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Chapter Eleven: Payment?

"You're asking for a miracle, Kaiba-sama…" Akio Takata, the lead Optician of Kaiba's private medical team, said testily.

Kaiba frowned in annoyance; he was sitting at his desk, fingers tapping the surface of the smooth mahogany with short, angry sounds.

"Miracle?" he snapped. "I pay you to make miracles, Takata-san. You are the best Japan has got – you've come up with surgery breakthroughs that has the scientific community wanting to charge you with mal-practice – it's the main reason why I brought you on my payroll."

Takata gripped air in exasperation; reasoning with Kaiba was like convincing a pitbull to let go. "The boy has advanced congenital glaucoma – adult males don't get congenital glaucoma – I've only ever heard of one other person getting this above the age of 2. I'm almost certain that person is blind at the moment."

"That person didn't have you as a doctor, now did they?" Kaiba said smugly. "Takata-san…your job has been very, very easy so far – Mokuba and I rarely get sick. I pay you more a month than what twenty doctors make in a year and I allow you to practice privately. Are you telling me, that you won't at least try?"

He let the threat hang in the air, remorseless in his desire to see Jounouchi healed.

Takata sighed and slumped down in the chair, beads of sweat beginning to form on his forehead, he felt very sick. "Even…even… if I manage to bring his sight back from this – his vision will most likely be damaged for the rest of his life."

Kaiba frowned. "Will he be able to see? How damaged?"

"I don't know Kaiba-san! The known procedure is for children – I'm going to have to recreate it for an adult patient – there are so many factors involved I don't even know if I can…"

"So you know already what you are going to do…good." Kaiba said a pleased tone in his voice.

Dismay showed all over the Optician's face. "No! Kaiba-sama didn't you hear what I said?" Takata said desperately. "It might not…."

"When can you operate?" Kaiba asked, ignoring Takata's steady stream of protests. Takata looked up at him in growing shock, the blood rapidly draining from his face.

"I…well… I … maybe three, four days?" Takata stammered. "But…Kaiba-sama please listen…"

"I DON'T PAY YOU FOR EXCUSES!" Kaiba exploded violently, bringing his fist crashing down onto the table, his eyes ablaze with suppressed rage. Takata stared at the cracked finish of the desk in shock, gulping air silently like a fish.

The silence seemed to go on forever and then slowly, ever so slowly, Kaiba crumbled back to a semblance of normality and took one haggard breath. Takata was surprised to see the young CEO look very, very tired and… afraid?

"Takata-san…" Kaiba said slowly. "This… is very important to me… I cannot…will not take Katsuya Jounouchi going blind as an option…Do you understand what I am saying, Takata-san?" His eyes bore into the profusely sweating man.

"Do this operation for me and I promise - you will want for nothing for the rest of your life." There was no more threat in Kaiba's voice, only genuine pleading.

Takata swallowed painfully and nodded. What else was there to say?

"Yes… sir. I will try my best."

Kaiba strode purposefully through the F hospital wing, nurses and doctors glancing at him but not attempting to stop the CEO. Kaiba basically owned the hospital - If he had come in there with dynamite and a lit match, they would probably have just politely gotten the patients out and asked him if he needed any assistance and the best area to cause the most damage.

Yugi, Tea and Honda all sat in the waiting area looking nervous as Kaiba walked up to them.

"Kaiba…kun…" Yugi said hesitantly. "Is… do you know if Jounouchi will be…"

"He will get the best care this hospital can give him." Kaiba said dismissively, he was confident in Takata's abilities but even he did not want to jinx the whole situation.

"Why are you helping him?" Tea asked suddenly. Just like that. There was an angry expression on her face. "You've never liked him and all of a sudden…" she waved her hand around her, emotion screwing up her face and quite suddenly, she burst into tears.

Honda and Yugi, eyes wide, tried to comfort her, both uncomfortable with her sudden wave of anguish. Kaiba watched the scene with a distinct expression of distaste on his face. His eyes occasionally wandering to the door of Jounouchi's hospital room – was he awake?

"Have you seen him?" Kaiba asked coolly, the moment Tea's tears had eased.

Yugi nodded dumbly, clear distress on his face.

Kaiba took a deep breath. "Good. Come again tomorrow evening, the operation should be finished by then."

"Operation?" Tea, Triston and Yugi all asked in unison, disbelieving expression on their face. "I thought it was…"

Kaiba felt himself getting irritated with the 60 questions. Yugi was one thing; he held a begrudging respect for the short teenager – but the others… If they had not been Jounouchi's close friends, he would have quite bluntly told them to leave.

"Will you be here tomorrow?" he asked stiffly. "Jounouchi, I think you'll agree, would want that very much."

"Yes… of course…" Triston said at last.

