AN: Well this is the start of a completely different story, NOT related to the Alternate World story in anyway. I was rather curious as to how a romance between Seto and Jounouchi would go if it were Jounouchi who was going blind and not his sister. I know I should be working on AW but a block is on me ;;... and this story idea was nagging me so I just wrote it.

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Warning: Urrr…cursing? Shounen ai
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Chapter One: Blurred

"I'm sorry, Jounouchi-san but I'm afraid that you are slowly going blind."

Jounouchi Katsuya stared dumbly at the old man who stood in front of him, tapping his pen on his desk and looking concerned. Time had slowed to a horrible crawl and the thumping of his heart was roaring in his ears. A good twenty seconds passed before he was able to fully register what the man had just said.


"What the hell do you mean by 'blind'?" Jounouchi said, his voice begging the doctor to tell him it was all a big joke, that he was fine, that this was probably a bad dream and he'd wake up any second now…

The Optician glanced down at the tests in front of him and then looked at Jounouchi again, there was no hint of humour in those eyes. "I suspect you have a rare strain of Glaucoma. I've only seen it in one other patient in all my fifty years as an optician. Do you have a history of this condition in your family?"

Jounouchi wasn't even too sure what Glaucoma was, much less if his family had a history of it. "First of all what the HELL is Glau-what ya ma call it?" Jounouchi yelled. "And how did I get it?"

"Glaucoma to be put in layman terms, is a pressure build up of the fluid in the anterior chamber inside the eye. When the pressure becomes too much, it usually results in loss of eyesight. As to how you got it, there are many ways to get Glaucoma, I need to do some extra tests to …" (A/N yeah, I researched a teeny bit on the topic can you tell?)

Jounouchi slumped back into his seat and stared blankly in front of him.


The Optician continued to talk but Jounouchi was barely listening. When had this happened? How? A few months ago he'd had 20/20 vision! Could shoot a can off a wall ten yards away with a stone. Then all of a sudden, he'd gotten up one fine Friday morning and realised that everything in front of him was slightly blurry at their edges.

He'd ignored it.

He was probably tired, he had convinced himself, nothing big right? Too many nights out late with Triston, too many street gang scuffles. It'd get better.

By the end of the month, he could barely see further than five feet in front of him.

Cursing that he'd have to wear glasses, he borrowed some cash from Honda and went to see his best friend's (Yugi) optician. He preferred it if his dear old dad didn't know about this, come to think of it, he was pretty sure he'd have to go without glasses, there was no way in hell he could afford them anyway. His dad would probably slam him into a wall and blame it all on him somehow…

And now this…

"…I can prescribe some glasses…"

Ha! Jounouchi thought bitterly.

"… will help with the blurriness for now - but I will need to talk to your parents or guardian about further tests and the operation that you will need…"

"No…" Jounouchi grunted, snapping back to reality with a jerk.

"No?" the optician said quizzically, as if he could not understand what Jounouchi was saying.

"No, no parents… how much does this… operation cost?"

The Optician cleared his throat looking worried. "Really Jounouchi-san… this is something for an adult to deal with, your only sixteen I don't…."

"How… MUCH?" Jounouchi snarled. He wasn't in the mood for the patronizing adult crap; he took care of himself all the time anyway.

"This is a very rare…"

Jounouchi shot out of the chair and glowered at the Optician who was blurred at the edges. " How…much…" he drawled, slowly, his voice icy.

" Well, just the tests alone may run you into1,000, 000 Yen…"

Jounouchi wasn't entirely sure when he hit the chair - but he was in it when he came out of the shock…

1…1,000, 000…?


"You see?" the Optician said smugly. "This isn't for a teenager to deal with, if you'd give me your parent's number to call…"

Jounouchi stood up silently, turned and headed for the door, ignoring the Optician's shout of protest and slammed the door behind him.

Jounouchi pulled on his school jacket savagely and raked his hand through his messy blond hair. What a fucking waste of money he thought bitterly. I could have bought some more dueling cards…


Been real difficult to play 'em lately…can barely see the writing under the pictures, if I didn't know my cards by heart…

Realising he wasn't in a mood to walk, he fumbled in his pocket for loose change, found some and flagged down a bus that was pulling up in at a stop beside him. Squinting up at the bus number, he thought he saw the number 102 and without a second thought, he hopped on the bus. He paid the driver with a handful of coins, missed the drivers resentful look and plopped himself down at the back to wait. He had to concoct some lie to tell Yugi, the only person so far who knew that he had gone to the optician.

Blind… His mind echoed to him. Your going blind…

Yeah I know…

What the hell are you going to do?

I don't know…there's no way in hell I can afford 1, 000, 000 Yen just to do tests on my eye! And my dad couldn't afford it either…

Not that he'd want to anyway…useless drunk…

Maybe a job?

What job do you know that would pay a teenager enough money to make up 1, 000, 000 Yen?

