strawberry shortcake, blueberry pie and apple juice

by: say-chan

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and i found out, that we're all breaking hearts... that we're all broken hearts... if only love could find us all... if only hearts didn't have to fall... we can't mislead to make things right... so instead, we'll sleep alone tonight...

Part Two : Blueberry Pie

Kurt's POV

I didn't understand why everything went swerving out of my way. I don't know why, but she always hurt me, in ways that she didn't even understand. Everything felt so unclear. I know that what I'm thinking of is...just a small thing. But small things do ruin a relationship like what it did to them before. I don't know if it's even right, to go catching her after a major break-up with Lance. But... I just didn't have the nerve not to. She was perfect... she was everything. Who wouldn't want to go catching her if she's free?

Sighing I pulled myself out of the reverie. I did not intend to be selfish, nor did I want to be so giving... I just wanted a little part of her time... for her to know what I really feel for her.

What was that song that said actions spoke louder than words? Well, all of that is CRAP. To hell with actions, I don't even care about them. I thought harshly to myself as I leaned down and took a mouthful of blueberry pie. Sighing, I didn't feel tough at all. I- just wanted some reassurance that she did care for me... That she did love me like the way I love her.

Sensing all the chaos forming in my brain, I pushed the thoughts away. All the tension became unbearable. I shook my head as I took another look around the café. She was late. I bent down to take a book out of my backpack when two pieces of paper fell out of my chest pocket. I picked the pieces of paper up and stared at them. I just remembered, I was supposed to take her to the dance tomorrow... The only problem is... well, I haven't asked her yet.

A shadow hovered above me. I looked up and saw her panting. "Hey, Sorry I'm late." she flashed a smile at me. Now, I know why Lance was crazy over her...

I simply smiled back and shook my head. "It's nothing... it's nothing, really." I replied as she sat down on the seat in front of me. "Err... you wanted to say something?" she asked after a couple of minutes in deafening silence. I snapped out of the thought I was in and nodded. "Yeah... I was... err..."

I bit my lip as I lost all courage to tell her- to ask her if she really felt the same way about me. Sighing, I looked up at her and smiled. I shook my head and said, "Nothing." then looked back at the blueberry pie I was eating.

I saw her brow crease and a small smile form on her lips. I looked up, innocently. "What?" I asked her. She shook her head. "Nothing." she replied.

I smiled at her naive gesture of trying to make me smile. The fact is- she did. And she made me fall for that innocence over and over. And- and all this time, I can't prevent myself from doing so. Deep inside, I asked myself, What is with her anyway?- I always asked myself why she made me fall madly in love like this. All I knew was, she was different from her-

She was different from Amanda.


I looked up at the big clock on the wall of the aquarium. This was the fourth time she stood me up. I tapped my foot impatiently as I slid down and sat on the floor. I had been waiting there for two hours because I thought she would come.

After two more hours of waiting, I finally broke it to myself. She wasn't coming for you, Kurt. She stood you up. Sighing, I picked up the bunch of flowers I bought for her and stood up from the floor. It was nighttime again, but the stars weren't shining above me... And I didn't even want them to do so. Right now, I just wanted to be alone.

I teleported home, not even trying to hide from the people around me as I did. And as I opened the doors to the Institute, I found Professor Xavier in front of me.

"Good Evening, Kurt." he greeted- but I was just not in the mood to go great him back. I replied with a casual wave with my free hand and went past him, not minding if I did anything to upset him or not.

"Kurt, do you want to talk?"

"Nein." I replied curtly in German.

"Well, alright." the professor said. "Good night, then. This may not me the right time to tell you, but I would appreciate if you keep you powers closely to yourself? You know what I mean."

I nodded and gestured a yes with a hand muttering a faint "Whatever." under my breath.

I passed the living room and saw Kitty and Rogue looking through magazines. I didn't even bother saying hello to them as I continued walking to my bedroom. I desperately needed a hot shower to wash all these thoughts off.

"Ooh, Lilies. " Kitty said as she stood up and walked to where I was. "Are those for someone?"

"Nein." I replied coolly, not even bothering to look up at her and react.

"Are those for me?" she teased with a smile.

"Whatever." I replied as I put the bouquet of lilies on her outstretched hand.

"Thanks, Kurt!"

I just shook my head and bamfed upstairs. I needed some rest. There were a lot of things in my mind. Stupid girls. Stupid Kitty. Stupid Amanda. I sighed as I tried to let go of the annoying feeling forming on my throat through a hot shower, but it didn't. It just made things worse than they already were.

end flashback

I sighed as I remembered what happened before. I felt emotionless, my head was so unclear. My thoughts reverted back to the day when Lance broke up with her. She poured her everything in me, her soul, her passion, her pain. And somehow when she did that, she made me feel the exact same way.

At first, I didn't want to get involved, I didn't want to get involved at all. She was perfect- she had everything. Why would I want to help someone get into a better situation from where they are in right now when I can't even help myself get over this- loss?! I felt confused. Confused because I couldn't place myself in between her tears, her sobs, her pain- and I didn't want to either. But somehow, as she approached me, as her head touched my chest, there was this overwhelming feeling that made me rethink my feelings for her.

I think I love her.

Would it be enough to tell it to her straight up to her face? What if she dumps me? What if-? Sighing I pushed those thoughts away. I clasped my sweaty palms together and managed to return the smile she gave me.

She raised an eyebrow at me and said. "You told me to meet you here, Kurt. I thought you were gonna ask me something."

She caught me off-guard. I didn't know what to do. I felt so lost all of as sudden. I felt like all my feelings were going to explode inside me. I tried to gather all the courage left inside me, but I guess it was no use.

Tomorrow, for sure...

Annoyed, I pushed the pessimistic attitude out of my system. If I would do something, I should do it now, or it would be too late. Was she worth it? Was she worth all this trouble brewing inside me?

I gulped and faked a smile. "Kitty, are you doing something tomorrow night?" I asked in one sentence.

I closed my eyes and tried to avoid the idea of rejection. Argh! I was stupid, I was so stupid! Of course, she would say no. If fate were in my hands, I would turn back time to 20 seconds ago. I shouldn't have asked her. What was I thinking?!

I opened one eye and watched her as she smiled at me. "Kurt, what are you doing, silly?"

"I-" I opened my mouth to reason but the problem was, I didn't have a reason. "I-"

"Are you asking me to the dance?"

Both my eyes flung open as I heard those words. My jaw dropped and my face turned from totally freaked to totally confused. "How did you know?"

"Girls always know." she put in simply.

Finally, I got the courage to speak to her in a serious tone. "You see, Keety- I always say the wrong things all the time. I really don't know what to do. I really like you, but I feel like it's not the time to ask you to feel the same. Would you go to the dance with me?" I asked as I looked deep into her eyes. I held my breath for a couple of moments, waiting for her answer.

She smiled at me and said. " Well, Kurt, you've finally said the right thing. Of course I'd go to the dance with you."


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