"Good… visiting hours are over now, unfortunately…they've allowed you to stay so long only at my behest." Kaiba interrupted.

"Can….we just say goodbye?" Yugi asked pensively, clearly not wanting to go.

Kaiba nodded and they all shuffled into the Jounouchi's room. The soft murmurings of goodbye were depressing and Kaiba occupied himself by talking to the nurse, asking her to guide them to the exit when they left the room. She nodded and he took the elevator to the next floor – Takata-san was preparing the operation room and he wanted to know how the procedure would go from start to finish.

When he finally came downstairs, the hospital was deserted except for the odd doctor on duty and the nurses who were doing their rounds. Taking a deep breath, he walked to Jounouchi's door and stood there, shuffling uncomfortably.

Finally, he knocked on the door, lightly.

A pause, then…

"Yeah…? That you nurse?" Jounouchi's muffled voice asked.

"No." Kaiba said simply and pushing the door open, stepped inside.

Jounouchi was sitting up, his eyes fixed blankly at the window. The picture struck Kaiba as odd. "Kaiba…heya… brought anything good? Damn doctors won't let me have anything to eat beside juice… fucking hungry."

Kaiba smiled despite himself. "It's because you're operating tomorrow morning…"

Jounouchi snorted. "I think they're a day late…You know? I asked the nurse about Glaucoma – there's no cure for Glaucoma, you know that? I didn't know that…" His voice tapered off and he hung his head. "Dammit."

Kaiba approached hesitantly and gently slipped his hand around Jounouchi's. "Puppy…" his said softly.

Jounouchi jumped at Kaiba's touch but did not pull away. His expression turned cynical "Puppy…? What happened to 'mutt'? You're going soft, Kaiba."

"Yeah… I guess I am." Kaiba replied.

Silence and then…

"So, how much more does it cost now?" Jounouchi asked bitterly.

"The same…" Kaiba lied.

"I don't believe you." Jounouchi said irritably.

"You'll get over it." Kaiba said.

Jounouchi snorted again.

"Ow! Dammit Yugi!"

"Sorry Jou…" Yugi said apologetically, as he glanced guiltily at Jounouchi's fifth stubbed toe. "This is kinda new to me…I've never…" He broke off, not knowing what to say.

"Led a blind person before yeah, yeah, yada yada…" Jounouchi said irritably. He was dressed casually in jeans and a shirt; his eyes were covered tightly by a bandage and would not be removed for another week. "Well, until the docs make it official I'm not believing that shit… c'mon, I'm hungry."

Yugi grinned and happily took Jounouchi's arm. Triston took the other side and lead him inside. That left Tea, Mokuba and Kaiba to follow after them. Tea was shooting apologetic glances at Kaiba until finally -

"I want to apologize…" she said. "It was rude of me to question your motives when you were clearly only helping…I...I'm sorry."

Kaiba did not even look at her. "Forget it… I certainly have."

Tea looked slightly hurt but nodded her head and looked around the mansion. "Nice house… I'm glad you're letting Jounouchi stay here… I didn't even realise what his father was doing."

"No one did." Kaiba said, ending the conversation.

Jounouchi was lounging comfortably in the armchair, all lights dimmed as Takata had advised, the bandage should be enough but he wanted to be sure that no unnecessary light interfered with the healing process. As a result the group had opted to play board games and guessing game while eating pizza and soda. Kaiba entertained them, aware (grudgingly) that Jounouchi needed his friends more than ever right now. That they had finally found out seemed to be a massive relief for Jounouchi, though he hesitated in telling them the entire ordeal up to that point.

Kaiba kept silent. He knew enough of course but not every detail of what his father had done to him. If Jounouchi choose to keep the fine points a secret, it really was his business – he would not ask.

When Yugi and the rest finally got up, full, sleepy and mumblings about it being late and they needed to get home, Kaiba arranged for his limo to drop them off. They all promised to come by the next day.

Jounouchi's good spirits remained and when Kaiba brought him some tea and painkillers, he joked about playing video games.

Kaiba told him to stop being an idiot.

"Hey Rich boy…" Jounouchi said sleepily, the painkillers finally kicking in.

"Hmmm?" Kaiba asked, too tired himself to argue with Jounouchi's suddenly stupid pet name for him.

"I'm gonna see again, right?"

Kaiba's natural pessimism nearly took over and he had to squash it. "Sure mutt."

"I liked 'puppy' better… what happened to 'puppy'?" was Jounouchi's slightly annoyed question as he sank deeper into the cushion.

"You're not dying anymore…" Kaiba muttered casually. "Throw yourself off a building and we'll talk."

"Why bother? You'd just pay someone to sew me back together again…" Jounouchi said bitterly. "You seem to like having me in your debt."

