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Chapter 2 - Change

Another moonless night. This cannot be good.. Kaoru lay on a mat in the doorway to the dojo, watching the starlit skies pass overhead. It must be an omen.. But of what?

With a start, Kaoru sat up, listening to the dry scrunching of slippered feet on the earthen floor.

"Wh-Who's there?" stammered Kaoru.

"Gomen Kaoru, I did not mean to startle you." the soft voice of Kenshin drifted from the shadows.

"I could not sleep, I feel something is wrong."

Slowly standing, turning towards the voice, Kaoru nods.

"Hai, I was having the same problem, the stars do not make me feel happy tonight. It makes me wonder if they are trying to say something to me."

Looking up at the stars, Kenshin stepped out of the shadows towards Kaoru, starlight glittering across his hair, the scar on his cheek glowing like his eyes. In the light of the stars his hair was hardly visible, only as a darker shadow surrounding him. But his eyes glowed amber like a wild-cats.

"Kaoru. I have to speak with you, about something important." Kenshin stood a few feet from her, his hand outstretched. "I need to tell you about me." His warm, strong hand closed on hers so gently, fingers entwined. "Please, sit with me?" he implored.

"H-Hai. Of course Kenshin." murmured a blushing and confused Kaoru.

"What is it you wish to speak of to me?"

"I.. I wish to talk to you about my wife." Kenshin did not look at Kaoru as he spoke, knowing her sapphire eyes would be wide with shock. Not speaking, Kaoru waved him to continue with her free hand, not letting go of him despite this revelation.

Sighing deeply, Kenshin continued. "When I was Battoussai, I did things. Terrible things." looking at the stars, he spoke quietly of his memories. "It was a night like this, some seven years ago. She was so beautiful. We had been married only four months and were not quite settled down. We had a nice home, but we were hardly there, I was still working with the government, still doing their dirty work." he paused, looking at Kaoru. "They gave me an assignment to follow a man names Akira. So I did. One night, I found him. I found my wife with him.. I was angry, but so cold inside, I felt like death was in me. I was to kill him and anyone found with him." Tears formed in Kaoru's eyes, glistening unshed as the story unfolded. Kenshin seemed unable to take his eyes from Kaoru, waiting for her reaction. For her revulsion.

"I killed them both. They fought me. Tomoe, my wife, she fought so hard, even knowing she could not defeat me. They died. Akira first, then Tomoe. I held her as her blood left her body and stained my hands. She looked into my eyes and told me she understood why this was happening, that she forgave me. Taking a knife in her hands, she cut my face, giving me one line of the scar." Raising her hand to his face, Kenshin rubbed her fingertips over the scar tissue, feeling Kaoru shiver at the touch. "She died in my arms, forgiving me, but knowing that I would not forgive myself."

Stopping, Kenshin held Kaoru's hand tightly to his face, his eyes still on hers, willing her to understand.

"Kenshin, I.. Thank you for telling me this.. I am happy you trust me, but.. Why are you telling me this now?" Kaoru was crying silently for Kenshin, needing an answer, but being so afraid of it.

With a deep breath, Kenshin tried to form the words he needed to explain.

"I am telling you because.. Because you need to know. Because I need to tell you. Because I finally realised she was right, that I wouldn't forgive myself. I know I need to if I am to move on.."

At this, Kaoru's eyes went wide with shock as she prepared herself, knowing he must be leaving the dojo again, leaving her, leaving them all. "Kenshin.."

Kenshin took her hands in his again, stroking his fingers over hers.

"I need to visit the place I buried her. Even if her ghost is not there, I need to talk to her, to let her know what is going on in my life. I want to tell her that she was right, and that it is possible for me to love more than the smell of blood.

Kaoru, I have to go away, but it wont be for long I feel. When I come back, in a month, or three months, I would like to do something with you." Kenshin stopped, seeing the fearful look he was being pinned with and smiled. "It's not a bad thing I wish to do, I think you might even like it.."

At that point, he leaned into Kaoru and pressed his lips to her soft cheek, eliciting a pleased gasp from her now parted lips. Whispering against her cheek he simply said: "I love you." and vanished.

Crying freely Kaoru leapt to her feet.

"Kenshin, I love you, I love you." knowing he was gone, she moaned and dropped to her knees in the courtyard.

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