure sneaking up behind her. Suddenly Rogue felt a cold sensation tingling down her spine. Whipping her head around, she saw a dark cloaked man leaning over her.

" Father?…"

The man reached down and began to strangle her. Rogue tried to pry his fingers from her neck but it was to no avail.

" Papa… papa.. Why papa?"

His grip got stronger and stronger as the time passed. The hovering woman floated next to her father and continuously surged her with power. Tears streamed down her face as she felt her life energy drain dramatically. Suddenly she felt something pierce her chest. She could feel a warm liquid pouring down her side. Her vision became blurred and her breathing erratic. As she felt the last bits of her life drained her thoughts turned back to a time when she used to be happy. She sensed her body hitting the ground and hearing a cracking noise come from her leg. She was becoming numb to the pain and everything was dimming. As she laid in a pool of her own blood, she reflected back on the people who betrayed her. She would have her vengeance some day but now.. now she had to rest..

She felt the ground shaking beneath her and the sound of someone calling her name. The sound of screams got louder. As same as the voice calling her name.. It sounded so familiar.

" Rogue… wake up.. Rogue!!…"

The shaking got more fierce. Rogue opened her eyes to see Remy leaning over her. His face distorted with worry. When he noticed that she had awoken, he grabbed her and hugged her closely. Rogue, still shaken and confused, hugged him back just as fiercely.

" Chere, are y' okay?"

Rogue was still trying to comprehend what was going on so she was oblivious to Remy's questions.

" Ah.. Ah think ah'm okay."

He held Rogue deeply in his arms and kissed her reassuringly.

" What happened, chere?"

Rogue looked up at him, still confused.

" Ah honestly don't know."

Remy stared apprehensively at Rogue.

" I t'ink you be havin' a nightmare or sumtin'."

" Not a nightmare… a memory."

" A memory?"

" A memory ah tried ta forget.."

Rogue was unguarded. Remy decided to get as much information as he could before she blocked him out again.

" What memory was dat?"

Rogue looked up at him with tears brimming in her eyes.

" Ah killed her.."

" Killed who?"

" We all may have contributed but ah killed her.."

Remy grabbed Rogue by the shoulders and tilted her head up to face his.

" Who did y' kill?"

" Nivea."

" Who's?…"

Rogue pulled herself into Remy's arms. He could feel her trembling in the embrace. Remy scooped her body on top of his and laid her head down on his chest. Locking her legs in between his, he began to caress her back softly. After a small while she stopped shaking. But she did start crying. She muttered incoherent phrases as she cried into his shoulder. He patted her head until she regained her composure. In a teary pitiful voice, she spoke.

" Ah'm tired… please don't get mad at me."

Remy looked at her lovingly.

" I not be mad at you, Chere."

Remy continued to stroke her back until he was sure she had fallen asleep again. Holding her in his arms, he carefully watched as she slept. She seemed much calmer than before but he wasn't going to take any chances. He couldn't forget the blood chilling scream she had let out not to soon before. Something had obviously scared her to a point in which she couldn't hide her fear from him any longer. And he planned to get it out of her in the morning. He wasn't going to stand for his woman being in unnecessary danger. Glancing over at the alarm clock on the night stand, he saw it read three o'clock. It wouldn't be long before they both would have to get up. Squeezing her softly, as to not disturb her, he leaned his back and closed his eyes. He decided it wasn't going to do either of them any good if he was exhausted in the morning. Closing his eyes, his thoughts drifted back to Rogue. He surely thought he was lucky to have such a gorgeous woman for a lover. And he would damn well die before he let anything happen to her.


It was around nine o'clock when Rogue awoke. Stretching the stiffness out of her back, she threw her legs over the right side of the bed. She could hear the sound of running water coming from the bathroom. Guessing that Remy was taking a shower, Rogue stood up and stretched out. Stripping the sheets off the bed, she threw them down the laundry chute. Knocking before she walked in the bathroom, she opened the door. She could see the outline of Remy's body from behind the shower curtain.

" Morn' Remy."

" G' morning, Chere."

Rogue reached into the cabinet and pulled out her toothbrush and toothpaste. While brushing her teeth, she began thinking about last night.

" Ah wonder if Spike felt the same thing last night?", thought Rogue to herself.

When she finished washing her face and brushing her teeth, she joined Remy in the shower. After Remy showed her new and interesting ways to have fun with soap, they managed to get out. Rogue walked into the room and began rummaging through her dresser drawer. Pulling out some faded blue jeans and a sleeveless green t-shirt. Making sure she found her gloves, she began to get dressed. Remy walked into the room behind her with a questioning look on his face.

" Chere?"

Rogue turned to face Remy.

" Hmmm?.."

" Where did y' brother put my clothes?"

Unable to answer that question Rogue opened the door to the hallway. Despite the fact that he was only in a towel, she led him past the area where her brother's women slept. Knocking lightly on a door across from them, she waited for someone to answer it. Minutes later, they saw Spike's face peek through the small crack in which he opened the door. Rogue ignored the annoyed look that was on Spike's face.

" Err.. Hi Rogue.. But dis is kind of a bad time…"

Rogue waved her hand impatiently to dismiss his words.

" Don't worry Spike, ah won't be long.."

" Hurry it up Rogue…."

" Where did y' put Remy's clothes?"

" Dey are still in de fitting room."

" Thanks Spike… see ya."

His door closed the very minute Rogue and Remy turned down the hallway. Spike leaned the back of his head on the back of the door. Sighing deeply, he tried to regain his composure. He closed his eyes and concentrated hard on the flash of memory he just experienced.

" Comment vas tu?"

Spike whipped his head around to face the woman laying in his bed. Her crimson red hair fell over the left side of her face. Her face cringed in a concerned fashion.

" Bien merci, Natalia."

Natalia frowned in protest.

" Y' cannot hide anyt'in from me."

Spike walked over to Natalia and smiled assuringly. Kissing her lightly on the forehead, he helped her out of the bed.

" Honestly, Chere.. Ah'm fine."

Natalia flipped her hair from her crimson red hair from her face. Still frowning, she began putting on her clothes. Spike watched her dress for a few minutes. He smiled at the way she was always concerned about him. She knew that he was probably using her as a replacement for Nivea but she didn't seem to care. Smiling to himself he decided to get dressed to greet Rogue and Remy upstairs. Maybe he would be able to ask Rogue if she had a memory flash as well.


Rogue watched Remy put on jeans and a tight fitting white t-shirt. Smirking arrogantly at Rogue's gawking, Remy swooped her up into his arms.

" How are y' feelin' this morning, Chere?"

Rogue smiled sweetly at him. Her eyes glistening with determination.

" Ah'm feelin' okay Swamp Rat."

Remy squeezed her slim body tightly against his body and kissed her softly on the base of her neck. Both of them basked in the embrace for a short while before a small grumble from their stomachs alerted them of how hungry they really were. Rogue grabbed Remy's hand and led him back down the hallway to the elevator. Pressing the first button up, the steel doors shut almost immediately.