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Chapter 1 - Sorrow and Light

"Dr Genzai, come quickly, Megumi is hurt." Sanosuke yelled in fear.

Muffled sounds of dressing come from within, as the doctor hurriedly grabbed clothing and medicine, Sano bouncing foot to foot as he waited impatiently.

"Alright, I'm on my way" muttered Dr Genzai, stumbling into the door in his haste. "What's wrong with her Sanosuke? Is she hurt? Sick?"

"She started bleeding." blushed Sano. "Like a monthly blood but.. She hurts, she's been crying and being sick for an hour, maybe more. Please help her Dr Genzai, I don't want her to die." Sano broke down, weeping as he ran towards the house where Megumi was living.

Nearer the house, they could hear the anguished moans from Megumi, who was curled in the courtyard, pools of blood and vomit around her as she lay shaking. Sano dropped the medicines by the doctor and ran to her, cradling her in his arms.

"You said you wouldn't move, love, I told you to stay still.." Sano shook his head at her, stroking her sweat soaked hair.

"I'm sorry Sano." she gasped. "I was so hot inside, needed air on my face." Her words were interrupted by her screams, blood pouring from her in a torrent, her belly tightening with the pain, her sobs growing more frequent until she was barely able to breathe.

Dr Genzai motioned for Sano to lay her down and get bedding, clean towels, and water. Sano stripped off his white jacket, and lay Megumi on it, running to retrieve the items the doctor needed.

"Megumi, can you hear me? Just blink if you can hear me, ok?" Dr Genzai began questioning Megumi between the pains. "How long has the pain been going on? An hour?" A blink. "Megumi, I need to ask you a very personal question, I need to know the answer so I can help you." Another blink from Megumi, tears sliding from her wide eyes. "Have you had your monthly blood in the last 4 weeks?" Megumi closed her eyes, not wanting to see Dr Genzai's face when she answered. "No. Not for three moons." she whispered, turning her head away.

Dr Genzai smiled gently. "It's alright Megumi. I need to ask another question though. Have you made love to anyone since your last blood? I need to know, kitsune.."

Megumi's eyes flared wide as she looked at the doctor. "You think I am having a baby?" She looked away, then gazed at Sano so sadly. "Yes, I have. Sano and I… I don't understand though, I took the medicines to stop a child, this shouldn't have happened."

Dr Genzai looked very serious. "You have been ill in the last 3 or 4 moons, Megumi, remember, you were very sick from bad food, that may have stopped the medicine from doing its work. If I had known what you were doing I would have given you other medicine to help."

Megumi looked frightened. "If I am with child, its going to die, isn't it." She began to cry again, soul rending sobs wracking her. "How can I tell him this?" She beseeched Dr Genzai. "How can I tell him that I.. That we were having a child? Oh Dr Genzai what do I do?"

The doctor pulled her close and held her while the pains subsided. Laying her down, he took powders from his bag and began mixing a potion to help drive the rest of the bad blood from her body.

"Sano." called Dr Genzai.

"Hai, is Megumi going to be alright?" a tear streaked Sano crouched by her, holding her hand like she would break.

De Genzai put his old hand on Sano's shoulder, smiling a little to allay his fears. "Aa, she will. But I have to give her some medicine, and she's going to be in a little pain, and be somewhat unhappy with me. She may need to shout at me too. I think it might be best if you go and stay with Kenshin for the rest of the night. You can come back once it's light, alright? If you could get Misao first though, that would be helpful. She can give me a hand with Megumi, or she can run to find you if I need you."

"Hai, I will find her now for you." Sano stood to leave, then knelt by Megumi and whispered to her. "You are going to be fine, and tomorrow I am going to buy something for you, something special, so you need to get better, ok?"

"Ok, rooster head.." whispered Megumi to her lover. "I'll see you in the morning."

Sano nodded and left the doctor to his work.

"Oh kitsune." sighed Dr Genzai "What am I to do with you."

Megumi looked at the doctor and smiled weakly. "You are to give me the medicine that will make this baby leave me, so it doesn't kill me instead. I know I am going to be very very rude to you in a while, please don't take it too personally, alright?"

Dr Genzai nodded, and held a cup to her lips. "It will be very bitter, it has powdered Willow bark in it." Megumi wrinkled her nose and drank it all down, swirling the dregs to ensure she had taken all of the medicine. Lying back down Megumi sighed deeply.

"Dr Genzai, will I be able to have children?" Megumi looked concerned. "I mean, the medicine and this wont have damaged me, will they?"

Dr Genzai sat back, looking at her, sweat plastering her hair to her head, blood on her thighs and hands. "I think you'll be just fine Megumi. It isn't that unusual for this to happen." He patted her hand absently, saying "You'll be fine, you and Sano will be able to conceive. Just be careful if you are going to use that medicine please.."

Megumi broke into a grin and promised to be more careful.

"Misao" yelled Sanosuke from the doorway of her home. "Misao come down here now!"

"Alright, alright, hold on you big bully" Misao leapt down the stairs dressed only in a flimsy nightdress.

"What is the matter with you, it's the middle of the night?" yelled Misao angrily.

"It's Megumi, she's sick, Dr Genzai wont let me stay, he asked me to get you so Megumi has someone to help." Sano stopped and took a deep breath. "Please will you help her?"

He looks so lost thought Misao. "Sure. Let me get dressed first though please? I can't very well run through town like this now, can I?"

"Hai, get dressed, then we run, ok?" Sano nodded in agreement.

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