The Stalker It has been 5 years since the end of Ash Ketchum's journey. Misty is alone at her house (that she shares with her husband Ash). She is typing on her computer (much like I am now) when she decides to get online. She double clicks on the AOL icon on the desktop. When she tries to start it up there is no dial tone. She checks the phone there is no dial tone there either. She paid the phone bill in person. Nobody has called since last night and the only person she called hung up before her. She doesn't know what could be the matter. She picks the phone up again. It makes a beeping sound and she hears a dial tone. She is relieved and clicks on the AOL icon one more time. It works and she reads all of her e-mail. After that she cleans for a little while. A few hours later she tries once again to get online. She wants to check her web site and see how it is doing. She clicks again and this time there is no dial tone she tries over and over. She checks the phone lines and the computer. There is nothing wrong with the cords. She runs to the neighbors' house to see if their phone is working. It is so she jogs back to her house. She is really worried by this time. When she reaches home she picks up the phone and hears a few clicking noises. They are light like a machine. Ash is a master so Giovanni might be recording her as I type. She talks into the phone. She senses there is someone at the other end. She speaks calmly, "Hello? You know I'm a calm person but I really want to get online. Please hang up or I'll go to the police." Still there is no answer and she slowly tries again, "Well, I guess you like my company then. I'll do my business until you decide to hang up. K?" She set the phone down and went back to playing on the computer. She picks up the phone after a while and says, "So are you tired of me yet? Well then I'll play some music." She puts the 2 B A Master CD into the computer and starts it up. She is listening peacefully and types a few letters to her friends and messes with a few pictures. She cuts, crops, and pastes for a while and then tries the phone again. She talks into the phone, "Here I've written a story. I'll read it to you. Now you can hear me talk for a little while." She reads her story. It's about a stalker who is doing the same thing that her 'stalker' is doing. When she finishes she hangs up. The caller ID doesn't change to show the time so she knows the phone isn't working still. She turns the phone back on and puts it next to the speaker. She let her daughter outside not telling her what was happening just saying that, "One of mommy's friends wants to hear the CD." She types in the conversation she just had with the phone down in her story. She is very scared of what this 'stalker' could be. She is worried it has to do with all of the people Ash has beaten or gotten on the wrong side of. She remembers Gary, Giovanni, Team Rocket, many spare pokemon trainers, and even some pokemon. After a while of working on her story she is tired. She tries the phone again, "Listen **** I can't stand this. I'm a very nice person but you've gotten me very upset. You want to know what you are? Well I'll tell you anyway. You're a *@^$&* (#^&^$*ing (#^^@*($# and a ***** and I hate the very air you breath **#%!*. Misty doesn't EVER curse but she is THAT upset right now. The 'stalker' still doesn't answer. The mention of the police seemed to bother him. She'll try that again. She did everything she could think of. She downgraded, threatened, warned, cursed, and everything that comes in between. She got tired of that and wrote more of what she said in her story. Nobody will ever know who that 'stalker' was or if there really was a 'stalker'.