Chapter 10

Drinks, Fights, and Revelations.

"So then he said 'How did you think I rang the doorbell?'" The booth exploded with laughter making half spill their drinks. Sherry was the only one not amused by Angus' joke.

"That's foul." She said before downing her drink. This brought on even more drunken laughter.

"It was a joke about a bloke with no arms or legs on a date with a super did you think he rang the bell?" Seamus asked loudly. Helen smacked him on the shoulder because Sherry was too polite to do it herself.

"Fuck you Seamus." Was Sherry's response. Helen was going to have to rethink that too polite business.

"All this lady yapping has reminded me why I only tell these jokes in the loo. Be back in a flash." Angus barely got this out before practically falling out of his chair. Seamus was laughing harder than ever.

"You flash my lady and I'll cut it off for yeah and you'll be telling your jokes in the ladies room." Angus flipped him off American style before making his way through the crowded bar to the other side of the room to where the bathrooms were located.

"Man I love bars." Helen said swirling her shot of whiskey before tipping her head back to drink it straight. "To think I would have had to wait another 4 years if I hadn't known somebody so well connected." Her eyes drifted to Seamus with a big grin. He pulled her close to him and proceed to kiss the remainder of whiskey away.

"'d have found a way before then. You're too sexy and clever not too"

"I just remembered why no one likes a couple." Conner muttered into his glass. They both glared at him.

"So is that why you and Sherry haven't been around much lately? You think we hate you?" Helen asked him playfully. It was Sherry who answered though.

"No, nothing like that. We just like being alone sometimes. Quality time you know?" She was looking at Conner as she said it; a soft smile on her face.

"Ah saints preserve us, now I remember why no one likes a couple. Where the fuck is Angus? He's been going to that bathroom more that and alcoholic with bladder infection." Seamus moaned as Sherry and Conner locked lips.

"I'm sure he's just got a lot of business to attend to in there." Conner murmured kissing Sherry again. Seamus' playful mood slowly flitted away as he thought over Conner's phrasing.

"What do yeah mean by that?" Conner looked over quickly at Seamus' tone. His brows pulled together as he mulled something over. Seamus waited him out; suddenly quite motionless.

"Nothing. He just seems to make a lot of mates every time he goes over there." Seamus followed Conner's leading eye to the other side of the room where they could just make out Angus talking to some gaunt skinny college boy type.

He kept watching as both of them, while continuing to talk, put a hand into their jacket pockets. Then as they parted they shook hands. Seamus watched livid as the college kid almost dropped what Angus had tried to pass him. The kid left immediately and Angus sauntered casually into the bathroom tucking something into his front jacket pocket. Seamus looked at Conner eyes narrowed.

"How long he been making friends like that?" Connor shrugged.

"My guess is sometime since that frat party." Seamus nodded trying to display a mask of calm while Helen was so close. Sherry had started up some conversation with her and he was almost positive she didn't have the faintest clue what he'd been saying to Connor.

"Have to go to the loo. Be back right quick." He was gone from the table before Helen could reply. As he tried to weave his way through the crowd Seamus became increasingly madder until he was practically shoving people out of his way by the time he reached the bathroom. The heel of his Dock Martins kicked into swinging door freezing Angus in place; his hands still holding the money he had been counting.

"WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?" Seamus yelled slamming the door behind him. Angus seemed to come back to himself and tried to shove the money back into the pocket where he'd got it.

"Nothing man. Just goanna take a piss." Seamus grabbed him by the shoulder and slammed him into the wall knocking the wind out of him.

"A piss?! Really?! Huh, then what pray-tell," He said driving his hand into one of Angus' side pockets, "is THIS!?"

The floor was now littered with little clear packages filled with white powder. Angus's face went pale as Seamus' got even redder.

"It's just a little side money. Nothing big." Seamus glared at him like he was an idiot. Which he was starting to see was probably the case.

"You start a business without my consent. Then you operate it on a rival family's turf! And this is not my concern?! You could have gotten yourself killed and the family into a fuckin' war! How can you be that fucking stupid!?"

"I only do a little and I'm super discrete. The Italians aren't going to find out." Angus reassured, bending to pick up the fallen merchandise. Seamus dove his fingers threw his hair as he tried, with little success to calm down.

"It is a little thing but we have an agreement. Different families can go into each other's establishments as long as they DON'T DO ANY BUSINESS THERE! And THAT is exactly what you've done. You better hope that they don't know shit."

"They don't I swear."

"Good. Then once this is gone you're not getting anymore. And the stuff you do have you're not selling here. Or anywhere else that isn't flying the FUCKIN' IRISH FLAG, you got me?!" Angus stared abashed at his feet and nodded solemnly.

"Ok then, we're agreed." Seamus let out a sigh of relief letting go of a lot of his anger at the same time. "Now let's go back to the fuckin' table before anymore of your loser clients come looking for you. Unless by some fuckin' miracle you were telling the truth and you do have to fucking piss?" Angus shook his head.