Kaiba threw Jounouchi an irritated glance but refrained from saying anything.

"I'm going to pay you back… when my sight comes back I'm going to get a job and pay your ass back – I swear."

"Sure, you do that." Kaiba replied not taking him on.

"I swear…" Jounouchi mumbled and then dropped into a light doze.

Kaiba stared at the ceiling, brows furrowed. "Idiot…" he hissed through his teeth. "You don't get it do you?"

"Get what…?" was Jounouchi's sleep talking reply.

Kaiba closed his eyes and willed sleep to come.

Kaiba tapped away at his computer, deep in thought. Jounouchi's eyesight hadn't come back yet. It had been a week. The doctor had warned that it might take longer than a week but Jounouchi's spirit had taken a plunge at the 7th day.

Nothing he could do or say could get the blond teen to cheer up, not even get him angry.

"Damn it…." He growled and smashed his fingers down on the keyboard. Pushing it aside he went to Jounouchi's room and knocked. The door creaked open…what?

Peering around the door he realized Jounouchi wasn't inside.

Worried he backed up and tracked down the corridor for a few minutes finally finding Jounouchi standing at the end of the corridor, hands out as he desperately searched for a doorknob. The bandages had come off the day Takata had said to take them off so now the teen just walked around with his eyes half lidded, not seeing anything.

"Jounouchi…" Kaiba said curiously, walking up silently. "What are you doing?"

Jounouchi jumped like he had been stung and guiltily turned towards the sound of Kaiba's voice. There was an angry/tormented look on his face.

"I…I … I don't know …" Jounouchi said. "Kaiba, I can't stay here…T…the operation it didn't work… I'll never be able to repay you now."

Kaiba sighed in annoyance and pulled Jounouchi towards him by the cuff on his shirt. "Forget it, okay?" Kaiba growled.

"HOW?" Jounouchi exploded. "How can I forget!??! It's so damn easy for you to say that isn't it!?!? You have EVERYTHING richboy!!! I can't even fucking see anymore! The only thing I've got left is my pride! You gonna take that away from me too!??"

Kaiba saw red for one instant and brought his arm back in a fist. As if sensing the blow, Jounouchi cringed. The look made Kaiba froze and slowly, ever so slowly he brought his arm back down and said in a voice laced with ice. "Alright then, you want to pay me back. Right now?" His hand on the cuff of Jounouchi's shirt tightened enough to cause discomfort to Jounouchi's neck.

Jounouchi looked scared. "What…?" he whispered. Up to this point, Kaiba had been the only voice in the dark that gave him any hope. Right now… that same voice was making his blood run cold. Suddenly, he felt like a trapped animal. His hand was trying to dislodge Kaiba's vice grip on his shirt. The grip only tightened and Jounouchi grunted in pain.

"Come on…" Kaiba growled and dragged him by his shirt towards his study, ignoring the sound of Jounouchi's feet hitting into every table or sculpture on the way and the blond's cries of pain.

"Kaiba…what…. Why… offff…" Jounouchi said in desperation. "Kaiba… what are you doing? I haven't any money…"

Kaiba spun him around at the door of his studio and pressing his hand to his chest, shoved him savagely into the room. Jounouchi stumbled and fell back on the gorund hard and cried out as his shoulder hit the side of the coffee table.

Kaiba stepped into the room after him and locked the door with a sharp click.

Jounouchi who was on the ground and about to let loose a string of oaths to the CEO froze in place at the sound.

"K….Kaiba?" he choked. Was Kaiba locking him in the room? Alone?

"Right here, mutt." Jounouchi heard Kaiba's growl over him and suddenly, Jounouchi felt the heavier weight of the taller teen straddle his hips. Jounouchi immediately freaked out.


Soundlessly, Kaiba ripped Jounouchi's belt off and viciously pulled Jounouchi's pants down. Jounouchi yelled and grabbed at them while trying to escape from Kaiba's grasp.

"STOP IT!" Jounouchi screamed.

"I was going to give you years before you had to pay me back, but since you seem so insistent that you want to do it NOW." Kaiba growled and slipped his right hand around Jounouchi's buttock and pushing three fingers up as far as it could go. Jounouchi cried out in agony and dragged his nails across Kaiba's back, kicking out as he tried to dislodge himself from Kaiba's vice-like grip. .

Kaiba winced as the nails raked his back and grabbing a fistful of Jounouchi's hair, jerked his head back. Jounouchi cried out again almost choking.

"You owe me Jounouchi Katsuya…" Kaiba hissed into Jounouchi's ear and grabbed his member. Jounouchi jerked as if shot and then froze, breathing hard.

