It's Too Late- fanfiction based on Harlem Beat (pre-Rebound)

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It's Too Late

            "Kobayashi!" Kobayashi!" Nate's voice echoed through the old pipe-tunnel as he raced down the muddy hill, slipping and sliding on the dirt, Sawamura and Umakure right behind him. They came upon the Johnan forward kneeling in the puddles just beyond the tunnel, shoulders slumped in dejection, hands dug into the mud, grasping the dirt with all his anger, confusion, and hopelessness.

            "Kobayashi…" Nate said, still breathing hard from the long chase. He reached out one hand to touch the man's shoulder, but Sawamura suddenly swatted it away.

            "Don't. He's not himself right now."

            "I beg to differ." Shurman's calm voice came from behind them and they turned to the tall go-man of the Johnan basketball team. His collared shirt was stained from rain and sweat, having run all the way from the hospital downtown.

            "Kobayashi is entirely in his right mind right now. Only…" He stepped forward toward the blond haired man kneeling in the billowing sheets of rain.

            "Only he's being forced to confront emotions that he never knew he could have. He never knew he could care for others this way, never knew he had feelings like this, never knew that he could love." His steps sent up a splatter of defiled rain water that settled as Shurman stopped directly by Kobayashi's side.

            "Am I right Sumisugu Kobayashi?"

            The blond haired man turned his head, still hunched over in agony, to look at Shurman.

            "Kyo. She's gone. They…they…" Ry Shurman's eyes were filled with pain, sympathy, and tears, hidden behind his glasses, all for this man they called "the samurai" and for the slender girl that had suffered and lost so much because of Johnan.

            "I know. Kobayashi. I know." The pony-tailed man's calm exterior shattered and he cried, howling as one who was not used to crying, crying for all that gone wrong so suddenly, for all that he hadn't been able to do, and for the abrupt end it had all come to.

            "Kyo-chan will be okay…right Shurman?" Nate asked, eyes shadowed in worry. Shurman opened his mouth to answer but Sawamura cut him off.

            "Even if she does recover," Umakure started in protest, "She will never be back. She will never trust again." Sawamura's words may have been collected but even the icy pretty-boy was shaken by the howls that resounded in the tunnel, and his eyes were troubled.

            Umakure motioned Shurman over to his side and asked in a hissing whisper.

            "Can he still play? As forward, he's our primary scorer." Nate pushed in-between the two seniors.

            "Play? Scorer? Is that all you can think of?" His eyes glistened with tears that were in conflict with his set jaw.

            "Kyo-chan was raped!" Umakure held up one large hand to protest his position as captain.

            "NATE!" Kobayashi's voice rang through the old tunnel and they all turned to stare at him. The junior had pushed himself off the ground; his jeans smeared with mud, rain having plastered his long bangs to his face and soaked his ribbed shirt.

            "It's okay. I have a responsibility to the team. To everyone. I'm…" He swallowed and rubbed his hands over his face. When he looked back it was obvious to everyone there of the change.

            "I'm fine." The cool samurai was back.

            Sawamura sauntered over to him and the two cool boys eyed each other.

            The shorter shooter gave his a light punch on the shoulder.

            "Come on Ronin. There are things we can do and things we can't. It wasn't your fault and no matter what you think, there's nothing you can do now."

            Kobayashi's eyes flared up in anger then died out. This was the first time Nate had ever seen his back down in deference to Sawamura.

            Without another word, the group walked back through the opposite end of the tunnel, the rain still pouring down with all its foul bitterness onto the world.


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