Moonlit Reflection

By Syf


I wonder...would things have been different if I was just one person? Would I still be lonely if I didn't have to share my body with someone else, someone who is better liked than me?

My other half is happier, gentler and kinder than me. He is the moonlight on snow, soft and beautiful. I am the moonlight on water, harsh and striking. We are night and day, fire and ice, sun and moon.

Our personalities are different, as are our appearances. He is exactly as he is named, the snow bunny. He is someone who can be cuddled and held. I am, as my name says, the moon. Unreachable, untouchable, and, sometimes, unseen and unheard.

We are mirrors of each other. Once a long time ago I wondered if he was just another side of me that lay dormant and expressed itself by creating another personality. But when I looked I found it wasn't the truth. We are so different we cannot be parts of each other. Although I tell him that he was created by me, that isn't quite the truth. He came into existence on his own, without my consent. One day I was all alone, the next he was there. I don't quite know why I accepted his appearance as calmly as I did. All I knew was that there was someone else who shared my body. And I didn't care.

Over the years I fell into the role of the observer, hiding behind someone else, watching life and time slip by me. Day by day I slid away from life until I existed only in the memory of Keroberos and the Cards. I think I fell asleep. I'm not quite sure. I knew everything that was happening but I didn't care. I was content enough just to hide from life and from the pain of losing him.

I existed like that until the day the Cards called me. It was time for the Judgment. I judged the card captor and found her worthy. I didn't particularly care about the judgment or even about my new mistress. When I woke so did my need for life. If I had judged the captor unworthy I would have once more gone into sleep and I don't want that. Over time, however, I grew to like her and even respect her. She was young but she had potential to become a great magician.

As time went on I observed life and its participants. I began to see what my other self had been up to while I was asleep. He had someone he loved, he had friends and he even had families. That person that he loved was familiar to me. He looked just like Clow. Touya. That was his name. Yukito loved him, I think. And I believe that Touya loved him in return. He even gave his powers to me to save Yukito. Touya is an enigma to me. He says that he wants me to protect his sister, he would trust a total stranger to protect his sister. Not to mention the fact that both Sakura and Touya seemed to think that Yukito and I were alike.

But I know the truth of that statement. Yukito and I are not alike and never will be. Simply because...

...We truly are mirrors of each other.