Kaiba finished pulling off Jounouchi's pants and brought one of the blond's legs up and over his shoulder. Jounouchi slowly pulled his arms away from Kaiba let them lay limply by his head, face turned away to rest on the carpet.

Kaiba realized at that the same moment that tears were coursing down his face, fast and thick. Breathing still hard, Kaiba sighed deeply and gently as possible pulled his fingers out of Jounouchi. Jounouchi jerked and braced himself, closing his eyes tightly out of instinct.

Kaiba leaned down and kissed the inside of Jounouchi's thigh. "Stupid idiot."

Jounouchi continued to cry softly. Kaiba pulled him up and held his head against his stomach. "You don't have to pay me back now…not until I decide. Can't you understand?"

Jounouchi pulled away from him and pulled his shirt down, trying to cover himself.

Kaiba let him go and sighed before picking up Jounouchi's pants and giving it to the shivering blond. "Put these on and just relax alright? I didn't do anything to you."

Jounouchi gave a low growl and grabbed the pants, hastily dragging them up. He rubbed his hands across his eyes, drying them furiously.

Kaiba sat at his desk and began typing. "Your eyesight will come back, mutt. What you choose to do with your life at that point is your business. I'm not going to force you to pay me back."

Jounouchi stumbled to his feet and snapped angrily. "I'm going to pay you back…Just… not that way…"

Kaiba gave him a bored look. "Sleep in here for tonight – I don't want you wandering off again."

Jounouchi fell back on the couch once he found it. "I'll pay you back…"

"Glasses suit you…" Kaiba said approvingly, watching Jounouchi organize his files for him in his office.

Ironically, Jounouchi's eyesight had returned the very next morning after Kaiba had forced him down on the carpet. Unfortunately, Jounouchi's eyesight was permanently damaged from the whole experience and he would wear glasses for short sightedness for the rest of his life.

Three weeks later, Kaiba had asked Jounouchi to return to the office to work as his secretary for him. Jounouchi wanting to pay back Kaiba anyway possible, agreed.

Jounouchi grunted and stopped in front of Kaiba's desk. "What is this?" Jounouchi asked, plopping down an envelope in front of Kaiba.

"Your paycheck, I believe…" Kaiba replied giving it a cursory glance.

"Are you fucking out of your mind?!" Jounouchi snarled. "I'm working off my dept remember?"

Kaiba looked at him coolly. "I don't want a secretary as payment. Take the money or I'll have it lodged in your account against your will."

Jounouchi gave an exasperated sound and slammed his fist down. "WHY! Why are you doing this?? How the hell can I pay you back if you pay me!?!"

"You can pay me easily." Kaiba replied, ignoring him and checking the design for a new game.

Jounouchi blushed deeply, every time his mind went back to that night his body ached and he had no idea why. "I can't…pay you like that…"

"Then I suppose you'll never repay me…" Kaiba said casually. "Lean up, you're on one of my designs."

"ARGHH!" Jounouchi bellowed and banged his head against Kaiba's desk.

"Why do you want that….?" Jounouchi asked finally, glaring at him from over the rim of the desk.

Kaiba paused in his writing. "I love you." Then he continued writing.

Just like that. Jounouchi's eyes nearly fell out of his head. "WHAT?" he sputtered.

Kaiba gave him a level look. "You fascinate me. I don't want anyone else."

Jounouchi blanched, his face red as a beet. "But I'm not gay."

"I am aware of that from your reaction every time I've attempted anything… that's why I will have to be satisfied with you being just my friend and secretary, I suppose."

Jounouchi lowered his head and mentally screamed.

"Y…you're infuriating!" Jounouchi yelled and stood up, stuffing his paycheck in his pocket and storming back to his work.

"Hm." Kaiba said calmly.

The End (?)

Woot. Finished! Well not really, there's a sequel. C'mon folks did you really expect Jounouchi to express his undying love for Kaiba right off the bat? The sequel will give me much more room to explore that - give it a look - I uploaded the first chapter. It's called Payback.

Some notes on Glaucoma – I researched the different types of Glaucoma that were rare. Congenital glaucoma actually only occurs in children. But this is fanfic and if there's one thing I know for a fact, nothing medical is written in stone. (Hence Mr. Takata showing his disbelief)

Also… Glaucoma symptoms happen differently for different people, Jounouchi was just one lucky bastard who could take a lot of internal eye pressure and not go blind right off the bat. Give him a round of applause folks.

Note: Jounouchi is not cured of Glaucoma there is no cure for Glaucoma at this period of time – I could have just written that there was a cure in this universe but that just seemed too damn easy - after all I was really pushing a Deux es Machina there with Takata being so brilliant and all. I prefer if Jounouchi eye problems don't disappear like that – and yes the subject will appear again in Payback.

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