Calai'di- Ok, I don't own Yu-gi-oh or the characters, oh well. This chapter may be short, but the next one will be up as soon as this one. This story is written in two parts, one from Yoshiko's perspective and one from Ryou's, so the next part is a copy of this one, only from Ryou's point of view. No set time period for when this is set, but it's after the gang learns about Yami and Bakura's pasts.

Rating: Whatever the American dub's rating is.

* * * * *

The day hadn't been very good to Yoshiko so far, she woken up late and therefor had to hurry to get ready for school. As a result, she'd forgotten half her homework at home and was still late for school. It was only eight o'clock, but she still had a bad feeling about the day.

"So, why were you late for school?" asked Yoshiko's best friend, Keiko, once they had some free time.

"I was working late so I didn't wake up on time," Yoshiko replied simply.



"And are you going to tell me what this research is?"

"No, not today."

Yoshiko had been doing research for months, and no one, including her parents, knew what it was. She wouldn't tell any one. Said it was "top secret" and "no one would understand." But she was like that, vague and mysterious. The closest anyone could guess was it something ancient that hadn't been heard of for a while, hence why it was taking so long to research.

Yoshiko smiled to herself. She knew what the others thought she was researching, and they were almost right. It was something ancient she was researching, but that something had been heard of recently and there was more than one. Maximillian Pegasus was rumored to have had one, but it had been stolen. Then there was Yugi Motou, the King of Games; he had the Puzzle. That she needed to find, but Yugi seemed to have disappeared lately.

Yoshiko's thoughts were interrupted when the principal came into the classroom leading a boy about her age. She had never seen a more attractive boy in her life; of course, that was just her. The boy was probably albino; he had hair that was pure white, wild and long, and along with his pale skin he definitely made a striking appearance. Dark brown eyes stared shyly out at the classroom, and they almost had a frightened look, like he was hiding something about himself that no one should know. Yoshiko noticed he hadn't had time to read about the school dress code, or get a uniform for that matter, since instead of the required green coat and slacks, he had on blue jeans and an off-white sweater. Yes, she found him attractive, but she very much doubted anyone else did. The classroom was silent as their teacher, Mr. Yokura, introduced the new arrival.

"Class, this is Ryou Bakura. He is a transfer student from Domino High School in Domino City. I'm sure we'll all make him feel quiet welcome here."

That was another thing Yoshiko doubted. From the looks the other students were giving Ryou, she could see they didn't like him very much.

"Ryou, there's and empty seat behind Yoshiko, why don't you go sit there," Mr. Yokura said, and Yoshiko raised her hand so Ryou could find his seat. However, she kept it raised even after the boy had sat down.

"Yes, Miss Sachi?" said the teacher as he called on her.

"I was wondering if I could show Ryou around the school," Yoshiko answered.

"That would be very nice, thank you, Miss Sachi. I'm glad someone is polite enough to welcome Mr. Bakura."

Mr. Yokura went into the next lesson, but not many students were paying attention. Yoshiko noticed a number of her peers were shooting curious glances her way. They were most likely wondering why she had been so quick to offer to be Ryou's guide around the school, but the answer to that was almost as apparent as the question. There was a reason she was called 'Sanity Needed Sachi', she was interested in magic and supernatural phenomena. She was one of those types that believed in UFOs and wormholes, powerful gods and ancient beliefs. No one really liked her, but that was all eight because she didn't really like anyone else. The rest of the class figured Yoshiko and Ryou would get along perfectly, they were two of a kind. Unfortunately, the class didn't know anything about Ryou or they definitely would have thought differently.

Yoshiko was a better judge of character than her class. She knew there was something different about the new student, but he had such an aura of goodness that she had no idea what it could be. But then there was that small niche in the goodness, the one that was exactly the opposite of Ryou. And by being Ryou's guide, the girl hoped to find out what the niche was.

At lunch time, Yoshiko showed Ryou where all of his classes were, but as they walked along, she became more interested than ever in this mysterious boy. There seemed to be some times when he wasn't even paying attention to where they were going. He seemed preoccupied at those times, like he was having an invisible conversation with an invisible person.

"Thank you for this, Yoshiko," Ryou said near the end of the tour. "I don't know what I would have done if you hadn't volunteered."

"My pleasure, Ryou," she replied. "Now, what's your last class?"

"Uh, Art with Mr. Kanto."

"Really? That's what I've got! C'mon!"