"Didn't fuckin' think so." He muttered before pushing open the bathroom door again. He stopped in his tracks almost immediately.

"Where the FUCK is everybody?!"

Moments ago...

"Where the hell did Seamus say he was going?" Helen asked Connor. He shrugged and took a swig of his beer. Helen rolled her eyes at him and flipped him off. Sherry gave her a reproachful look and Helen rolled her eyes at her too. She was just about to continue their conversation on the merits of professional wrestling over monster trucks when one of the male waiters walked up.

"A drink from the gentleman." He said before placing what was obviously a Sex-on-the-Beach in front of Sherry. Sherry looked at him bewildered.

"W-what?" Wordlessly the waiter pointed to a man at the bar who was smiling pleasantly in their direction. Sherry swiftly looked away trying to avoid eye contact with him. "I-I don't want the drink. Take it back."

"He tipped me extra not to. Sorry miss." Before Sherry could figure out what to do the waiter was gone.

"Who is that?" Connor demanded. Sherry turned to him equally as upset.

"I have no idea! He's some fucking jerk at a bar. He can obviously see I'm with you and is trying to ruin our night. I say we just forget about him."

"He looks like he knows you." Conner replied quietly. Helen jumped across the table and grabbed the drink.

"Problem solved. I'll just go tell him we don't take fag drinks. And everyone can move on." As soon as she finished speaking she was gone from the table leaving Sherry and Connor to quietly scwabble about the drink in private.

"The waiter got your table wrong. Next time just say you're sitting at the bar." Helen said slamming the drink on the counter hard enough that some of it spilled from the glass and on to his pants. He acted like it didn't bother him.

"Now that's not right. The red head was supposed to bring the drink back so we could arrange to meet up after her guy friend's gone." Helen shook her head in disgust.

"Go hit on people your own age creepy desperate man. I'm going back to my friends now." He looked around her.

"What friends?" Helen turned around and sure enough Sherry and Connor were getting up from the table; Connor practically dragging Sherry by the arm.

"Ah fuck." Helen muttered in a vaguely Irish accent and started trying to rush back to the table. She was going so fast she didn't see the bouncer she ran into until it was too late. She collided so hard in fact that she was knocked on her ass with all the wind pushed out of her.

"And where do you think you're going?" The Block-Head-Bouncer-Guy-Who-Was-Obviously

-Not-As-Affected-As-She-Was-By-The-Impact. All she could do was wave vaguely in the direction of their table.

"My friends." He eyed her like he was trying to decide what he didn't like about her most. The bleached hair? The bubble gum pink lipstick? Or the baby doll T-shirt cut off right below her chest that said 'Fck the man!'? It really could have been anything.

"You got ID?" Helen pushed herself off the floor.

"You new? I come in here all the time with the fucking regulars. We never get carded 'cause they fuckn' know us. Now get your steroid pushing, small dick, authoritarian complex out of my way!" This last comment was said from two inches away looking nearly two feet up directly into his fuming eyes.

Helen didn't even see him move before she was thrown over his shoulder with the wind knock out of her once again. Before she could recover her breath she was sailing through the air and landed face first in the parking lot.

"Fck the man..." She whispered rising to her hands and knees. "Why can't I ever just walk out of a bar?"

She had just managed to get to her feet when she remembered why she was in such a rush in the first place. She'd been trying to talk to Sherry and Connor before the left. She looked around where she was and couldn't see them. With how long Behemoth took to toss her out outside they had probably already made it to their car. Cursing her luck she started for where she remembered seeing them park. To her chagrin noticing she had a slight limp from landing on her hip badly.

"Got to learn some fuckin' karate rolls or something." She muttered as she neared the spot. She could just now make out Sherry and Connor fighting by the passenger side door but was too far away to hear them. Sherry was waving one hand in the direction of the bar while Connor continued to shake his head. Helen was just about to call out to them when something happened so shocking that she forgot how to speak.

Connor, faster than Helen could think possible, punched Sherry so hard in the gut that she fell to her knees in front of him. Helen stared unable to move.

In one swift motion he grabbed Sherry by the hair, opened the car door, and tossed her inside. She apparently had enough sense left to pull in her legs before he slammed the door close and got into the other side. Helen could just barely see the top of Sherry's head as Connor peeled out of the parking lot. It took Helen a second to realize she was running after the car even though her brain had been unable to call out. She stopped in the middle of the parking lot and ran for Seamus' car. When she got there she jumped into the driver seat only then realizing she didn't have the keys. She never had the keys, this was Seamus' car, and she needed Seamus. Once again she was running back to the bar before her brain could catch but with her.

"Seamus!" The first words she'd spoken since she'd seen it. She was still too far away from the bar to be heard over the music but she kept yelling. "Seamus!"

