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Chapter 3- Lonely Eyes

Kyo had been in three different high schools, two in the United States and one in Tokyo by the time she was sixteen. Finally, after a long and serious discussion with her parents regarding how hectic it was to her mental health, she finally settled down as an independent home study student. With her growing skill and professional interest in photography, she was publishing photos and being hired to hold photo shoots for professional magazines and companies. As her skill and expertise grew, she began to search for a subject to use in her first personal publication. One day while buying a bento from a small stand by the side of the road, she heard from a few Johnan students nearby about how exceptional their school's basketball team had become. After watching a pre-league game that was held in a high school near her, she felt that the team's invigorating spirit was exactly the type of attitude she wanted to present in her photo album.

The slender girl scooted back on her bed and checked the prints that she had finished developing earlier that evening and were finally dry. Her father had converted their library into a black room for her two years back. Some of the photos were too dark or blurred, it having been the first time she tried to shoot a game. One with the gigantically powerful Shurman setting up a shot, his glasses glinting in the fluorescent light of the gym was very powerful though and she set it aside on the bed. A second photo had a streak of light on the photo, running directly at an angle through the number 5 player while he was in midair, still full of power as the ball was leaving his hands.

She leaned back, holding the photo up to see it angled under her light. What was his name again? Kobayashi? Shurman had called him that. He was good-looking in a grim sort of way with bangs that fell forward in the front of his face and hair tied up in a ponytail. She giggled for a moment when a random thought came into her head.

::I wonder if he has fan girls?::

She grinned and laughed. That was random. The most interesting and alluring part of his attitude from what she'd seen of them through the lens of her camera was that he never showed any particular expression, remaining coldly calm throughout the entire practice.

::Well, no expression except when…::

She blushed, remembering the awkward situation she had been in, running the poor basketball player over and his quick catch, the wide eyes of shock and the red shadow of embarrassment he'd worn afterwards.

::Jeesh, Kyo, you are retarded.::

She scooped up the photos and tossed them onto her nightstand, which was right next to her bed. Flopping over, she turned so that she lay on her stomach as she looked at her missing parents' picture on her nightstand right next to the photos she'd just thrown down. She was home alone a lot but she didn't really mind. She found it gave her more time to work in her dark room without feeling guilty about ignoring "family time". But late at night, she found that she missed having people around to talk to and listen to her rant. It was these late nights that made her ache inside just a little.

"You know, dad, I have this total theory that somehow or another I'm going to embarrass myself doing this project. And I bet you're gonna laugh your ass off when I do too." She pursed her lips and poked her father's image in the picture.

"That's probably the worst part."

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