Title: A Dozen White Roses

Author: Blackknight

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: none

Summary: Starts slow but I promise this will pick up. A Rapist is brutally attacking female Cops, but is leaving SVU little evidence to find him with the sole exception of him placing a white rose on the backs of all his victims.


Sandra Ronien squirmed in her car seat. It felt odd being out on patrol, and not have her hands

on the steering wheel of the patrol car. She had spent ten years in the NYPD, and outside of her

rookie year this was the first time she had let anyone beside her spend an entire patrol in the

driver's seat. When she told her partner to take the wheel she was certain his eyes jumped out

of his head. Still the thought of finally getting a shot at a detective's badge was more then

enough motivation to give up the driver's seat for a couple of patrols especially since they had

caught this rotations night shift.

"What is it Bennie?"

Benjamin Harris laughed, "How do you do that?"

"Do what?" She asked as Sgt. Ronien closed the evidence book she had been reading.

"Keep your head in a book that boring, and still be able to know what is going on around

you," Bennie asked.

Before she could answer there was an interruption, "Car 116, respond."

"Central this is Car 116, go," Sandra said all thoughts of a detective's badge forgotten for them


"We received a 911 call about a disturbance about two blocks north from you."

"We're on our way."

It took the Sandra and her partner less then a minutes to reach the spot of the 911 call. All

they found was a series of abandoned buildings. The two officers got out of the car, and Sandra

began looking along the street side of the buildings while Bennie went to check then nearby

alley. As started searching around the front of the first abandoned building she began thinking

about calling it in as a prank call.

Then suddenly she heard her partner, "SANDRA! Over here!"

Breaking off into a run, she reached the alley and saw her partner kneeling down. She heard

him as he yelled.

"Central this is Car 116 we need an ambulance, and get SVU we have a possible rapeā€¦"

Detective Olivia Benson got out of her cab she'd grabbed after her cell had gone off in the middle

of her date. The whole night had started out bad, and had progressively gotten worse in fact Olivia

considered it the worst date she had ever been on. She'd spent most of the night trying to figure

out how to tell the guy off without making a scene. She'd never been so happy to get a call from

the station house.

She told the cabbie to where to drop her off, and then headed toward the flashing blue and red

lights. The scene was already roped off, and CSU was already swarming over it like a beehive.

Just beyond the police tape she saw Elliot. Now why can't I get a guy like that, she thought. She

brushed the thought off quickly, and turned her full attention to the case. Bending beneath the

police tape she saw Elliot talking with two uniform cops. Olivia called out, "Elliot what have got?"

"Not much, uniforms were responding to a 911 call when they found her. She was unconscious lying

face down naked in the alley with a white rose on her back. The paramedics already had her out of

here by the time I got here. They are taking her to Mercy General." Elliot said as he turned away from

the officers to face Olivia,

"Any evidence of Rape?"

"Officers couldn't tell. The lights in the alley aren't that good, but Munch and Fin are looking for any

witnesses. I was just about to head over to Mercy General."

Olivia nodded, "Then let's go."

Elliot smiled, "Oh and Olivia nice dress."

Olivia shook her head, "Cute Elliot, Cute."

"Well you know me."

"Just go get in the car," Olivia sighed.


The ride to Mercy Generals E.R. was uneventful, and tonight by some miracle of luck the E.R. wasn't

flooded by people. Elliot made a passing thought about small favors, and then followed his partner

up to the front desk.

"Benson and Stabler, Special Victims. A rape victim should have been brought in here about an hour

ago, where is she?"

The nurse didn't answer for a second then lifted her right arm up pointing down a long hall, "Third

room on your right."

"Thanks," Elliot said as the two headed down the hospital corridor.

As soon as they were out of earshot Elliot heard Olivia mumble, "Think she could have been any

less helpful?"

"Actually yes I do?" Olivia blinked at Elliot's answer clearly not realizing she'd spoken loud enough

for him to hear.

Stopping Elliot looked Olivia in the eyes, and small smile appeared on his face, "Yeah you could have

had to bring John here instead of me."

Olivia rolled her eyes, but the smile Elliot had wanted to see appeared.

"I really should make you pay for a joke that bad."

"Really, and just what price would you exact, Detective?"

"Elliot, if I told it would ruin the surprise."

Elliot laughed at the friendly threat. Her mood is definitely improving, he thought.

"I love surprises."

Olivia didn't answer, but opened the hospital door. Without saying so the light banter disappeared

as they went to check on the victim. Inside the room an E.R. doctor was looking over the woman's

chart. Elliot went over to him while Olivia went closer to the victim.

"Benson, Stabler Special Victims. How is the patient doing?"

The doctor didn't move at first, but then calmly replace the chart at the foot of the bed.

"At the moment she is unconscious with severe bruising to her face and chest. She'll be out for awhile.

We did a rape kit, but the results haven't come back yet."

Elliot nodded as he wrote down what the doctor said in his notes, "Alright here's my card. I want you to

leave instructions for me to be called the moment she wakes up. Do you understand, doctor?"

The doctor nodded, and then took the card. "I note this on her chart, and make the other doctors' and

nurses know as well."


The doctor turned, and headed out the door. Elliot turned to look at Olivia. She was starring at the victim's

face with a mix of shock and pain.


"Elliot, we better go talk to Cragen. Someone just raped a cop."


The moment the victim had been identified as a cop the SVU squad room seemed to buzz with a

special intensity. Despite their desire to treat every victim the same when it was cop there seemed

to be a special desire to get the guy.

"Mary Halley, eight years in the NYPD, the last two as a detective in Homicide," Elliot said as he

looked over his notes and taking a quick glance at Olivia. She broke away from his gaze.

"She's smart and when things go south as tough as they come. I met her before I joined SVU. She

was just an officer then, but she had people taking bets to see how long before she'd make

detective, "Olivia said in as close to her normal voice as she could get.

Cragen nodded, but didn't press Olivia for anything else, "Okay, is there any boyfriend, or family

to contact?"

John Munch spoke up next as he leaned back in his chair, "I talked to her partner. She wasn't dating

anyone, and her only family is a brother who lives in Chicago."

"What did we get from the rape kit?"

"Rape kit was positive, but no semen. The son of a bitch used a condom."

"What about CSU?" Cragen continued. Sometimes Olivia thought Cragen had a mental list of things

he wanted to say, and each time a one of them talked he just checks off one more part of the list

Finn spoke up next, "CSU said that the alley wasn't the site of the rape. Most likely the perp just

dumped her there. Only thing near the victim was tire marks, but no way of telling when or how

they were made."

"What about the Rose?"

Elliot answered, "There weren't any prints or fibers on it. The Lab guys are trying to track down the type

of flower, and where it's sold this time of year in New York."

"Okay what about the witnesses? Did anyone see her dumped?"

Munch just shrugged his shoulders, "Finn and I spent hours searching the area for anything, but no

one saw anything."

"Or if they did they aren't saying anything," Finn interjected.

Cragen processed this for a second, "Then that still leaves the Detective Halley's apartment

and precinct."

Elliot was already reaching for his coat as he spoke, "Olivia and I will take the apartment."

"Then Finn and Munch you take the precinct. You already talked to her partner see if anyone seemed to

have any particular interest in Detective Halley."

"Got it Cap," Finn said.