Title: A Dozen White Roses

Author: Blackknight

Rating: PG-13

Spoilers: none

Summary: A Rapist is brutally attacking female Cops, but is leaving SVU little evidence to find him with the sole exception of him placing a white rose on the backs of all his victims


The silence on the drive to Detective Halley's apartment made clear that something was bothering Olivia. It was hard for anyone in SVU not to react emotionally to each case, but for Olivia the pressure was even harder. Still most of the time she controlled herself better then most of people Elliot had ever seen assigned to the SVU, and that something about this cases was testing his partner more then she would have liked. Even though he was concentrating on traffic, he knew exactly how she was sitting. She was leaning on her arm as she starred out the door window. He just glanced for a couple of seconds to confirm how Olivia was sitting before turning his eyes back to the road and traffic.

"You know if you need to talk about this I'm here."

Olivia didn't move for a second, and Elliot wasn't sure that she heard him. Then she stopped leaning on the door, and laid back into her seat.

"It was just before I got transferred to the SVU, and I was wrapping up my current cases. My partner had decided to stop being a cop, and so for my last couple of weeks Halley was my partner. I was leaving and Halley was someone that our captain was just looking to give some experience before he gave her a shot at the Detectives exam."

"So you were her mentor, sounds like she got lucky."

"Yeah, well about five days before I left a tip came in on this guy we have been looking for. So Halley and I headed off to get his guy. We corner the guy in this abandoned house, and he gets behind me. Before he could do anything Halley dropped him with a shot to the knee. She saved my life Elliot."

Elliot turned his eyes from the road once more. Elliot looked Olivia in the eyes and then spoke with as much seriousness as she'd ever heard from him, "Then let's make sure he never does this again?"

Olivia nodded her head, and Elliot went back to driving.


"Mark my words because as we speak the government is secretly monitoring us through us of C.I.A. black ops satellites," John said with as much sincerity as he could muster.

"Just how did someone as crazy as you become a cop?" Finn asked.

"What you say is crazy is just the result of government propaganda to immediately discredit those who would speak out."

Finn shook his head, and hoped that Halley's partner showed up soon, "No, you're just crazy."

John was the first to see who they were looking for, "Either way it is a conversation for another time, as Halley's partner just entered the stationhouse."

Finn turned around, and nodded when he say what Munch had seen. Then the two walked up to Halley's partner and Finn spoke, "Detective Pearson?"

"Yes?" He answered before turning around to confront the odd couple paring of Fin and Munch.

"Detectives Munch and Finn, Special Victims. We talked on the phone, but there are some more questions we'd like to ask you," Munch said as he gave the other Detective a look that would have made a KGB commissar proud.

"Why are you guys here? Did you guys get the son of a bitch that did this?" Pearson asked. The voice was even and gave up nothing, but John felt something deep inside him feel odd about this guy.

"No, and that's why we'd like your help. Look whoever this perp is he isn't stupid. So we'd like you to try and remember is Detective Halley said anything about being harassed or followed by anyone?" Finn said.

"Not that she said to me."

"Maybe any strange phone calls?" Munch asked keeping up the routine questions, but looking closer at the partner. What is it about this guy?

"She didn't say, but Halley doesn't usually let many people into her private life. If there was a problem she'd probably try and deal with it herself before bringing anyone else in."

"Thanks, and if you can think of anything else, here's my card, " Finn said as the two SVU detectives moved off.

"Did you get an odd feeling from that guy?" Munch asked when they were back at their car.

"Yeah, and I guess you're not so crazy after all."


CSU had been caught in traffic so she and Elliot would get a clean walk through in Halley's apartment before the forensic guys took over. The talk in the car on the way over had helped more then she realized, but Olivia still felt off. Olivia had gone up to wait outside the apartment while Elliot had gone to get the key from the building Super.

Olivia closed her eyes and leaned back against the wall. She tried to get a mental picture of the apartment building, and figure out a pattern in questioning the people at building to see if they could knew anything. That was the problem when they couldn't get anything out of the victim, and if became a race to find out anything.

Then she heard the elevator doors open, and the Super talking to Elliot, "I hope you catch the creep that did this. She's a nice lady."

"Well sir, we'll do our best," Elliot said as he let the Super pass him and unlock the door.

Olivia didn't say anything, but followed her partner into the apartment. The smell hit them both immediately, disinfectant.

"Olivia you smell that?" Elliot asked.

"How could I not," She answered as she moved up next to him.

"I think we're going to need CSU out here. Cause unless Detective Halley was a complete neat freak, I think someone else was doing a little cleaning don't you?"

Olivia just nodded. Her focus had returned, and with it the peace of mind that she usually possessed, "Agreed and you get to call CSU while I search the bathroom and bedroom."

"Why is that?"

Now Olivia gave Elliot a sly smile, "Because the smell isn't as bad over there, and this is payback for that joke at the hospital last night."

She watched as Elliot groaned, but smiled himself, "Thanks Olivia."


Taking his cell from his coat pocket, Elliot pointed it at Olivia as then spoke, "I'm going to get you for this."

"No your not."

"And why is that?"

"Just get to work Elliot."

"Yes, Ma'am!" Elliot said as he dialed the number for CSU.


CSU would get here in about fifteen minutes, and Elliot had found a handkerchief in his pocket. He no had it covering his nose and mouth which helped to keep the smell of disinfectant down. He was walking through the living room of the apartment when he saw the picture of Detective Halley at her partner's birthday party. Something about the picture captured Elliot's attention, but he couldn't place it. What is up with this picture?

Then he heard Olivia scream his name from the bedroom area, "Elliot get back here!"

All thoughts of the picture left his mind as left for the bedroom. He found Olivia just standing in the bedroom door, and not moving. The bedroom was almost the exact opposite of the rest of the apartment. The bedroom was a complete and total mess with blood all over the sheets. Elliot wasn't sure, but there also seemed to be little bits of skin there as well. Along with the fact that effort appearing to have been made to clean it up sitting on the nightstand was a bouquet of eleven white roses.

Elliot and Olivia spoke at the same time, "I think we have our crime scene."