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Suddenly Aurora's water breaks and she goes into heavy labor. With the comical stylings of RoguesHeart, she managed to explain the pain that Aurora was in, and the worse pain everyone was in because of her. Spike runs out of the house for fear that Aurora would try to strangle him each time she had a contraction. Rogue chases after him, demanding that he return to the house. But she was cut short when she had a huge spasm of pain erupting in her body. She collapses like so collapses See?! Err. Uh. . . Spike runs over to assist his fallen sister but notices two markings on her shoulders. He recognizes the symbols and freaks. Logan runs outside after sensing fear. He runs over to Rogue and tries to make her focus on him and not the pain. Let's just say it doesn't work. Logan picks up Rogue and attempts to head back in doors but another shockwave passes through and this time it strikes Spike. Spike collapses like so pushes Remy over see?! Uh. . . Oops. . . Anyways, Logan tries to protect Rogue but unfortunately it fails. I know it's sad. . Sniffles . Remy finds out that his love is now in the clutches of the enemy. Automatically they go out on a rescue mission. Elsewhere, Rogue has been sent on a mission to assassinate Marius Bordreaux and Julien Bordreaux. She manages to kill Marius but not Julien. Skip ahead a couple of chapters and you come to the realization of just how evil Aspen is for he killed Aurora's baby and blamed Rogue for it's death. Aurora's all mentally dysfunctional when she hear's that her baby's dead so she goes to New Orleans to hunt down Rogue. Meanwhile Rogue kills off Marius Bordreaux and Theoddox because it was her mission but she couldn't find Julien. Skip ahead a while, Rogue runs into Remy… She recognizes him and she flips out and the mind control she was under wears off. Blah Blah Blah, Skip ahead a lot of chapters…. Aurora and Aspen fights a renewed Rogue and Spike and lose… Rogue and Spike are victors and they await the fight between Remy, Logan, vs. Julien Bordreaux and Cadmus Bolivar. Also Johnny boy and Wanda girl are going to fight Psyclocke and Archangel as well as Henri & Merci LeBeau are going to fight Jacques and Akuratsu…

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The Hurt of the Past and the love of Another


" Last time in Paris. . . "


Rogue sunk low into the seat, her hand gripping the edges of the chair.

" Oh gawd, Remy. . . . " she moaned out low.

Remy had just narrowly avoided being impaled by Julien Bordreaux's sword. Already he had a long gaping wound coursing from his shoulder blade to his lower stomach, just nearly missing his heart.


Tears sprang into Rogue's eyes as she watched Logan get sent sailing through the air towards the jagged spears that lay jutted from the wall. .

" LOGAN!!" she shrieked.

Spike gripped onto Rogue's arms, barely holding her back from jumping out into the arena. . His pulse skyrocketing dramatically as he glanced over at the fallen Remy and injured Henri.


Rogue's lips softly touched upon Remy's. Her warm skin brushing against his cool flesh.

" Why….." she choked out.

Remy lifted his hand slowly, his callused hand brushing against her paled cheek.

" Don't worry chere, Remy'll be a fine… nut'in but a flesh wound. . . . "

Rogue shook her head slowly, a small smile gracing her lips.

" Remy, ya're such a fool. . . . "

Remy' laughed, his voice coming out in a deep chuckle.

" Oui, but Remy be a fool in love. . . "

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