Pressing his forehead against the cool window, he sighed in frustration. He knew of person who might pay someone that amount… but he hardly thought said person would hire him.

Jounouchi paused in mid-thought.


"Good one Jou-kun!" Honda and Yugi cheered, as Jounouchi played his Red Eyes Black Dragon and wiped out Seto Kaiba's Ax Raider.

"Any last words Kaiba?" Jounouchi crowed, as he mentally calculated how many life points Kaiba had left. Kaiba had two more monsters on the field, both easy targets. This game was in the bag…

Kaiba smirked. "Two, actually…"

Jounouchi felt his blood run cold.

"Blue Eyes…"

"Aw c'mon, Jou-kun, it was a pretty good duel, who knew Kaiba would pull a Blue Eyes right there?" Honda said encouragingly, while slapping him on the back and sliding in beside him on the café seat.

"I knew I should have saved my Trap hole card…" Jounouchi groaned, with delayed despair. "Bastard set me up earlier in the duel."

Yugi shrugged. "Don't beat yourself up, Jou-kun, Kaiba's a difficult opponent."

"Why were you playing him anyway?" Anzu asked, plopping down beside Yugi and stealing one of his fries. Yugi playfully poked her with his unopened straw in retaliation.

"I …wanted something from him…" Jounouchi said quietly, staring blankly out of the café window.

Anzu raised an eyebrow. "Wanted? What could you possibly want from Seto Kaiba?"

"A job…" Jounouchi said glumly.

Seto Kaiba glared down at the Red Eyes Black Dragon in his hand, the prize of his duel with Jounouchi. Everyday, that blond idiot surprised him with something new and today was no different.


"Let's duel, Kaiba."

Kaiba stopped typing on his laptop long enough to give Jounouchi a cold, scrutinizing stare. "Duel?"

"You heard me, the winner gets to ask one thing from the loser." Jounouchi pressed on, swallowing hard.

"What could you possibly give me?" Kaiba asked coldly.

"Stop talking as if you've won already!" Jounouchi growled. "And if you must know my Red Eyes."

Kaiba raised a brow. "Why, would I want a mangy Red Eyes?"

Jounouchi turned scarlet. " Whadya mean MANGY?"

Kaiba allowed himself a smirk. "Mangy as it's master…"

Jounouchi clenched his fist tightly and closed his eyes. Kaiba realised he was counting to ten. This came as a surprise, normally Jounouchi would have leapt at him by now and gotten his head slammed into a locker for his trouble.

What Jounouchi said next, surprised him even more.

"Fine, it's mangy… you gonna duel me or what?"

Recovering from the shock that Jounouchi was actually taking an insult so casually, Kaiba opened his mouth to say of course not, that he had better things to do with his time when the ever annoying voice of Yugi cut in. (AN: Kaiba said that not me! ;; I love Yugi! )

"Hey Jou-kun! What're you doing in here? With…Kaiba-san?" Yugi stood at the doorway, large green eyes wide with surprise. (AN: YES, green eyes again)

Jounouchi glanced behind him at Yugi, then back at Kaiba again, there was an obvious look of desperation in his eyes before a large, fake, dopey grin plastered its way across his features; turning, he faced his best friend.

"Nothing… just…"

"He was just challenging me to a duel… again." Kaiba said smoothly, pulling his deck out of his coat pocket and standing. "Mutt just seems to like getting his ass kicked…"

End Flashback

And as expected, Jounouchi had lost.

But not before making Kaiba sweat for the first time, since dueling with Yugi. He wasn't too sure what it was but Jounouchi had dueled with a fervour, quite unlike any he had displayed before. He had only gotten cocky towards the end, when he had asked Kaiba if he had any last words.

Kaiba smiled. Jounouchi was never very good at hiding what pleased him; open as a book the mutt was -


Before it had actually gotten to that point, Jounouchi had dueled silently and viciously, as if his very life depended on the outcome.

If Kaiba hadn't thought of getting Jounouchi to play his trap hole before he had brought out his Blue Eyes…

The look of despair in Jounouchi's eyes when he realised Kaiba was going to beat him, actually made him hesitate before initiating the attack that had wiped out the rest of Jounouchi's life points. Usually, Jounouchi made a lot of noise about being beaten, threatened him and punched something (usually Honda) but today, he had just walked over (after telling the others to go on ahead without him) and silently handed over his Red Eyes.

Nothing else.

None of the usual threats and insults.

"What was it that you wanted from me, if you had won?" Kaiba had asked Jounouchi, smirking, his curiosity getting the better of him. "A new dog collar? A chew toy?"

Jounouchi gave a jagged sigh, gazed up at him with oddly glazed eyes, so different from the sharp, curious ones that tormented him daily when his mind wandered, and just turned to follow the others out of the room.

Something was wrong with Jounouchi Katsuya.

But what was it?

To Be Continued.

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