As she was running full tilt for the front door she could see the pink version of the Jolly Green Giant baring her path. Instead of slowing down she ran faster waiting till the last second to, for lack of a better term, leap over him. While she came nowhere close to getting past him she did succeed in getting enough height to elbow him in the nose. This in turn only made him madder and Helen all the more desperate to get by.

"Seamus! Seamus! Let me go you shit head! Seamus!" This and many more imaginative things few out of Helen's mouth as she did her best to kick, wiggle, and bite her way free. "SEAMUS!"


"AAAHHHH!" Paul Bunion dropped like a sack of potatoes taking Helen with him. He fell with both hands clutched around his left knee moaning in pain. As soon as Helen scrambled clear a red doc martin flew past her face to pin him to the floor by his neck. His eyes bugged way out of their sockets as he looked up at the most pissed of Irishman he'd probably ever see again.

"Keep your hands off my girl." For a few breathless moments Helen felt sheer terror as she looked into Seamus' eyes. She looked down suddenly realizing that he had dislocated the guy's knee and was continuing to cut off his air. Seamus turned his attention back to Helen completely indifferent to the man gasping for breath beneath him. "Did he hurt you? I could make him pay if he hurt you."

"N-no. No but we have to go. We have to go now." Seamus looked down at the man crushed under his feet.

"Oh I don't think anyone is going to make a fuss over this." Helen was shaking her head rising to her feet with sudden urgency.

"No, no, no we have to go. We have to go right now." Helen started pulling Seamus by the wrist dragging him as fast as she could toward the car. "We need to drive. We need to go now."

It was surprisingly easy to pull Seamus to the car. This was largely due to the fact that he was so very dumbfounded by the desperate way Helen was clutching his arm that he let her. She only let go of him to fling him at the driver side door and race to the other side.

"Drive." Helen slammed the door and was currently ringing her hands. Seamus continued to give her the queerest of looks as he started the car and took off with his typical reckless abandon for safety.

"Helen…where are we going?" He asked quietly. Helen furrowed her brow in thought.

"Yes where would they go? Back to her place…his? Would they even go home right away? No they'd have to go somewhere private wouldn't they? So his or hers? Which is closer? Or does the closeness not matter but rather who's it is?"

Seamus cast many confused glances at his muttering passenger but refrained from interrupting. When the deranged muttering had moved to the inside of Helen's brain he spoke again.

"Helen…what…are…you talking about?" His gentle voice pulled Helen out of her circular panicked thinking long enough to look at Seamus. He was still driving at high speed, one hand on the wheel, with his eyes almost completely focused on her. She took a deep breath.

"Connor's been hitting Sherry." Seamus' only reaction was a narrowing of his eyes which he did when he needed his full concentration on something.

"What did you say?"

"Connor's has been abusing Sherry! It's probably been happening for a while. I mean he's always been a little controlling and jealous but I never imagined this!" Helen was back to ringing her hands again. "I mean how did it start? Telling her not to continue with her job at the Treasure Chest? Telling her what to wear when they go out? Taking her away from all her friends who might notice the bruises? He's been doing it so slowly for so long I don't know how I didn't see it."

It took Helen a minute to realize that Seamus had pulled over to the side of the road and had stopped the car. He was staring out the windshield with his face skewed up in an expression that Helen didn't recognize.

"What are you doing? We have to go. We have to find them!" Helen shouted waving toward the road.

"And do what?" Helen stared opened mouth at Seamus.

"What do you mean do what? We have to find them! We have to stop it!" Helen was about ready to get out of the car and push if she had too.

"I…did not expect this." Seamus murmured lowering his head onto the steering wheel buried between his arms that were already rested there..

"Expect what?! That Connor is a controlling sexiest psychopath?! I fucking hope not! But we don't have time for disbelief we have to go!" Helen was about ready to shake him.

"In my family…and I'm not saying me specifically…feel that some physical domain be kept within a relationship. And that these aspects of a couple's life should remain a private matter, without intrusion."

Helen stared at Seamus with an expression of horror and disbelief.

"What did you say?" Seamus rolled his head miserably between his arms and groaned.

"What I am saying is that I can't do anything. This is Connor's business. It's not my place to interfere."

"Sherry is your friend! If some ASSHOLE who wasn't dating her fought with her, hit her, and then threw her in a car to drive off to GOD KNOWS WHERE with her…you would FUCKING KILL THAT GUY! But no, because he's her GOD-DAMN BOYFRIEND you won't!?" Seamus snapped his head up to glare at her.

"He is FAMILY Helen! I can't go against my family no matter how good of a friend Sherry is! I can't." They locked eyes for a very long moment. Slowly all the emotion drained from Helen's face and she turned away from him. She was silent for a very long time before speaking again.

"If that's how it is, you're not the man I thought you were." She got out of the car but before closing the door she bent down. "I'm going to take a cab home. If you do ever turn into the man I think you are, call me. Otherwise don't bother."

Helen shut the door and started walking, headed for the nearest payphone. Seamus let her.

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