She almost dragged Ryou to the location of his class, but she was so excited that she couldn't slow down. Having all the same classes with this boy could be a coincidence, but she thought there was something else at work here.


Ryou almost collided with Yoshiko as she stopped so suddenly.

"Did you here that?" she asked.

"Hear what?" he questioned.

"That voice; it called your name."

"Oh…I didn't hear anything."

She was sure she saw a flash of fear dart across those chocolate eyes, but soon he was immersed in his own thoughts, frowning slightly. They continued on in silence to the Art room and then back to the next class they had after lunch. Coincidentally, Ryou sat in front of her in this class, so they took their seats and waited for the rest of the teens. Yoshiko saw Ryou take what looked like a deck of cards out of his pocket and begin to shuffle and systematically place them on the desk face down. After turning one over and studying it, she saw his back go rigid and his hand tremble as he turned another over. Following the turning over of a third card, Ryou turned around in his seat and inspected her through fearful eyes.

"I know we've just met," he started. His voice was trying to sound calm but it still sounded shaky. "But are you, by any chance, looking for the Millennium Items?"

Now it was Yoshiko's turn to look horror-struck. How could this boy whom she had just met, like he'd said, no exactly what she was looking for? That was impossible! No one knew that! It had to have been the cards; he'd only mentioned this after looking at them.

"Don't worry, I won't tell anyone," he said. This guy was even more cautious than she'd thought. He was speaking so timidly you'd think he'd have been hit every time he'd asked that question.

"Yes," she answered, just as cautiously. "How did you know that?"

"The cards, they told me. It's an old fortune telling trick I learn from an old friend. I wondered about you when I came in the classroom, especially when you so quickly volunteered to be my guide around the school. So I asked the cards about you and they appeared like this." Ryou moved in his seat so she could see his desk better. Now she recognized the type of cards they were, Duel Monsters cards. As a side thought, she hoped he wouldn't be too disappointed to learn this school wasn't big on Duel Monsters. But once Ryou began explaining what the cards meant, all of those thoughts went out the window.

"See, this one here, Maha Vailo, represents your past," Ryou explained, pointing to the furthest right card. The cards were arranged in a cross shape, with the right, middle, and top cards turned over. He continued. "It's a spellcaster type, which means you were interested in magic, and it's a light type, too, so you weren't evil. Because of the effect, it shows that for every good thing that happened to you, your self-confidence and mental strength grew stronger. Am I right?"

Yoshiko nodded silently. This boy knew so much, and just from one card!

"What about the next one, Mystic Probe?" she asked.

"That represents the current problems or situations that are affecting you right now. Based on the last card and the name of this one I figured you're looking for something magical. The picture is of an ancient tablet so that something is also ancient. That brings up a few things, but because of the current events, with Kaiba's tournament going on, I assumed this meant you're looking for the Millennium Items. I was right wasn't I?"

"Yes, you were," she responded. What was with this guy? Everything he was saying was accurate, but they had just met a few hours ago. Either he had been very well trained or he actually was psychic. She asked him to continue.

"The last card I turned over, the Soul of Purity and Light, is always a card I get to represent myself in readings. So that's probably what it means here-myself. This position is the person or people that are affecting your present situation. I'll have to explain about how I come in later, in a more private place."

"So what about the two you haven't turned over yet?"

"The bottom represents you right now." He turned it over. "Ancient Elf, another spellcaster, which only confirms the other two 'present' cards. Then the last one-" he turned it over- "represents your future if all three 'present' cards are combined."

Ryou stared cautiously at the last card, then after a few moments drew another card and placed it face up to the left of the Soul of Purity and Light card. From his expression, Yoshiko could tell the reading was not something Ryou had wanted.

"What's wrong?" she asked. He looked even more fearful than before, if that was possible.

"The last two cards. This one-" he pointed to the first card he'd had on the left- "the Possessed Dark Soul, means something will happen that will make you somewhat evil or possessed. Then the last card I put down, Dark Spirit of the Silent, confirms that, and I think I know what spirit this is talking about. I'll explain later," he said as students started to file into the room. Quickly, Ryou collected the cards, combined them with the deck, and stuffed the cards into his pocket. Yoshiko was relieved to see that none of the students had noticed them. Then a note appeared on her desk. Instantly, she hid the note under the desk and read it.


I guess this is the third time I've thanked you for showing me around. Meet me after school by the front gate and I'll explain about the last two cards in your reading. See ya then, and be prepared for anything,